Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 155

The next morning, only King Rong came out for breakfast; Guo Zimu was nowhere to be seen. King Rong only mentioned that he had drunk too much last night and felt unwell. He also scolded Shao Yunan for leading him to drink. However, after breakfast, King Rong didn’t rush back to his room; instead, he asked Wang Shijing to play chess with him. Wang Shijing agreed, but both he and Shao Yunan could see that King Rong was actually troubled.


King Rong and Wang Shijing played chess and Jiang Kangning spoke up, “Zimu was in the prince’s room all night. Go check on him.” Shao Yunan widened his eyes. “Could they…?” Jiang Kangning asserted, “Impossible. If something really happened, the King wouldn’t be in the mood to play chess.”


Shao Yunan thought about it and agreed. His first time with Shijing… Shijing  served him attentively all day, afraid that he might still be in pain. This Little Guo didn’t show up, but Lord Murong played chess; indeed, it was not quite right. Shao Yunan quickly finished his bowl of porridge, wiped his mouth and left.


Arriving at the door of King Rong’s room, Shao Yunan knocked, but there was no response. Knocking again, still no response. At this moment, the door of the next room opened. Shao Yunan was surprised when he saw the person coming out. “Little Guo? What’s happening?” Guo Zimu turned back into the room and Shao Yunan, worried, hurriedly went over. Closing the door, Shao Yunan asked, “Little Guo, what’s wrong with you?”


Guo Zimu looked pale, spiritless, completely different from what Shao Yunan expected. Guo Zimu sat on the edge of the bed, disheartened and said, “Nothing.” Shao Yunan exclaimed, “Do you think I’m blind? How can it be nothing when you look like this? Something must have happened between you and Lord Murong, right?” Guo Zimu sniffed and tears unexpectedly fell, shocking Shao Yunan. Anxiously, he sat down beside Guo Zimu and asked, “What really happened? Tell me.”


Guo Zimu still shook his head. Shao Yunan directly asked, “Did you confess to Lord Murong and get rejected?” This time, Guo Zimu was startled. Wiping his tears in a fluster, Shao Yunan hugged his shoulder. “Stop hiding; I already know. After Lord Murong helped you back to your room last night, I eavesdropped at the door.”


“Ah!” Guo Zimu’s face turned even paler, staring at Shao Yunan in disbelief. Shao Yunan wiped his tears for him. “Why do you think I got you drunk yesterday? The night before, Shijing and I were fooling around outside and when we saw you coming out, we also saw Lord Murong helping you put on your clothes and sending you back. Why pretend in front of me? Tell me, do you like Lord Murong?”


Startled by Shao Yunan’s shamelessness, Guo Zimu took a while to recover. When he did, he lowered his head and said directly, “I do.” The room wasn’t soundproof and Shao Yunan, looking like he was eager for gossip, asked in a low voice, “Lord Murong reluctantly being your grandfather is fine, but how could you like him?”


Guo Zimu became unhappy and immediately gave Shao Yunan a glare. “Just because I like him doesn’t mean you have to like him. I don’t think he’s old. If he weren’t old, I wouldn’t like him.” Alright, that was a bit of being spoiled. He did say that Little Guo had the potential to be a spoiled uke. Shao Yunan said seriously, “This is not just my question, but everyone’s question. Both Shijing and Big Brother know.”


Guo Zimu, “…”


“Are you sure it’s not because you lost your father at a young age? Lord Murong cares for you and you might have mistaken fatherly affection for love?” Guo Zimu forcefully knocked on Shao Yunan’s forehead. “If I wanted a father, I’d go to Uncle Cen! Uncle Cen treats me well too!”


Oh, he forgot about that. Shao Yun’n rubbed his forehead. “Then why Lord Murong? Your face could attract anyone.” Guo Zimu shook his head, saying, “I don’t know; I just like him. Even in my dreams, he kisses me.”


Shao Yunan raised an eyebrow, impressed that he’s already having romantic dreams. Guo Zimu, breaking down or using Shao Yunan as a confidant, said, “I’ve made up my mind to stay in the royal residence for the rest of my life. I’ve never liked anyone and I hate it when strangers, especially men, look at my face. I never thought I would fall for Lord Murong. He’s old, his hair is white and he’s old enough to be my father, but I still like him. I can feel that he genuinely cares for me from the bottom of his heart. As for my face, it doesn’t matter what kind of man they like. But is it really me they like? What if I didn’t have this face?”


Shao Yunan pointed to Guo Zimu’s face. “Then what’s this about? Don’t tell me it’s from last night’s drinking. You just cried.” Guo Zimu sniffed and Shao Yunan hastily said, “Don’t cry; crying won’t help. If you really like him, we’ll figure something out. Tell me, what happened last night? I didn’t eavesdrop later.”


Guo Zimu boldly wiped away tears and mucus with his sleeve, not feeling embarrassed and said, “I seduced him last night, but he didn’t take the bait.”


Wow!!! Shao Yunan’s mouth fell open. “Who are you? You’re definitely not my Little brother Guo. My Little Guo isn’t this bold! And you even admitted it! Tell me, what kind of monster are you!” Guo Zimu chuckled.


“Wow wow wow, the beauty is smiling, truly captivating.”


“Get lost.” Shao Yunan wanted to facepalm. He would absolutely not admit that he had corrupted the shy and timid Little Guo back then, absolutely not! Regardless of whether Shao Yunan admitted it or not, his strong personality had definitely influenced Guo Zimu. Guo Zimu wiped his eyes and said, “I took the initiative to kiss him and even let him touch me, but he rejected me. Can you imagine how heartbroken I am?”


Wow, wow, wow, wow! “You really aren’t my Little Guo! Give me back my Little Guo!”


“Get lost! Are you going to help me or not?”


“Help, help, help!” Shao Yunan rubbed his face, telling himself it wasn’t an illusion. Little Guo had truly changed! He asked seriously again, “Are you really sure that your feelings for Lord Murong are romantic love and not paternal love?”


“I have a father. Even though my father is dead, I don’t need to find another one for myself.”


“Then…” Shao Yunan leaned over to bite his ear. “When you two kissed, did you feel anything?” Guo Zimu blushed, clearly not as shameless as Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan nudged him. “Did you feel anything, get hard?” Guo Zimu lowered his head, his face about to drip blood. “If you don’t tell me, how can I help you?”


“I did.”


“Do you really not mind that Lord Murong is so much older than you?”




Shao Yunan teased, “You have to think it over. If you’re with Lord Murong, you might be a widower for many years, unless you find someone else.” Guo Zimu immediately felt despondent, saying, “Even if it’s just a few years, so what? I’ve loved and been loved. That’s enough.”


Wow wow! Unexpectedly, Little Guo’s thoughts were so open-minded. Shao Yunan continued, “There’s one more thing you can’t avoid. Lord Murong already has a wife, regardless of how good or bad their relationship is. She’s still a legitimate wife. If you really get together with Lord Murong, you can only be a concubine at best. Can you handle that?”


Guo Zimu smiled. “Why do I need that empty title? As you said, he’s old and having one day with him is happiness. Whether as a legitimate or a side consort, I’m the only one for him. Isn’t that enough?” It seemed he had truly fallen in love.


Shao Yunan irresponsibly said, “Actually, I think Lord Murong likes you too, but he has his concerns, especially about the age difference. Lord Murong doesn’t want you to suffer in the future, so he dares not accept you. It’s precisely because he rejected your advances that I believe he likes you.”


Guo Zimu grabbed Shao Yunan, asking urgently, “Are you sure he likes me?” Shao Yunan said, “With your face and figure, anyone would have pounced on you immediately. Lord Murong has been a widower for many years and there are hardly any men or women around him. Unless he’s impotent, he can’t resist. But he resisted, indicating he doesn’t want to hold you back. He doesn’t want to touch you under the condition that he can’t accompany you to old age.”


Guo Zimu immediately said, “Lord Murong has feelings for me; I felt it last night. But he wouldn’t let me touch him.” Shao Yunan got gossipy again. “How far did you go yesterday?”

Guo Zimu lowered his head. “Tell me.” Nudge, nudge. “He touched me… below.”




“But, I felt comfortable… but he left.”




“He clearly has feelings for me.”


Shao Yunan had to say, “Little Guo, you know quite a lot, huh.” Guo Zimu immediately said in dissatisfaction, “Don’t think I don’t know what you and Shijing did in the greenhouse!”


“When! How come I don’t know!”


“You two were busy, how would you know I saw it outside? Aren’t you embarrassed? You even said on the boat to be careful of being caught in the act!”


“We’re a legally married couple. How can it be called ‘caught in the act’? It’s a legitimate act.” Guo Zimu was defeated. But after Shao Yunan teased him like this, he didn’t feel as sad as before. Guo Zimu was introverted with few friends. If you could call anyone his friend, it was Shao Yunan—his only friend, a good brother, and family. Both were natural submissives and if Shao Yunan was willing to listen, Guo Zimu could confide his frustrations.


Guo Zimu’s mood might have improved, but King Rong’s side was not so good. Facing the obviously absent-minded person, Wang Shijing had to say, “Uncle Murong, don’t go yet. Wait until you are in a better mood.” King Luo Rong raised his head and touched his face. “Is it so obvious?” Wang Shijing glanced at the chessboard. “Your white stones will all fall outside the chessboard.”


“Alas…” King Luo Rong sighed, put the white piece in his hand into the chess box and gave up. Wang Shijing packed up the chess pieces and went straight to the point. “You and Zimu, not doing well last night?”


“Oh!” King Rong was startled. “We all can see that Zimu likes you. Last night, Yunan made Zimu drink, hoping he’d speak his mind after getting drunk. Last night, Zimu was in your room.” King Luo Rong slumped his shoulders, smiling wryly. “So obvious. Actually, I hadn’t thought in that direction. I’m old; being Little Zimu’s grandfather is about the extent of it.”


Wang Shijing asked, “Do you like him? Don’t hide it from me either.” Wang Shijing wasn’t someone to gossip lightly; if he asked, it meant he genuinely cared. King Luo Rong knew this and shook his head with a smile. “I like him, yes. So beautiful and lovely, how could I not like him? But I’m old. What’s the use of liking him? I can’t hold him back. Even if he’s with me, how many years can I accompany him? He should find a talented person with a similar age, a good family background and good character, not an old guy like me. If he follows me, that’s just ruining him.”


Since King Luo Rong came to the Wang residence, he had never put on airs and sincerely cared for the younger generation. Although King Luo Rong said it with a smile, Wang Shijing felt uneasy. “Lord Murong, if age wasn’t an issue, would you take Zimu?” King Luo Rong didn’t answer immediately.


“Aren’t you fond of Zimu? Or are you afraid the queen won’t be pleased and your children will not be pleased?” King Luo Rong shook his head. “The queen is wholeheartedly focused on becoming a monk. She doesn’t care about my worldly affairs. The crown prince and Xiaohui won’t mind.” Then, there was silence.


“What is Lord Murong worried about?” King Luo Rong lowered his head, sighed deeply and said, “Even if I truly took Zimu, I would give him the status of a proper consort and wouldn’t let him suffer. However, even without the age difference, I still can’t marry him.”




King Luo Rong shook his head helplessly, “I have a disability and can’t provide him with happiness.”


“Disability?!” Wang Shijing’s immediate reaction was. “You… are impotent?” After saying it, he realized it was inappropriate and was about to apologize. Sure enough, King Luo Rong got angry first. “You think I’m impotent? If I were, hardly anyone in the Great State of Yan could perform!”


Wang Shijing was embarrassed. “It’s you who said you couldn’t give Zimu happiness, can’t blame me for misunderstanding.” King Luo Rong was infuriated. “You two-ounce meat guys won’t understand the pain of us eight-ounce meat guys!”


“Cough, cough, cough…!!!” Wang Shijing had probably never been so out of control in his life. He quickly took a sip of water to suppress it. In matters of a man’s dignity, Wang Shijing shamelessly said, “Lord Murong, I have more than two ounces.”


King Luo Rong snorted… “But certainly not eight ounces.”




“Take off your pants, let me see.”




Unaware of the ongoing competition between the two men, Shao Yunan gave advice to Guo Zimu. Guo Zimu had already tried seduction once. Although he was touched, it couldn’t be considered a success. Shao Yunan straightforwardly said to Guo Zimu, “If you really like him and won’t marry anyone but Lord Murong, then pursue him. After all, when you go to the capital, you’ll be living in his residence. There will be plenty of opportunities. If he really cares about you, he might push you away once, but I don’t believe he can resist you a hundred times. As long as Lord Murong can’t resist you once, you can get ready to get married.”


Guo Zimu was hesitant. His face was already thin and the one time he did this last night required all his courage, boosted by alcohol. Shao Yunan continued to encourage him. “Every day, cook delicious meals for him. When he gets used to your cooking, he won’t be able to live without you.”


“But what if he doesn’t like me? Doing this in his eyes would be a lack of self-respect.” Guo Zimu worried. Shao Yunan slapped his chest. “Rest assured, he will definitely like you.” Guo Zimu kept taking deep breaths. Finally, he nodded forcefully. “Okay! I’ll listen to you! I’ll pester him until he agrees!”


“That’s the spirit.”


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