Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 50.1

Not knowing what he was missing, Shao Yunan was waiting to move into his new house. After the beams were up, the next step was to cover the roof with tiles, lay the floor tiles and build the fence. The empty space near the house was specially set aside to transplant fruit trees, flowers, and vegetables at the beginning of next spring. So they will all be able to move in at the beginning of the next month at the latest.

After the beams were up, Wang Shijing had to spend more time in the new house every day. Shao Yunan also came over to see it often. However, there was still work to do. The goat milk fruits were about ready and although Shao Yunan wanted to keep it for a few more months, he couldn’t wait any longer. On the second day after the beams were put in the new house, Wang Shijing went to the county town and bought a carriage. The villagers were already numb with envy, so they just went to see what kind of rare thing Wang Shijing’s family bought this time.

Early on the morning of the third day, Shao Yunan sent Wang Qing and Wang Nizi to Wang Wenhe’s house, letting Wang Shuping help them look after the two. After all, Zhao Cangbo and Wang Yan were also there. Since Zhao Lizheng’s family was busy making jam, Shao Yunan did not want to give them any additional trouble. After Shao Yunan’s initiative to show his goodwill, Wang Wenhe no longer felt so awkward when he saw the two of them. Also because of Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing’s attitude towards Wang Yan, the Wang clan’s attitude towards the patriarch’s family has also changed significantly.

This time, they were going to the county town to run some errands, so Shao Yunan didn’t take the two children with them because the weather was already cold. They packed five small barrels of goat’s milk wine and fourth-class tea leaves. Despite the fact that it was called a ‘small barrel,’ there were almost 40 liters of wine in each barrel.

Wang Shijing put Shao Yunan in the cart and then drove it. After leaving the village, Shao Yunan took out some baby warmers from the space and stuck them in Wang Shijing’s cotton-padded clothes. He himself also used two. Wang Shijing was reluctant to use these ‘modern’ things from the space, but Shao Yunan felt that if they didn’t use them themselves, they could only be brought into his coffin after his death. There are some things they need to keep secret from Wang Qing and Nizi that could only be known by the two of them.

With baby warmers together with the cotton gloves on his hand, Wang Shijing no longer felt cold at all. The carriage ran fast, but it jolted Shao Yunan badly since the carriage had no shock absorption and the road was uneven. After he gets rich, he must first build a proper road. He had to talk to Jiang Kangning about it. They should also build a road in the village.

When they finally arrived at the county town, Wang Shijing took out Jiang Kangning’s jade plaque and told the yamen officers guarding the city gate that they were sending things to the county magistrate and that the carriage can’t be left outside the city. As soon as the other side saw that he had the county magistrate’s jade token, he immediately issued him a permit for livestock entering the city.

Not far from the city gate, people were crowding and bustling, making Shao Yunan curiously ask, “What’s going on over there?” The officer replied, ” Yizhang Xuan restaurant is giving away porridge. Every year at this time, the congee will be given away for a month. The shopkeeper and owner of Yizhang Xuan restaurant are famous good people in Yongxiu County. This year everyone not only receives a bowl of porridge, but it also has some noodles mixed in it. “

Shao Yunan nodded and let Wang Shijing continue to drive. Shao Yunan did not comment on the act of giving porridge. However, he still thought it was better to teach people how to fish than to give them fish. It was always better to find a job for these people so that they could be self-reliant, than to make them dependent on other people’s charity.

The carriage slowly drove through the crowd and not far away, Shao Yunan saw a few young drifters who looked like they were beating two beggars. The two beggars were beaten to the ground as the young drifters started to tear their clothes, while the two beggars tried to protect their chest area, and Shao Yunan saw something similar to noodles. One of the beggars kept shouting, “This noodle is ours! It’s ours!” The young drifters started cursing, “You beggars, if you still want to eat, you better hand it over!”

On one side were the young drifters and on the other side were beggars, so no one cared. But Shao Yunan could not look away. “Damn, these young drifters have the guts to rob beggars. Shijing, call the yamen officer over.”

Wang Shijing stopped the carriage and jumped off, but did not go to call yamen. Instead, he directly strode over, lifting one stranger and directly punching him. Wang Shijing was in the army before, so he absolutely had no problem with dealing with a few shrewish drifters. In just one minute, the four or five little drifters were lying on the ground, while the two boldest ones were yelling that they would make Wang Shijing pay for their injuries.

Shao Yunan shouted from the carriage, “Shijing, go and call someone to let the officers take them to the county magistrate’s office. Let’s see if robbing people on the street will not sentence them to banishment!”

“Who are you?! Mind your own business!” Several refugees rushed from the crowd. But noticing the commotion, two yamen officers in charge of maintaining order also came. Wang Shijing immediately took out the county magistrate’s jade tag and gave it to the two yamen officers, saying that the drifters were trying to rob the beggars of the food they had received from Yizhang Xuan restaurant.

For the people of the county government, the most unstable people in the county town were these refugees who often made trouble. The people who wanted to teach Wang Shijing a lesson immediately became afraid after seeing the county magistrate’s jade token. The two brave drifters from just a moment before no longer dared to yell as the two Yamen gave an order and immediately took them all away. Together with a few drifters who wanted to help them, they were all driven out of the county town. Then it was straight talk. Everyone who dared to rob other people of food would not only be expelled from the County town, but also not allowed to enter the city again. Then no one dared to speak up again. The days were cold and if they could not enter the County town again, they would die of cold and hunger outside.

The officers took away the troublemakers while two beggars trembled on the ground. One of them helped the other one and bowed toward Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing to thank them. Shao Yunan stared at the two for some time before uncertainly asking, “You two, big brother?” The two men flinched as they raised their heads, while Wang Shijing uttered, “Wife?”

But Shao Yunan was still looking at the two as he spoke. “When I first came to the county town to ask about things, I asked two beggars for help. It seemed to be them.” One of the two men spoke in a low voice, “This little brother still remembers us…” They actually recognized him first, but didn’t dare to speak about it.

Shao Yunan was surprised. “What a coincidence!” He immediately turned to Wang Shijing. “Shijing, didn’t I tell you about them before? I didn’t expect to meet them today.” Wang Shijing took his hand and said, “Don’t worry.” Then he said to the two men, “Follow me.”

Wang Shijing no longer drove the carriage and just led the horse. Shao Yunan also got off the carriage. When the two men retreated to the side, Shao Yunan found that one of them was lame. It was also him, who asked, “We are dirty. Do you have something to ask?”

Shao Yunan didn’t mind and took a step closer to the two men as he spoke, “Two eldest brothers, I don’t think you are very old. My family wants to find someone to work at home. I don’t know if you are willing? The other day I had a good talk with the two brothers and I think the two brothers are not lazy people. I don’t want you to sell yourselves as slaves, just come to my house to do work. I will also pay for your work and you will be free to go anytime you want.”


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