Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 199

After dinner, Guo Ziyu and Dai Jiang left. Guo Ziyu was the county magistrate, and he had things to attend to early the next morning, so he didn’t stay overnight. Since he didn’t stay, naturally, Dai Jiang didn’t either. Hence the term “naturally”…

On the way back, Dai Jiang, who accompanied Guo Ziyu in the carriage, asked: “Did you find out?”

Guo Ziyu nodded: “Yes, I found out.” He seemed somewhat embarrassed, scratching his head slightly and avoiding Dai Jiang’s gaze: “Zimu and the lord, it’s a mutual affection. From what Yunan said, the King is just eager to marry Zimu into the family soon, not because Zimu is pregnant.”

Dai Jiang chuckled a rare sight. His smile seemed a bit twisted.

“In that case, you can rest assured.”

Guo Ziyu nodded again. But Dai Jiang’s smile faded slightly, and he asked cautiously: “Did you ask about the matter of Third Young Master being the county magistrate?”

Shao Yunan ranked third among the boys of the Dai family, so Dai Jiang called him the Third Young Master. Guo Ziyu replied: “Yes, I did.”

Without mentioning the matter of the immortality fruit, Guo Ziyu explained his purpose as the county magistrate to Dai Jiang. Then he said: “When the lord no longer needs me, I will resign from my official position.”

This time, Dai Jiang’s smile became even more pronounced, but of course, it also became more twisted. Seeing this, Guo Ziyu couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong? Do you think I’m not suitable for officialdom?”

Dai Jiang immediately pretended to be serious: “I know your heart is not in this. The officialdom is like a battlefield. If you really want to do something, you might as well do business with Third Young Master. I think you seem to like it too.”

Guo Ziyu grinned: “Indeed.”

Dai Jiang breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. If this person liked being an official, how could he marry him home? Although after Master Qi You became the emperor, the restrictions on male spouses in the court had been reduced a lot, male spouses in officialdom were still few. Dai Jiang didn’t like Guo Ziyu facing the wolves and tigers in the officialdom all day long.

That night, Guo Ziyu, who had put aside his worries about his brother and the uncertainty about his own future, now only thought about the imperial examination.


Back at Loyal and Brave Village, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan didn’t show up for three or four days in a row. All the invitations from Yongxiu County and the surrounding areas were blocked by housekeeper Fusheng. Having been away from home for so long, elders like Lao Zhengjun and Madam Lao came for the first time. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had no mood for socializing. Naturally, there were people in the village who wanted to see them, but their identities had changed drastically, so no one rushed over to knock on their doors. The guards patrolling near the Wang mansion were enough to make them weak in the knees.

Without showing themselves, Wang Dali also didn’t appear after the two returned. After the imperial decree reached Loyal and Brave Village, Wang Dali fell ill. His condition fluctuated. Some insightful people knew that he was suffering from a broken heart. If it were in the past, Wang Wenhe and Zhao Zheng would plead with Wang Shijing, but now no one dared to take the lead. The two edicts from the Zhu family and the Shao family, especially the cup of poison given to the Zhu family, frightened many people. Shao Yunan’s identity as the uncle of the Empress made no one dare to question Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan too harshly.

Finally, after cheering up the old man, Shao Yunan was able to muster the energy to deal with other matters. He first went to find Wang Shijing, who was brushing the fur of the tiger that was willing to leave the mountain. Seeing him coming, Wang Shijing asked: “Is the old man feeling better?”

“Somewhat better, at least he finally smiled.” Shao Yunan came forward and scratched the chin of the tiger vigorously, asking: “Brother Shijing, when do you plan to go find Shuping and the others?”

Wang Shijing’s hands didn’t stop moving, and he said somewhat helplessly: “I’m afraid of scaring them if I go to find them. Let them come to the house. It’s easier to talk at home. Don’t you also want to find Brother He?”

“Then I’ll have someone go and call them over. Whom are you going to call?”

After receiving the news that Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande were to meet the Loyal and Brave Marquis, they were first startled, then flustered and somewhat delighted. Especially Zhao Yuande, being summoned by the Loyal and Brave Marquis, made his heart almost jump out of his throat with excitement.

Not wanting to keep the messenger waiting, Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande quickly packed some special products from their homes and hurriedly followed the messenger. Although the special products from their homes might not catch the eye of the Loyal and Brave Marquis and the Lord, they were still a token of their appreciation.

After the three arrived at the mansion, Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande were taken to the main hall, while Zhao He was taken to the backyard, to Shao Yunan’s room. As soon as Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande entered the main hall, they were astonished to see the people who were once so distant from them. After a moment of confusion, they were about to kneel down and pay their respects, but Wang Shijing quickly stepped forward to stop them: “Brother Shiping, Brother Yuande, no need for formalities, please have a seat.”

The tense hearts of Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande relaxed at these words. They looked at the transformed Wang Shijing with indescribable emotions in their hearts, but Wang Shijing’s attitude reassured them.

After seating them, Wang Shijing had tea served, and Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande said straightforwardly: “We dare not, we dare not.”

After the tea was served and the servants withdrew, Wang Shijing got straight to the point: “Brother Shiping, Brother Yuande, would you be willing to accompany me to the capital and assist me?”

Thinking their ears had deceived them, the two men who were about to exchange some polite words were taken aback.

Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande were in turmoil in the main hall, and Zhao He was not much better off. Zhao He didn’t expect that Shao Yunan, the legitimate son of the General’s Mansion, and also the Marquis’s main wife, not only still wanted to teach him the art of brewing, but also treated him as before. Shao Yunan was a straightforward person, and after Zhao He calmed down, he also responded eagerly without any hesitation.

When Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande, a couple, returned home, the villagers crowded around, curious about why the Loyal and Brave Marquis had summoned them. Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande only said that the Loyal and Brave Marquis wanted to reminisce with them and have a chat, without revealing anything else. After finally dismissing the curious villagers, the two immediately closed their doors tightly and took their parents back inside.

In the Zhao family’s home, Zhao Zheng was dumbfounded: “Yuande, what did you say? Shijing, the Marquis wants you to go to the capital?”

Unable to contain his excitement, Zhao Yuande nodded vigorously: “The Marquis wants me and Zhao He, as well as Yuanqing and my sister, and Shiping and his wife, to go to the capital to do something. The Marquis said he doesn’t have many people at his disposal, and there are many things in the capital that need trustworthy individuals to help him, Qing too, sigh,” Zhao Yuande slapped his mouth: “The eldest son is studying at the National Academy, but he doesn’t have any companions by his side. The Marquis said he would let Congbo and brother Yan accompany him.”

Zhao Zheng took a deep breath, then froze in place, leaving Zhao Yuande startled and hastily supporting his father: “Dad, dad!” he called, rubbing his chest while chaos erupted in the Zhao household. The sudden surprise almost took the breath away from the family elder.

With the Zhao family in disarray, Wang Wenhe family wasn’t much better off. When Wang Wenhe finally caught his breath, he insisted on going to the marquis’s mansion to express gratitude and apologize. Wang Shiping tried to dissuade him, but when Wang Yan returned from the academy, Wang Wenhe whole family went to express their thanks. On the way, they met the village head whole family, who were also going to express their gratitude. The entire village craned their necks to see the interactions between these two families. When they arrived at the mansion, they found that fourth aunt Wang family and Yinzi’s family were also there.

On this day, some families were joyful, most were envious, and a few were worried. Wang Shijing was straightforward; those who had good relations with him, especially the young ones, went with him to the capital to assist him. As for capable individuals like Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande, who were stable and had ideas, he intended to groom them as his assistants. When the sheep’s milk wine was ready, they would all go to the capital together. With Shao Yunan overseeing things at home, Wang Shijing wasn’t worried about them changing their minds once they reached the capital.

On this day, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were busy meeting people. When everyone had left, Shao Yunan nudged Wang Shijing: “Are you going to visit Wang Dali? “

Wang Shijing’s expression turned slightly heavy: “No, send Fusheng with something for him.” He didn’t know how to face his own biological father. He couldn’t bring him home to serve him, nor could he ignore him.

Shao Yunan held his hand: “Let me go.”

“What are you thinking?”

Shao Yunan shrugged: “Although it’s said that one might have reasons to pity those who are miserable, it’s mainly Lady Zhu who mistreated you. Wang Dali is quite unlucky too. You can’t go, so I’ll go. If he dies from a heart condition caused by unresolved issues, you won’t feel good either. When the Loyal and Brave Wang family’s ancestral hall is built, I’m afraid he won’t be able to bear it. I’ll go.”

Without giving Wang Shijing time to react, Shao Yunan stood up and left. Before he reached the door, he was pulled back by a strong force and then embraced.


Shao Yunan held Wang Shijing like he was hugging a lost big dog: “What’s wrong? Are you very touched?”


Shao Yunan looked up: “If you can’t let go, it’s also possible to bring him home.”

Wang Shijing shook his head: “No. I have severed ties with him. He is Wang Tianyan and Wang Zhisong father.” What Wang Shijing didn’t say was that if he brought Wang Dali home, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to Emperor Yongming and the Empress Dowager?

Shao Yunan tiptoed and bit Wang Shijing’s lips: “Alright, I’ll go see him. When I come back, I’ll write a letter to Dai Zhanxiao and ask him to take care of Wang Zhisong, at least make sure he comes back safe and sound, as a duty to Wang Dali.” Privately, Shao Yunan still wasn’t used to calling Dai Zhanxiao, who was much younger than him in reality: “elder brother.”

Wang Shijing let go of his wife, and as he watched her walk away, he breathed a sigh of relief. If Wang Dali could communicate, even if he and Wang Dali were no longer father and son, as long as his identity remained, Wang Dali wouldn’t have too hard of a time, and no one would bother him. As for Wang Tianyan and Wang Zhisong, it depended on their luck. Facing his two younger brothers, Wang Shijing truly couldn’t summon any sibling affection.

Shao Yunan went to Wang Dali’s house with something. This news quickly spread throughout Loyal and Brave Village as soon as Shao Yunan entered Wang Dali’s house. Shao Yunan didn’t stay in Wang Dali’s house for too long, he came out after sitting for half an hour. As soon as he left, the villagers crowded around Wang Dali’s house. Steward Li personally came out to drive them away, while Wang Wenhe and his family accompanied Wang Dali for a long time. The next day, after many days of not going out, Wang Dali took a hoe and went to the fields.

“In the evening, Su Chenyi held his son and asked: “What did you and Wang Dali talked about?”

Shao Yunan said: “Just told him that some things can’t be regretted anymore, so it’s better to live well. Brother Shijing can’t bring him home to take care of him in his old age, but Brother Shijing is still his son, even if the blood ties are severed, this fact can’t be erased. As long as Brother Shijing is here, the Wang family is here. Wang Tianyan can’t be relied upon, but Brother Shijing has so many things to do, so there should be some changes. Take good care of himself and wait for Wang Zhisong to come back. Even if Wang Zhisong can’t be forgiven, there are still many options available. I’ll visit him whenever we return to the village, that’s all.”

Su Chenyi wasn’t very happy in his heart. Thinking of what the Wang family had done to their son, he hated being the one to even think about it. Shao Yunan comforted him: “Dad, Brother Shijing is quite pitiful too. If Wang Dali has any accidents due to unresolved issues, Brother Shijing won’t feel good either. If Brother Shijing were a ruthless person, you wouldn’t trust me to be with him, right?”

Su Chenyi patted her son’s head: “I know, it’s just that I feel sorry for you.”

“I’m fine.” Shao Yunan smiled: “Just think of me as going to cultivate when I was a child. Now that I’ve become an immortal, I’m going back home.”

Su Chenyi was amused by her son and suppressed the sourness that came with it. He said: “In the future, if you can, try not to see that family again. If it weren’t for Brother Shijing being pitiful and wholeheartedly dedicated to you, I wouldn’t admit to your marriage with him.” Thinking of something, Su Chenyi’s eyes started to turn red again: “You and Brother Shijing got married without me and your father present, without any betrothal gifts or dowry, and the wedding was also done in a hurry. Every time I think about it, my heart feels like it’s being cut with a knife.”

Shao Yunan hugged his crying little father and hurriedly said: “Then when Dad and Brother come back from the border, Brother Shijing and I will have another wedding.”

“How can a wedding be redone?” Su Chenyi hugged his son tightly, feeling more and more upset.

“Why not? Once the family gathers, Brother Shijingg and I can have the wedding right away.” The more he thought about it, the more feasible it seemed to Shao Yunan, nodding to himself. “Dad, you can start preparing my dowry now.”

Su Chenyi smiled through his tears, seeing his son’s sincerity, and couldn’t help but consider the feasibility of the idea. He would discuss it with his parents first, and if they agreed, he would write to his husband.

After Shao Yunan personally helped his father to bed, he returned to his and Wang Shijing’s courtyard. As soon as he entered, before he could say anything, he was lifted up by someone and thrown onto the bed in an instant.

In the capital, at the residence of King Rong, Guo Zimu lay on the large bed with seductive eyes, his naked body lying like the most beautiful white jade in front of King Rong. King Rong breathed heavily, his gaze caressing his beloved’s body inch by inch. Those two erect buds, the deep and cute belly button, the slender waist that fit perfectly in his grip, and even the not-so-dense forest down there were still delicate and pink. King Rong leaned down, the fierce weapon under him dripping with saliva as if worshiping, kissing Guo Zimu’s deep wound. Even before entering that enchanting place, he was already intoxicated.

At this moment,

Bang! Bang! Bang! There was a knock on the door, followed by the voice of a close servant shouting: “Your Highness, someone from the palace has arrived.”

King Rong movements halted, and the spring color in Guo Zimu’s eyes faded. King Rong breathing became even heavier, his voice hoarse as he asked: “Is there any word on what this is about?”

Summoning him to the palace now? Wasn’t this risking his life?!

“It’s said that the Empress wants Consort to enter the palace.”

His Consort to enter the palace?! King Rong was astonished, and Guo Zimu was even more shocked. But after the shock, Guo Zimu’s face turned pale. This was happening so late at night!


Guo Zimu cried out in fear, clinging tightly to King Rong neck. King Rong also softened down below instantly, his eyes filled with thick mist as he embraced the frightened man, comforting him: “Don’t be afraid. I’ll accompany you to the palace.”

“I’m not going!”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll be with you. I won’t leave you alone.”

King Rong comforted him while grabbing their clothes and helping them both dress. Guo Zimu was trembling with fear, tears streaming down his face. He asked the maid to accompany Guo Zimu first, while King Rong went to meet the person from the palace. It was a strange eunuch who had come. King Rong asked with a somewhat gloomy expression: “Who wants the King Consort to enter the palace?”

The little eunuch seemed anxious as he said: “It’s the Emperor.”

The Emperor?! King Rong heart tightened, but he didn’t show it on his face. He turned and went back to the room. Soon after, the Crown Prince hurriedly arrived.


King Rong spoke in a stiff tone: “The Emperor has summoned my Consort to the palace. I’ll accompany him, so act accordingly.”


King Rong entered the room and saw Guo Zimu crying. Guo Zimu rushed into his arms, trembling. King Rong held him up, swearing in his ear like a vow: “My wife, I’ll protect you no matter what happens.”

Guo Zimu nodded: “You must stay with me all the time, don’t leave me for a moment!”

“I’ll be with you all the time, never leaving you.”

Without letting go of Guo Zimu, King Rong carried him out of the door.


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