Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 159.2

King Luo Rong, not in a good mood for some reason, asked, “It’s so late, why are the candles still burning? Has Young Master Guo not rested?” King Luo Rong was not pleased, thinking that the two maids had not taken care of Guo Zimu properly. One of the maids hurriedly replied. “Replying to Prince, Young Master Guo asked us to prepare water, saying that he wanted to bathe. He told us to withdraw and not to attend to him. We didn’t dare to leave, but Young Master Guo also didn’t allow us to enter. We don’t know if Young Master Guo has already slept at this moment since he didn’t respond when we asked just now.” King Luo Rong, with a conflicted mood, waved his hand. “You can leave.”


“Yes.” The two maids bowed and withdrew with lowered heads. King Luo Rong felt conflicted because he really wanted someone to take good care of Guo Zimu, hoping he could truly become a young master and not be as busy as he was in the Wang mansion. However, he didn’t want too many people to see Guo Zimu’s face. Neither men nor women.


With conflicting feelings, King Luo Rong paced around the outer room for two laps and then walked to the entrance of the inner room. He called out, “Zimu, have you gone to sleep?” No response from inside the room. King Luo Rong gently knocked on the door. “Zimu, have you gone to sleep?” Still no response. Taking two deep breaths, King Luo Rong pushed the door. The door wasn’t locked, so with a little exerted force, the door opened.


“Zimu, Uncle Murong is here,” reminding himself he was just an ‘Uncle.’ King Luo Rong stepped into the room and as everything inside came into view, he had no hesitation or nervousness left. He rushed in, reaching the side of the bath. Guo Zimu was sleeping in the bathtub. The water had cooled down, and King Luo Rong lifted Guo Zimu’s face, urgently calling out, “Zimu, Zimu, wake up, why are you sleeping like this!”


Guo Zimu murmured, clearly exhausted. “Zimu, wake up, get up quickly!” Guo Zimu shivered and King Luo Rong, without caring whether he was naked or not, lifted him by supporting his elbows. Guo Zimu’s beautiful eyes slowly opened, and in that moment, King Luo Rong’s heart skipped a beat. Avoiding Guo Zimu’s face, King Luo Rong awkwardly had him lie on his chest, and he grabbed a large towel from a stool nearby, wrapping it around Guo Zimu. At this moment, Guo Zimu also regained consciousness, realizing he had fallen asleep like that!




“Oh dear! Come out quickly!” Guo Zimu, trembling with cold, was helped out of the bathtub by King Luo Rong. King Luo Rong didn’t know where to look with his eyes. It was a dark night and he had only felt with his hands last time. This time, he saw Guo Zimu’s body clearly in the light and King Luo Rong felt his blood rushing to his nose and forehead.


“Sneeze!” Another sneeze shattered all of King Luo Rong’s distractions. Half-hugging Guo Zimu, he helped him onto the bed and pulled over a towel to cover Guo Zimu’s wet hair. “I’ll have someone make ginger soup for you!” Leaving this sentence behind, King Luo Rong hastily ran out, feeling a bit like escaping.


Covering his face with the towel, a sweet smile appeared on Guo Zimu’s face. Perhaps what Yunan said was true. “He” also liked him, but due to age, “he” didn’t dare to cross that boundary. Guo Zimu would make “him” understand. He didn’t care, as long as he could be with “him,” he didn’t care about anything.


King Luo Rong ran back to his own courtyard, had a maid make ginger soup, and immediately rushed back. When he returned and saw that Guo Zimu was still in the same state, he felt both distressed and anxious. “Why are you still sitting? What if you catch a cold!” King Luo Rong reached out to dry Guo Zimu’s hair. In the next moment, his movements halted, and his body tensed instantly. Nearly naked, Guo Zimu hugged him, his fair body pressed tightly against King Luo Rong. Feeling his heartbeat accelerating, King Luo Rong swallowed hard. The towel in his hand dropped, and he avoided eye contact with Guo Zimu.


“If I catch a cold, will you feel sorry for me?” King Luo Rong closed his eyes, his voice slightly hoarse. “Yes, I’ll feel sorry for you.” Pulling away Guo Zimu’s hands, King Luo Rong half-knelt down and helplessly said, “Zimu, look at Uncle Murong’s face. This face is old, very old. It’s so old that it doesn’t match with you at all. If, if Uncle Murong could be ten years younger, Uncle Murong would definitely marry you and make you the legitimate wife!”


It was worth it. With “his” words, all of his own despicable actions became worthwhile. Guo Zimu touched King Luo Rong’s face, his thumb tracing the deep lines around his eyes. “If I didn’t have this face, would you still like me?”


“Yes, I would still like you.” For the first time, King Luo Rong took the initiative to hold Guo Zimu’s hand, admitting his feelings with a hint of bitterness. “Zimu, you’re so well-behaved, with a good temperament and excellent cooking skills. Anyone would like you. But I’m truly old, too old, I’m long past being suitable for you.” 


When you were born, I hadn’t yet existed; when I exist, you’re already old… A poem that Yunan once recited for him surfaced in Guo Zimu’s mind, describing the most authentic portrayal of the relationship between him and King Luo Rong. But even if it’s just for one day, what does it matter?


Guo Zimu encircled King Luo Rong’s neck, slipping into his embrace. King Luo Rong grabbed a blanket and covered Guo Zimu’s slender, bare body. “You say you’re old and not good enough for me. But I, I’m not good enough for you. My body is no longer pure.”


King Luo Rong immediately thought of something, eager to push Guo Zimu away to check on him, but Guo Zimu tightened his grip even more. King Luo Rong grew anxious. “Zimu, is that bastard responsible!”


Guo Zimu’s voice choked. “Will you despise me?” King Luo Rong felt heartbroken, hugging Guo Zimu tightly, he said, “I won’t despise you. Zimu, don’t think about it, don’t. Your body is the purest. Uncle Murong… I, I have seen and touched it. I know, Zimu’s body is the cleanest and most beautiful.” Guo Zimu cried, “He didn’t go all the way, but…” 


“Don’t think about it. Your body, only I have touched.” Guo Zimu let go of King Luo Rong, tears streaming down. Once again, he kissed King Luo Rong as if making a sacrifice. King Luo Rong’s body tensed, but in the next moment, he fiercely hugged Guo Zimu, responding passionately.


The blanket slipped off, the towel fell off, and the cold body no longer needed ginger soup to ward off the chill. King Luo Rong’s hands were rough, but easily warmed Guo Zimu’s freezing body, making him hotter than ever before. Guo Zimu’s body warmed up, but King Luo Rong’s body and mind were experiencing an intense heat for the first time in decades. Beneath him, Guo Zimu’s fair body was tainted with his color, but suddenly, King Luo Rong stopped.


Guo Zimu gasped anxiously, hugging King Luo Rong tightly, fearing he might run away again. King Luo Rong was also panting, holding Guo Zimu’s hands and said in his ear. “Zimu, Uncle Murong can’t, can’t, have you.”


“Why?” Guo Zimu was about to cry again, thinking that this person was willing to have him. King Luo Rong bit his lip, painfully closed his eyes, tremblingly held Guo Zimu’s hand, slowly placing it between his legs. The eyes under the palm widened. King Luo Rong took away his hand, afraid to look at Guo Zimu, turning to leave the bed. The bed moved slightly, and King Luo Rong’s leaving body was embraced from behind. “You don’t want me again?”


This time, it was King Luo Rong whose eyes widened. A hand, through the pants, touched King Luo Rong’s crotch. “No matter what it’s like here, I like it.” King Luo Rong’s breathing became heavy. He quickly withdrew his hands, but hugged him tightly, saying, “I like you…I like you…”


King Luo Rong forcefully removed his pants, took off his undergarments, and the thing he considered most ugly and vulgar between his legs pressed against Guo Zimu’s lower abdomen. Guo Zimu looked away after just one glance, blushing all over. Guo Zimu took out a small bottle from under the pillow, his voice like a mosquito. “From Yunan.” Panting heavily, King Luo Rong, too engrossed to ask why Yunan would give this to Guo Zimu, almost snatched the bottle and pulled out the cork.


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