Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 117.2

“That’s because they have something they like to eat more.” And what they liked was truly precious! Wang Qing said, “Little Father, can we come to the mountain to play with them in the future?”

“Don’t worry. With their sharp noses, they’ll definitely be able to smell us when we come up the mountain. Once I and your father are done with our busy schedule, and you have some free time, we’ll come to the mountain to play with the tigers. Moxi you also need to complete the assignments given by me and your uncle. If you don’t finish them, you won’t be allowed to play with the tigers.”

Originally, Jiang Moxi wanted to rest every day and go up the mountain, but now he tightly pursed his lips. “You’re the Big Brother. Your studies shouldn’t be worse than your younger brother. Don’t you still want to build a ship? How will you do it if you don’t study? You don’t even know how to draw blueprints.”

Jiang Moxi stopped pursing his lips. The tigers were fun, but he wanted to build a ship. Wang Qing immediately said, “Little Father, Big Brother said he wants to build a ship in the future.”

“Then Moxi needs to work hard,” Shao Yunan replied.

Jiang Moxi spoke seriously. “I’ll build the ship. Qing, you become a duke.” What does that mean? Shao Yunan looked at Jiang Moxi. “Brother Qing, Duke? What kind of duke?”

Wang Qing said, “Big Brother said the same thing last night and I didn’t understand either.” Wang Shijing was the first to understand. “Is Moxi suggesting that Qing become a duke?”

“Yes!” Jiang Moxi nodded vigorously. Shao Yunan raised an eyebrow, as the following words from Jiang Moxi surprised both him and Wang Shijing.

“Qing, the duke, protects. I build the ship to escape.” Shao Yunan immediately understood the meaning of these words. He fiercely pinched Jiang Moxi’s face. “Haha, our Moxi is thinking so far ahead. Qing will become a duke in the future, the pillar of our family, while you, Moxi, will build the ship. If we are in danger, we’ll escape by sea. Is that what you mean?”

Jiang Moxi nodded, but in return, his Uncle Yunan once again pinched his face. Jiang Moxi struggled free and rubbed his face, retreating behind Wang Nizi. Wang Qing looked at his Big Brother in astonishment. Was this really what his Big Brother meant? Someone patted his head and he looked up.

“Qing your Big Brother has high expectations for you. But the position of a duke is very high, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. As long as you study with dedication, it doesn’t matter if you become an official in the future or not. But having a learning goal for yourself is always good.”

Wang Qing bit his lip and said, “I will strive to achieve it!” Shao Yunan smiled and ruffled Wang Qing’s hair, feeling deeply gratified for these two children, especially Jiang Moxi, who had once suffered from autism. Jiang Moxi having such thoughts showed that he was an extremely intelligent child. Regardless of whether it was the spring water or spiritual milk that enhanced his intelligence, that certain family in the capital would only regret it.

The family returned to the Wang residence leisurely. Before they entered, Zheng Da, who was opening the door, informed them that Jiang Kangning and Deputy Commander Dai Jiang had arrived and were waiting in the main hall.

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan hurriedly went back to their rooms to change clothes, leaving Zheng Wei to take care of the three children and bring them back to their rooms to bathe and change clothes. There wasn’t enough time for a bath, so Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan washed their faces, changed their clothes, and headed straight to the main hall.

Jiang Kangning and Dai Jiang were sipping tea and eating snacks while playing chess. When they heard that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had returned, Jiang Kangning instructed Yan Fusheng to remove the chessboard. 

As soon as Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan appeared, Jiang Kangning reprimanded, “Shijing, Yunan has just returned from a great danger and you took him to pick tea on the mountain. He should have been resting properly at home.”

Wang Shijing immediately responded. “You’re right, Big Brother.”

Shao Yunan approached with a smile and said, “My face may look scary, but I’ve taken medicine and it’s much better now. This is a critical period and these minor injuries are nothing compared to making money, which should be our top priority.”

Facing Shao Yunan, Jiang Kangning’s expression softened considerably and he said, “It wouldn’t matter if you delayed picking tea for a day or two. You’ve also suffered enough and you should rest well!”

Knowing that his Big Brother was concerned about him, Shao Yunan accepted his kind intentions and said, “Yes, yes, we’ve already finished picking tea. It was all Shijing’s work and I was just watching from below. I’ll rest well for a day tomorrow, since the tea needs to be dried anyway.” Jiang Kangning nodded and said, “That’s right.” 

Wang Shijing spoke up. “Why did Vice Commander Dai and Big Brother come?” It was a busy period for tea production, so these two individuals must have come for a reason at this time. Dai Jiang replied, “The incident involving Brother Shao was significant and I must personally escort the prisoner back to the capital to present him to the Emperor. It will take me around ten days, maybe half a month, to return.”

Jiang Kangning continued, “The situation in the capital is complicated. Although the Emperor and the Empress have made every effort to avoid attracting attention to you, we can’t be too cautious. Fortunately, Shijing has martial skills and military experience, so he should be fine. But you and the children need to be extremely careful.”

Dai Jiang added, “I hope brother Shao understands.” Shao Yunan immediately bowed and said, “I understand Vice Commander’s meaning. The place where I make tea is in my own courtyard, so I don’t need to go out. Shijing and Steward Yan will take care of the tea collection and other matters. I’ll also ask Shijing to request leave for Qing.”

Jiang Kangning said, “I’ve already arranged for Qing’s leave from the academy. You and Qing are the most vulnerable.”

“Understood.” Shao Yunan fully accepted his Big Brother’s arrangement. Safety comes first, even if it means temporarily inconveniencing Wang Qing.

Dai Jiang and Jiang Kangning had come to discuss this matter. They also needed to discuss the follow-up plans with Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. After Shao Yunan was kidnapped, they couldn’t afford to act so casual anymore.

When the two arrived, Yan Fusheng had already asked Guo Zimu to prepare dinner for the distinguished guests. After eating, Dai Jiang left five additional guards for Shao Yunan’s family and took advantage of the night to leave Xiushui Village. He was scheduled to depart for the capital the next day. Jiang Kangning also had to return to the county government office as there were many matters to attend to, so he needed to remain on site.

Jiang Kangning and Vice Commander Dai left and as they were seeing the two off, Wang Shijing whispered a few words to Vice Commander Dai. After a moment of contemplation, Vice Commander Dai nodded. The past couple of days, they had already collected a lot of tea at home, and the dried tea leaves needed to be fried now, so Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan hadn’t had a chance to rest. 

The tea-making process required strict confidentiality, so the two of them went to the tea-making room in the backyard. Not long after they arrived, Yan Fusheng knocked on the tightly closed door and Tang Genshu came.

Wang Shijing went out to meet him and when he returned, he was carrying a basket of tea leaves that Tang Genshu had brought, specifically Qimen black tea. Shao Yunan inspected it. Tang Genshu had separated the tender shoots into one bud-one leaf, two leaves, and three leaves. Even the tea leaves were rolled nicely. 

After the inspection, Shao Yunan said. “In the future, you can focus on training Tang Genshu to be responsible for tea collection. He has good talent.” Wang Shijing replied, “He is a very diligent kid and I had the same intention.”

The method of making black tea was different from that of green tea. Shao Yunan stored the Qimen black tea in his space and also stored all the tea leaves that couldn’t be processed today in the space, sprinkling them with spiritual spring water. 

Just as Wang Shijing finished locking the front door, someone knocked on the door again. He opened it and couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless. “Why aren’t you three going to bed? What are you doing here?”

“Father, Big Brother and I want to help, and Nizi wants to come along too.” Nizi immediately said, “I can help too.” Shao Yunan called from inside, “Let them in.”

Wang Shijing let the three children in and they were all very happy. Once again, he closed the door and thought there would be no more disturbances, so he locked the door.

Shao Yunan said, “Their timing is perfect. Go to the space and spread out all the tea leaves inside for drying. Qing, do it just like when we dried wild chrysanthemums at home before. I’ve already sorted them by type, so make sure not to mix them up. Qing, I’m entrusting it to you.”


“After you finish, go to the wooden house and sleep, don’t go near the water.”


Shao Yunan tossed the three children into the space, removed his obstructive outer robe, rolled up his sleeves, and started working.

They worked tirelessly throughout the night. Shao Yunan put the three children into the space, and Wang Shijing tidied up. The three children slept soundly on the bed in the wooden house, while all the tea leaves stored in the space were neatly spread out and categorized on bamboo mats. 

Without waking the three children, Shao Yunan carried them out of the space. Wang Shijing also finished his tasks. He first carried the deeply sleeping Nizi back to her room and handed her over to Xia Chun and Xia Qiu. Then he returned to escort Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi back to their room. Shao Yunan locked the door, secured the two dogs to guard the entrance, and while yawning, went back to his room.


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