Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 178

As they entered the main hall of the Grand General’s Mansion, Jiang Moxi quickly got down from Little Gold’s back and rushed towards someone who had stood up. To the person’s extreme shock, Jiang Moxi embraced him and shouted, “Father.”

Having only learned about his son’s recovery from Wang Shijing after returning in haste, Jiang Kangchen, who had yet to see it with his own eyes, looked at his son and completely lost his reaction.


Shao Yunan walked in afterwards. The old general frowned upon seeing his expressions and that of Murong He and Dai Yingsi. “What’s wrong? Is Wu Jian not doing well?” 


Jiang Kangchen’s body shook, looking up. Shao Yunan quickly said, “Kangchen, come with me to the palace. You can talk to him after Moxi and the others return from the palace.”


Jiang Kangchen quickly suppressed the joy of his son’s recovery and nervously asked, “What happened to Wu Jian?” Shao Yunan directly asked, “Kangchen, do you still like Wu Jian? If you don’t, let the Wu family do whatever they want. If you do, we’ll find a way to save him.”


Jiang Kangchen’s body staggered, thinking of a possibility. He shouted, “What has the Wu family done to him?!” There was no need to wait for Jiang Kangchen’s answer; his reaction said it all. Murong He said, “Wu Jian’s situation is very bad. We suspect that the Wu family deliberately did this to keep Moxi and use it to control brother Jiang.” Murong He quickly recounted the events and Jiang Kangchen, with red eyes, clenched his teeth and said, “The Wu family! If Wu Jian dies, I want them all to pay with their lives!”


Jiang Moxi tightly grasped his small father’s hand. “Little Dad, save Dad.” These words made Jiang Kangchen shed tears. He wiped his eyes forcefully, squatted down, and swore to his son. “Little Dad will definitely save your father!” After that, he hugged his son tightly.


Shao Yunan said to Murong He, “Murong, we need to take the initiative now. Can you spread the message that the Duke An Mansion intentionally harmed Wu Jian for personal gain, forcing brother Kangchen and Moxi to return to the Wu family? Spread the news no matter how bad it sounds or how shameless it is. We need to gain the upper hand in public opinion.”


Murong He didn’t understand what “public opinion” was, but he understood Shao Yunan’s meaning, so he immediately said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Su Chenyi, also present, spoke at this moment. “Brother Yunan, you just mentioned bringing Kangchen into the palace. Time is of the essence. Let us handle the message, you go to the palace first. We’ll take care of spreading the news.”


Old Madam said, “You should go quickly and take Moxi with you.”


Shao Yunan said: “Brother Kangchen, let’s go.”


Wang Shijing said, “I’ll go with you.” Shao Yunan shook his head. “This is a domestic struggle, and you can’t show up.” The old general added, “Don’t let Shijing show up. Once he does, they will have something to say. In the end, this is a matter within the family.” Then, the old general turned to Shao Yunan and said, “Yunan, just make some noise. Our Grand General’s Mansion is not afraid of the Duke An Mansion.”


The old madam said, “Could it be that Madam Wu is bullying our mansion because we lack people?” 


Shao Yunan was extremely moved. Jiang Kangchen knelt down with Jiang Moxi. “Old General, Old Madam, Old Sir, for the great kindness of the General’s Mansion, I…” Jiang Kangchen bowed deeply while still holding Jiang Moxi.


Shen Bing and Su Chenyi quickly pulled Jiang Kangchen and Jiang Moxi up. Shen Bing said, “Leave it to brother Yunan, call him ‘Brother’ and you’re one of us in the General’s Mansion. Don’t say more, hurry into the palace.”


Jiang Kangchen bowed deeply to the three elders and the others, then quickly left with Shao Yunan and Dai Yingsi who followed them. She was also considered a witness.


Shao Yunan, thinking of the need to enter the palace quickly, knew that the Duke An Mansion was also thinking the same. As they left, Lady Wu changed into palace attire and took her daughter-in-law into the palace. From beginning to end, none of the men from the Duke An Mansion showed up.


The Empress was still in Emperor Yongming’s sleeping palace. Shao Yunan, after entering the palace, saw Lady Wu and Lady Zheng waiting outside the sleeping palace. He immediately said in a low voice, “Brother Kangchen, don’t show too much concern for Wu Jian. It’s better to be indifferent. Moxi, don’t speak.”


Jiang Moxi’s small face tightened and he looked at Lady Wu and Lady Zheng as if they were enemies. Jiang Kangchen understood Shao Yunan’s meaning and nodded.


On the other side, seeing Jiang Kangchen, Lady Zheng’s eyes showed a slight avoidance, but Lady Wu took the initiative to speak. “Kangchen, when did you come back? I heard that you left the capital. I’ve been concerned about you.”


Jiang Kangchen’s response was cold. “I dare not trouble Lady Wu to be concerned. It has been many years since I last saw you. I didn’t expect you to be in such good health.”


Lady Wu couldn’t bear the embarrassment and Lady Zheng spoke. “Kangchen, Grandmother has been concerned about you. Your words hurt Grandmother’s heart.” Jiang Kangchen sneered. “Lady Wu, you are mistaken. Kangchen’s grandmother passed away many years ago. Lady Wu, I consider myself of lowly status and don’t dare to climb high. I won’t dare to associate with someone like Lady Wu.”


Lady Wu pulled Lady Zheng’s hand down to stop her from speaking. She sighed and said sorrowfully, “Kangchen, Grandmother knows you have grievances and Grandmother has been feeling guilty for not protecting you well…”


“Brother Kangchen, I suddenly feel that you are truly wise and soldierlike.” Someone impolitely interrupted Lady Wu’s caring words and it was none other than Shao Yunan, beside Jiang Moxi, who had spoken. Shao Yunan, rubbing his arms, said, “I didn’t expect this high-ranking first-rank noble lady to be as shameless as a country bumpkin’s wife. I thought I made myself clear at the Wu family just now, but I didn’t expect them to be so shameless as to tell blatant lies in front of you.”


“Wife Wang Shao!”


“No need to be so loud, I’m not you guys, I have good ears, I’m not deaf!” Jiang Kangchen patted Shao Yunan’s shoulder, looking helpless, and said, “So, you know why I had to separate from Wu Jian, right? In the Wu family, Moxi was called a fool, and even if someone bullied Moxi, there was no elder to stand up for him. Leaving the Wu family, Moxi gradually improved. I regret it.” 


“When Moxi was born, I should have separated from Wu Jian, then Moxi wouldn’t have suffered so much. When I was in the Wu family, Old Lady Wu never looked at me with respect. When my son and I were bullied by my ex-mother-in-law, this old lady never spoke a word for us. Now, on our first meeting, she claims not to have protected me. Isn’t it laughable?”


Dai Yingsi covered her mouth with her sleeve and said, “Isn’t it a joke? Brother Kangchen, if you weren’t the Empress’ internal official and Moxi wasn’t the adopted grandson of Prince Wang, do you think they would care so much when you return to the capital?” Shao Yunan rolled his eyes. “This is a question even an idiot could answer. Big Sister, don’t insult Brother Kangchen’s intelligence.”


“Hehehe…” Dai Yingsi’s laughter seemed like slaps on Lady Wu’s face. Lady Wu and Lady Zheng were rendered speechless by the synchronized words of the three people. Their faces alternated between green and white. However, their status and position prevented them from arguing, let alone making a scene like Lady Wang did. 


Lady Wu held on to Jiang Kangchen’s feelings for Wu Jian and his submissive nature, which is why she staged this hypocritical performance. However, she never expected to miscalculate so badly. Not only did Jiang Kangchen show no emotions toward Wu Jian, but he also dared to speak so bluntly to her. Lady Wu was so angry that she felt like she was having a heart attack.


In the sleeping palace, the Empress, listening to the conversation outside, laughed softly. Someone embraced him from behind, kissed his neck lazily, and said, “Shao Yunan is known for being tough. Why bother dealing with the Wu family? You don’t need to intervene.”


The Empress turned his head and the other person immediately kissed him. The Empress indulgently allowed a deep kiss before pushing the person’s face away and said, “The Wu family’s reaction is within my expectations. If it’s only the people from the Wu family, I can handle it. Shao Yunan is entering the palace for the first time and I can’t avoid seeing him. Also, Kangchen is back and I have questions for him. Does the Emperor want to continue to rest or will he join me in watching the show?”


Emperor Yongming’s hands roamed over the Empress’s belly and he said, “I’ll watch the show with you. After watching the show, I have to continue my efforts.” The Empress laughed, pushed away Emperor Yongming, and returned to the carefree state of their youth. Their bodies were equally carefree. So, it’s true that the Duke An Mansion was truly “ignorant.” How could the Emperor and Empress, who were so carefree, speak up for them?


Inside the sleeping palace, when the Emperor and Empress sat down, Shao Yunan took the initiative to kneel and said, “Empress, please judge!” Jiang Kangchen knelt down with Jiang Moxi, and Dai Yingsi also knelt down, wiping her eyes. “Empress, my niece was almost unable to come out of the Duke An Mansion today. Fortunately, Wife Wang Shao brought the Guardian Beast with him. You have to intervene for my niece.”


Lady Wu and Lady Zheng immediately suffered ten thousand points of damage. Lady Wu knelt down and shouted, “This old one has been wronged!”


“What are you wronged about? Didn’t you lock the gate and try to imprison us, including Murong He?” Shao Yunan didn’t give Lady Wu and Lady Zheng a chance to speak. He rattled off the whole story and Dai Yingsi nodded vigorously. That’s right!


Lady Wu struggled to breathe and tried several times to interrupt without success. She couldn’t speak and neither could Lady Zheng. The anxious two could only shout “wronged.”


After finishing the story, Shao Yunan bowed again to the composed Empress, saying with righteous indignation, “Empress, I kindly took Moxi to see Wu Jian, but was accused of forcibly keeping Moxi and not giving him back to the Wu family. I don’t understand. Wasn’t the separation agreement between Brother Kangchen and Wu Jian written in black and white? Moxi’s surname is Jiang, not Wu! Today, I really regret treating them kindly. If I knew they were like this, I wouldn’t have brought Moxi to visit them!”


Shao Yunan had forgotten to refer to himself as a “Male Wife” and that genuinely angered others. Jiang Kangchen kowtowed heavily to the Empress, stood up, and said, “Empress, it was the Wu family who rejected us first and now they claim Moxi is their grandson! Even if I die, Moxi will forever be surnamed Jiang, not Wu! I, Jiang Kangchen, hereby swear! Even in death, both my son and I will always be ghosts of the Jiang family! We will never return to the Wu family. If this oath is violated, may divine punishment strike us down!”


Lady Wu and Lady Zheng’s faces were indescribably unsightly. Faced with Shao Yunan’s preemptive strike and Jiang Kangchen’s determination, Lady Wu panicked and hastily said, “Empress, I never had such intentions. It’s a misunderstanding, all a misunderstanding!”


Shao Yunan said, “Misunderstanding? Dare you let the imperial physician check what illness Wu Jian is suffering from? Dare you swear to the heavens that Wu Jian’s illness has nothing to do with you? If there is any connection, you will have an ill-fated end! Do you dare?” Lady Wu’s face turned pale and she sat down on the ground in shock.


The Empress spoke. “Bring someone to send a physician to the Duke An Mansion for an examination.”


“Empress!” Lady Wu hastily climbed to her feet. The Empress calmly said, “Since Sir Wang Shao suspects Wu Jian’s illness and Lady Wu claims it’s a misunderstanding, let the physician go and investigate.”


Guo Xun whispered, “Empress, the imperial physician from the Imperial Hospital was ordered into the dungeon by the Emperor.” The Emperor, unashamed, said, “They couldn’t figure out what poison the Empress was affected by, so in a fit of anger, I… Guo Xun, go to the dungeon and release Ning Mu. Let him go and treat Wu Jian.”




Lady Wu panicked. “Your Majesty, Jian is humble. How could I dare to trouble the imperial physician for treatment!” The Emperor raised his hand. “If Wu Jian does indeed have a serious illness, I will let Sir Wang Shao apologize to you in person.” Lady Wu and Lady Zheng felt a chill run down their spines as they watched Guo Xun leave. In their hearts, there was a shared terror… ‘Now we’re done for!’


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