Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 132.1

The Dai family led the entire Great State of Yan army of 400,000, while the entire Yan Dynasty’s army, including Emperor Yongming’s 50,000 Imperial Guards, amounted to only 560,000. It could be said that Emperor Yongming entrusted the safety of the Great State of Yan entirely to the Dai family, or in other words, he entrusted his life and fortune to them. If it were someone else, they would have long seized power or threatened the emperor’s rule, especially since the empress also came from the Dai family. However, the Dai family was the family that made Emperor Yongming feel at ease. 

Many ministers petitioned Emperor Yongming to reduce the Dai family’s military power, but he never budged. What they didn’t know was that it wasn’t the Dai family’s wish to control military power, but Emperor Yongming’s reluctance to entrust it to anyone else. Among the Three Dukes, Five Marquises, One King, and Generals, the only one he trusted was General Dai Rongwang. Emperor Yongming would never hand over the most critical military power to any of the Three Dukes or Five Marquises.

On the other hand, the Dai family’s consistently low-profile, inwardness, caution, and humility were also essential reasons for Emperor Yongming’s trust. After Dai Qiyu entered the palace, he never did anything to gain advantage for the Dai family, but wholeheartedly assisted Emperor Yongming. This was another reason why Emperor Yongming trusted the Dai family.

Huxing Pass and Kuoye Pass were the two most important passes for the Great State of Yan. If the Yan Dynasty’s arch-enemy, the Huhar Kingdom, could capture these two passes, they could advance into the heart of the Great State of Yan and threaten the capital. Therefore, these two passes were heavily guarded by the Great State of Yan. Kuoye Pass was defended by General Dai Mingjun’s eldest son, Dai Zhanli, and Huxing Pass was defended by General Dai Mingjun’s second son, Dai Mingrong. Wang Shijing fought in the area around Huxing Pass during his military service.

The 180,000 troops led by Dai Mingjun were called the Flying Eagle Army and the 120,000 troops led by Dai Mingrong were called the Wing Tiger Army. The remaining 100,000 troops were led by officers appointed by Dai Mingjun and Dai Mingrong. As the Grand Marshal of the Yan Dynasty and the principal general, Dai Mingjun guarded the most dangerous and arduous Kuoye Pass. 

As the Cavalry Grand General, Dai Mingrong, like his elder brother, had been stationed on the border for years and considered the border his home. Both brothers, like their father, devoted their entire lives to guarding the border of the Great State of Yan. Their sons, following in their fathers’ footsteps, displayed exceptional military talents from a young age, serving on the frontlines and fighting from a young age.

Dai Zhanxiao, true to his name, was brave and skilled in battle. He led troops into battle at the age of twelve and was promoted to Left Commandant at the age of fourteen. Now, he was just over twenty and already a fourth-ranked military general. Given Dai Zhanxiao’s abilities and family background, he should have been a desirable marriage prospect for many aristocratic families in the capital. 

However, marrying into the Dai family, especially a man stationed on the border, meant living in constant fear and the possibility of becoming a widow. Although all the Dai family men were currently alive, no one could guarantee their survival in the next battle. Moreover, the Dai family was a staunch noble family with a stubborn temperament that did not align with the values of the capital’s aristocracy. They were not considered desirable marriage partners.

Jiang Kangchen, who had been ordered by the Empress Dowager to come to Huxing Pass, took over a month to reach his destination. It was the farthest journey he had ever undertaken in his life. The journey was arduous and he would have collapsed along the way if it weren’t for the tonic and paste Shao Yunan made for him. The conditions on the road were extremely harsh and as they headed northwest towards Huxing Pass, the temperature dropped with the biting cold wind, making it feel like deep winter.

However, no matter how difficult the journey, Jiang Kangchen did not falter. For him, the hardships were nothing to fear, as long as he could keep the flame of hope burning in his heart. Jiang Kangchen arrived at the Wing Tiger Army camp with an escort of supplies and immediately presented the Empress’ letter to General Dai Mingrong to explain his purpose.

General Dai Mingrong was in his tent handling military affairs when he received the report from the camp’s guards that an envoy sent by the Empress had arrived. He was very surprised and ordered the camp’s guards to receive the envoy and notify his son, General Dai Zhanxiao, who was currently training on the drill ground, to come immediately.

Jiang Kangchen was warmly welcomed into the camp by the soldiers as soon as he entered. It wasn’t just because he was an envoy from the Empress, but also because he brought with him three or four dozen carts of grain and other supplies. This was the best gift for the soldiers on the border, who often went hungry.

Jiang Kangchen greeted General Dai Mingrong respectfully as he entered the general’s tent. He handed over the Empress letter and explained his mission. General Dai Mingrong invited Jiang Kangchen to sit down and asked, “Envoy Jiang, you have traveled to this harsh and cold place, may I ask what important matter the Empress has entrusted you with?”

At the moment, there was no ongoing war, so General Dai Mingrong was puzzled by the Empress’ decision to send an envoy. Even if they were delivering supplies, it should not have required the intervention of the Inner Palace.

Jiang Kangchen replied, “I have been entrusted by someone to come to Huxing Pass. The Empress ordered me to deliver a letter to you, General, and to also bring a batch of grain and supplies. The grain and supplies are purchased with gold from the Empress Relief Fund and half of them are to be delivered to the General of Kuoye Pass.”

General Dai Mingrong was surprised as he asked, “Relief Fund?” Jiang Kangchen presented the Empress’ letter to General Dai Mingrong with both hands and then explained further. Both General Dai Mingrong and his son, General Dai Zhanxiao, were not only surprised, but also deeply moved by the story.

“Although this fund is said to be a ‘relief,’ it also included material relief for areas in need, in times of natural and man-made disasters. The generals at the border were in dire straits and now that the court had no money to distribute enough pay, the generals didn’t have enough to eat or wear, so this was also within the interpretation of relief of the ‘Relief Fund.’ What this humble servant brought are dozens of supplies such as grain, cotton clothing, bacon, jam, pickles, etc., and there is also one most important thing that needs to be personally handed over to General Dai.”

As he was saying this, a shout came from the guards outside. “Young General!” Soon, the tent curtain was lifted and a young but weathered face was revealed to Jiang Kangchen’s eyes. The visitor was very tall, wearing only a thin robe on such a cold day. 

His skin was tanned and robust, and the veins on the backs of his hands bulged out, making him a very powerful warrior at first glance. His hair was tied at the crown of his head with a green jade crown, a few strands of his hair fell down, and his forehead was covered with beads of sweat, obviously he was practicing just now.

“Father Commander!” The visitor came in and first called out to Dai Mingrong, then saluted Jiang Kangchen. Jiang Kangchen immediately returned the salute. “Inner Palace Secretary Jiang Kangchen greets Young General.” Jiang Kangchen and Dai Zhanxiao were both of the fourth rank, and were of equal rank.

Dai Zhanxiao… “Inner Official Jiang has had a hard journey, please take a seat. Jiang Kangchen however, did not sit, but said, “Young general, I came here to escort grain and supplies, but I was actually entrusted by someone for you.”

“For me?” Dai Zhanxiao was puzzled. Jiang Kang Chen walked to a medium bamboo box and bent down to open it, to the shocked cries of Dai Mingrong and Dai Zhanxiao. Jiang Kangchen looked at the two and said, “Here… a total of 3,500 taels of gold, donated by the Young General’s former Subordinate to purchase additional supplies for the General’s needs.”


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