MAIR – Chapter 94 – Sprinkling dog food

Following Director Xie’s instructions Chu Mei Bo stayed at the hotel. If there were no accidents, Cheng Yanxin’s role should be hers.

Shen Huai memorized the time of the next audition, and asked Tong Yun to take over taking care of Chu Mei Bo, while he went back to Zhongjing city first.

With the popularity of “Honey”, Chu Mei Bo’s popularity was also rising. Recently, there were some business occasions which could only be handled by Shen Huai.

Besides, Shen Huai also planned to check Song Yimian’s situation. 

Song Yimian had been on the crew for almost two weeks. During that time, he was also in contact with Shen Huai, but he only reported good news and no bad news, so Shen Huai got a little worried.

After arriving at the crew, Shen Huai found out that the main makers of the production group were extraordinarily young. After observing for a while, he noticed that Song Yimian was very comfortable with them, and the atmosphere in the crew was very good, which made him feel relieved.

When Shen Huai came over, he specially bought drinks, and the group of young people all leaned over and shouted sweetly, “Thank you, Brother Shen!” Their crew was very poor, not mentioning the drinks, even their lunch boxes were the cheapest. How could they enjoy it? 

Song Yimian was happy and embarrassed to see Shen Huai come.

He knew that he could not compare with Chu Mei Bo and Ye Cang. Although he had signed with Shen Huai, he didn’t dare to disturb him on weekdays. He did not expect that Shen Huai would come to the crew in person.

Shen Huai looked at him with a gentle expression. “We have been chatting on WeChat before, but it was somewhat inconvenient for me to communicate this way. I happened to pass by for some things, so I came to see you by the way.”

After hearing that, Song Yimian relaxed and scratched his head. “Everyone takes good care of me, and although our crew is poor, we are all very attentive and have a lot of fighting spirit. Usually, before we start shooting, everyone will get together to talk about the script and the characters. I now feel that every day is very fulfilling!”

Song Yimian’s eyes were sparkling. After thinking about it for a moment, he felt embarrassed. “In fact, I feel that I’ve been a little bit enlightened recently. I didn’t understand some of the things Sister Mei taught me in the past, but now I seem to vaguely understand them.”

What he said was right. When Shen Huai first came here, they were filming. Song Yimian’s performance had made great progress and was indeed much better than before. Although it was not comparable with that of monsters like Chu Mei Bo and Du Yuping, he no longer spoke his lines as mechanically as before.

Moreover, when Shen Huai read the script, the role of the forensics examiner was also suitable for Song Yimian.

Often, the audience would notice that some actor’s acting skills vary from high to low, but this was not necessarily a problem of the actor’s acting skills, there were also unreasonable script settings, as well as differences between a character’s settings and the actor themselves.

Like letting the girl next door play the role of an imperial concubine, or a 30-year-old play the role of a 17-or 18-year-old high school student.

It was undeniable that some actors could make up for the gap by their excellent acting skills, but they must possess very good acting skills. Even in this case, they could only score five or six points in acting. Even though their five or six points were qualified compared with ordinary actors, it was a pity to play such a mediocre role with such great acting skills.

Not to mention, this referred to those most talented actors. Many ordinary actors, who were originally also qualified, didn’t even earn a passing grade when they met with such unsuitable roles.

That’s why some actors were praised for picking the scripts, while other actors – for their good performance, regardless of whether the script was good or not. Of course, whether the script was good or not was very important, but whether the artist was suitable for the role in the script was also very important.

Shen Huai listened to Song Yimian rambling about what happened in the crew. He was just purely fond of acting. No matter what role he played, whether it was a bad character or not, he never perfunctorized the role.

At the beginning, Hua Rong didn’t plan to find a teacher to improve his acting skills, so Song Yimian went to the company’s acting class to listen to them. Then every time he took a new role, no matter how minor the part he acted, he would use his studious spirit to carefully prepare a biography of his character, no matter whether the settings were useful or not.

This was a stupid method, but in the past two years, Song Yimian had persisted in this regard. Who said that this kind of hard work and persistence were not some kind of talent? 

Quantitative changes would lead to qualitative changes, and the efforts made would not be wasted.

As for Song Yimian, he almost quit the industry because of Hua Rong. Now he experienced the fun of acting again, making him glad that he chose to stay and that Shen Huai gave him a hand when he was most desperate.

Song Yimian looked at Shen Huai and said earnestly, “Brother Shen, don’t worry, I will work hard!”

Shen Huai never doubted this. After thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly said, “In a few days, ask the crew for a leave and go out with me. I want you to compete for a role.”

Song Yimian didn’t ask any questions and just nodded, “OK, I’ll listen to Brother Shen.”

“You won’t even ask which role it is?” Shen Huai asked helplessly.

Song Yimian scratched his head shyly. “As long as I have a role, I can act. Anyway, I believe in Brother Shen’s vision.”

Shen Huai looked at the pure trust in Song Yimian’s eyes and felt more and more helpless. After the Hua Rong incident, Song Yimian gradually became wary of people. He was no longer as stupid as before and believed in others. But his nature did not change. He trusted Shen Huai and would give him his full trust.

Shen Huai stopped selling it and directly gave him the answer, “Red Actress.”


Song Yimian almost spurted out his drink, but he blocked it on time. After coughing a few times, Song Yimian asked, unable to believe, “Brother Shen, what are you talking about? Did I hear wrong?”

He was so shocked that even the honorific came out.

Shen Huai nodded calmly, “You heard me correctly. I want you to audition for the role of the progressive young man who was tortured to death by Yokota in ‘Red Actress’ .”

After Chu Mei Bo passed the audition, the attendant gave her the script of “Red Actress”. Shen Huai also roughly flipped through it. He was very impressed by this character. This character did not have much screen time, but that scene was the first turning point of the whole movie. More importantly, Shen Huai thought that this role was very suitable for Song Yimian.

Shen Huai talked to the casting director and learned that no suitable actor had been found for the role yet, so he wanted Song Yimian to give it a try.

From his debut to the present, Song Yimian had played a silly, white and sweet vase in some cruded online dramas, where the requirements for acting skills were not high. There was not much essence in this role, but Shen Huai wanted Song Yimian to see the world. Moreover, an excellent crew could greatly assist an actor’s growth.

Song Yimian stayed. A month ago, he was still an 18-tier actor who was about to terminate his contract with the brokerage company. Unexpectedly, he now could covet a role in such a big production as “Red Actress”. Even if it was just a minor role, it was still amazing.

Song Yimian stammered, “Brother Shen, I… May I? “

“There is nothing wrong with trying. Whether you want to compete for it or not, and whether you can win it in the end, is up to you.”

Shen Huai’s answer was very calm, letting Song Yimian’s feverish brain gradually cool down. He nodded hard, “I know.”

Seeing that he agreed, Shen Huai hesitated for a moment. “There is one more thing.”

Song Yimian: “Brother Shen, please tell me.”

Shen Huai: “The actor playing Yokota is Guo Wenyuan.”

Song Yimian was stunned for a long time, but after he recovered his mind, his face was pale. “Brother Shen, you…. You must be kidding, Guo…. Guo is the director of Guanrui… “

He couldn’t go on. Everyone knew who the investor of “Red Actress” was. Although he didn’t know why President Guo suddenly wanted to act, it was not impossible.

Shen Huai looked at Song Yimian with his head down, and couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t tell Song Yimian that Guo Wenyuan was meanwhile a different person and could only vaguely say, “He has changed a lot now, and won’t do that again.”

Shen Huai knew that it was a really painful matter for Song Yimian, but he also knew that as long as Song Yimian and Guo Wenyuan were in the circle, they would meet sooner or later. There were only so many good scripts and it was not impossible for them to meet in the same play without planning it. Instead of letting this demon stay in Song Yimian’s heart and take over his life, it was better to take advantage of this opportunity to get over it once and for all.

So Shen Huai said solemnly, “Believe me, I will never let that happen to you again.”

After Shen Huai said so, Song Yimian’s face looked much better. He believed in Shen Huai, but there was still some undisguised fear on his face.

Shen Huai knew that the psychological shadow could hurt people, and Song Yimian didn’t look very good. He didn’t intend to force him. “It doesn’t matter, if you don’t want to go. It’s OK. There will be another chance next time.”

Song Yimian pursed his lips and whispered, “Brother Shen, I want to think about it…”

Shen Huai nodded, “OK, you can think about it  carefully. You can contact me at any time within three days.”



Shen Huai left the crew and went back to his car. Unexpectedly, as soon as he got in the car, he was hugged and kissed.

Shen Huai helplessly pulled away from Ye Cang’s face. “We are outside, can’t you pay attention?”

Ye Cang: “What should we pay attention to? We are lovers. What does it matter if we make out fair and square?”

Shen Huai shook his head helplessly.

Ye Cang took this opportunity to kiss him on the side of his face again. “Is everything settled? Can we go now?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang took advantage of this opportunity and drove them to the company like a professional driver.

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang, who was driving, and advised, “It’s alright. I can take care of it myself. Go back and have a good rest.”

“We’ve already agreed that I’ll be your driver these days.” Ye Cang looked to the front and suddenly thought of something. He said excitedly, “When you go to the audition for ‘Red Actress’, I will go with you and be your driver.”

Shen Huai: “No.”

Ye Cang: “I don’t have anything on my schedule recently. Anyway, staying at home is boring. I might as well go to the show with you. Besides, if I wear a mask and glasses, you can treat me as an assistant.”

Shen Huai felt very helpless. It was obvious that he had been planning this for a long time.

Ye Cang smiled proudly. He saw Shen Huai’s busy life recently with his own eyes. So even if he wanted to stay together with him, he would not disturb him. He just wanted to let Shen Huai sleep better. However, Shen Huai would be more relaxed in the days of the audition. He had even checked the scenic spots in the area and worked out a good strategy.

Shen Huai could not beat him, so he had no choice but to agree with him.

Ye Cang secretly congratulated himself.

When he got home after finishing his work, Shen Huai went to rest early. Ye Cang tossed and turned in bed and couldn’t resist sending a Weibo.

@Your Father: I heard that traveling is the best way to test true love? Then I will give you a full mark first.

Netizens who browsed the new Weibo: “???” 

[Why did someone start sprinkling dog food before Valentine’s Day and Qixi Festival?!! ]

[Silently raised the torch! ]

[Dad, wake up! This is not your style!!! ]

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    The moment I realized…. Tbh if it were anyone other than Shen Huai I’d say they didn’t care for Song Yimian. It’s a very harsh (extreme?) way to deal with trauma. I really do think that the situation of being in Guo Wenyuan’s body is still messy as all hell, and I hope that Du Yuping is resolving things, and the author will give this plot line the care it deserves.

    1. nanairohana

      I don’t think it is that messy. Yuping getting Wenyuan body is the crucial point. He had been criticising online drama, so now he can do what he want with the power of money. Red Actress get additional 10mils just from him crashing their audition. He also broke apart Weng girl from successfully landing lead role.

      Song Yimian, I think Huai had a good intention. He had personally experience psychological trauma. To break it, they need to admit it, face it and smash it themselves. Like he did. Maybe it won’t be successfully replicate by Yimian, but it is still better. He had seen Yimian is much stronger than he seems. He bounced back almost immediately after the ordeal and had the guts to confront Hua Rong on equal standing after being verbally abused and manipulated for so long. The role also seems in line with his current predicament.

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