Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 175

King Luo Rong sat at the head, with the Old General, Old Weng, and Old Cen sitting on either side. Although Old Cen’s status was not high, he was the adoptive father of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, which made a significant difference. The Old Lord pulled Shao Yunan to sit beside him. The others from the General’s Mansion had a drink and then left, including Wang Qing, Nizi, and Jiang Moxi. However, Shao Yunan left some dishes for those who couldn’t attend.

Once everyone was seated, King Luo Rong looked at the Old Lord and Shao Yunan, suddenly wearing a surprised expression. “I knew I found Brother Yunan familiar when I first met him. Now it makes sense. Brother Yunan looks remarkably similar to Lord Bai Zheng. I couldn’t tell before, but now, it’s clear.”

After saying this, King Luo Rong was the first to be stunned. Everyone knew the Dai family lost a child, and seeing Shao Yunan resembling Bai Zheng made King Luo Rong think of a possibility. His face instantly showed shock. Old master Weng also realized, and his heart skipped a beat. Jiang Kangning was almost shocked to drop his chopsticks. Only Guo Zimu had a puzzled expression.

Shao Yunan confidently held Bai Zheng’s arm and said, “This proves that I have a connection with the General’s Mansion. In the past, I had Uncle Shijing and Big Brother as my support. Later, I had Senior Brother, and after that, I met Uncle Murong. Now, I have the Old General, Lord Bai, and Madam as my support. Haha, can I swagger around the capital in the future?”

Shao Yunan’s words immediately eased the atmosphere. The Old Lord lovingly smiled. “You are now the Loyal and Brave Marquis’ wife, and Shijing is your support.” Shao Yunan shrugged. “I still prefer others calling me ‘Yunan’ or ‘Brother Yunan.'”

Wang Shijing said, “When the mansion was being renovated, I built a memorial hall. In the future, Yunan can truly be recorded in our new Wang family genealogy.” Shao Yunan looked dissatisfied, suppressing Jiang Kangning’s shocked voice. “Yunan, this time, you have to listen to Shijing.”

Shao Yunan deliberately changed the topic and the others followed suit. However, Old Weng, Old Cen, and King Luo Rong couldn’t help but repeatedly shift their gazes between Bai Zheng and Shao Yunan’s faces. To cater to the soon-to-be Lord Bai, Madam didn’t let the servants attend to them; otherwise, this matter would definitely spread. But the rejuvenated Bai Zheng and Shao Yunan resembling each other’s appearance probably wouldn’t be hidden for long.

Madam timely said, “King, you’re getting married again and we’re happy for you. This wedding must be lively.” King Luo Rong immediately smiled. “That’s for sure.”

Old Weng also playfully added, “Since King is getting married, should we also get a glimpse of Lord Bai’s appearance?” King Luo Rong looked at Guo Zimu, having told him before they came that they might have to reveal their faces during this meal. Guo Zimu raised his hand to touch his mask, took a deep breath, and slowly took off the mask.

Exclamations filled the air. Guo Zimu, restraining the desire to put the mask back on, tried hard to hide himself. Murong Yi directly stared blankly and the Old General, after being stunned for a moment, looked towards King Luo Rong, who was laughing like a flower. He said, “King, you really have good fortune.”

King Luo Rong chuckled. Old Cen joked, “Indeed, a good fortune. He has extraordinary looks, but is still deeply in love with King.”

Shao Yunan added with a serious expression. “This is true love.”

The others… “Hahaha.”

King Luo Rong wanted to enjoy the joy, while Guo Zimu was extremely shy. The still shocked Murong Yi couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, how did you manage to win Little Dad’s heart?”

King Luo Rong immediately raised his hand to hit him and the others burst into laughter. Guo Zimu suppressed his urge to put the mask back on, thinking, ‘It wasn’t Murong who won me over; I seduced him.’ Shao Yunan didn’t say it wrong. Guo Zimu’s feelings for King Luo Rong were definitely true love.

The next day, everyone moved to Old Weng’s mansion for another meal. Regarding Shao Yunan’s possible identity, King Luo Rong, Old Weng, and Old Cen didn’t mention it again after leaving the General’s Mansion. Even Jiang Kangning didn’t inquire with Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. Unless the General’s Mansion publicly confirmed that Shao Yunan was their lost child, otherwise, they absolutely wouldn’t inquire about such matters.

On the third day, Jiang Kangning was about to leave. He had to first go to Yongxiu County to hand over his position to Guo Ziyu, then take up the position of Prefect. Jiang Kangchen hadn’t returned yet. On this day, Shao Yunan had to meet the Lady of the Duke of An at home, and Wang Shijing went to see Jiang Kangning. This matter wasn’t hidden from him. Jiang Kangning’s attitude was clear. Their family would completely sever ties with the Duke of An’s mansion and Jiang Moxi would never return to the Wu family. However, he was reassured that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would take care of Jiang Moxi.

After Jiang Kangning left, Shao Yunan also welcomed the arrival of Lady Wu Zheng from the Duke of An’s mansion. Although Lady Wu Zheng was the wife of the Duke of An’s heir, the heir had not yet inherited the title, so Lady Wu Zheng had no official status. Lady Wu Zheng came from the Zheng family of the Zhaoyang Marquis Mansion and was lower in status than Shao Yunan, who was born as a commoner and now held the title of Duke.

As an inner wife, Shao Yunan would not meet her in the main hall, so he arranged tea in the backyard of the General’s Mansion. Shen Bing, Su Chenyi, and Dai Yingxiang were also present. Lady Wu Zheng came with her two maids and no one else. After the initial pleasantries, Shao Yunan said, “I heard that Lady Wu Zheng is a rare talent. Today, seeing you in person, you are indeed outstanding and beautiful.”

“Thank you for your praise.”

Su Chenyi raised an eyebrow, enjoying those words. Lady Wu Zheng took a sip of tea and placed the teacup down. “This Longjing green tea is a rare treasure in the capital. Today, I’ve troubled you, but I’ve also had the pleasure of tasting it.” Lady Wu Zheng used a silk handkerchief to dab at the corners of her mouth, sighed, and said with an apparent sadness. “To be honest, Lord Wang Shao, I’ve come here today with a request.”

Shao Yunan asked casually, “What is it?”

Lady Wu Zheng sighed again, looking extremely distressed. “It’s about my unfortunate nephew, Wu Jian.” Pausing for a moment, Lady Wu Zheng helplessly continued. “Jian and Kangchen’s matters, Lord Wang Shao must be aware of. Ah, speaking of it is a family disgrace. The third family is a troublesome one. Although I’m the eldest sister-in-law, I don’t manage the household. We are also sisters-in-law to each other, and I can only offer some reminders but can’t interfere.” 

“The third family got what they wanted by marrying a daughter-in-law they liked, but Jian’s life has become unbearable. Since Kangchen and Moxi left, Jian’s health has been deteriorating. Now, he can’t get out of bed. He babbles all day, crying and laughing, constantly mentioning father and son. It’s heartbreaking to see him like this.”

Lady Wu Zheng wiped her eyes and Shao Yunan furrowed his brow in his heart. Su Chenyi spoke coldly. “You reap what you sow. I don’t know much about the Duke’s mansion, but the troubles that the Jiang father and son face every few days are known throughout the entire capital. You might not manage the household, but can’t the Duke’s wife control her own daughter-in-law?”

“In the end, it’s Wu Jian who has wronged both sides. With their separation, there’s no more involvement. If the Duke’s wife tolerates the new daughter-in-law’s occasional tantrums, tarnishing the reputation of the Duke’s mansion, it’s Wu Jian’s miserable fate due to the lax discipline in the Duke’s mansion. Such a thing would never happen in our General’s Mansion.”

Lady Wu Zheng felt extremely embarrassed after Su Chenyi’s words, while Shao Yunan, smiling, said, “I’ve heard a bit about Big Brother Kangchen and your nephew’s affairs, but I’m not familiar with the specific details. Now that Big Brother Kangchen is not here, and my elder brother just left, there might not be much I can do to help.”

Lady Wu Zheng hurriedly said, “If you can’t help, I wouldn’t have come to bother Lord Wang Shao. Kangchen has been away from the capital for almost three months, and I don’t know when he’ll return. Jian’s health is worsening every day, and I’m afraid that he…” Lady Wu Zheng shed two tears. “The third family and that daughter-in-law are both confined by the Old Lady. The Old Lady is almost crying her eyes out for Jian’s sake. I came here today without authorization. I want to take Moxi back to see his father. Regardless of everything, Moxi is Jian’s biological son and the only child. Maybe, seeing Moxi, Jian’s condition might improve a bit.”

After wiping her eyes again, Lady Wu Zheng said, “In the end, the one who suffers the most is Jian. Encountering such an unreasonable mother and marrying such a willful young lady, he’s truly miserable…”

Su Chenyi frowned, ready to speak, but Shao Yunan pressed his hand. Su Chenyi, being protective, was momentarily stunned by the grip and forgot what he was about to say.

To the astonishment of Shen Bing and Lady Wu Zheng, Shao Yunan said, “What you said is correct. However, Jian is Moxi’s biological father. Now that he is suffering from an illness due to missing them, as his son, Moxi should go to see him. So, here’s the plan. After breakfast tomorrow, I’ll take Moxi to visit him.”

Lady Wu Zheng was immediately overjoyed. “I won’t trouble Lord Wang Shao. I will personally come to pick him up.”

Shao Yunan looked at Lady Wu Zheng with a smile that was not quite a smile. Lady Wu Zheng’s face suddenly became awkward. Shao Yunan calmly said, “As a child who was driven out, do you think he would go with you if you tried to take him?.” Lady Wu Zheng couldn’t maintain her smile. 

“If I don’t take him, he won’t go. If you’re unwilling, then forget it. When Big Brother Kangchen returns, I’ll let him decide whether to take the child to see his former father.” Lady Wu Zheng awkwardly tried to maintain her composure, tightly squeezing the handkerchief in her hand, seeming to have made some decision. Then she let go and said, “Then I’ll trouble Lord Wang Shao.”

“No trouble at all.” Shao Yunan smiled like a fox. Not long after Lady Wu Zheng left, Murong He’s envoy came to inquire. Now, Jiang Moxi was King Luo Rong’s adopted grandson and in terms of relationship, he was also Murong He’s adopted son. Therefore, Murong He naturally wanted to show concern. Moreover, Guo Zimu was also worried.


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