Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 121.1

Wang Shijing bought a whole mountain!

Wang Shijing’s family raised three Brother Tigers!

Wang Shijing’s family had many guards, all armed with swords!

The richest man in Yongxiu County, called Wang Shijing brother and the richest man himself, delivered his family’s grapefruits to him!

On the second day of the ‘Giant Tigers Incident,’ the Wang family’s mansion became the talk of the village once again. For the villagers of Xiushui Village, Wang Shijing, who was once driven to the point of despair by his own mother, has undergone a tremendous transformation since he married his male spouse, Shao Yunan. After he separated from his family, not only have their lives improved, but their social status has also risen. 

Wang Shijing has become a wealthy and respected figure that everyone in Xiushui Village looks up to. Those who are close to their family have also benefited greatly and their households are thriving. The envy of the villagers was beyond measure. 

Where there is envy, there is naturally jealousy and hatred. However, despite their jealousy and hatred, they can only envy and hate behind their backs. No one dares to trouble Wang Shijing or create a scene in front of him, as they shudder at the thought of how Shao Yunan dealt with Old Lady Wang and the Song family. No one would provoke Wang Shijing’s male wife, Shao Yunan.

In addition to the envy directed at the Wang family, there was also a voice of disgust. The previous night, almost every household in the village had men going out to ‘drive away’ the giant tigers. Even in Tang Genshu’s house, where the widowed mother and orphaned children lived, Tang Genshu himself went out with a hatchet. However, there were a few households that didn’t have a single person show up, with no male members coming out of their houses. 

One was the Wang family, as neither Wang Dali nor Wang Tianyan stepped outside. The other was the Wang brothers, Wang Bensheng and Wang Benshang, and their extended family. Wang Bensheng and Wang Benshang were of old age, so it was somewhat understandable that they didn’t come out. But they both had sons, not just one, and their sons were strong and sturdy, yet not a single one was seen. 

If one were to force an argument, Tang Genshu, Wang Bensheng’s grandson-in-law, did come out. But after he ensured that he could support his mother and younger brother, he boldly declared that their family would never seek help from the grandfather’s family, even if someone from the grandfather’s family died.

This time, the villagers were furious at these three families. Wang Wenhan directly issued a statement that if these three families didn’t contribute in times of danger in the future, they would be expelled from the clan. Wang Benshang almost spat blood after being scolded by Wang Wenhe that night and Wang Wenhe remembered it clearly. 

Wang Benshang and Wang Bensheng were unable to come up with any justification for their actions. Other families’ children had come out, so what were their two households’ patriarchs doing hiding at home? However, on that day, people from both families made sarcastic remarks. If it weren’t for the two people from the Wang family, how could the giant tigers come down from the mountain? How could they be blamed? 

As for Wang Dali, he took the initiative to admit his mistake to the clan patriarch and promised never to behave like that again. Wang Dali might be spineless and cowardly, but compared to being expelled from the clan and becoming a lonely ghost after death, being spineless and cowardly was a lesser concern. But Wang Benshang and Wang Bensheng’s unrepentant attitude angered him. 

Immediately, Wang Wenhe as the clan patriarch ordered that in the future, Wang Benshang and Wang Bensheng’s families would not receive any dividends from the clan, nor would they be responsible for the clan’s public affairs. At the same time, they were not allowed to participate in this year’s New Year ancestral worship. 

Wang Benchang and Wang Bensheng were dissatisfied and brought their families to confront Wang Wenhe, but Wang Shuping intervened and managed to suppress them with a few words. The reason why Yunlong restaurant prioritized the purchase of vegetables, raised poultry, and eggs from the Wang clan was because the owner of Yunlong restaurant, Wang Shijing was a member of the Wang clan, and his decision was entirely based on the respect for his father the clan patriarch. Furthermore, the clan’s public land was originally scarce, but the fact it has increased was also thanks to Wang Shijing, who after separating from the clan, provided 800 taels of silver.

It was fortunate that the three tigers recognized Wang Shijing’s family, but what if they were actually mountain creatures that came down to prey on humans? If someone is in trouble and you don’t want to help, but instead try to benefit from their situation, that’s not how things should work. 

The food supplies sent by the Wang clan to Yunlong restaurant would no longer be accepted from Wang Bensheng and Wang Benshang’s families. The dividends from the public land purchased with the 800 taels of silver would also exclude these two families. Furthermore, Wang Wenhe was the clan head and had the authority to decide which clan members could not participate in ancestral worship. If they did not agree, they could leave the clan and establish their own households.

This caused a big uproar among the two families. The men cursed and the women cried, but no matter how much they cursed or cried, Wang Shuping did not budge. The members of the Wang clan stood firmly on the side of the clan leader. They were also angry. They hid when there was trouble, but rushed forward when there was a benefit, such good deals shouldn’t exist. 

They had long been displeased with these two families. Regardless of how much these two families caused a scene, Wang Shuping remained resolute. Their family had already started making sesame paste and the response from the restaurant was excellent. Now, only a fool would dare to offend Wang Shuping. 

The members of the Wang clan were eagerly waiting for Wang Shuping to turn the sesame paste business into the Zhao clan’s jam and the Sun clan’s chrysanthemum tea, benefiting the entire clan. In such a context, the Wang clan members were busy flattering Wang Shuping and no longer dared to offend him.

When Shao Yunan heard about this from Zhao He, he chuckled and replied with two words, “Deserved it.” However, he didn’t expect Wang Shuping to be so strong-willed. But after thinking about it, he understood. His son was successful, the family started earning money again, and Wang Shuping himself was capable and intelligent. So naturally, he would stand firm.

The next morning, the three big cats drank a basin full of spiritual spring water mixed with spiritual spring milk and returned to the mountain. The previous night, Shao Yunan had sent the three little ones into the space. The three big cats were also curious about where the children had gone, but Shao Yunan didn’t dare to send them in. 

It wasn’t because he was afraid they would harm the children, but rather because they might drink all the spiritual spring milk he had. Currently, only two to three drops of spiritual milk could be collected in a day, which was still insufficient considering the demand. If the three big cats entered the space, they would definitely not leave a single drop for him.

That night, the three big cats also received names given by Shao Yunan. The Brother Tiger was still called Brother Tiger, but the young tigers who fought fiercely were named Big Gold and Little Gold. Everyone please forgive Shao Yunan for his lack of naming skills.

After Big and Little Gold and Brother Tiger returned to the mountain, Shao Yunan spent an hour teaching Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi, assigning homework before getting busy again. Tea leaves were continuously being harvested, keeping him busy without a moment’s rest. Wang Shijing went to the tea processing center in the morning and helped Shao Yunan with processing tea in the afternoon.

During lunchtime, Big Gold, Little Gold, and Brother Tiger unexpectedly came down the mountain again. The villagers were relatively calm this time, although they were still wary. Instead of entering through the gate, Big Gold, Little Gold, and Brother Tiger jumped over the courtyard wall and entered the Wang residence. This scared Yan Fusheng, who asked the household head if they should increase the height of the courtyard wall, but Shao Yunan said it was completely unnecessary. 

To prevent the dogs from being too frightened upon seeing the tigers, Shao Yunan tied all four dogs at the back and told Big Gold, Little Gold, and Brother Tiger not to go to the backyard. The three tigers understood human nature well. If Shao Yunan said not to go, they shouldn’t be too curious. As long as they were given good water to drink every day, they were willing to cooperate.

Big Gold, Little Gold, and Brother Tiger didn’t come empty-handed. Big Gold brought another male deer. Perhaps it was because they had seen Shao Yunan cut off the antlers of a male deer last time and heard that deer antler was a good thing, so Big Gold caught another one. Shao Yunan quickly told them not to keep killing male deer, otherwise, the deer population in the mountains would go extinct. 

He planned to prepare the deer antler and send it to the capital. He didn’t lack these good things and wanted to give them to his father, mother, martial brothers, Weng Lao, the Emperor, and the Empress to enjoy. As for the deer, he would let Zheng Da and others handle them. Several households in the village who had a good relationship with him would also receive some. There was also a male deer and a wild boar in the space, which he would find an opportunity to bring out.


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