The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 26 – Envy, jealousy and hatred

“More than a hundred silver?” Qiu Bai was surprised.

Qiu Li nodded and said: “Yes! More than one hundred silver and that is only part of the money made from the grapes. “

When all the grapes are sold, it will be much more than that.

Qiu Bai couldn’t help feeling regret so he thought secretly: if he had known that Xiao Jingting was so capable, he would have paid more attention to Xiao Jingting. Recently, Xiao Jingting has changed a lot, and he doesn’t know what to do.

“ I don’t know what kind of trick Xu Muan used, to actually cause Xiao Jingting to close his heart, and Xiao Jingting even bought him a pair of sleeve arrows, and I heard it was made from fifth-grade demon beasts Steel Needle. It can’t cost less than twenty or thirty taels of silver.” Qiu Li said again.

All over the body of the steel needle beast, there are only twelve steel needles on the top of its head, which were the most valuable, the steel needles were unusually sharp. The beast like the Grade 3  toot- piercing Pig were unable to block the sleeve arrows attack.

Qiu Bai was a good judge of character. At first, Xiao Jingting was indifferent to him but Qiu Bai did not take it seriously. However, after several contacts, Qiu Bai found that he was no longer in Xiao Jingting heart. Xiao Jingting now was really too odd, in the past, this person hated farming the most, and decided that farming was something lower class people did, but now he was ruining all day outside.

Xiao Jingting used to call Xiao Xiaofan a bastard, but now he was hugging that stupid kid and talked to him with a kind face.

The next day.

“The grapes are not for sale? Winemaking? ” Xu Muan was a little hesitant.

Xiao Jingting nodded and said: “Yes! The capacity of the market is limited. If we sell too many grapes, it will affect the price. However, it’s not that we won’t be able to sell them just a few days later. We’ll just sell five or six hundred strings and eat the rest ourselves. “

Xu Muan nodded and said: “You’re right.”

Xiao Jingting found that although Xu Muan was young he was a very picky person.

When Xu Muan was busy in the house, customers were coming to the door one after another.

The fact that Xiao Jingting had made a lot of money selling grapes had completely spread, and those

neighbors could no longer be idle and came to watch the fun.

The Xiao family courtyard had been deserted for a long time, but now it was bustling with people coming and going.

Many people stared at the grapes as soon as they entered the house and wished they move all the grapes to their own homes.

Previously, when Xu Muan was down, he had sought help from these few neighbors who came over before, however, those neighbors all pushed him aside and Xu Muan was very indifferent to these guests.

When the guests came to the door, Xiao Jingting could not left them hanging all this time so Xiao Jingting washed two clusters of grapes and put them in the room, allowing two small ones to greet the guests and Xu Muan to take care of his work.

Xiao Jingting doesn’t want to pay attention to those people, but those people were not easy to get rid off.

“Master Xiao, you are a good grape cultivator.”

“No, I just planted them casually.”

“Casually planted and still planted so well, if you’re serious about planting there’s no telling what kind of grapes you can plant in future.” Qiu Li said.

When Xiao Jingting heard Qiu Li voice, he felt uncomfortable. “Everyone is overpraising me.”

“Master Xiao, how on earth did you grow this grape? This village is so poor and you developed so well. You can’t forget to give everyone a hand, they are all your fellow villagers. If you give us a hand, everyone will remember your kindness. ” Qiu Li said.

Xiao Jingting squinted, the grape growing like this, on one hand you need to pay attention to improving the soil quality, on the other hand, you need to cut some unwanted branches. However, the most important thing was probably the spiritual spring water from his jade space.

“Ir is not that I don’t like to help you, but this grape is the secret of our Xiao family. If it get out, elders of the family will definitely come after me.” Seeing Qiu Li try to oppress him with justice, Xiao Jingting immediately pulled up the tiger skin to make a coat.

Hearing Xiao Jingting words, everyone was in an uproar.

Xiao Jingting was exiled from the Xiao family, it was no secret to the villagers. At this moment, when Xiao Jingting said that planting grapes was the secret that Xiao family passed down, everyone immediately stopped thinking.

Big families attached great importance to family secrets. Once the secret was leaked, not only will the family member who leaked the secret be severely punished, but these who knows the secret would all be silenced.

For the Xiao family, the Mound Village was too small.

Xiao Jingting looked at the shock on everyone’s faces and smiled in his heart. He could only think that the name of Xiao family was really useful, but this was not surprising, the Xiao family could casually send seven-level Qi practitioners and kill everyone in the village.

Qiu Li face become green and white, ever since the last time Qiu Bai brought back a few bunches of grapes, Qiu Li secretly cut a section of grapevine from the back mountain to raise it. However his grapes were different sour and astringent and it was world of difference from what Xiao Jingting planed.

Qiu Li originally wanted to take advantage of everyone’s door-to-door investigation of Xiao Jingting method, but as soon as Xiao Jingting said it was a family secret, Qiu Li was too embarrassed to pursue the question.

The big families in the wild mainland were able to survive, relying heavily on those family secrets, attempting to pry into the secrets of these great families. It would be considered you become a mortal enemy of those families.

Qiu Li was helpless and could only be jealous of Xiao Jingting background.

Qiu Bai sat noiselessly eating grapes, his eyes somewhat dark.

In the past, as soon as he appeared, Xiao Jingting gaze would immediately stop moving and focus on him, but this time when he came, it was as if Xiao Jingting didn’t see him. Seeing Xiao Jingting stroke Xu Muan hair, Qiu Bai’s heart was sore.

Qiu Bai picked up the grapes and ate one after another while Xiao Xiaofan kept staring at him with wide-open big eyes.

Qiu Bai was only concerned about his own appearance and paid no mind to Xiao Xiaofan vigorous appearance, nor did he notice the strange look of everyone around him.

There were plenty of grapes, and the people in the village also knew that this grapes were expensive. So after eating two grapes they stopped eating but Xiu Bai eats half of string of grapes alone.

Well, have you found anything yet?” Seeing Qiu Bai and Qiu Li come back, Qiu father couldn’t wait to ask.

During this period of time, the Qiu family spent a lot of effort growing grapes and their other work on the field was delayed. Seeing Xiao Jingting making a lot of money when they got nothing, father Qiu felt that claws scratched his heart.

Qiu Li shook his head and said: “No, Xiao Jingting said it was one of the secrets of the Xiao family.”

“The secret of the Xiao family, Father Qiu was stunned.” Villagers had an innate respect for large families, and upon hearing that it was one of the secret of Xiao family, Qiu father couldn’t help but wince a little.

There were countless disputes in the wild mainland. Once upon a time, a man from a village learned the secret of the Meng family cultivation of phoenix flowers from a renegade spirit gardener of the Meng family and started planting phoenix flowers himself, but before the phoenix flowers could grow, everyone in that village was slaughtered.

There are several big families in the village who seem to have come up with something.” Father Qiu said.

When Qiu Li heard his words, his heart was suddenly filled with jealousy. He spent so much effort and achieved nothing. Those big families made progress by relying on their big family masters ability and made progress all of a sudden.

Father Qiu  sighed and said: “it’s not our money, and it’s no use trying to make it!” Qiu father then changed his tone and said: “However, if growing grapes is really the secret of the Xiao family, and those people have studied it, the time of their death is almost here.”

Qiu Bai lowered his head, thinking about the brocade that Xu Muan was wearing. His clothes were not very conspicuous, however, Qiu Bai knew that it was not cheap.

Xu Muan used to dress like a beggar, but now he looked so decent.

Qiu Bai suddenly felt that it would be a good choice to marry Xiao Jingting.

Xiao family.

Looking at the bunches of grapes outside, his heart was filled with excitement, and Xu Muan secretly said: when this batch of grapes mature, they will be able to earn more than 100 silver which will be almost enough to redeem those few mu of first-class fields.

This time, Xiao Jingting sold the earliest batch of ripe grapes and from middle batch made some wine. When the last batch matured, Xiao Jingting said that some of these grapes were left to eat and rest of them were sold for money.

Xu Muan turned his head and looked at the mess of cups and plates one the table and frowned, this time, there was an endless stream of guests who came to their house and then needed to be entertained. Xu Muan was reluctant to give grapes each time so he went to the street to buy some snacks and then put on two plates of grapes to make up the number. But still, it made Xu Muan heartache.

Two bunches of grapes could be sold for at least four hundred copper coins, and although those snacks were much cheaper than grapes, they still cost money. Before he was even unwilling to spend a single copper coin.

Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan helped Xu Muan clean up the house.

“You’re back, huh? Where did you get the pheasant?” Xu Muan was curious as he looked at Xiao Jingting hand.

“Fell into a trap and I caught it.” Xiao Jingting said.

Xu Muan was stunned and then filled with joy: “There is such a good thing.”

Xiao Jingting nodded his head and said: “Yes! I’ll make a spicy chicken to eat.”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Good!”

Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan gluttonous appearance and was somewhat amused, in his previous life, Xiao Jingting liked to eat spicy food, but in this life after cooking few spicy dishes by chance he discovered that Xu Muan liked to eat spicy food much more than him.

The next day, when Xiao Jingting took Xu Muan to sell grapes, he encountered some problems.

Xiao Jingting originally signed contracts with the restaurant and more than a dozen families in the city. When he went to sell grapes, Yuehe restaurant took all the orders as before. However, several big families refused and several others wanted to reduce prices. Xiao Jingting did not agree, because it was these big families who violated the contract. In the end, Xiao Jingting was unable to sell more than 200  clusters of grapes so he planned to buy more jars and make wine from all the unsold grapes.

Looking at Xiao Jingting, Xu Muan said: “The owner of Yuehe Restaurant said that several big landlords have also begun to grow grapes, selling a cluster for 100 copper coins, which is much cheaper than ours, so…”

Xiao Jingting laughed and said: “If I can’t sell it I will just eat it myself. Anyway, we can eat it.”

Xu Muan smiled. Grapes were good: “Those people don’t know what they’re doing, ah! They will regret it later.”

Although Xu Muan doesn’t know how Xiao Jingting grapes were grown, he was sure that Xiao Jingting grapes ware different from those of others.

Before, Xu Muan strength depended on eating burning grass and the medicinal properties of the herb were a little fierce. In the process of taking it, Xu Muan meridians were damaged and Xu Muan discovered the disadvantages of the herb. However, in order to survive and take care of the children, he had no other choice.

However, recently, Xu Muan found that drinking grape juice can repair his damaged meridians. During this period, he has been eating well, and his previously damaged meridians have almost recovered.


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