Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 122.2

The two of them quickened their pace and the light became increasingly clear. When Brother Tiger’s figure disappeared around a bend, they started running. At the bend, the light was already shining on the holes in the walls. As the two turned the corner, Shao Yunan froze on the spot and Wang Shijing opened his mouth in surprise.

In front of them was a shallow pool of water. That wasn’t the main point, though. Droplets of water were constantly falling from the cave’s ceiling and the pool of water had an outlet. But that wasn’t the main point either.

The main point was!… in the center of the pool of water grew a flawless white plant. At the top of the plant, within the bud-like leaves, there was a pure, round pearl the size of a quail egg. The brightness emanating from the pearl was so soft, that it almost made Shao Yunan kneel and submit to it.


Brother Tiger roared and Shao Yunan regained his senses slightly, looked at Brother Tiger, then back at himself. Shao Yunan took Wang Shijing’s hand and walked to the edge of the creek, asking, “Brother Tiger, did you bring us here to help you take care of this plant?”

Brother Tiger jumped into the pool water and opened his mouth to bite the pearl.

“Slow down!” Brother Tiger looked at him puzzled.

“You want to eat it?” Brother Tiger tilted his head and jumped out of the water. He bit Shao Yunan’s robe and motioned him to enter. Shao Yunan finally understood. “Are you giving it to me?” Brother Tiger stopped dragging Shao Yunan and released his robe with a roar. Shao Yunan’s heart gradually raced as he shook his head. “This is too precious, you keep it and eat it.”

“Roar!” Shao Yunan looked at Wang Shijing, feeling a bit confused. This kind of plant that emitted light is definitely not ordinary. It might be a celestial herb. In a country where eating a fruit can make a man pregnant, having a celestial herb would not be surprising.

Wang Shijing stepped forward. “Brother Tiger, are you giving this to us?”


“Don’t you want it for yourself?”

Brother Tiger wagged his tail. After a moment of silence, Wang Shijing asked, “Do you prefer spiritual milk, the one we drank just now?”

“Roar, roar!”

“Do you want to trade this for spiritual milk?”

Brother Tiger wagged his tail. What else could it be if not trading for spiritual milk? Wang Shijing was also puzzled. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration came to Shao Yunan, and he asked, “Are you trying to find out where the children went?”

“Roar, roar!”

Shao Yunan slapped his forehead, “At noon, I sent Nizi and the others into the space. Brother Tiger seemed to want to go, but I didn’t agree, so it dragged us here. It seems to be the case.”

Wang Shijing frowned. Shao Yunan looked earnestly into Brother Tiger’s amber-golden eyes and said, “Brother Tiger, the place where I sent the children has many dangerous things. I’m afraid you and Little and Big Gold might not understand and touch something dangerous. Also, that place has spiritual milk, which is very precious to our family. I’m afraid you won’t be able to resist and drink it all.”

“Roar!” Wang Shijing spoke up. ”Why don’t we bring them into the space and see how they behave? If they can restrain themselves, we can be more generous.”

Shao Yunan said, “I’m afraid of things like gunpowder and gasoline.”

“Brother Tiger and Little Gold are very clever. Tell them that those things will kill them and they won’t touch them. Or you can burn some gasoline to show them, tigers are afraid of fire.”

Brother Tiger came such a long way and brought them such a precious treasure, in exchange for the right to enter the space. To be honest, Shao Yunan didn’t have the heart to refuse. “Roar.” Brother Tiger bit Shao Yunan’s robe again.

Shao Yunan did not refuse this time. Following the force of the tiger, he stepped into the water pool. Wang Shijing also followed into the water pool. When they reached the fairy grass, Brother Tiger released his grip. Shao Yunan bent down and carefully observed the fairy grass. Except for the four unfolded leaves at the top, which were in a protective position, guarding the shiny fairy fruit, all the other leaves were curled. Shao Yunan looked up and asked the man beside him, “Shijing, shall we transplant this fairy grass into my space?”

“Sure.” Shao Yunan turned to Brother Tiger and said, “Brother Tiger, can I transplant this fairy grass into my space? I don’t want to pick the only fairy fruit or just uproot the grass.” Brother Tiger made a nonchalant sound. As Shao Yunan moved his hand, a porcelain bottle appeared, followed by a small shovel. Brother Tiger and little and Big Gold immediately became excited.

“Don’t move!”

Brother Tiger stopped moving and used his tail to forcefully suppress the disobedient Little and Big Gold. Shao Yunan removed the bottle cap and slowly tilted the porcelain bottle above the fairy fruit. A drop of emerald green sticky nectar fell slowly. Little and Big Gold and Brother Tiger were eager to drink it, and Brother Tiger even opened his huge mouth.

“Don’t move!”

As the nectar dripped onto the fairy fruit, a dazzling white light instantly scattered. Everyone present, whether human or tiger, instinctively closed their eyes. When Shao Yunan opened his eyes again, he saw that the fairy fruit was even more radiant. Shao Yunan put away the porcelain bottle, Wang Shijing took a shovel and bent down while Shao Yunan also bent down, plunging their hands deep into the water pond.



The three tigers stared at the dazzling fairy fruit. Under the water pond was a muddy soil, and Wang Shijing carefully used the shovel to search for the roots of the fairy grass. After searching for more than ten minutes, Wang Shijing nodded to Shao Yunan. Shao Yun’an withdrew his hands, and he now held a small basin and another small shovel. He shoveled a lot of mud into the basin, added some spring water, and then dripped a drop of nectar. When Shao Yunan was ready, Wang Shijing began to dig up the fairy grass.

Both of them held their breath, and Wang Shijing gradually dug out the roots of the fairy grass. After ensuring that all the main roots and most of the lateral roots were dug out, Wang Shijing threw away the shovel, grabbed the fairy grass with one hand, and held its roots with the other hand. He suddenly stood up and placed the fairy grass in the basin the moment it left the water pond. The fairy grass flickered intensely the moment it left the water pond and entered the basin, including the fairy fruit.

Faintly, a beast’s roar could be heard, and the water pond suddenly became turbulent. Little and Big Gold also seemed restless. “Shijing, you go in first and place it under the spring stone.”

Shao Yunan handed the basin to Wang Shijing, then hugged him, and Wang Shijing instantly disappeared. Amidst the growls of Brother Tiger, and Little and Big Gold, Shao Yunan threw Little and Big Gold into the space.

“Brother Tiger, let’s go!”

The water was getting increasingly turbulent. Shao Yunan took out an emergency light and shouted toward Brother Tiger. Brother Tiger leaped out of the water pool and lay prostrate on the ground. Shao Yunan climbed onto its back, but before he could secure himself, Brother Tiger quickly started running. The rushing water seemed to be right beside them and Shao Yunan loudly told Brother Tiger, “Brother Tiger, hurry! We need to leave here before it gets flooded! My space can’t move, we can only be safe outside!”


A faint layer of golden light swept over Brother Tiger’s body and its speed suddenly increased. Shao Yunan decided to put away the emergency light and tightly grabbed onto the fur around Brother Tiger’s neck with both hands. At that moment in the space, Wang Shijing was extremely anxious. However, he was distressed to see the three children, and Big and Little Gold getting worried and almost crying because Shao Yunan and Brother Tiger hadn’t entered the space yet.


Whether it was the sky cracking or the ground collapsing, or if it was a flood or a swarm of wild beasts, nobody knew. Just a second before Brother Tiger rushed into the water, Shao Yunan took a deep breath and clung tightly to Brother Tiger’s neck. 

The water in the cave outside was much more restless than when they came and there were many shadows moving back and forth in the water. Without Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan absolutely couldn’t leave Brother Tiger at this moment. 

Brother Tiger also exerted all its strength and its speed was incredibly fast. Just when Shao Yunan was about to give up, Brother Tiger finally emerged from the water surface. Shao Yunan had no energy left and Brother Tiger turned back and bit his arm, dragging him towards the shore.

In the forest, the cries of various wild animals were incessant, causing great panic. Shao Yunan used his other hand to desperately hold onto Brother Tiger. When the two of them finally reached the shore, they both collapsed, exhausted. Shao Yunan had no strength left as he lay on the bank and Brother Tiger was panting heavily with its tongue out. Shao Yunan reached out, held Brother Tiger’s wet paw, and the two of them entered the space.


“Little Father!”

“Uncle Yunan!”

Shao Yunan, who entered while lying down, weakly greeted them. “Hi.” Seeing Wang Shijing’s expression, Shao Yunan speculated… “Wang Shijing wouldn’t become violent, would he?”


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