Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 119.2

Jiang Kangning frowned. “Wei Hongzheng is truly arrogant!” Shao Yunan was a male wife who would have children in the future, so kicking the stomach of a male wife was no different from kicking a woman’s stomach. It was a very malicious act. Wang Shijing reassured him. “Don’t worry, Brother. When Wei Hongzheng returns to the capital, his life will be in danger. The Emperor won’t spare him.”

Jiang Kangning’s mind was spinning fast, unable to help but ask, “What did he say? Yunan wouldn’t let me ask and also told Deputy Commander Dai not to ask.” Wang Shijing replied, “He cursed the Emperor to not live long.” Jiang Kangning gasped. “Does he think his own life is too long?!” Wang Shijing nodded, “Apparently.” Jiang Kangning said, “Now even his father, Marquis Hengyuan, can’t save him.” Wang Shijing nodded again. “Not even the Emperor himself can save him.”

At the Wang residence… Zhao He and Guo Zimu tasted the freshly brewed honey grapefruit tea and exclaimed, “It’s delicious! I didn’t expect it to be so tangy and sweet. I can’t bear to sell it.” Shao Yunan said, “It tastes great when spread on bread too. There’s nothing to be reluctant about. Chen Sanli’s brother is the magistrate of Guangnan Prefecture. We can get as many grapefruits as we want. He will definitely be willing to cooperate with us in this business. Chen Sanli’s son is also my father’s student.”

Zhao He smiled and sighed. “Yunan, you are truly a benefactor to everyone in our family. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to live such a good life now and Congbo couldn’t even dream of going to White Moon Academy. My parents wouldn’t have let Yuande and Yuanqing separate so early and I wouldn’t be as comfortable as I am now. Also speaking of Shijing, if it weren’t for marrying you, he would still be stuck with the Wang Zhu family. He wouldn’t have been able to consider the county magistrate as his sworn brother or recognize Dean Cen as his adoptive father.” Guo Zimu added, “Without Yunan, my brother and I would still be begging.”

“Yes, that’s why Yunan, you are our great benefactor.” Shao Yunan felt a bit embarrassed. He was not just a benefactor, he was a soul reincarnated with a super cheat code. He was also fortunate to have encountered good people, otherwise, he would have been burned to death by being labeled as abnormal or possessed by demons.

“You are also my benefactors. If Shijing treated me badly, I wouldn’t be able to assert myself in front of the Wang family. If you had ill intentions towards me, I wouldn’t be able to establish myself in the village. Big Brother Guo and Little Brother Guo have also helped me a lot since coming to my house. My life has improved and of course, I hope my friends’ lives have improved too. Putting aside these sentimental words, as long as we are all doing well, it’s good. Brother He, you work hard and process all these grapefruits as soon as possible. I’ll talk to Chen Sanli and arrange for more grapefruits to be delivered.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll send Yuande to buy honey and rock sugar later.”

“You calculate the cost. One bottle should be the same size as the one you used for jam. Price it at five times the cost.”

“Five times?!”

Zhao He was shocked, but Shao Yunan just calmly said, “Five times is still too low. Ingredients cost money and labor also costs money. Besides the three of us, who else in the Great State of Yan can make grapefruit tea? Even if they want to make it, they need to have access to the grapefruits. I believe Chen Sanli won’t let too many people have too many grapefruits either.”

Zhao He and Guo Zimu, “…” Zhao He was puzzled. “Why are you suddenly so interested in this business? Is it because you don’t have money? If you don’t have money, you should have told me. I would have given you some.” Shao Yunan was truly moved as he coughed lightly. “No, I have money. I want to put the business of honey grapefruit tea under my elder brother’s name. He is the county magistrate and an upright person, so I should consider him too. Even a county magistrate needs to eat.”

Zhao He instantly understood, “I see. Alright! Whatever amount you say, I will make sure it sells.” Naturally, the honey grapefruit tea was not intended to be registered under Jiang Kangning’s name. Shao Yunan just couldn’t say that he wanted to earn money for the Emperor and Empress. Jiang Kangning wanted to climb the ranks and it would be best not to leave any handle for future political enemies. Anyway, with Shao Yunan around, his elder brother would never lack money to spend.

Having learned the honey grapefruit tea recipe, Zhao He held the jar he made and the basket of grapefruits given by Shao Yunan and returned home. Next, Shao Yunan and Guo Zimu took out all the grapefruits in their home and cleaned them to make grapefruit tea.

Guo Zimu asked, “Yunan, should we find someone to deliver the finished grapefruit tea to Uncle Cen and Brother Kang in the capital? I have been to the capital before and it’s not as moist there as it is here. During the spring, it’s easy for people to cough. Isn’t grapefruit tea good for moisturizing the lungs?”

“Little Guo, you’re so thoughtful. Let’s use white porcelain jars, It will preserve it well. Tomorrow morning, when Big Brother goes to Elder Brother’s place, he can take them with him and ask Elder Brother to have them delivered to the capital as soon as possible.”

“I’ll go get the jars.” Guo Zimu left and Shao Yunan looked at the grapefruits on the table, pondered for a while, walked to the door, glanced outside, and seeing no one, he closed the door. He then had an extra porcelain bottle in his hand, and he opened the lid and dropped two drops of spiritual milk into the large pot used for making the  grapefruit tea. Then he filled it with spiritual spring water. 

Wei Hongzheng said that it was difficult to say whether the Empress could survive the next year. It was possible that the spiritual milk content in the yuan paste was too small to have a repairing effect on the Empress’ body, or perhaps it was too slow. It was also possible that the Empress’s current physical condition was terrible, which allowed Wei Hongzheng to confidently say such words. Regardless of the reason he wouldn’t let anything happen to the Empress.

When Guo Zimu returned with Ding Ye, Ding Ji, Zheng Wei, and Zheng Tianhua carrying two boxes of white porcelain bottles, Shao Yunan had already prepared the grapefruits. “Little Guo, let’s make the ones to be delivered to the capital first.”

“Alright.” Honey grapefruit tea would definitely be loved by the children. The three children admired their “Little Father” (Uncle Yunan) even more. The sour and bitter grapefruits were turned by Shao Yunan into such a delicious sweet and sour jam that could also be enjoyed as a drink. Wang Qing immediately said, “Dad, can I take some to my friends at the academy?”

“Sure. How many people do you want to give it to?”

“Two. They are my best friends at the academy, one named Zou Wenzhe and the other named Guo Yu. They both know about you, Little Father.”

“How do they know about me?”

Wang Qing explained the situation, leaving Shao Yunan speechless. “Little Father is so famous?” Wang Qing smiled and said, “Their mothers are very impressed with you. Zou Wenzhe and Guo Yu also want to meet you, but I told them that you’ve been busy lately.”

Well, there’s nothing to mind. He has become famous even in the capital. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped. Also judging from Wang Qing’s appearance, those two kids should be good. He said, “When Little Father is less busy, you can invite them to our house. When you go to the academy, Little Father will give you two bottles to bring to them.”

“Thank you, Little Father!”

“Chocolate.” Shao Yunan chuckled, ruffling Jiang Moxi’s head. This boy always looked cool, but loved to eat. He’s just asking for someone to ruffle his hair. “Have you found the cocoa seeds?” Jiang Moxi’s eyes immediately lit up, nodding. Shao Yunan lowered his voice and said, “Then tonight, you three go and plant them. Just bury the seeds in the soil and water them. You can ask your little brother for help.”

Jiang Moxi immediately looked at Wang Qing, who wouldn’t dare refuse and quickly said, “I’ll do it.”


“Ah? Okay!” Shao Yunan said, ”When the cocoa tree grows, I’ll make various chocolate desserts for you. So, work hard, young ones!” Shao Yunan’s modern way of speaking made the three children feel both curious and secretly proud to share a common secret. After ruffling Jiang Moxi’s hair, Shao Yunan casually asked, “Moxi, are you still playing with the Rubik’s Cube?”


“Then, how many levels did you solve?” Jiang Moxi looked at Shao Yunan without speaking and Wang Qing spoke up. “Big Brother completed the last one the night before yesterday.” Shao Yunan was astonished. “Your big brother solved the twelve levels?”


Shao Yunan looked at Jiang Moxi and muttered, “Genius, he’s definitely a genius.” Jiang Moxi remained calm and tugged at Yunan’s clothes, making a request. “Thirteen.” Shao Yunan shrugged. “There’s no thirteen level here, Uncle only has up to level twelve. How about you figure out a thirteen-level cube on your own?”

Jiang Moxi let go. “Ship.” He wanted to build a ship and currently didn’t have time for the Rubik’s Cube. Shao Yunan rubbed Jiang Moxi’s head. “Moxi, the future of our family is in your hands. Keep it up!”

“Yes!” Jiang Moxi’s eyes sparkled with confidence. Looking into his eyes, Shao Yunan eagerly anticipated the arrival of Jiang Kangchen.


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