TOFUH – Chapter 34.1 – Giving a rabbit

It didn’t rain that day. After Jiang Zhen fed Zhao Jinge, he went out again to wander around. He was lucky enough to see a rabbit.

The grey rabbit was very alert. When he saw Jiang Zhen, he ran away quickly. Seeing this, Jiang Zhen rushed after him.

Of course, he wasn’t able to keep up with the rabbit, but with Jiang Zhen’s eyesight, it was not difficult to follow the trail of the rabbit to find its nest. 

Thanks to the fact that it had been raining for a few days, the soil was very wet and soft, which made leaving footprints very easy.

Jiang Zhen soon found a small hole near the ridge of the field. After that, he found another hole in the nearby mulberry field.

There were three holes in the rabbit’s nest. Wild rabbits usually have several holes. As long as you find every hole, it is very easy to catch them.

Jiang Zhen soon blocked up all the nest holes that should be blocked. There was only one hole left for them to escape from. He started a fire near one of the holes . . .

Before long, Jiang Zhen caught two rabbits that were smoked out of the nest.

He took out the straw from the basket and bound the rabbits’ feet. Jiang Zhen carried them to his home, but after a while, he changed his direction, indenting to give one to Zhao Jinge.

He gave Zhao Jinge meat every day, but his parents never had meat to eat, so Zhao Jinge always felt guilty. This time, he had two rabbits, which he wanted to give for his mother-in-law and father-in-law to taste.

When he came back to the place where Zhao Jinge was working, he winked at Zhao Jinge.

Of course, Zhao Jinge didn’t feel “flattered” from his dark face at all. He only knew that Jiang Zhen had winked at him, so they could talk in the woods.

Zhao Jinge once again did what he should have never done according to his education – he went to the woods for a rendezvous. 

“Keep the rabbit, marinate it, and you can save it for the Spring Festival.” Hearing that Jiang Zhen wanted to give him a rabbit, Zhao Jinge hurriedly refused.

“Take it and cook it soon,” Jiang Zhen stated strongly to Zhao Jinge. “You are very busy with spring ploughing so you have to eat better. Let our father eat better too, or he will not be able to keep up with his work.”

“I always take your things . . .” Zhao Jinge was very embarrassed. 

“After that, you are all mine. What’s your worry?” Jiang Zhen teased.

Zhao Jinge was stunned and pondered about Jiang Zhen’s words. Jiang Zhen said that he would be his . . . Was this giving him hope that he would marry him in the future?

When he first started to keep in contact with Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge had the idea of letting Jiang Zhen marry into his house. After all, Jiang Zhen had nothing at that time, and he had saved Jiang Zhen’s life before, but these days . . . 

These days, Jiang Zhen brought him food every day, even meat. He had gained benefits that Jiang Zhen obtained with his abilities, and he couldn’t say what he originally wanted to say.

Moreover, his parents were not necessarily looking for someone for him to marry in someone else’s home.

If his family had a lot of money, his parents would be reluctant to give their family property to others, but now, they were so poor. If he got married, his parents would certainly be willing to do so. Even if he got married, he would bring his parents with him in order to support them.

Having figured out that Jiang Zhen was so kind to him, because he didn’t want to be a nuisance, Zhao Jinge was more relaxed. He accepted Jiang Zhen’s rabbit and didn’t feel that there was anything strange about that.

In the future, they could avoid the bride price, so Jiang Zhen wouldn’t lose too much. And he could support his parents by working hard.

Jiang Zhen was very happy to see Zhao Jinge accept his rabbit, but he didn’t know that Zhao Jinge was thinking about so many things. 

As a matter of fact, he really didn’t think too much about whether to marry or not. In modern times, he had no relatives or reasons to marry. Here, he didn’t treat  the Jiang family as his relatives, so he didn’t care about marriage. 

As a matter of fact, his requirements were very low. It would already be nice to have someone to warm his bed. 

After he gave the rabbit to Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen took the remaining rabbit back. Then he saw Wang Haisheng’s boat stop by the river nearby.

Wang Haisheng’s two children were sitting at the bow and looking around. Seeing Jiang Zhen, they quickly ran to the cabin. After a while, Wang Haisheng also came out. “Jiang . . . Mister Jiang.” He didn’t know what to call Jiang Zhen, so he called him by the most honorable name in his opinion.

“Just call me Jiang Zhen,” Jiang Zhen said. “Are you back?”

“Yes, I’m back. The doctor said to take the medicine and boil it,” Wang Haisheng said.

After hearing that, Jiang Zhen remembered that there was no such thing as hospitalization in these times. The doctor would not leave the patient in the pharmacy at all. Before, Sun Xiaoshan’s stay in the pharmacy for one night was because of Yang Jing.

Jiang Zhen was very rude to the Jiang family before, but in general, as long as no one bothered him, he was actually very easy to get along with. He asked, “Is everything alright?” 

“The doctor said that after taking the medicine and taking good care of him, he should get better.” Wang Haisheng was happy. After taking the medicine yesterday, Sun Xiaoshan looked much better, and now, he could even talk to him.

His wife, who he thought would die, was fine now. He was so happy that he could barely hide the smile on his face.

Jiang Zhen frowned as he glanced at the dirty boat. “I have an empty house. You can take your wife there to recuperate. Sick people can’t live well on this boat and they need to be in a clean place.” Back then, Jiang Zhen had asked the Jiang family to build two houses. He lived by himself in one of them, while the other one was still vacant. 

In fact, he didn’t like people living in his home. But if Sun Xiaoshan really lived on the boat, he wouldn’t be able to get better. 

In addition, the boat needed to be renovated.

Wang Haisheng’s boat was much bigger than the one often used by the village head’s family to  rent to the villagers to get married into, but it was old nevertheless. Maybe it was because it had been raining these days, that the boat smelled moldy, which Jiang Zhen found a bit unbearable.

No matter what business he would be doing in the future, he would need to rely on this ship to transport goods for a long time. In that case, he didn’t want this ship to be too shabby.

Wang Haisheng looked at Jiang Zhen with surprise and delight.   

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