Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 210

“Master, a merchant from the Great Mountain Tribe named Wu Uzhen is outside and requests an audience.”

Wu Uzhen?

Shao Yunan glanced at Wang Shijing beside him and immediately said: “Please let them in, go to the main hall, and I and the Marquis will come over immediately.”


Wang Shijing knew who Wu Di was. He stood up, holding Shao Yunan’s hand, and said: “Be careful, take it easy, let them wait.”

Shao Yunan rolled his eyes for the nth time, shook off Wang Shijing’s hand, and walked out angrily. Wang Shijing hurriedly protected him, shouting to be careful.

Shao Yunan’s belly was almost five months old, and it was already obvious. Wang Shijing had been nervous every day since returning from Loyal and Brave Village. Especially after Shao Yunan’s belly grew bigger, Wang Shijing’s cautious attitude annoyed Shao Yunan a lot. He could completely understand the Empress’s feelings toward Emperor Yongming!

After Wu Uzhen left the capital, there was no news from him, and Wu Uzhen had not appeared again. The swallow Nest of the Great Mountain Tribe had disappeared without a trace. Now someone appeared again, and it was possible that it was news from the king of the Great Mountain Tribe or that the swallow Nest had finally been sent over.

Shao Yunan, restricted by Wang Shijing to take small steps, finally arrived at the main hall, showing surprise. Dozens of baskets were placed in the hall. The people waiting in the hall immediately stood up and saluted when they saw Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. A woman with a smile on her face spoke: “Princess heard that the Marquis is pregnant, congratulations, Marquis.”

“Thank you.” Wang Shijing’s face showed the joy of an expectant father.

Seeing the spirited appearance of the other party, Shao Yunan had a guess in his heart and returned the greeting: “Princess Wu Uzhen, I hope you are well?

Unexpectedly, the other party suddenly knelt down on one knee: “Princess Wu Uzhen thanks the Marquis for his great kindness!”

“Princess, please get up quickly!”

Princess Wu Uzhen stood up, her actions bold and heroic, and she said gratefully: “If it weren’t for Marquis Wang Shao, my father might have…” Suppressing her emotions, Princess Wu Uzhen said: “My father has begun to recover. Princess Wu Uzhen dares not forget Marquis Wang Shao’s entrustment and has ordered the tribe to pick all the bird nests in the swallow Nest of the Great Mountain Tribe and bring them here for Marquis Wang Shao to inspect.”

“Princess Wu Uzhen is kind, you can just send someone over, there is really no need to make the trip yourself.” Shao Yunan truly didn’t expect the other party to be so courteous.

Princess Wu Uzhen also said frankly: “My father ordered me to send an envoy to come for peace talks and return to the tribe after King Rong’s wedding. Princess Wu Uzhen must personally supervise and act on Marquis Wang Shao’s instructions.”

This princess of the Great Mountain Tribe was not very beautiful, but her words and deeds exuded the heroic spirit of a man. There was no rouge and powder on her face. Shao Yunan had seen her three times, and each time she wore the traditional costume of a Great Mountain Tribe daughter, but the colors were not bright, and there were not too many accessories on her body, in short, it was succinct. A curved knife was always hung at her waist, indicating that she was also a martial artist.

Not all bird nests can be used as swallow nest for consumption. Only the nests built by a few species of swallow and golden swallow, which secrete saliva, can be eaten. Shao Yunan didn’t know if there were any swallow or golden swallow here. He carefully inspected the nests in each basket and fortunately found edible bird’s nests in three of them.

While Shao Yunan was inspecting, Princess Wu Uzhen was very nervous. When Shao Yunan finally confirmed that there were edible bird’s nests, her tense face immediately relaxed into a smile. Princess Wu Uzhen noted which tribe’s bird’s nests came from each of the three baskets in her mind.

Princess Wu Uzhen did not stay long. She took away the inedible bird’s nests and expressed that the Great Mountain Tribe would provide edible bird’s nests to Marquis Wang Shao free of charge. Shao Yunan did not accept it, and he also truthfully informed Princess Wu Uzhen of the benefits and potential value of edible bird’s nests. The two sides quickly reached a cooperation agreement. The Great Mountain Tribe would provide three hundred bird’s nests to the Marquis every year free of charge, and Shao Yunan would buy the rest at a price of one or two silver coins each. Princess Wu Uzhen could no longer sell the bird’s nests from those three tribes to others.

These Swallow’s Nests were freshly collected from the Swallow’s Nests and needed multiple processes before they could be consumed. Shao Yunan was idle and bored, so he called Guo Zimu to help him deal with the Swallow’s Nests and taught Guo Zimu how to sell them at a high price. Of course, there were too many Swallow’s Nests for just the two of them to handle, so Wang Shijing asked Wang Shuping to assist his wife. The arrival of Wang Shuping and the others greatly relieved the pressure on Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan in terms of personnel. Soon, Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing’s families would also come over.

Thirty miles from the outskirts of the capital, the relay station was about to meet their loved ones. A group of people closely monitored the delegation from Huhar Kingdom. This time, Huhar Kingdom sent a delegation of five hundred people, led by the younger brother of Huhar Kingdom’s lord, Khan Keqin. Regarding Huhar Kingdom’s visit this time, Dai Zhanxiao and his father and uncle agreed that the visitors were not friendly.

In the previous major battle, Great State of Yan barely withstood the invasion of Huhar Kingdom. But years of war and the political darkness of the later period of Emperor Kangsheng put the security of Great State of Yan’s border in jeopardy. Great State of Yan had been repeatedly invaded by Huhar Kingdom’s border. If not for this, the Dai family would not have survived that political struggle. But Dai Zhanxiao didn’t think it was a lucky thing. If the Khan of Huhar Kingdom hadn’t died suddenly, it would be hard to say what the result of that war would have been. But Dai Zhanxiao, like his father, had long been prepared to die on the battlefield.

But things seemed to be turning around. After Jiang Kangning returned from the border, supplies began to arrive at the border one after another. Dai Zhanxiao was not in the capital, but he also heard about the changes in the capital. Dai Zhanxiao placed hope in this, hoping that the emperor would revive the prestige of Great State of Yan and end the suffering of the people on the border from war.

The number of people in the Huhar Kingdom delegation was large. Although the other side concealed their identities, General Dai Mingjun still found out their true identity. Five hundred warriors from Huhar Kingdom definitely couldn’t enter the capital so brazenly. The Huhar Kingdom delegation protested against Dai Zhanxiao’s order to rest at the relay station. Dai Zhanxiao ignored it. If he let these people enter the capital, it would be disregarding the safety of the emperor.

“General, the Huhar thieves are clamoring to see you again. They demand to enter the capital immediately.” Dai Zhanxiao’s deputy came to report again.

Dai Zhanxiao snorted coldly: “This is Great State of Yan. They can’t be arrogant here. Just tell them that without receiving the imperial order, this general cannot allow entry to the capital.”

“Yes, General!”

Indeed, Dai Zhanxiao was waiting for the emperor’s orders. How to arrange these five hundred people and who to send to monitor them all required the emperor’s personal command.

A group of soldiers came out of the city and rushed to the relay station at full speed. The leader had a dark complexion, and he was none other than Wang Shijing, who should have been at home taking care of his “delicate” wife. Dai Zhanxiao awaited the emperor’s orders. Emperor Yongming sent Wang Shijing out of the city to deliver the imperial edict and pick up the people. Having to face the Huhar people and leave Shao Yunan for two days, Wang Shijing’s mood was definitely not good. He only harbored hatred towards the Huhar people.

Dai Zhanxiao didn’t expect the person who came to be Wang Shijing. Facing Wang Shijing, Dai Zhanxiao’s feelings were as complicated as his father’s. Wang Shijing used to be his subordinate, and Dai Zhanxiao knew Wang Shijing’s abilities and character. Regardless of Wang Shijing’s current status, Dai Zhanxiao was still happy to see his former subordinate, but when this subordinate became his “brother-in-law,” he couldn’t feel happy at all.

“Lord,” regardless of his feelings, Dai Zhanxiao still made the appropriate gestures.

“General,” seeing Dai Zhanxiao, Wang Shijing was happy, but his mood was also very complicated. His former immediate superior was now his uncle-in-law, and they hadn’t formally met yet. Wang Shijing didn’t directly call him “big brother.” Wang Shijing was also several years older than Dai Zhanxiao.

Dai Zhanxiao asked readily: “The lord has been sent by the emperor. I wonder what orders he brings?”

“The delegations from various countries have settled in the capital. And with the empress pregnant again, to avoid any incidents, the emperor has ordered the Huhar Kingdom delegation to be stationed at the Kyoto Palace Camp, only allowing fifty people to enter the capital.”

Five hundred Huhar Kingdom warriors entering the capital was definitely not something reassuring. Emperor Yongming’s decree was for these people to stay at the official defense camp outside the suburbs of Kyoto and be directly monitored by the official defense office, allowing only fifty people to enter the capital was Emperor Yongming’s bottom line. The Huhar Kingdom delegation was extremely dissatisfied with this and demanded that all five hundred people be allowed to enter the capital.

Wang Shijing and Dai Zhanxiao sat in front of Khan Keqin, listening to the other’s vehement protest. Dai Zhanxiao suppressed his desire to draw his sword. If it weren’t for the fact that Great State of Yan couldn’t go to war anymore, Dai Zhanxiao would have killed him when Khan Keqin entered Great State of Yan territory. He only harbored more hatred towards the Huhar thieves. But what surprised him was that Wang Shijing’s expression was also unfriendly, even showing obvious disgust and impatience. Wang Shijing was now the loyal and brave marquis, and he was here with the imperial decree. His actions must be considered in the context of the temporary peace between the two countries. Such behavior would only escalate the conflict between the two sides and would not be conducive to the upcoming negotiations proposed by the Huhar Kingdom. Dai Zhanxiao couldn’t figure out the emperor’s intention in sending Wang Shijing. Was it that he didn’t care about this negotiation? Or was Wang Shijing simply not useful? Dai Zhanxiao suspected it was the latter.

Dai Zhanxiao had no idea that Wang Shijing was already very restrained. After Khan Keqin’s captain roared, Wang Shijing stood firm and said: “Fifty people, not one more. If your delegation cannot accept this, then you can leave. This peace negotiation was proposed by your Huhar Kingdom and not something our State of Yan begged for. But even with your current strong stance, it’s really hard for me, the marquis, to see your sincerity.”

Khan Keqin spoke with a strange accent: “Lord, our Huhar delegation came with full sincerity to seek a possibility for peace negotiation with the emperor of Yan. But your attitude, Lord, has turned our sincere hearts for negotiation into ice caves. Can you bear the consequences of this?”

Wang Shijing coldly smirked: “Since Khan Keqin believes that you came with sincere hearts for negotiation, why not start from here? If the Huhar Kingdom seeks peace with Great State of Yan, why not set an example, Khan Keqin? If you can’t decide, why not send someone back to ask your Khan if he wants to accept our demands?”

“You!” Khan Keqin stood up in anger.

Wang Shijing also stood up: “Fifty people, not one more.”

Khan Keqin gritted his teeth: “The ‘bravery’ of the loyal marquis, I have seen it.”

“Thank you for your praise.”


Khan Keqin left in frustration, and his four subordinates who came with him glared fiercely at Wang Shijing before leaving as well. Dai Zhanxiao looked to Wang Shijing, hoping for an explanation. But Wang Shijing only said: “We can never coexist peacefully with the Huhar Kingdom.”

What did that mean? Could it be… this wasn’t the right place to ask. Dai Zhanxiao suppressed his doubts.

Wang Shijing remained steadfast, and the futile negotiations with Khan Keqin only ended with fifty people. They followed Wang Shijing and Dai Zhanxiao into the capital. The remaining four hundred and fifty people were sent to the official defense camp first.

This delay lasted for two days. Then, without stopping on the road, Wang Shijing brought fifty guards, Dai Zhanxiao brought five hundred Tiger troops, and fifty Huhar people entered the capital in a grand procession. Their arrival quickly attracted the attention of the city’s residents. Wang Shijing led the Huhar delegation to the prepared embassy. The embassies of the three countries, Dasi, Xianlu, and Great Mountain Tribe, had already arrived in the capital. Their embassies were not together. The embassies of the three countries stated that they would not return until after the wedding of King Luo Rong, so they would stay in the capital for quite some time. The Huhar Kingdom had not yet decided whether to attend King Luo Rong wedding.

After the Huhar delegation settled in the embassy, Wang Shijing and Dai Zhanxiao reported to the palace. They would only receive the Huhar delegation after the emperor confirmed the specific time. After they left, Khan Keqin’s captain said angrily: “My lord, the emperor of State of Yan is simply too arrogant!”

Khan Keqin’s expression was gloomy: “Let them be arrogant. As for the loyal and brave marquis, let’s see if he can still laugh later.”

In the East Hall, after Dai Zhanxiao truthfully reported the situation of the Huhar delegation, Wang Shijing reported his confrontation with them to Emperor Yongming. Emperor Yongming nodded after listening and said: “Teacher Weng won’t be able to return to the capital for four days. Wait for teacher Weng to return before hosting a banquet for the delegations of the four countries. General, the empress wants to see you. You may go.”


Dai Zhanxiao left, realizing that he had guessed wrong. Judging from the emperor’s attitude, Wang Shijing’s actions against the Huhar delegation were probably ordered by the emperor.

After Dai Zhanxiao left, Emperor Yongming asked Wang Shijing: “What do you think is the purpose of the Huhar Kingdom’s visit?”

Wang Shijing frowned and said: “Khan Keqin’s attitude is very tough. He insists on all five hundred people entering the capital. If they truly came with sincerity for peace, wouldn’t their actions be contradictory? Your Majesty, I don’t understand these matters, but Yunan once told me, ‘Different clans will always have different hearts.’ The Huhar Kingdom has sought peace with State of Yan before, but only when they were weak. Once they become strong, they will surely attack our Great State of Yan. I don’t believe the Huhar Kingdom came sincerely for peace this time. Either it’s just a temporary measure, or they are here for something.”

Emperor Yongming narrowed his eyes and tapped lightly on the table with his fingers. Different clans will always have different hearts…

It had been six years since the empress last saw Dai Zhanxiao. He was naturally very happy to see him return. With the elders not at home, the empress insisted on Dai Zhanxiao staying in the palace for dinner. Although Dai Zhanxiao wanted to see his father and younger brother, he had to temporarily suppress his longing and a certain unease. At lunchtime, Emperor Yongming didn’t come over, so the empress and Dai Zhanxiao had lunch together. When Dai Zhanxiao learned that all the delicious dishes on the table were prepared by his younger brother, the tears welled up in the eyes of this battle-hardened warrior.

At this moment, the residence of the loyal and brave marquis was newly decorated. All the members of the Dai family who remained in the capital were here. Everyone had lunch absentmindedly, anxiously waiting. When it was reported that the Dai General had arrived, the gates of the loyal and brave marquis’s residence were opened wide. Even Shao Yunan, who was usually calm, couldn’t contain his excitement. Dai Zhanxiao had imagined many scenes of meeting his younger brother, but when he actually saw him, he realized that all his fantasies and expectations were useless.

His brother, now married, with a protruding belly, bore little resemblance to the memory of the young boy from over a decade ago. When Dai Zhanxiao realized this, he tightly embraced his brother, choking up with emotion. Tears streamed down the face of this iron-blooded warrior. In his ears echoed the bold words of his brother from his childhood: “Brother, when I grow up, I want to be a great general like Grandpa, Uncle, and Father, and kill the enemies!”


His brother didn’t become a great general, but instead became someone else’s husband, and was even carrying the other person’s child.

Whether it was due to pregnancy or the atmosphere created by Dai Zhanxiao, Shao Yunan couldn’t hold back his tears either. It took a long time for the two brothers to separate, and Dai Zhanxiao carefully scrutinized his brother, while Shao Yunan observed him in return. Dai Zhanxiao, two years older, now looked almost the same age as Wang Shijing. Having spent many years in the harsh and cold environment of the border, with poor living conditions, Dai Zhanxiao couldn’t possibly look fresh and tender. His darker complexion, keen eyes similar to Shao Yunan’s, and the martial aura about him were the result of years of battlefield experience and bloodshed. The two brothers then entered the main hall together, where Dai Zhanxiao proceeded to greet his father and other relatives.

The reason the whole family gathered at loyal and brave marquis residence was twofold: first, to take care of Shao Yunan, who was pregnant, and second, to reassure Dai Zhanxiao about Shao Yunan’s well-being. While Su Chenyi regretted that his husband couldn’t be present, he was also delighted that his eldest son had returned. Contrary to Shao Yunan’s expectations, Dai Zhanxiao was not as dull as he had thought; on the contrary, he was quite lively. His tales from the border were full of humor, devoid of hardship or danger. Shao Yunan quickly grew fond of his brother.

Dai Zhanxiao brought gifts for everyone in the family. As he had escorted the envoy from the Huhar nation, he didn’t have much time to select gifts, so he brought along some trinkets he had collected over time, along with some special items from the Huhar nation. However, he specially brought a large gift for Shao Yunan, a whole piece of fox fur. Unaware of Shao Yunan’s pregnancy, he didn’t prepare a gift for the nephew or niece, so he took off his waist knife on the spot. In the Dai family, both men and women practiced martial arts, so this knife was a completely appropriate gift.

After presenting the gifts, Dai Zhanxiao took a stone from his pocket and placed it on the table next to Shao Yunan. He said: “Your Highness asked me to find a jade mine, and I searched for it according to the original stone you gave me. There were none near Tiger Pass or Kuyue Pass, but some of my men mentioned that there were similar stones in their hometowns. I sent people to look for them. Do you think this is it?”

Shao Yunan immediately recognized the stone as the original, but it needed to be cut to confirm. Surprised by his brother’s dedication to the task, Shao Yunan placed the stone aside and said: “Thank you for your hard work, brother. I’ll have someone take it to be cut soon. If it’s the one, you just need to tell me where it came from.”


Dai Zhanxiao hoped it was the kind of rough gem his younger brother wanted.

At that moment, Wang Shuping walked in: “Madam, Princess Wu Uzhen seeks an audience, just outside the door.”

“Please, invite her quickly.”

Wang Shuping went to invite the princess in. Shao Yunan said to Dai Zhanxiao: “Brother, Princess Wu Uzhen is the daughter of the chief of the Great Mountain tribe and also the leader of their delegation.”

Dai Zhanxiao nodded.

Soon, Princess Wu Uzhen arrived, followed by her two personal guards. Whenever Shao Yunan saw Princess Wu Uzhen, those two were always present. Upon arrival, Princess Wu Uzhen first greeted Shao Yunan, then turned her gaze to Dai Zhanxiao. Dai Zhanxiao had been staring at her since she appeared.

“Princess Wu Uzhen, this is my brother, the General of Cavalry.”

“Dai Xiaojiang, I’ve heard of you.” Princess Wu Uzhen saluted.

“Princess of the Great Mountain Tribe, I’ve long admired.” Dai Zhanxiao saluted.

Their eyes met briefly in the air before separating. Princess Wu Uzhen looked at Shao Yunan: “Madam, I have something important to tell you.”

Su Chenyi, Shen Bing, Dai Yingxiang, and others immediately left, leaving only Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, and Dai Zhanxiao. The door of the main hall closed, and Princess Wu Uzhen’s expression became serious: “Madam, I saw the envoy from the Huhar Kingdom when they entered the capital. Among them was someone who had visited my Great Mountain tribe many years ago. I was young then, but I remember him vividly. He came to our tribe to challenge our warriors, his skills were formidable, but his methods were ruthless and brutal. He killed dozens of our warriors, and later my father ordered his pursuit. He disappeared after that, but I never thought he would turn out to be from the Huhar Kingdom, or perhaps he had defected to them.”

“What’s his name, who is he?” Dai Zhanxiao asked immediately.

Princess Wu Uzhen said: “I can’t remember his name, but I will never forget his appearance. He was the one at the forefront of the Huhar Kingdom envoy, with long sideburns and a cross-shaped scar on his face. He had that cross-shaped scar when he came to our Great Mountain tribe, so I remember it very clearly.”

Dai Zhanxiao said: “The people accompanying the Huhar Kingdom envoy this time are all their Huhar Kingdom’s warriors. That man should be from the Huhar Kingdom, and if he’s truly skilled, serving the higher-ups is only natural. Moreover, the people of Huhar are notorious killers.”

Princess Wu Uzhen shook her head and said: “That man was notorious in our Great Mountain tribe, especially lecherous. My father ordered his pursuit not only because he killed our tribe’s warriors but also because he raped and killed handsome young boys and girls in our tribe. Now that he’s among the Huhar Kingdom envoy, I fear he might take advantage of their status to cause trouble in the capital, and you can’t do anything about him.”

Dai Zhanxiao understood Princess Wu Uzhen’s implication. He couldn’t help but speculate on Khan Keqin intention to bring such a person along. Shao Yunan spoke up: “Thank you, Princess, for informing us. This is Great Yan. If that scoundrel thinks he can act recklessly here just because he’s a member of the envoy, we might not be able to touch him, but if he dares to cause trouble on Great Yan’s land, then I can only say he’s too naive. Even if he’s skilled, he should fear the kitchen knife. If he can’t control himself, then he might as well leave his life behind. But, Brother Shijing, you still need to inform the emperor and take precautions. We can’t let those Huhar bandits harm our people.”

Wang Shijing stood up: “I’ll go to the palace now.” He then bowed to Princess Wu Uzhen. “Thank you, Princess, for the warning.”

“My Great Mountain tribe also detests the Huhar people. If they dare to act recklessly, our Great Mountain people will not stand idly by.”

“Princess, you are righteous!”

Wang Shijing immediately went to the palace, but Dai Zhanxiao didn’t follow.



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