Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 221

February in the capital city was bitterly cold, but inside Jingyou Palace, it was a different story. Meanwhile, the heads of the various noble families in the capital were anxiously awaiting a piece of news, each for different reasons. For loyal families like the House of Loyal and Brave Marquis, the General’s Mansion, and the House of King Luo Rong, who were united with the royal family, this anxiety was similar to that of Emperor Yongming, who was waiting impatiently in the outer room of Jingyou Palace.

In the early morning of February 18th, Emperor Yongming’s legitimate eldest son told his little father, amidst the expectations of many, that he was ready. Empress Dai Qiyou had been in labor for three hours, and it was already broad daylight. Empress had not yet given birth, and Emperor Yongming had tried several times to rush in, only to be stopped by the people inside.

Old Lord Jun and Su Chenyi were inside, and Emperor Yongming, with bloodshot eyes, was deeply worried. King Luo Rong, the only elder of the royal family still present, accompanied Emperor Yongming. King Luo Rong was also very anxious, but the midwife and imperial physician both said that the labor pain duration was within the normal range and that childbirth, especially for the first child, always took a long time.

With a sudden scream from Empress, Emperor Yongming heard the old Lord Jun’s exclamation: “It’s time! It’s time!”

Emperor Yongming’s heart jumped instantly, and King Luo Rong grabbed his arm, shouting: “Your Majesty, stay calm!”

At the House of Loyal and Brave Marquis, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were also anxiously waiting for news. Shao Yunan, being pregnant, couldn’t enter the palace to accompany the birth. He still didn’t know how men gave birth in this world since there was no cesarean section, only that childbirth for men was extremely dangerous. Empress had taken a magical fruit, hoping it would provide some protection.

Back at Jingyou Palace, Emperor Yongming was drenched in sweat, but neither King Luo Rong nor the eunuchs would let him in. Dai Qiyou didn’t want Emperor Yongming to see him giving birth. Before having the child, Emperor Yongming had longed to have a child with Dai Qiyou. When the child was about to be born, Emperor Yongming was filled with resentment, wishing he could punish the child for tormenting his wife.

Empress was already very tolerant, but childbirth for men was not only more dangerous than for women but also several times more painful. However, whether it was due to the magical fruit or Empress’s martial arts training and good health, the first genuine imperial prince of Great State of Yan finally came into the world after tormenting his father for over four hours.

From the time Empress began labor to the child’s birth, it took just over half an hour, which was considered very quick. As soon as the child was born, Emperor Yongming rushed in without even waiting to hear whether it was a boy or a girl. The midwife held the newborn and knelt, congratulating: “Congratulations, Your Majesty! Congratulations, Your Highness! It’s a prince!”

Everyone in the room knelt to offer their congratulations. Old Lord Jun and Su Chenyi were in tears, this legitimate eldest prince was born after much difficulty and suffering.

With a pale face, Empress showed a deep smile. At this moment, Emperor Yongming was overwhelmed with joy and sorrow, holding his soaked beloved. Emperor Yongming’s eyes were also red with emotion, but he couldn’t suppress the smile on his lips.

When Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan received the news from the palace, Emperor Yongming’s edict was also issued. The legitimate eldest son, Murong Yuan, was named crown prince, with a general amnesty granted to the empire and three days of celebration at the court.

Emperor Yongming was truly overjoyed. Although he had resented the child tormenting his wife during labor, the moment he saw the tiny, clean, soft, and tender baby, with smooth skin like a freshly boiled egg, he immediately became a doting father, filled with boundless love.

Emperor Yongming, over thirty years old, finally welcomed his first legitimate son. Unlike other emperors who might have had countless sons by this age, he could not help but adore and cherish this child.

After giving birth, Empress fell asleep. The delivery had been relatively smooth, but the earlier labor pains had drained his energy. Emperor Yongming placed the Buddha relic that the Empress had worn throughout the pregnancy around his son’s neck, hoping it would continue to bless his son’s health and safety as he grew up.

“Your Majesty, the Marquis of Loyal and Brave Marquis Mansion is here.”

“Quick, announce it!”

Emperor Yongming walked out with a face full of joy, and soon, Wang Shijing arrived.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty.”

“Haha, take a seat.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty, but I won’t sit. I came to deliver a guard for Your Majesty.”

“A guard?”

Wang Shijing turned and called: “Brother Tiger”

Brother Tiger, the national guardian beast of the Great State of Yan, walked in from behind the lifted door curtain. Wang Shijing explained to the puzzled Emperor Yongming: “Your Majesty, with the birth of the Crown Prince, Yunan is worried and sent Brother Tiger to protect Your Highness and the Crown Prince.”

Emperor Yongming immediately understood Wang Shijing’s meaning and said: “The Marquis of Loyal and Brave Marquis Mansion and Madam Wang Shao are thoughtful. Thank you, Brother Tiger” Emperor Yongming ceremoniously bowed to Brother Tiger, who arrogantly sniffed and walked inside.

Shouts of surprise came from inside, and Eunuch Xun quickly went in to explain. Honestly, with Brother Tiger protecting them, Emperor Yongming did feel relieved. The Crown Prince’s safety became his greatest concern since many wished for the Crown Prince’s early demise.

Wang Shijing didn’t stay long, chatted with Emperor Yongming for a while, and then left. Shao Yunan had already sent all the necessary postnatal supplies to the palace a month earlier, so there wasn’t much else to bring. With Brother Tiger protecting the Empress and the Crown Prince, Little Gold took on the task of protecting Wang Qing and Nizi. Jiang Moxi, with his elusive presence, didn’t need much concern for his safety. Shao Yunan stayed home, and Wang Shijing had already taken a three-month paternity leave to protect him closely.

Since Empress had given birth, Shao Yunan’s time was near. While the palace was immersed in the joy of the Crown Prince’s birth, the atmosphere at the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s Mansion and the General’s Mansion was tense. A group of riders was hurrying to the capital, led by a general who had left hundreds of his men behind to reach the capital before his brother’s childbirth.

Five days after Empress gave birth, Shao Yunan entered the palace. His belly was already large, and it felt like he could give birth at any moment. If possible, Wang Shijing didn’t want him to leave the house.

Due to customs, Shao Yunan, being pregnant, couldn’t hold the baby. However, he was very fond of the little Crown Prince who slept quietly beside Empress. It was said that newborns were usually ugly, but the little Crown Prince was an exception, already showing features resembling Empress, with a nose, mouth, and face shape like Emperor Yongming.

Unlike Shao Yunan, Empress had always longed for a child, and now that the child was safely born, just looking at him made Empress forget the pain of childbirth. Empress was recovering well, his wounds already less painful, partly thanks to the supplements sent by Shao Yunan, but he still had to stay in bed for a full month as ordered by Emperor Yongming.

Empress’s face was full of smiles and satisfaction, while Shao Yunan looked troubled. Seeing his expression, Empress felt helpless and speechless. “One would think you dislike children.”

“I do.”

Shao Yunan disdainfully glanced at his big belly, cursing Shao Dahu reincarnation for the umpteenth time. Seeing his attitude, Empress admonished: “The child is almost born, and you still act like this? Whether you like it or not, it’s the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s child. Don’t you like the Marquis?”
Shao Yunan patted his belly and muttered: “Liking doesn’t mean I have to give birth. The pain is mine. If Shijing could give birth, I’d definitely like it.”
Empress was utterly speechless, for the first time feeling a bit sorry for Wang Shijing. Shao Yunan wasn’t against children, he found the little Crown Prince adorable.

But he didn’t like the idea of enduring so much pain to give birth.

After chatting with Empress for a long time and feeding Brother Tiger a few apples from his space, Shao Yunan left the palace with Wang Shijing. As the due date approached, Shao Yunan’s mood wasn’t great, and Wang Shijing was cautious at every turn.

“Shijing, after the child is born, let’s visit my father at the border.”


Wang Shijing didn’t know how to respond.

Shao Yunan said confidently: “I don’t need to breastfeed, so we can leave the child with my dad and go to the border.”

“But the child would be very small.” Wang Shijing didn’t feel reassured.

Shao Yunan didn’t care much for the child, but Wang Shijing was very fond of him and couldn’t leave a newborn behind to go to the border.

Shao Yunan thought for a moment and said: “We could take the child with us, keep him in the space. There’s even a formula in the space. The war between Yan and Huhar is inevitable. Who knows when my father will return. There are too many uncertainties in war, and I don’t want any regrets.”

Wang Shijing gritted his teeth and said: “Leaving the child with your dad is not good. Let’s take him, so your dad can see him too.”

“Then it’s decided. If Qing and the others want to come, they can. If not, we can ask dad or Uncle Guo to take care of them.”


On the Empress’s side, Emperor Yongming laughed upon hearing that Shao Yunan still disliked the child. Empress seriously asked: “What are your plans for Yunan’s child?”

Previously, Shao Yunan had been determined not to have children, so the position of heir fell to Wang Qing. Now that Shao Yunan was having a child, which was his and Wang Shijing’s biological child, if it was a daughter, it was easier to handle. But if it was a son… Empress, whether biased or not, favored this child.
Emperor Yongming asked: “Has Yunan mentioned anything?”

Empress helplessly said: “He seems eager to hand the child over to someone else as soon as it’s born. Sometimes, I don’t understand how his mind works. He treats the Marquis’s two children as his own, so the heir’s position might not change. But the child in Yunan’s belly is my nephew, and I don’t want him to be wronged.”
Empress’s intentions were clear, and Emperor Yongming not only had no objections but had seriously considered the matter. Emperor Yongming waved his hand, and the people in the room immediately left. He whispered to Empress: “How about this?”

Wang Shijing didn’t anticipate that the birth of this child would bring significant changes to him and the entire mansion. Shao Yunan planned to visit the border as soon as he finished his postpartum recovery, so Wang Shijing had to prepare in advance.

On March 18th, the Crown Prince’s first month, Empress left Jingyou Palace to meet the courtiers and titled nobles with Emperor Yongming. At the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s Mansion, Marquis Wang Shijing, heir Wang Qing, and Lady Wang Jingyan were all present, except for Shao Yunan. On March 19th, General Dai Zhangxiao returned to the capital, and the Marquis hosted a banquet in his honor, with Princess Wu Uzhen attending. During the banquet, while laughing and chatting with his brother and Princess Wu Uzhen, Shao Yunan suddenly went into labor, plunging the mansion into chaos.


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