Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 130.1

On this night, Emperor Yongming stayed at the residence of the Grand General, ignoring the urgent summons of many courtiers waiting to see him. During the night, Emperor Yongming and the Empress lay in bed, with the Empress leaning against Emperor Yongming. Emperor Yongming’s hand slowly caressed the warm abdomen that used to be so cold.

“Your Majesty, when can we have children?”

“You need to rest for a while. This time was like a miscarriage, and you need to recover properly. I will have Shao Yunan make more pomelo tea for you to drink. When your body is fully recovered, we can have children. This time, you will be able to conceive quickly.”

“What are Your Majesty’s plans then?”

The Empress’s question was vague, but Emperor Yongming understood so he said: “I want to bestow them a noble title, at least a Marquis. I was thinking of making them a Duke, but it might not be possible at the moment. Their abilities should not be known to outsider so by bestowing them a Marquisate, I can use their contributions in making tea and brewing wine as a reason.”

“Your Majesty’s consideration is valid. However, since they are exceptional individuals, we should not force them. We can bestow the title, but we cannot compel them to come to the capital unless they are willing. They are loyal to Your Majesty, so Your Majesty should not rush things, or it might backfire.”

Emperor Yongming was troubled: “I want them to stay in the capital. The Empress might not know this, but today, Hengyuan Marquis’s eldest son, Wei Hongzheng, abducted Shao Yunan in Yongxiu Count wanting to, force him to reveal the recipes for tea and wine, and even injured him. Only in the capital, under my watchful eyes, can I feel at ease.”

“When did this happen?!” The Empress immediately turned over.

Emperor Yongming held him back and explained, “Dai Jiang rushed to the palace today to report this. He managed to capture Wei Hongzheng and bring him back to the capital. Wei Hongzheng’s audacity shocked me.”

Emperor Yongming continued to recount the report provided by Dai Jiang and elder Weng, saying: “Wei Hongzheng insulted me and disrespected you, and I’m regretting not giving him a more severe punishment. I should have flayed him alive.”

The Empress was also furious, knowing what people were saying behind their backs. But Wei Hongzheng dared to claim that the Emperor’s position was just an empty shell and that they could take the Emperor’s riches. The Empress wished he could personally kill such a person.

The Empress said: “Hengyuan Marquis failed to teach his son properly and should be punished accordingly. Your Majesty, how you handle this matter is up to you, and I will follow your orders. Is Shao Yunan seriously injured?”

Emperor Yongming smiled: “His injuries are not serious. Take good care of yourself and recover your health.” Then, he became serious: “As for Wei Chunlin, that old man, I won’t let him off lightly this time. However, Wei Hongzheng and Wei Hongwen showed loyalty to us so I need to consider this. Our Great State of Yan’s business still needs Wei Hongwen’s development. General Dai’s suggestion is…”

One was the Emperor, and the other was the Empress, discussing state affairs intimately in such a close atmosphere, like a loving couple. In this intimate atmosphere, the fate of Marquis Hengyuan Wei Chunlin and the entire Marquis Hengyuan’s residence underwent a dramatic change.

Early the next morning, Emperor Yongming returned to the palace under the protection of the Imperial Guards and court attendants, without concealing that he had spent the previous day at the Grand General’s residence. Upon his return, Guo Xun, who had been sent back to the palace by him the day before, quickly came to report that many courtiers were waiting to see the Emperor. Emperor Yongming ordered the court to convene and commanded that Hengyuan Marquis Wei Chunlin be brought into the hall. Guo Xun went to deliver the orders, and Emperor Yongming returned to the palace to change his clothes.

When the courtiers who had received the last-minute notice rushed into the palace, they all knew that something significant was happening today. Usually, they wouldn’t be called to court, and it was almost considered a promotion for retired generals like old general Dai and retired imperial tutor Weng to attend. But today, they were both present.

Then Guo Xun announced: “The Emperor has arrived.” The courtiers immediately knelt and paid their respects, shouting: “Long live Your Majesty” three times.

Retired General Dai and old tutor Weng also knelt. Emperor Yongming sat down, but instead of saying “Rise,” he said: “General Dai and elder Weng, please rise and take your seats.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

After General Dai and Elder Weng stood up, they sat down unceremoniously after chairs were brought in by court attendants. They did not care about the people behind them who were still kneeling, including their own family members.

Emperor Yongming did not offer the “Rise” command but instead remained silent, causing the atmosphere in the hall to become even more unusual. However, some courtiers dared to stand up and kneel again, saying: “Your Majesty, yesterday, General Xiao Baichuan, the commander of the Imperial Guards, surrounded Hengyuan Marquis’s residence. We do not know the reason.”

“Your Majesty.”

Several ministers with close ties to Marquis Hengyuan and those with vested interests asked questions. Even imperial censors and officials from the Surveillance Bureau stood up to inquire about the events of the previous day.

Emperor Yongming keep expressionless face. He addressed the kneeling ministers with an icy tone: “Why do you ask why General Xiao Baichuan acted? Why don’t you just ask why I did it? Without my orders, why would Xiao Baichuan dare to besiege the Marquis of the First Rank? Don’t you all know that I killed the Marquis of Hengyuan’s eldest son just yesterday? Why doesn’t anyone ask why I did it?”

The first minister who had come forward to inquire remained silent. Mei Yuwen, the head of the Imperial Investigative Bureau, asked: “Your Majesty, did the Marquis of Hengyuan’s eldest son commit a grave offense that provoked your anger? The Marquis of Hengyuan is still a Marquis of the First Rank. Without sufficient reason, Your Majesty’s actions might not be appropriate.”

Emperor Yongming spoke again: “Bring the Marquis of Hengyuan, Wei Chunlin, here!”

The ministers were all surprised, and they looked up. Soon, Yu Guang, the commander of the Imperial Guards, brought Wei Chunlin, the Marquis of Hengyuan, into the hall. As soon as he saw the Emperor, Wei Chunlin immediately knelt down and pleaded: “Your Majesty, I am innocent! My son Wei Hongzheng has a corrupt heart and committed acts against Your Majesty. I truly knew nothing about it beforehand. Please, Your Majesty, investigate this matter!”

As Wei Chunlin spoke, the ministers felt a sudden chill, realizing that this might indeed be a serious matter. What could have happened to make the Emperor order the killing of the Marquis of Hengyuan’s son and the siege of the Marquis’s mansion? Could it be that the Emperor was using this as an excuse to suppress the Marquis of Hengyuan’s household? The minds of the courtiers were racing with various thoughts.

Mei Yuwen asked again: “Your Majesty, may I inquire about the grave offense committed by the Marquis of Hengyuan’s son? We are all anxious to know.”

Emperor Yongming let out a clear, cold snort. The ministers, fearing for their lives, hastily implored: “Your Majesty, please calm down.”

Emperor Yongming walked toward the kneeling ministers with a stern expression: “Fearful? Are you all truly fearful?” His voice grew louder, and the ministers quickly reassured him, saying: “Your Majesty, we beg for your forgiveness.”

Emperor Yongming then approached Wei Chunlin, who was still kneeling, and angrily said: “Doesn’t everyone in the world know that the treasury of the Marquis of Hengyuan is even more prosperous than my royal treasury? As the Emperor, I am forced to rely on the Marquis’s favor!”


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