Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 152

The days on the ship could be considered the most leisure Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan have had in a long time. Of course, this also included Jiang Kangning and Guo Zimu. On the first day on board, after Guo Zimu’s melancholy was comforted by King Luo Rong, his mood remained good. 

As May approached, the weather improved with clear skies and white clouds. Brother Tiger and Little and Big Gold lazily basked in the sun on the deck. Within a five-meter radius around the three tigers was a restricted area and the guards on the ship dared not approach. They were quite amazed that the three kids could be so close to the big cats.

Jiang Moxi lay on Brother Tiger and was dozing off. Nizi was cleaning Big Gold’s teeth again and Wang Qing was reading while leaning against Little Gold. Although he didn’t have to go to the academy now, he couldn’t neglect his studies. Otherwise, not only would he be scolded by his grandfather, he would also be punished by his uncle when he returned home, although his uncle had never punished him before.

Guo Zimu didn’t like to come out to meet outsiders and King Luo Rong didn’t like him always wearing a mask when meeting people. So, they simply played chess in the cabin. Guo Zimu wasn’t very good at chess, but since King Luo Rong came, his chess skills had gradually improved.

However, after the first time Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan indulged in daylight pleasures in their room, they were sternly educated by Jiang Kangning. After that, they became more discreet. During the day, they would come out to bask in the sun, spend time with the children and play mahjong with the elders. But at night, after everyone had gone to sleep, in some dark corners of the cabin, two dark figures would entwine with each other.

In the quiet kitchen, a tall man was hidden in the darkness, his breathing heavy. When the eyes adjusted to the darkness, it could be seen that a fully naked youth was squatting in front of him, swallowing his substantial size. These two were none other than Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan.

The first time they engaged in such activities outdoors, Wang Shijing was a bit nervous, but after trying it once, he liked it. Shao Yunan, as a modern man who had studied abroad, was quite open-minded in this regard. He was faithful in relationships, but the intimacy between lovers would absolutely make Wang Shijing feel ecstatic and almost on the brink of death.

“Wife…” Shao Yunan licked the little turtle’s head, stood up, turned around and leaned on the stove, shaking his hips. “Husband, come in quickly~” Wang Shijing was about to explode. He grabbed Shao Yunan’s hips with one hand and pushed his iron rod inside with the other.

“Hiss… Mmm…” The body, thoroughly developed from previous encounters, easily accepted the hard and robust iron pillar. The body trembled from the relentless thrusts and the enchanting sensation made him insatiable. It had been too long since they had engaged in such unrestrained lovemaking.

No need to consider whether the bed frame was sturdy. Right on the kitchen stove, Wang Shijing filled his wife to the brim. When both were satisfied, Shao Yunan was already too exhausted to lift a finger. Wang Shijing shamelessly asked, “Wife, did you enjoy your husband’s performance?”

“Delicious.” Wang Shijing was very satisfied. So, it could be said that even the most honest man could be trained into a pervert! Moreover, Wang Shijing was definitely not an honest man.

After eating, the two cleaned up the space. When they came out again, they were already dressed in a serious manner. Except for Shao Yunan’s swollen lips, nothing hinted at what they just did. Wang Shijing carried Shao Yunan back to the room. Both wore soft-soled slippers, making no sound as they walked. Just as they reached the guest cabin, a room door made a soft “creak” sound. Wang Shijing quickly retreated, hiding the two in the darkness.

Someone came out of the room. Who would be wandering around so late at night? Shao Yunan listened intently. There was only one couple on the ship, just like them. Could it be that they were also coming out for a field battle? After a while, Wang Shijing whispered, “They’re gone.”

“Who was it?”

“It seems to be Zimu.”

“Little brother Guo?”

Shao Yunan patted Wang Shijing, pointing upward. Wang Shijing was also worried about why Guo Zimu, who was alone, came out so late at night. He silently followed behind, without making any noise.

On the river at night, the wind was still a bit chilly and it got colder as they headed north. However, Guo Zimu was only wearing a thin single-layered robe. Guo Zimu would turn twenty next year and would hold the coming-of-age ceremony, signifying adulthood. The hair also needed to be tied into a specific bun. Wealthy young men would wear a jade crown, while those without money would use a headband as a substitute. 

However, Guo Zimu’s parents were deceased and next year, only his elder brother, Guo Ziyu, would come to perform the ceremony for him. For young men like Guo Zimu and Shao Yunan, who were over fifteen but not yet twenty, they would also tie their hair. However, it wasn’t all tied up. Only a portion at the back would be tied up and secured with a headscarf or decorative item. 

Shao Yunan found it troublesome and wanted to cut it short, but Wang Shijing stopped him. So, every morning, Wang Shijing would comb his hair, while Wang Shijing tied his own hair. At this moment, Guo Zimu had completely let down his hair. Dressed in a light-colored single-layered robe and with that breathtakingly beautiful face, he was absolutely stunning. Even Shao Yunan was dumbfounded. A celestial being fallen to the mortal realm couldn’t be more beautiful. Moonlight bathed Guo Zimu, making him appear like a celestial being who had descended to the mortal world, breathtakingly beautiful.

“So beautiful…” Shao Yunan couldn’t help but exclaim. Suddenly, everything went dark as his eyes were covered. Pulling down Wang Shijing’s large hand, Shao Yunan looked up. “Don’t you think he looks beautiful?”

“Only to be admired from afar. Besides, I already have a wife, so it doesn’t matter how good-looking he is. Don’t disturb him, let’s go back to our room.”

Footsteps approached and Wang Shijing immediately picked up Shao Yunan and hid. A person ascended to the deck and upon seeing Guo Zimu standing by the railing, he was noticeably stunned, captivated by the beauty before him. When he finally came to his senses, he hurriedly took off his outer robe and walked over.

The footsteps startled Guo Zimu and he anxiously lowered his head, turning to run back to his room. However, he accidentally bumped into someone before he could react. Before he could cry out, the other person enveloped him in warm clothing and began to scold him.

“Why are you wandering around in the middle of the night? What if you catch a cold?” Guo Zimu was stunned, looking up to see a face filled with concern. King Luo Rong hugged him tightly, pulling him back. “Don’t just stand there. Let’s go back to the room. What if you catch a cold?”

However, in the next moment, Guo Zimu’s actions nearly made the eavesdropping Shao Yunan gasp aloud, but he managed to bite his lip in time. Guo Zimu embraced King Luo Rong, attempting to bury himself entirely in the other’s arms. King Luo Rong was also stunned, taking quite a while to regain his composure. The wind blew Guo Zimu’s hair and under the moonlight, their shadows appeared perfectly matched.

A cool breeze swept through, causing King Luo Rong to shiver visibly. He lowered his head, lifted his hand and gently caressed Guo Zimu’s silky hair, asking, “Are you still afraid of going to the capital?” The person in his arms nodded.

King Luo Rong smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry, trust Uncle Murong. In the capital, no one can bully you. If you don’t want to go out, you can cook and make desserts for Uncle Murong and play chess with him. Uncle Murong’s mansion has a large garden with many flowers. You can plant flowers together. If you don’t like it, you can even plant vegetables. Don’t be afraid. Let’s go back. You might catch a cold.”

Guo Zimu nodded again, but he didn’t lift his head. King Luo Rong gently patted him and let him bury himself in his arms, walking back together.

After a while, when it was confirmed that there were no more footsteps, Shao Yunan breathed a sigh of relief. Wang Shijing didn’t dare to linger any longer, silently carrying him back to the room. Once in the room, Shao Yunan couldn’t wait to ask, “What did Little Brother Guo mean just now?” Wang Shijing said, “Whatever it means, Uncle Murong is old enough to be his grandfather.”

Shao Yunan pursed his lips. “This is the case of ‘you were born after I was born, I have aged while you remain young.’ But the scene just now was really affectionate. Uncle Murong really cares for Little Brother Guo. Little Brother Guo lost his father at a young age. Could he be seeking fatherly love from Uncle Murong?”

Wang Shijing frowned. “You should talk to him. If he just wants the care of an elder, it’s okay. If he has other thoughts, it’s better to stop it early.” Shao Yunan was in a dilemma. Wang Shijing said, “They are not suitable in age or status. Even if age is not a concern, Zimu can only be a concubine. Can you watch him become someone else’s concubine?”

Shao Yunan replied… “No.”

“So, don’t let him have such thoughts. When King Luo Rong leaves, how can he survive as a concubine in his mansion?” Shao Yunan nodded heavily. “Okay, I’ll talk to him.”

Meanwhile, after King Luo Rong sent Guo Zimu back to his room, he returned to his own room and poured a cup of hot tea for him. Guo Zimu’s room didn’t even have a kettle. It wasn’t that the attendants on the ship were lazy. Guo Zimu didn’t like to meet outsiders, so he didn’t ask anyone to bring it. After Guo Zimu drank the hot tea and warmed up, he asked, “Uncle Murong you haven’t slept yet?”

King Luo Rong said, “Old people don’t need much sleep. I heard some noise from your side, so I went out to take a look. If I didn’t go out, how long were you planning to stay in the cold wind?” Guo Zimu lowered his head. “Can’t sleep and it’s too stuffy.”

“Yes, it must be stuffy on the ship. Endure a little longer. It will be better when we get to the capital.” Guo Zimu didn’t speak and King Luo Rong tilted his head to look at his face, asking, “Are you sleepy? Rest if you are.” Guo Zimu spoke, his voice very low. “Will the young master and the others… dislike… outsiders living in the mansion?”

King Luo Rong’s movements paused and then he sighed deeply. It turned out he was worried about this. He smiled and said, “You’re overthinking this. The young master has a heart condition and he’s fat. He doesn’t like going out. Little Hui is also introverted and very shy. When he sees a handsome brother like you, he’s probably too shy to say a word.” After a pause, King Luo Rong slightly restrained his smile. “As for the princess, you don’t have to worry even more. She believes in Buddhism and often stays in the Rainforest Temple. You probably won’t even see her when you go this time.”

Guo Zimu raised his head, looking surprised. King Luo Rong smiled again, poking his nose. “If there’s anything you want to know, just ask Uncle Murong directly. Don’t go out alone to listen to gossip. Your princess aunt is devoted to Buddhism and wants to become a monk. She doesn’t care about us mortals’ affairs. Uncle Murong also doesn’t have those messy concubines or mistresses. In the mansion, there is only me, the young master and Little Hui.” Guo Zimu bit his lip. “Then, who takes care of you?”

“Hey, I have arms and legs and I’m not so old that I can’t move. What needs taking care of? Besides, there’s a cook and a maid who washes clothes in the mansion. I just plant some flowers, raise some birds, attend court when needed and stand in front of the emperor for a while. Nothing to worry about.” King Luo Rong seemed to feel a bit unproductive so he added, “I made you laugh. Uncle Murong was actually a prince with little status before. He never learned to fight for power and position throughout his life. Later on, the emperor showed favor and conferred the title of a prince on me.”

Guo Zimu was unhappy. “This is what being smart is.” King Luo Rong grinned. “Hehe, this is the first time I’ve heard someone say I’m smart.” Guo Zimu said, “You’re clever this way. Not fighting for power and position, living carefree and avoiding the emperor’s suspicion.”

King Luo Rong still smiled but became more serious. “Who told you that? Or is it your own thought?” Guo Zimu replied, “Being with Yunan and Shijing for a long time, I understand it myself. Yunan can earn a lot of money, but he doesn’t do that. He says, a person can’t be without money, but also can’t be a slave to wealth. The same goes for power and influence.”

King Luo Rong smiled faintly, saying, “He’s right. A person can’t be a slave to wealth or power. Uncle Murong has never thought about competing for that position. It’s already good to live like this for a lifetime.” Guo Zimu nodded. “Being the emperor is so tiring, managing everyone’s eating, drinking and other affairs. It’s better to be a leisurely prince.”

“Hahaha…” King Luo Rong wondered if his nephew heard this, ‘managing everyone’s eating, drinking and other affairs…’ what he would think. At this point, Guo Zimu couldn’t help but yawn and King Luo Rong immediately said, “It’s very late, you should rest.” After saying that, he stood up.

“Uncle Murong…” Just as King Luo Rong turned to leave, he turned back again and saw Guo Zimu’s red lips move, then open. “Are you tired? If you’re not, I can play chess with you.” In King Luo Rong’s eyes, there was affection. “I’m tired, I’m going to rest now. You should rest too and stop thinking about things randomly.”

“Okay.” King Luo Rong left without asking for his clothes back and Guo Zimu escorted him out, but didn’t return his clothes. After closing the door, Guo Zimu leaned against it and the smile on his face disappeared. Lowering his head, he deeply smelled the clothes that didn’t belong to him. Guo Zimu’s face was full of melancholy and loneliness.

The next morning at breakfast, King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu were chatting and laughing, showing no signs that they had stayed up late the night before. King Luo Rong didn’t mention the matter of clothes and Guo Zimu didn’t bring up returning the clothes.

The three children were sleeping in and Shao Yunan didn’t go to call them. Brother Tiger and Little Gold seemed to be sleeping in the children’s room, but they were actually in Shao Yunan’s space. The space on the boat was limited and the three big tigers would definitely go crazy staying on the ship for so many days.

After breakfast, at Shao Yunan’s instruction, Jiang Kangning invited King Luo Rong to play chess and Shao Yunan called Guo Zimu away under the pretext of making some snacks for everyone. There were chefs on the boat, but the food made by Guo Zimu and Shao Yunan was what they preferred and they couldn’t stomach the food made by others.



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