Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 137.1

In the capital, some people were racking their brains to get rid of Jiang Kangning and Shao Yunan, while others were doing everything they could to protect the two. Meanwhile, the two parties directly involved were far away in Yongxiu County and Xiushui Village, working tirelessly, wishing for a day to have 24 hours of daylight instead of 12.

After picking all the available tea leaves, Shao Yunan went into the space to start making the tea. This tea was like the diamond of tea leaves and required exceptional precision from picking to processing. Shao Yunan couldn’t wait until after he returned home to process the leaves. Similarly, he couldn’t delay processing the Keemun black tea either. If it weren’t for the spiritual spring water in the space, the Keemun black tea leaves in the space would have gone to waste.

Shao Yunan was busy in the tea-making room, while Jiang Moxi read a book beside Little and Big Gold, while Brother Tiger laid on a wooden bed sleeping. Since there was an additional wooden bed in the space, Brother Tiger had found his most comfortable spot. Seeing how content he looked, Shao Yunan couldn’t help but think that perhaps Brother Tiger liked things with spiritual energy, considering that wood was said to be the spirit of all things.

The space had both day and night, but time passed slowly. Shao Yunan picked the tea leaves in batches, processing them immediately once he finished picking a batch. Qimen black tea was even more precious than Keemun red tea, so Shao Yunan couldn’t afford to be careless. In this way, Shao Yunan worked tirelessly inside the space for a long time until he processed all the available Qimen black tea tender leaves and Keemun red tea leaves, sealing them for storage.

After finishing all this, ten days had passed outside, but it felt like at least twenty days inside the space. Ten days might be a short period for picking and processing Qimen black tea and Keemun red tea, but for Shao Yunan, it felt like quite long, because there were people in Xiushui Village anxiously waiting for him to return. Both valuable teas were now stored, waiting for time to continue fermenting them. The longer Qimen black tea and Keemun red tea were stored for fermentation, the more aromatic their flavors would become, but they couldn’t be stored indefinitely. At most they could be stored for three years.

Red tea easily absorbs odors. In other words, it’s prone to cross-flavoring, so it had to be sealed tightly in non-transparent containers and protected from moisture. Shao Yunan had chosen a drying box and a refrigerator specially designed for storing red tea in the space and he could also use thermos flasks. However, regardless of whether it was a drying box, refrigerator, or thermos flask, he couldn’t take them out. So, he would need to order or purchase enough ceramic jars when he returned, to store the Qimen black tea and Keemun red tea.

Taking Brother Tiger, Little tiger, Big Gold, and Jiang Moxi with him, Shao Yunan decided to go home. Of course, he would pick anything good he encountered on the way. During this time, Shao Yunan had been so busy that he hadn’t had a chance to cook a proper meal for Jiang Moxi. They had been eating very simple meals every day, so when they got back, he would make a few good meals.

Shao Yunan rode Brother Tiger and Jiang Moxi rode Big Gold, as the two of them, along with three tigers, headed towards Xiushui Village. Actually, Shao Yunan had lost his sense of direction long ago and even with a compass, he couldn’t tell where they were. However, with the three large tigers, it didn’t matter whether he recognized the way or not.




“The cacao tree hasn’t borne fruit yet. When it does, I’ll make you chocolate.” There wasn’t much chocolate left in the space and Jiang Moxi loved sweets.



“Well, once your uncle earns some money this time, he’ll start a cattle ranch to raise beef cattle. Moxi, besides food, what else do you want?” Jiang Moxi answered decisively. “Nothing.”

Shao Yunan felt a lack of accomplishment. Before, Jiang Moxi used to ask him questions about shipbuilding, even though he didn’t understand it, he could at least be asked. But ever since Jiang Moxi discovered the existence of the space, found the books in it, and learned how to use a laptop to access information, he never asked Shao Yunan any ‘academic’ questions. Shao Yunan’s only value as an uncle now was to cook delicious food for him. Back then, he had bought several laptops on a whim and stored various data, now it seemed to be really useful for Jiang Moxi.

Well, that’s because he’s a young genius. Shao Yunan couldn’t test how high Jiang Moxi’s IQ was, but it was definitely very high. He could already make mechanical birds by himself, self-study middle school physics, and finish reading middle school math textbooks. Initially, Shao Yunan had considered discussing with his older brother about sending Jiang Moxi to a school, but he had completely abandoned that idea now. Sending a genius child to school would be only unfair to this child. However, at this point, Shao Yunan felt uneasy. He had to make sure he secured the laptops storing a large number of ‘action movies.’ Yes, he had to set extremely complex passwords!

After another five days on the road – mainly because Shao Yunan kept picking things here and there – the two of them, along with the three tigers, finally left the forest and arrived at the Wang residence. As soon as they appeared, the doors swung open and a group of people rushed out, with Wang Shijing at the front.

As soon as Shao Yunan saw Wang Shijing, he jumped off Brother Tiger, took off his backpack, and strode over. Wang Shijing lifted him up when he reached him and gave him a hearty kiss. “Why did you take so long?”

Shao Yunan laughed softly and said, “There were too many good things and too much tea. Were you anxious?”

“I was really anxious!” Ignoring the child present, Wang Shijing kissed Shao Yunan again, and then he walked over to Jiang Moxi, who had already been brought over by Big Gold, picked him up, and said to Shao Yunan, “Let’s go home.”

“My backpack.”



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