Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 174

Did Emperor Yongming think about the series of issues that might arise from the Immortal Fruit and Spiritual Water? Of course, he did. Acting on behalf of the Old General, Wang Shijing went to the study with him. With only the two of them present, the Old General asked first, “Shijing, tell me the truth. Do you and Yunan still have Immortal Fruit and Spiritual Water??”

Wang Shijing said, “There was only one Immortal Fruit. It grew in a small water puddle in the underwater cave and we soaked the Immortal Fruit in the water from the puddle. In fact, both Yunan and I sought the ‘immortal’ water because the water had soaked the Immortal Fruit for so long, and it must have great benefits. If it were only the water from where the Immortal Fruit grew, it would only contribute to physical fitness. I’m sure the Old General must have noticed, especially since Yunan has been adding that water to the food he brought over before. The Old General probably had some suspicions.”

The Old General nodded. “Indeed. But it doesn’t seem like it would make people age backward this time. Can you still obtain this ordinary Immortal Water?”

“After taking the Immortal Fruit, the place shook violently and we don’t know if we can enter again. However, we kept the roots of the Immortal Fruit.”

“But on your bodies?”

“No. We planted them in a pond on the mountain near my home. It might be impossible for more Immortal Fruit to grow, but the roots of the Immortal Fruit will undoubtedly be beneficial to the water quality.”

“Does anyone else know about this matter?”

“Only Yunan and I.”

After considering it, the Old General said, “You two must never tell anyone else about this matter, not even your adoptive father, Kangning, and others.”

“We understand.”

“The emperor and the Empress have received the Immortal Fruit and they won’t hanker for more. With just one Immortal Fruit, it’s already a gift from the gods. The emperor is wise and won’t insist on more. As for neighboring countries, some may seek it, especially the Huhar Kingdom. However, even if you don’t offer it, the emperor and the Empress ate it.” 

“The drastic changes in their appearance will invite unwarranted speculation. What you are doing is, in fact, the most sensible. Now, all we can do is adapt to circumstances. Our biggest enemy is the Huhar Kingdom. As for other countries, either they are too far away, or they have fewer people, making it unlikely for them to start a war. You two shouldn’t worry too much.”

Wang Shijing frowned and said, “I’m afraid that there might be a new war on the border because of this. Yunan and I will be at fault.”

The Old General consoled him. “Even if this matter doesn’t exist, the Great State of Yan and the Huhar Kingdom will still have a new war. Unless we can completely wipe them out. You should understand this the most. At most, the war will start earlier. If the Great State of Yan can withstand them once, twice, ten times, it can withstand them twenty times, a hundred times. Eventually, it will prevail. As long as the Great State of Yan is strong, whether it’s the Huhar Kingdom or other countries, even if the Great State of Yan’s neighboring countries form an alliance, we won’t be afraid.”

Wang Shijing stood up, bowed to the Old General, and then said firmly, “Regardless of demons or snakes, if they dare to invade the Great State of Yan with this, I will personally go to the battlefield!”

The Old General was ignited with enthusiasm by these words, pounding the table and saying, “Good! I love hearing that! Regardless of demons or snakes, the Great State of Yan is not afraid!”

When Wang Shijing returned, Shao Yunan had already laid down. He informed Shao Yunan of his conversation with the Old General and then said, “Yunan, let’s take out the crossbow.”

Shao Yunan thought for a moment and shook his head. “Not for now. Our momentum is strong enough now. It’s all just speculation at the moment. If it really happens, we can find the right time to reveal it.”

Wang Shijing sat on the edge of the bed and took off his shoes. “That’s fine. The Old General asked me if you knew about your origin. I said you might have guessed, but I didn’t say much to you. The Old General seemed a bit excited.”

Shao Yunan remained calm and said, “If I really am, then I should acknowledge my family. Shijing, if you really want to use those things in warfare, it’s best to go through the General’s Mansion. Weapons like these seem to be a taboo for the upper class and it’s better not to touch the Emperor’s taboos.”

“I’ll follow your advice.” Wang Shijing initially thought of taking out the crossbow, but hadn’t expected that the first to be revealed would be gunpowder.

Early the next morning, the people of the General’s Mansion entered a certain kind of busy state, and Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing also got up early. However, what surprised Shao Yunan was that King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu, as well as the heir, had arrived early too. There had been too many events in the past few days and Guo Zimu wanted to see Shao Yunan as soon as possible.

Guo Zimu still wore a mask. After arriving at the General’s Mansion and greeting the main family, he requested to meet Shao Yunan. Su Chenyi personally took him to the kitchen. Luo Rong and the Old General were talking in the main hall. Seeing Luo Rong looking full of vitality, the Old General felt happy for him. 

Luo Rong was younger than the Old General, but now they seemed to be about the same age. According to modern standards, they were around forty, but in Dayan, that was the age of someone in their early thirties. If Dai Mingjun and Dai Ming Rong came back, they would probably look even older than the Old General.

The Old Lady and the Old Lord were still in their rooms. After a while, the two appeared. The Old Lord joked: “I thought Lord Wang would be the latest to arrive today, but unexpectedly, he’s the earliest.”

Dai Ming Rong paid his respects and inquired about everyone’s well-being. The Old Lord sat down, sighing. “The prince’s health has recovered and finally, King Rong can put his mind at ease.”

Yesterday, with the hurried meeting in the palace, there were certain things that couldn’t be said conveniently. Today, with a proper meeting, some matters could naturally be discussed. The King’s heir immediately bowed in the direction of the palace and said, “The Emperor’s grace is profound. The recovery of the junior’s health is also due to the efforts of Lord Wang.”

While saying this, the heir also bowed to Wang Shijing, who hastily reciprocated, saying, “No need, no need.” At this moment, a servant came to report that the Old Weng couple and the Cen couple had arrived, all eager to see Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan.

In the kitchen, Shao Yunan didn’t spare any teasing for Guo Zimu. He didn’t let the kitchen staff assist him, wanting to have some private conversation with Guo Zimu. Shao Yunan was in charge of cooking and Guo Zimu assisted. There were visible marks on Guo Zimu’s neck, impossible to hide with his collar. Shao Yunan kept clicking his tongue. “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it. Should I say that Uncle Murong was quick, or were you swift?”

Guo Zimu gave Shao Yunan a disdainful look. “Did you forget what you put in my baggage?”

“I just gave you something to study. I didn’t ask you to put it into practice right away.”

“Don’t you want me to learn fast?”

Shao Yunan had no words in response, finally saying, “Where did the little brother Guo I used to see go?” Guo Zimu snorted and Shao Yunan laughed, nudging him. “Hey, how was it? I heard Uncle Murong is quite powerful. Can you handle it?”

Guo Zimu sent another eye roll. “If I can’t handle it, who is standing in front of you now?”

“Wow, does that mean last night was enchanting?”

Guo Zimu looked Shao Yunan up and down, nodding. “It seems you haven’t been pampered by Shijing for a long time.”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Shao Yunan absolutely refused to admit that he corrupted Little brother Guo! Stopping the banter, Guo Zimu said in a low voice. “Yunan, I need to talk to you about something.”

“About the marriage?” Accustomed to Shao Yunan’s unique way of speaking, Guo Zimu said, “I just want a simple ceremony with candles, exchanging vows, but Murong doesn’t agree. He’s the prince and he’s marrying me. I can’t wear a mask, but I really don’t want to show my face. I don’t want to cause any trouble. Yesterday, Murong gave me the keys to the internal affairs of the King Mansion, saying I should take charge of the household.”

“Wow, Uncle Murong really cares about you.”

Guo Zimu pursed his lips and said with some concern, “How should I manage the household? I don’t like meeting outsiders, and I don’t understand the complicated internal affairs. Many places in the Wang Mansion are also run down. Murong’s private property isn’t as much as I thought. I want to earn more money for the mansion, at least to have a decent show when the King’s heir and Little Hui get married. I’ve already told Murong I don’t want children.”

Shao Yunan was quite surprised. “Why? Afraid the heir will be jealous?”

“Not really. I don’t want children to take away the time Murong and I spend together. Although he can be with me till old age now, children are really troublesome. You and Shijing not having children seems good too. I’m also afraid of the pain.”

Shao Yunan completely respected Guo Zimu’s choice. He asked, “You don’t want to cause any trouble outside because you’re afraid of the one in the palace, right?” Guo Zimu nodded.

“From the few days I’ve interacted with the two noble ladies in the palace, the main lady is still quite afraid of the second lady. The second lady has ideas, methods, and strategies. The main lady is sincerely attentive to the second lady, otherwise, she wouldn’t agree to split an Immortal Fruit into two portions. Brother Shijing doesn’t have any other intentions when he faces you every day; he often doesn’t even let me see you. I think, with the abilities of the second lady, she can definitely control the main lady.” 

“Your face can’t be hidden in front of the one in the palace for too long. Instead of hiding it, why not reveal it during the wedding and see the main lady’s reaction. If the main lady doesn’t react, that’s naturally the best; if there is a reaction, you can wear a mask when you meet her in the future, and she will definitely understand your intentions. But I estimate that at most, she will just have some thoughts and won’t act on them. As for others, you don’t have to worry at all. No matter what, you have the King Mansion, my place, and the General’s Mansion to rely on, not to mention the Old Lord’s side.”

After Shao Yunan said this, Guo Zimu felt much more at ease. Shao Yunan continued. “As for earning money, you don’t have to worry at all. The emperor asked Brother Shijing to set up an experimental base for tomatoes and cucumbers. You can go buy more land, plant grains, rare fruits, and tea. It won’t be a loss at all. You’ll stay in the capital from now on, and you can take care of all the dessert shops in the capital. I’ve always had an idea, and it’s perfect for you. Open a private kitchen; it will definitely make money.”

“A private kitchen?”

Shao Yunan and Guo Zimu chatted, and the more Guo Zimu listened, the brighter his eyes became. He didn’t like meeting outsiders, so business that required going out to negotiate wasn’t suitable for him. But he had skills in cooking and making desserts, plus with Shao Yunan as a good teacher and strategist, listening to Shao Yunan’s words, Guo Zimu became more and more confident in making money.

The two were busy the whole morning. When it was time for lunch, Shao Yunan called someone to bring the dishes, and he and Guo Zimu went back to their rooms to freshen up. After cleaning themselves and changing their clothes to get rid of the smell of cooking oil, the two went to the side hall for lunch, and everyone took their seats.


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