After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 46.2

Most of the audience came to join the fun and a large part of them were attracted by the matter of Arthur and Yan Xueshan after the press conference.

Not long after, Arthur went offline.

Lin Qi chattered for ten minutes before receiving a notification from Arthur, saying: Okay, now for the post-game after-party, let’s turn the camera to Mr. Yan Xueshan’s farm.”

The audience locked the screen as they switched from fiction to reality.

The two elite top division soldiers of the Federation had changed out of their high-tech mecha suits and leather shoes, and put on the attire of farmers, looking very down-to-earth.

Yan Xueshan wore dark blue strappy jeans, a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, trousers, and waterproof boots. He had gloves on his hands, and a straw hat hanging behind his neck. All clothes looked used but still very good on him.

He was in a daze, as if he  didn’t quite understand what was going on, while Arthur, standing beside him in a dark gray overalls, looked bright and sunny.

They stood in a clearing in front of a lush field, with two agricultural mechas beside them. Compared with the S-class battle mechas everyone just saw, these agricultural mechas looked very weak and simple.

No, how could they even be called mechas?

At most they could only be called agricultural machinery, right?

No it still wasn’t right.

Hadn’t they come to see the newlywed life of the two Master Sergeants? Why did the content switch to farming?

At this moment, Arthur spoke.

Yan Xueshan looked at him and listened quietly.

Arthur smiled and said kindly, “Dear interstellar pirates, I think you are probably watching this show, so I want to take this opportunity to show you a Federation’s farm.

“I believe that many people don’t want to become interstellar pirates who rob and kill, but were forced by turbulent times to take up arms to protect themselves, which is normal and shouldn’t be blamed.

“Anyone would like to have a home where they can live in peace. Come on, take a look, this farm is pretty good, right?”

Yan Xueshan didn’t know what he was going to do at first, but as he continued to listen he understood—

He was planning to recruit interstellar pirates.

Just as he thought, how could Arthur do such a brain-dead thing as spending tens of millions just to propose marriage? He was just setting the stage.

Indeed, most interstellar pirates were the legacy of the previous era of war.

People in troubled times were unfortunately caught in war. In many cases they didn’t have any other choice than to become interstellar pirates.

Some of them may be born anti-social, but he felt that the majority of ordinary people had humanity. If they could lead a good life, who would want to become a shelterless, fugitive criminal?

Combating piracy requires force, but force alone cannot fundamentally solve the problem.

Arthur continued. “Now, I, Admiral Arthur, on behalf of the Federation, extend an invitation to you—to surrender to the nearest federal government department so you can obtain federal citizenship like ordinary people while the Federation will provide training and re-employment.

“Depending on the extent of your crimes, the federal government will grant you varying degrees of pardon. Interstellar pirates who are not wanted criminals for violating other human rights will receive a direct pardon of innocence.

“Interstellar pirates who are not wanted for major vicious crimes can offset their crimes by paying fines.

 “Even if you are an interstellar pirate who has committed a federal felony under unavoidable circumstances, if you still have some good in your heart and helped civilians in the war and have done other good deeds, you can contact the federal government to discuss reducing your crimes.”

On the side of Arthur was a shovel stuck in the ground that he leaned on for casual support with a smile on his face. This didn’t make people think that he is weak, as his smile didn’t seem to reach his eyes.

If you are good, he will shake your hand, if you are stubborn, then he will draw his gun on you.

Just look, he was a kind hearted Admiral that was willing to negotiate, but his kindness has a sharp edge.

It also needed to be said that this agricultural planet was very beautiful.

Especially when harvest was approaching, in this bright afternoon a refreshing wind passed by, rippling deep green fields in waves. The audience seemed to be able to smell the fragrance of flowers, leaves, grass and earth. You could also hear the quietest and gentlest murmur of nature.

Arthur in this background was like an old friend that said to everyone, “The war is over, and your hometown has returned to peace. Do you still remember how your hometown looked, before it were destroyed by war? Do you love your hometown? If you love it, why don’t you go back and help rebuild?”

Yan Xueshan had been looking at Arthur intently, and upon hearing this, once again, inexplicably, he unconsciously curled the corners of his mouth.

Well said, he thought. If his adoptive father was still alive, he would have liked what Arthur had said.

In the interstellar broadcast, everyone saw the iceberg-like Yan Xueshan was illuminated by the sun, the corners of his eyes and brows seemed to stretch out gently, with love and admiration.

He was already beautiful, but now he looked so beautiful that people couldn’t turn their eyes away. He attracted many people’s attention.

“You can call your fellow villagers to come home with you, and if the number of people returning reaches a certain number, you can also get additional construction bonuses for your hometown. Do you see these two latest agricultural mechas next to me?

“The Federation is now recycling dangerous military weapons, and we calculate its value according to the original price and exchange it for agricultural mechas with a certain percentage and enough fields to live on at a preferential price.

“Do you want land of your own? Do you want a house of your own? Do you want a lover who belongs to you?”

Turning his head to glance at Yan Xueshan, he looked at him, their gazes seemed to be dripping with honey.

The two of them were so well-matched, that even though this moment wasn’t long, just a blink of an eye, it gave the audience a feeling that no couple in the whole interstellar could find a better match than them.

Arthur stretched out his other hand to hold Yan Xueshan’s hand, and raised it to the camera. Revealing the wedding ring on Yan Xueshan’s hand, he said, “Still, it’s very difficult to be as lucky as I am and have such a good lover. My lover is the best in the whole interstellar, you can only envy me. Hahaha.

“This can’t really be guaranteed to be distributed, but the house and land can.”

These two men were also S-class Master Sergeant who could be called at any moment and enter a mecha cockpit to fight other top fighters. Yet at this moment, on the live broadcast watched by everyone in the whole interstellar, they stepped on the ground and leaned down to climb inside the hatch of an agricultural mecha.

Just like  thousands of ordinary farmers.

“Next, my lover Yan Xueshan and I will act as farmers and show you how the Federation’s finest agricultural mechas operate.

“All you need is a multifunctional agricultural mecha and you can do all farm work independently with great ease.”



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