Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 179

Lady Wu and Lady Zheng were in the palace and couldn’t send out any messages in the presence of Emperor Yongming and the Empress. When Guo Xun brought the newly released Ning Mu to the Duke An Mansion and delivered the imperial order to have the chief physician from the Imperial Hospital examine Wu Jian, there was panic in the Duke An Mansion. 


Both Duke An and his heir appeared. However, it was already too late for them to interfere or do anything. If only Ning Mu were present, they might have done something, but with Guo Xun there, at best they could only delay for a short time. They couldn’t stop Ning Mu from examining Wu Jian, no matter what. 


Ning Mu, as the chief physician of the Imperial Hospital, naturally had connections with the Duke An Mansion. However, having been imprisoned for a while, when Guo Xun brought him out of the dungeon, he made it clear that the Emperor and the Empress needed to know the truth about Wu Jian’s condition. No matter how bold Ning Mu was, at this point, he couldn’t afford to consider his relationship with the Duke An Mansion. To satisfy the Emperor and Empress, he had to speak the truth, the exact truth they wanted to know.


Ignoring the piercing gazes, Ning Mu thoroughly and carefully examined Wu Jian. After he finished, Guo Xun asked directly, “Chief Physician Ning, what illness does he have?” Duke An coughed twice. Without lifting his head, Ning Mu said, “The young master Wu Jian’s illness is quite tricky. I’ve abstained from practicing medicine for many days and I fear I might make mistakes in my diagnosis.”


Guo Xun pressed a handkerchief to his nose, seemingly disliking the scent in the room. He said with some difficulty, “The Emperor and Empress are waiting. Since Chief Physician Ning can’t make a conclusive diagnosis, then take him to the palace. Let the palace physicians examine him thoroughly.”


Duke An promptly said, “We dare not disturb His Majesty. We have searched the capital for renowned physicians and they all say it’s due to excessive sorrow. Jian is in poor health. Whether he can endure it depends on his fate.”


Duke An’s heir, Wu Cheng, also hastily added, “Carrying him into the palace like this would not only offend His Majesty and the Empress, but also prompt others to accuse our Duke’s Mansion of arrogance.”


Guo Xun smiled and said, “Duke An and the heir are overly concerned. Wu Jian’s illness is no longer just a matter for your mansion. The Emperor said that if Wu Jian truly succumbs to sorrow, Male Wife Wang Shao must apologize to Lady Wu in person. If I return empty-handed, it won’t look good when I report back to the Emperor and Empress.” Without waiting for Duke An to respond, Guo Xun ordered, “People, take Wu Jian to the palace.”


“Wait!” Wu Cheng reached out to stop them and behind Wu Cheng, Wu Jian’s biological father, Wu Yi, turned pale. Guo Xun raised an eyebrow and retracted his smile. “What’s the matter, Heir? Do you intend to defy the imperial decree? Both the Emperor and Empress are waiting.” Wu Cheng’s hand trembled. Duke An took a deep breath and bowed to Guo Xun. “You have my gratitude.”


“Duke An, you are too polite.” Guo Xun gave another command. “People, take Wu Jian to the palace.” Immediately, the palace guards who came along burst into the room and took Wu Jian away. Ning Mu kept his head down and followed Guo Xun out of the Duke’s Mansion. Once in the carriage, Guo Xun asked, “Chief Physician Ning, can you truly not diagnose Wu Jian’s condition?”


Only now did Ning Mu raise his head, wipe the sweat from his forehead, and whisper, “He is not sick; he has been poisoned.” Guo Xun took a sharp breath, his eyes turning cold. Lowering his voice, he asked, “Are you sure?”


“Sure.” Guo Xun’s mind quickly turned and he immediately said, “When you are in front of the Emperor and Empress, just tell the truth. Maybe then you can safely return home.” Ning Mu hastily knelt before Guo Xun. “Please, show me a way out!”

Guo Xun leaned closer to his ear. “The Empress recovered from her illness after consuming an immortal fruit. Remember that, Chief Physician Ning?” Ning Mu paused for a moment, then immediately kowtowed. “Thank you!”


In the Imperial Palace, Lady Wu and Lady Zheng anxiously waited, while Shao Yunan and Jiang Kangchen remained composed. During the wait, the Empress inquired about the details of Jiang Kangchen’s border inspection. Jiang Kangchen reported everything, but omitted Shao Yunan’s potential true identity. 


Lady Wu and Lady Zheng were shocked to learn that Jiang Kangchen had been sent to the border by the Empress and that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, two commoners, had truly donated so much gold! Like most people, they couldn’t fathom where Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing got so much money. How could selling some tea and wine make so much money? 


This matter couldn’t be concealed and there was no need to hide it, so the Empress did not avoid Lady Wu and Lady Zheng. After finishing the conversation with Jiang Kangchen, the Empress nodded in approval and said, “You’ve worked hard. Take a ten-day break before returning to work in the palace.”


“Thank you for your grace, Empress.” Then, the Empress turned to Shao Yunan. “Is Male Wife Wang Shao accustomed to living in the General’s Mansion? If not, you can continue living in the residence we previously bestowed upon you.” Shao Yunan respectfully bowed. “I thank the Empress for your favor. My family and I have become very accustomed to living in the General’s Mansion. The General’s Mansion treats us like family, so I feel reluctant to leave, even after my residence is renovated.”


“Hehe.” The Empress enjoyed hearing this and Emperor Yongming teased, “If your family doesn’t leave, the Old General might be so happy that he won’t be able to sleep.”


Dai Yingsi suppressed a smile. The Emperor’s words were indeed accurate. Shao Yunan laughed along. Lady Wu and Lady Zheng were even more anxious. It was clear that the Emperor and Empress favored these two.


After some casual chat, Eunuch Guo Xun returned, accompanied by Ning Mu. As soon as they entered, Shao Yunan could clearly see Lady Wu and Lady Zheng’s faces twitch. He became even more convinced that there was something fishy about Wu Jian’s “serious illness.”


After Guo Xun bowed, he said, “Reporting to the Emperor and Empress. This servant took Chief Physician Ning to the Duke An’s Mansion. However, Wu Jian’s illness is extremely tricky. Without consulting you, I took the liberty of having him brought into the palace.”


Lady Wu and Lady Zheng instantly panicked. Lady Wu hastily said, “Empress, Jian’s illness is due to excessive sorrow and there is no cure. Bringing him into the palace like this, not only is it a minor matter that Jian is seriously ill, but it’s also a sin for our Wu family to offend the Emperor and Empress.”


Lady Wu still held some hope, expecting Ning Mu to help them resolve this matter due to their friendship with the Duke’s Mansion. However, Lady Wu’s hope was destined to be in vain.


Ning Mu knelt down with a thud and said, “Emperor, Empress, this servant dare not hide the truth. Wu Jian is not suffering from an ordinary illness, but has been poisoned! When I was at the Duke An’s Mansion, I didn’t speak the truth. Please forgive me!”


“Poisoned?” Shao Yunan was stunned and Jiang Kangchen covered his son’s mouth, controlling his facial expression. Emperor Yongming and the Empress’ faces changed on the spot. Lady Wu knelt down and exclaimed, “Emperor! Empress! I’m wronged! Jian is suffering from excessive sorrow, how could he be poisoned?”


But Ning Mu continued. “The poison afflicting Wu Jian is called ‘Thousand Threads Entwined.’ This poison is colorless, but bitter in taste. Those who administer it often use the bitterness of the medicine to mask its taste. When I arrived at the residence, even though the room had been ventilated, I still detected the scent of several auxiliary drugs intensifying this poison. After examining his pulse, I found that Wu Jian has been poisoned for at least a month. If further delayed, his life might be in danger.”


Upon hearing ‘Thousand Threads Entwined,’ Emperor Yongming’s face had already turned extremely unpleasant and he almost crushed the wooden armrest in his hand. The Empress firmly held his other hand, his expression frozen.


“Emperor! Empress! I’m wronged! I don’t know anything about any Thousand Threads Entwined. Jian has been bedridden for months. If he’s truly poisoned, wouldn’t the renowned physicians in the capital be able to diagnose it? I’m wronged, the Wu family is wronged!”


“Whether you’re wronged or not, you know best in your hearts!” Shao Yunan could no longer contain his anger. “To poison your own grandson, you’re despicable, shameless, and utterly vile! Wu Jian is your own flesh and blood! You even resorted to poisoning him to manipulate Big Brother Kangchen and Moxi. Damn it! Even calling you beasts would be an insult to animals! You’ve crossed all moral boundaries for personal gain! Wu Jian seems to have inherited the unluckiest blood in the entire Wu family!”


Dai Yingsi grabbed Shao Yunan’s face, which had turned red from anger. “Yunan, calm down, calm down.”


“I’m damn fed up! Even calling them beasts is an insult to beasts!” Jiang Moxi broke free from his uncle’s grip, turned around, and pounced on Shao Yunan, tightly hugging him. His tense body revealed his extreme anger and fear. Shao Yunan embraced Jiang Moxi and knelt down. “Emperor! Empress! I beg you to make a decision for Big Brother Kangchen, for Moxi, for the unfortunate Big Brother Wu Jian!”


“Emperor, Empress, I’m wronged! I’m really wronged! I don’t know why Jian was poisoned. His mother and his wife said it was due to excessive sorrow. I’m really wronged!”


Lady Zheng cried out. “Emperor, Empress, I truly know nothing. It was all said by Lady Wang and Lady Liu.”


Emperor Yongming still tightly gripped the armrest, his knuckles turning white. The Empress spoke. “We are not concerned with whether you are wronged or not. Wu Jian has been poisoned in the Wu family and you did attempt to forcibly keep Jiang Moxi due to this. As for whether it is unjust, calling people to question them will reveal the truth. Jiang Kangchen and Wu Jian have separated, and Jiang Moxi has changed his surname to Jiang, severing all ties with the Wu family. Lady Wu, as the wife of Duke An, a first-rank noble lady, do you still need others to remind you?”


“Empress, I beg for forgiveness. I acted recklessly due to my anxiety and believed the slanderous words of others, thinking that Jian was suffering from excessive sorrow. I made a mistake. It was all my fault and I apologize to Male Wife Wang Shao.”


“Your apology only disgusts me! I won’t accept it!” Shao Yunan’s refusal to give face left Lady Wu infuriated and distressed, tears streaming down her face.


The Empress continued. “Lady of Duke An’s handling of matters has been confused, causing chaos within the residence. Accusing the Loyal and Brave Marquis of baseless crimes and attempting to secretly detain another person’s child, you are demoted from the first-rank noble lady. Reflect deeply within the mansion. You are not allowed to leave without an edict from me. Lady Zheng, as the legitimate wife of the heir, indifferent to right and wrong, is demoted to the status of a concubine. Lady Wu and Lady Zheng are to be detained, and the Ministry of Justice will investigate Wu Jian’s poisoning. Anyone involved in this matter will be severely punished according to the laws of our dynasty!”


As the “Mother of the Nation,” the Empress had the authority to handle all matters within the mansion. Lady Dowager and Lady Zheng collapsed to the ground. Crying out, the demoted Lady Zheng said, “Empress, you see through it! I am truly wronged! Empress, see through it!”


“Send the two of them back to Duke An’s Mansion and let Duke An discipline them well!”


“Empress! Empress!” As the devastated Lady Wu and the wailing Lady Zheng were dragged away by the guards, Jiang Kangchen knelt down, forcefully kowtowing. “I beg Empress to save Wu Jian!” Raising his head, tears that had been restrained for too long flowed. “I cannot share a bed with Jian in this life, but in death, we must share a tomb. He is my only husband, the only father of Moxi! I implore the Empress to save him!”


The Empress asked, “Ning Mu, can he be saved?” Ning Mu hesitated and said, “He can be saved, but even if he is saved, he may be crippled for life, bedridden, essentially a living dead person.”


Upon hearing this, Jiang Kangchen cried out in pain and Jiang Moxi tightly embraced Uncle Yunan, weeping. Shao Yunan’s tears also fell and even his usually stoic son shed tears. The pitiful scene left Dai Yingsi continuously wiping away tears.


Emperor Yongming spoke. “Ning Mu, save him. Use any precious herbs available in the palace.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty! Thank you for your immense grace, Empress!” Jiang Kangchen kowtowed repeatedly and Guo Xun immediately stood at attention.


“The Wu family accused Loyal and Brave Marquis of baseless crimes, showed disrespect, and intended to secretly detain the grandson of King Luo Rong, which was all orchestrated by Wu Jian. I demote Wu Jian to a slave and let King Luo Rong handle the punishment. Due to the lax management of the Duke An’s Mansion, demote it to a second-rank marquisate, revoke the heir Wu Cheng’s heir position, setting an example for the future!” A second-rank marquisate was lower than Wang Shao’s title.


After Jiang Kangchen’s stunned reaction, he kowtowed vigorously. “Thank you for Your Majesty’s immense grace! Thank you for Your Majesty’s immense grace!” Jiang Moxi struggled to get down and also knelt, kowtowing. “Thank you, Your Majesty! Thank you, Your Majesty!” Shao Yunan also followed suit, expressing profound gratitude to Emperor Yongming and the Empress at this moment.


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