Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 4.1 – Satisfying Both Sides

As the female lead of the novel, Baili Qingmiao appearance was almost impeccable. She was dressed in the long goose yellow uniform dress of the female disciples of Shangqing Sect. Her long hair, which was simply pulled up and tied into a bun with a common multicolored band, was adorned with fresh peach blossoms.The peach blossoms in her hair and the few loose strands of hair on the forehead gave her face a clean and refreshing look. She only wore a pair of light yellow beaded earrings, which made her face look young and beautiful.

Wen Renhe was attracted to Baili Qingmiao’s divine light, so he didn’t notice what the woman looked like at all. In the eyes of Yin Hanjiang, who was holding his sword, Baili Qingmiao, who dared to act hostile towards Wen Renhe, was already considered dead.

He Wenchao finally rushed upstairs. He and Baili Qingmiao had been together for more than ten years, so no matter how beautiful she was, he was already used to it. So after coming upstairs, his attention fell directly on Shu Yanyan. He spent some money to ask the waiter to invite a doctor to check the injuries caused by her fall, and then squatted beside Shu Yanyan’s chair and said, “Lady Shu, rest assured, I will get justice for you!”

Shu Yanyan: “…”

No way! Was she the only one who found that this Baili Qingmiao was actually very beautiful? Were all three men here blind? What more, it was already clear that Baili Qingmiao had come to seek justice, why was He Wenchao so lively all of a sudden?

Despite all the doubts in her heart, Shu Yanyan, who was extremely ambitious, did not forget her mission – to seduce He Wenchao – so she reluctantly put her pale hand in his broad palm. Her eyes were full of affection as she said, “This little girl’s life is thinner than a piece of paper. It already took three lifetimes of luck to meet Brother He today. Sister Baili, don’t hold any grudges against others just because of me.”

Even if you hold a grudge, you won’t be able to beat them! Shu Yanyan muttered in her heart.

Baili Qingmiao was still young and was at Qi Foundation stage. He Wenchao, who was a bit older, was at the early Golden Core stage. Needless to say, Yin Hanjiang didn’t even need to unsheathe his sword, he could kill these two junior members of Shangqing Sect with just one finger.

After listening to Shu Yanyan’s words, Baili Qingmiao got angrier and felt remorseful. Today, He Wenchao was going to visit Lady Shu. He said that he and some of his sect’s junior brothers met Lady Shu in a small town a few days ago and helped her. Although it was accidental, they should be responsible till the end. If they saved Lady Shu but failed to keep her safe till the end, this karma would be attributed to them and their heavenly tribulations would be harder in the future.

They were supposed to come much earlier, but due to Baili Qingmiao’s jealousy, she had a quarrel with her elder martial brother about junior sister Liu, which delayed them until now. Elder martial brother was highly skilled, and he was much better than her in deducing the heavenly design. Maybe today he had been in a hurry because he vaguely felt that something was wrong. If only they had come earlier, then Lady Shu might not have…..

When the guilty Baili Qingmiao heard Shu Yanyan’s pitiful words, she got even angrier. She stretched her arms and a windless silver ribbon that didn’t match the color of her clothes appeared. This magic weapon, which reflected the mysterious frost of the moon, was crafted by her after establishing her Qi Foundation. It looked like a silver light shining in the moonlight, very beautiful.

“Junior Sister!” He Wenchao was deeply in love with Shu Yanyan, but he also cared for Baili Qingmiao as they had been together since childhood. Seeing that his younger martial sister used her soul-bound weapon, he was afraid his martial sister would get hurt, so he rushed in front of her. His long sword came out of its sheath and floated in the air, the tip pointing towards the two men.

Shu Yanyan cried, “Don’t get hurt because of me!”

The guests in the restaurant had been scared away as soon as Yin Hanjiang threw Shu Yanyan downstairs. At this moment, only the few people involved in the confrontation were left on the second floor.

Yin Hanjiang’s expression sank. Since the other side was already using weapons, he would also….

“Hanjiang!” Wen Renhe raised his hand and pressed down Yin Hanjiang’s hand that was holding the hilt of the sword. He pressed it heavily and stopped him from killing the female lead and the male lead with a single move.

Before he was found, the young Yin Hanjiang had been lying in the pile of dead bodies for several days and the corpse Qi had already entered his body. No matter how much he cultivated, his limbs and bones were always frozen, and his hands were always cold.

Wen Renhe’s cultivation came from blood and war. His blood temperature was much higher than that of ordinary people. The palm wrapped around Yin Hanjiang’s hand was hot, passing the heat to him.

When Wen Renhe touched him, Yin Hanjiang did not dare to move. At this moment it seemed that even the touch of a fingertip against Wen Renhe’s palm would be too daring.

Yin Hanjiang’s hand was very cold. He seemed to have some internal injury which should be related to his childhood experience. This was also the reason why Yin Hanjiang’s cultivation advanced so slowly. The way to treat this was to find the snow flame growing in the ice fields of Wanli, as recorded in the novel.

Yes, it was the snow flame that Baili Qingmiao had nearly lost her life to find in order to help He Wenchao.

Wen Renhe had no interest in participating in the adventures of the male lead and the female lead. Currently, he was the most powerful person in the cultivation world, and he didn’t need those opportunities. However, Yin Hanjiang really needed the snow flame.

He had been indifferent to Yin Hanjiang for so many years, treating him like an ordinary subordinate. If he hadn’t read the book, he would have still ignored him. Recalling Yin Hanjiang’s crazy and paranoid appearance after his death in the book, Wen Renhe’s heart was moved and he couldn’t help wanting to be better to Yin Hanjiang.

“It seems that you two are cultivating immortals with a great amount of Qi, so why bother with a lowly woman?” Wen Renhe didn’t want to be Baili Qingmiao’s enemy, so he took the initiative to give them a way out.

“What did you say?” His words only made Baili Qingmiao angrier. She wanted to attack him, but was stopped by He Wenchao.

At that moment, Baili Qingmiao had not been abused by the plot yet. She had a pure and unsophisticated character, so she couldn’t grasp the agenda of these two men. He Wenchao had experienced the world of mortals several times, and he could see that Wen Renhe’s cultivation was not low. These two people were so calm and steady, then shouldn’t they already be experts at Nascent Soul stage?

His palms were sweating as he carefully sent a message to his younger martial sister, “Younger Martial Sister, they are not easy to deal with. I’ll stop them, you go to the sect and ask for help quickly.”

In his heart, Baili Qingmiao was his favorite younger martial sister. He had to protect her. Even if he died, his beautiful and lovely younger martial sister couldn’t be hurt.

“Senior Brother……” Seeing that her martial elder brother stopped her, Baili Qingmiao knew that they had met an expert, she felt both afraid and grateful.

The two of them thought they were secretly transmitting messages, but they did not know that the three people next to them heard them clearly due to their cultivation.

Hearing the messages, Wen Renhe was puzzled and took a step back. How did the atmosphere become even more tense? How did it end up like this? How did he handle such situations in the past? It seemed that…. He killed? He couldn’t even remember the looks of the people who had clashed with him.

Fortunately, Shu Yanyan was here. As the Lord’s Right Sect Protector she immediately understood Wen Renhe’s thoughts. She dragged her body between the four of them and grabbed the silver on the table with a shaking hand. She cried, “Brother He, Lady Baili, don’t get hurt because of me. This master is right. I’m just a lowly woman.”

With that, she took the initiative to tuck the silver into her skirt and choking with tears she said, “Thank you very much for the reward, this honorable guest.”

During this performance, Shu Yanyan did not forget to transmit a message to Wen Renhe, “Lord, I beg you to say, ‘I think you know the truth. For the sake of giving Shangqing Sect face, I won’t dispute with you two,’ and then leave. I am sure my performance will hook up this amorous man.”

Hearing this, Wen Renhe nodded and following the script said, “I think you know the truth. For the sake of giving  Shangqing Sect face, I won’t dispute with you two.”

As soon as the words fell, he pulled Yin Hanjiang and disappeared. He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao couldn’t catch up with them.

“Lady Shu!” He Wenchao hurriedly picked up Shu Yanyan, who could not stand because of the fracture. He was very distressed. It was his fault. He was too weak and couldn’t defeat the two experts who he suspected were at Nascent Soul stage. He made such a miserable but strong and independent woman suffer a humiliation for him.

Seeing He Wenchao holding Shu Yanyan whose legs were bleeding, Baili Qingmiao immediately said, “I’m afraid that ordinary doctors won’t be able to cure Lady Shu. I’ll go back to the sect and ask senior brother Yao to save her.”

“Alright, I’ll take her home first.” He Wenchao nodded.

After Baili Qingmiao left, he took the weak woman to her shabby thatched house.

The dilapidated house was clean and tidy. There were some delicate embroideries on the walls, enough to show that the owner was a poor but virtuous woman.

He Wenchao carefully put Shu Yanyan on the bedding made of weeds. Shu Yanyan had lost too much blood and was dying. Her breath was getting weaker but she did not faint. Shu Yanyan struggled to lift her bloodstained fingertips and said softly, “Brother He, I am poor and humble. I should have died long ago. You don’t have to…”

The moment her cold fingertips touched He Wenchao’s face, Shu Yanyan successfully fainted, leaving a bloodstain on his face.

“Lady Shu!” When He Wenchao felt Shu Yanyan’s pulse, it was extremely weak. He was very anxious. He was afraid he could not wait for his younger martial sister to find younger martial brother Yao.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I have sinned!”

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