Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 105.2

Since Guo Ziyu ate in his room, Wang Shijing ate in his room as well. Wang Shijing went out with water every day. That water was a mix of spiritual spring water with spiritual milk. The water Wang Shijing brought was also shared with Guo Ziyu, so Guo Ziyu’s legs didn’t ache from such high-intensity daily exertion.

While Wang Shijing was eating, Shao Yunan told him what happened at home during the day. Hearing that Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi both wanted to eat steak, Wang Shijing looked up. “Do we want to raise our own meat cattle?”

Shao Yunan shook his head. “It’s against the law for you to kill cattle, so don’t. I don’t want someone to take advantage of it. But I want a fish pond for real. We can eat it ourselves and we can also provide fish to restaurants. People here don’t eat fish very much and there are very few fish sellers.”

Wang Shijing said, “I’ll build a fish pond when I’m done with the tea. There is plenty of water so the fish will live well. People don’t eat fish because they think it’s smelly, but I am sure you can ensure they will be delicious.”

“That’s right! You get some small ones first and I’ll raise them in the space for our family to eat.”

“Yes! That’s simple.”

“Knock-knock.” Shao Yunan looked at Wang Shijing in surprise. “Who is it? It’s so late.” Saying that, he got up and went out to open the door. Wang Shijing put down his chopsticks and also followed him out, opening the door, Shao Yunan became surprised. “You two are still awake?”

“Little Father, Big Brother is looking for you.” Wang Qing was very helpless. Jiang Moxi looked up at Uncle Yunan expressionlessly and opened his mouth… “The Ship.”

Shao Yunan raised his hand and patted his forehead. “You waited to see a ship from the end of dinner until now, right?” Jiang Moxi nodded seriously. He really wanted to see a ship. Wang Qing said, “Brother is not in the mood to play Rubik’s Cube anymore.”

Shao Yunan pressed Jiang Moxi’s shoulders and turned him around. “It’s very late now, go to bed. Brother Qing has a day off from the academy, so you guys go to sleep now and you can come in the morning.”

“Uncle Yunan.” Jiang Moxi refused to go. “Be obedient. Uncle Yunan will show you a ship tomorrow, but you have to go to bed now. Otherwise, there will be no ship to look at.” Jiang Moxi even pouted, so Wang Shijing said, “It’s too late, go back to sleep first. Uncle Shijing will catch fish for you tomorrow.”

“Fish?” Wang Qing became curious and Jiang Moxi also turned his head. “Well, Uncle Shijing will catch fish tomorrow and Uncle Yunan will cook delicious fish for you. Now go to bed first.” Jiang Moxi turned his head and stopped insisting.

“I’ll take them back.” Wang Shijing stepped out and bent down, followed by two shouts of surprise. Jiang Moxi and Wang Qing were picked up at the same time. The two children were scared, but there was also happiness in their eyes.

Wang Shijing took the two children back and Shao Yunan hesitated as he looked at the two children going away. When Wang Shijing came back, he entered the door and said, “I put them both to bed.”

“Come, eat.” Wang Shijing sat back and continued eating. Shao Yunan said, “Shijing I want to teach knowledge from my world to Jiang Moxi and Wang Qing, do you think it’s okay?”

Wang Shijing looked at his wife and the speed of his chewing slowed down. After a while, he swallowed and said, “You teach the less advanced stuff first. Take your time. If the two children get used to it well and can keep it a secret, then you teach the advanced stuff.”

“Okay, I will teach them according to their aptitude.” After eating, Wang Shijing went to the space to take a shower, then took his wife to play before going to sleep. The couple and everyone else fell asleep, except for one boy who could not sleep, with his eyes open in the dark. What was the boundless ‘sea’ like? What kind of ‘Ship’ could cross that boundless sea and arrive in another world? What was the other world like?


When the light came in from the window, Wang Shijing woke up and took the watch from under his pillow. It was almost 7 o’clock. Turning his head to look at his wife who was sleeping on the same bed, Wang Shijing dispelled the thought of staying in bed and sat up gently.

After getting dressed, Wang Shijing walked out of the room very lightly, picked up the cold water bottle from the outside table, and drank a cup of sweet spiritual spring water. Wang Shijing was then about to go out, but when he opened the door, he was surprised.

“Moxi?” Outside the door, Jiang Moxi, who was sitting on the steps, was looking back at him. Wang Shijing bent over and pulled Jiang Moxi up. The child was cold, so Wang Shijing quickly picked him up and asked, “How long have you been sitting here?”

“Uncle Yunan, ship.” Jiang Moxi was still thinking about ships. Wang Shijing carried Jiang Moxi into the room. “Your Uncle Yunan is still sleeping. How long have you been sitting outside?” Wang Shijing also patted Jiang Moxi’s buttock twice.

Jiang Moxi, who was spanked, lowered his head and moved his lips for a long time before choking out, “Dawn.” That’s just after dawn! Wang Shijing could not blame Jiang Moxi, but he still patted Jiang Moxi’s buttocks twice more before carrying him into the bedroom.

“Yunan.” Jiang Moxi came at dawn. Wang Shijing couldn’t drive him back to his room, so he just decided to wake up his wife. Shao Yunan woke up in a daze and saw Wang Shijing hugging Jiang Moxi. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up.

“Moxi came here at dawn and sat at the door waiting for you to ask about ships.” Shao Yunan laughed. “Brother Moxi, you haven’t slept all night and just want a ship right?” Jiang Moxi said honestly, “I slept.”

Shao Yunan said, “Go and call Qing, Uncle Yunan will wash up first and then we will eat breakfast in Uncle Yunan’s room and I will show you a ship.” Wang Shijing put down Jiang Moxi. “You go and call Qing, Uncle Shijing will go get you breakfast.”

Jiang Moxi turned around and ran. Shao Yunan shook his head. “I think if he can’t see a ship today, he won’t be able to eat.”

“Wife, I’ll go get breakfast for you guys, don’t wait for me to come back at night, go to bed early.”

“I’m sleepy.” Wang Shijing bent down and gave his wife a good morning kiss, then went out to get breakfast. Shao Yunan resigned himself and got up. Not long after, a knock on the door could be heard and Shao Yunan opened the door. It was Jiang Moxi with a tired looking Wang Qing. Not sure why, but seeing Wang Qing, Shao Yunan wanted to laugh, poor kid.

“Good morning, Little Father.” Wang Qing gave a big yawn. “Come in.” Jiang Moxi pulled Wang Qing and went inside. Wang Qing was almost unable to keep up with him. Before Jiang Moxi opened his mouth, Shao Yunan said, “Eat breakfast first, we will look at ships after breakfast.” 

The excited Jiang Moxi wilted a little. But the good thing was that they didn’t need to wait for too long before Guo Ziyu came over with breakfast. Wang Shijing was going out today and Guo Ziyu was going to the county town. Knowing that Shao Yunan, Wang Qing, and Jiang Moxi were going to eat in the room, Guo Ziyu brought over breakfast and asked Wang Shijing to concentrate on eating.

“Yunan, the lord told me to tell you that he is still coming over tonight.”

“Okay. Is Big Brother gone?”

“His Excellency and Shijing are eating, and later I’ll take His Excellency’s carriage to the county Yamen.”

“Good. Is brother Guo’s snacks ready?”

“Ready. Some of the hot ones will be processed directly at the snack store.”


The snack shop’s shopkeeper was the former second shopkeeper of Yizhang Xuan restaurant. Since he originally signed a contract of sale with Wei Hongwen, he was assigned to the snack shop as the shopkeeper.  The number of snacks Guo Zimu made was limited, so the shop’s main focus would be some popular snacks. This would also require a professional chef to be in charge. In this way, some of the snacks Guo Zimu made which needed to be eaten hot could be made into semi-finished products first and then taken to the store for further processing. 

Guo Ziyu went to the county town today to attend the opening ceremonies for the snack store, bag store, and restaurant. Shao Yunan, who was the big boss behind it, was too lazy to go and stayed at home busy with his own affairs. But now that he was observed carefully by a certain child, he couldn’t go out.

The two children who ate their breakfast were a little distracted, especially Jiang Moxi, but Shao Yunan didn’t say anything about it. When the meal was finished, he called someone to put the dishes away and closed the door. Sitting in front of the two children, Shao Yunan seriously said, “Moxi, Qing, before showing you the ship we have to make a deal first.”

Wang Qing was made a little nervous by his Little Father’s expression and immediately nodded his head, and Jiang Moxi also nodded along with him. Shao Yunan said, “In the future, the things I show you in this house and the knowledge I tell you should be kept a secret. Wait until you grow up and you will know what this knowledge means. Then you can decide if you want to reveal it or not.” Wang Qing nodded and Jiang Moxi also nodded.

“Brother Qing is going to school, so every day after Qing’s school, the two of you will come to my place and I will teach you other knowledge. Brother Moxi’s health is now better, so he can also study during the day when you go to the Academy. Since the words that should be learned, should be learned. Or do you want to go to the academy like Wang Qing?” Jiang Moxi spoke… “Home.”

“When Uncle Yunan is busy, you will practice your words, and when he is not busy, he will teach you how to read. When you learn more words, you will be able to read by yourself.” Jiang Moxi nodded his head. “Good!” Shao Yunan clapped his hands. “Let’s see the boat! Follow me.”

He got up and took the two children into the bedroom and when they entered the bedroom, Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi were stunned. In the next second, Jiang Moxi ran to the dresser in the bedroom. On the dresser was a model of an ancient sailing ship. The model was originally in a glass bottle but he broke the glass bottle in order to show the two children what a large ship looked like.

“Little Father! Is this a ship?!” Wang Qing was amazed. “This is a model of a sailing ship. Only such a big sailboat can go out to sea and go to other parts of the world.” Shao Yunan decided to deceive the children for the time being. The world of sailing was still possible, but steamships were completely impossible for now.

Jiang Moxi turned his head to Shao Yunan, his gaze piercing as he held the ship model with both hands. He had absolutely fallen in love with it. Shao Yunan stepped forward to pick up the sailboat, and Jiang Moxi even took a nervous breath.

“Let’s go outside.” Shao Yunan carried the sailboat to the outside and Jiang Moxi and Wang Qing followed suit. Putting the boat on the table, Shao Yunan said, “Come here.”


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