Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 136.2

Dai Mingo asked the person delivering the emergency report in a loud voice, “What are the casualties in Xiushui Village now? Why don’t you say?” The person showed a confused expression and said, “This, on the emergency report, it doesn’t say. It only said that the ground in Xiushui Village shook and flooded, and the birds in the mountains and forests all flew up and covered the sky; the wailing of wild beasts could be heard everywhere and it was very miserable.”

Dai Mingo, with a serious expression, said, “With such a significant commotion, how can we not report casualties?” He turned to Emperor Yongming and said, “Your Majesty, I believe we should promptly send someone to Xiushui Village to assess the extent of the disaster and investigate the possibility of concealment.”

Dai Mingo’s statement was impartial. At least, this statement did not favor County Magistrate Jiang Kangning. However, someone else spoke up. “Your Majesty, County Magistrate Jiang Kangning of Yongxiu County concealed the disaster, which is a grave offense! I suggest sending someone to Yongxiu County immediately, apprehending Jiang Kangning and conducting a thorough investigation into the situation in Xiushui Village.”

Duke An lowered his gaze, his expression unmoved. Then, another person added, “Your Majesty, I’ve heard that County Magistrate Jiang Kangning of Yongxiu County is known for his honesty and integrity. If there were no reports of casualties in Yongxiu County, it might be because there were no casualties to report.”

King Luo Rong glanced at Duke An and his eyes narrowed slightly.

“How is it possible that there were no casualties?” another minister interjected. “With earthquakes, the cries of birds and animals, and widespread flooding, the disaster must be very severe. How could there be no casualties among the common people? It must be that Jiang Kangning feared your Majesty’s punishment and concealed the truth!”

“If the ill omen originated from Yongxiu and Xiushui Village experienced such disturbances, then it’s highly likely the ill omen is in Xiushui Village!”

“What kind of ill omen? Perhaps it’s just some large beast causing a commotion in the mountains! The urgent report didn’t mention casualties and County Magistrate Jiang Kangning hasn’t reported any casualties. That implies there are no casualties in the county!”

For a moment, the courtiers were in an uproar. Elder Weng and General Dai Lao rarely attended court sessions unless summoned by the Emperor, such as during the Hengyuan Marquisate incident. Among the Three Dukes and Five Marquises, there were currently only Four Dukes. Of the Three Dukes and Four Marquises, one was a Royal Prince. King Luo Rong, however, broke the silence, saying, “Your Majesty, given the circumstances, it is essential to investigate whether there are casualties in Xiushui Village.”

Some were dissatisfied, claiming, “With such a significant incident in Xiushui Village, County Magistrate Jiang Kangning should have submitted reports and memorials. He should be held accountable for concealing the matter!”

“Exactly. County Magistrate Jiang Kangning’s silence on the disturbances in Xiushui Village and his deception of Your Majesty are grave offenses!”

Another spoke out, calmly stating, “With all due respect, these words may not be entirely accurate. For a local magistrate, ensuring the safety of the people under his jurisdiction, free from natural disasters and man-made calamities, is of the utmost importance. These disturbances might be nothing more than the agitation of birds and animals. Why create unnecessary panic and trouble for Your Majesty? I have relatives residing in Yongxiu County, and I have not heard of any unusual occurrences. It’s likely that these reports are based on hearsay. If Xiushui Village is genuinely affected, I should be aware.”

That was King Luo Rong. Another person chimed in, “Your Majesty, there are people from my family living in Yongxiu County as well. If the disturbances in Xiushui Village were as severe as described in the urgent report, I should have received letters from them.” This was an official with the surname Chen.

Then, another voice emerged, “Your Majesty, I also have family members in Yongxiu County, and I haven’t received any such letters. It seems that the situation might not be as dire as the urgent report suggests.” This was an official with the surname Cao.

“Your Majesty!” An official who believed that Xiushui Village had faced a major disaster and the ill omen was located there, attempted to defend their position. However, Emperor Yongming raised his hand to silence him.

Emperor Yongming looked to King Luo Rong and said, “Imperial Uncle, this matter is of great importance. I ask that you personally go to Xiushui Village and uncover the truth.” King Luo Rong bowed and said, “I shall obey Your Majesty’s command.”

With no further actions from the courtiers, Emperor Yongming rose from his seat and left, appearing extremely displeased. King Luo Rong, rubbed his old back, looking tired as he prepared to depart. Many courtiers immediately surrounded him, and King Luo Rong waved them off, saying, “I will address any matters after I return from Xiushui Village. His Majesty has ordered me to go immediately, and I didn’t get much sleep last night. My old bones are about to break.”

King Luo Rong showed no interest in discussing further and no one dared to detain him. Supporting his aching back, King Luo Rong left with an air of reluctance, seemingly not eager to embark on this journey.

Some people watched King Luo Rong depart with displeasure and Jingling Marquis Bai Zhantang stopped General Dai Mingge, saying, “Nephew, how is His Majesty’s health doing these days?”

Everyone perked up their ears. General Dai had two wives from the Bai family, and the Bai family had risen to their current marquisate status through marital ties with the Dai family. In terms of seniority, Dai Mingge should address Marquis Jingling as ‘Uncle.’ Dai Mingo sighed and replied, “His Majesty’s condition is a matter under His Majesty’s orders and I cannot divulge much.” However, from his demeanor, it was evident that things were not going well.

Marquis Bai Zhantang immediately said, “It seems Uncle has overstepped. Do you have any other matters to attend to? If not, would you like to visit Uncle’s residence?”

“Perhaps another day. My father’s leg has been bothering him these past few days and my elder and second brothers are not at home, so I need to look after him.”

“I see. Then, when you have the time, come and visit Uncle and check on your elder brother.”


Dai Mingo and Marquis Bai Zhantang left together and immediately, someone muttered, “Perhaps His Highness is not poisoned, but instead afflicted by an ill omen.”

Soon, rumors that the reason for His Highness’s critical condition was due to the influence of an ill omen began to circulate within the palace. In the East-facing Hall, Emperor Yongming snorted coldly, and Guo Xun whispered, “Your Majesty, shall I investigate who is spreading these rumors?”

Emperor Yongming replied, “Let them chatter. We can’t wait to see them proven wrong.” Guo Xun stifled his laughter.

Emperor Yongming narrowed his eyes and said, “The Astrological Bureau…”

At Master Weng’s Academy, Elder Weng had just received information regarding discussions about the ‘ill omen’ along with Elder Cen and Kang Rui. Elder Weng immediately frowned and Elder Cen shook his head, saying, “Why bother with all this? Just say that Yunan is the ill omen.”

Kang Rui cautiously added, “They claim that Xiushui Village experienced earthquakes, and birds and animals wailing. Anyone can go and check to determine the truth; perhaps it’s not fabricated. Teacher, I should return. Both you and I are absent, leaving only Kangning. That may not be sufficient. The imperial examination’s list of scholars will be released soon and we are scholars of the academy. We cannot be absent indefinitely.”

Elder Weng nodded, saying, “You’re right. You two are the only scholars from the academy in Yongxiu County. You can’t both be absent. Kang Rui, return to Yongxiu County promptly and find out what’s really going on with Kangning. Emperor Yongming dispatched King Luo Rong to investigate, indicating that he doesn’t entirely believe the Astrological Bureau’s claims. King Luo Rong won’t arrive quickly and you may be able to meet Kangning before him.”

Kang Rui immediately stood up and said, “I’ll prepare to leave.” Elder Cen said, “If it’s a genuine matter, delay as much as you can. As soon as the new tea is delivered, we’ll gain an advantage. Emperor Yongming dispatching King Luo Rong is likely to provide Kangning and Yunan more time.”

“I understand!” Kang Rui solemnly nodded to his two teachers and quickly left. Elder Cen looked at Elder Weng and said, “They’ve made their move.” Elder Weng replied, “If it weren’t for His Highness’s improved health, the Astrological Bureau’s actions might have caused real trouble. I’m heading to the palace now. You shouldn’t do anything at the moment; countless eyes are on you.”

“I know.” Elder Weng changed his attire and immediately went to the palace. In the imperial palace, with no Empress by his side, Emperor Yongming had to focus on state affairs. Upon learning that his former Imperial Tutor had arrived, Emperor Yongming immediately summoned him. As soon as Imperial Tutor Weng entered the East-facing Hall, Emperor Yongming spoke first, saying, “Imperial Tutor, some people just can’t wait to cause trouble.”

Emperor Yongming’s words put Imperial Tutor Weng’s heart at ease. Emperor Yongming gestured for Elder Weng to take a seat and then asked, “Imperial Tutor, are you aware of the earthquake and flooding incident in Xiushui Village?”

Elder Weng shook his head and replied, “I do not know. I’m also puzzled as to why Kangning has not sent any letters. However, this is a crucial time for producing new tea. All the tea leaves available in the Imperial Southern Manor are to be sent to Yongxiu County. Kangchen’s previous letter mentioned the need for road repairs; otherwise, a significant amount of new tea would be lost each year due to poor transportation. If he hasn’t written, it’s possible that there were no casualties in Xiushui Village. Otherwise, given Kangning’s character, he would have definitely reported to Your Majesty.”

Emperor Yongming said, “After the matter of the new tea is concluded, I must summon Jiang Kangning to the capital for a report. Currently, the Astrological Bureau has pointed their fingers at him and Shao Yunan. They’ve even mentioned the Empress Consort in connection with the ill omen. It’s not suitable for the Empress to make a public appearance right now. We need to come up with a plausible explanation to silence those voices.”

Imperial Tutor Weng pondered the situation. Emperor Yongming continued, “Let’s wait for the results of King Luo Rong’s investigation. If it turns out to be just an earthquake and flooding, it’s fine. But what I’m concerned about is the possibility of casualties. I fear that I won’t be able to quell the rumors when they start.”

Then, Emperor Yongming expressed his frustration, saying, “Regardless of whether there were casualties or not, Jiang Kangning should have reported it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been caught off guard by this today!”

“This matter is due to Kangning’s lack of foresight. I will write a letter to him, urging him to report to Your Majesty and explain the situation clearly. As for the other aspects, we can plan how to deal with them when he returns to the capital for his report.” Emperor Yongming nodded slightly.



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