Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 123.2

Uncle Wang, Wang Shuping, Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuanqing all asked in astonishment, “Your uncle?” Shao Yunan replied, “It’s the Lord An who visited our house before. He recognizes me and Shijing as his nephews. I think that old lady from the Wang family should see a doctor. She has a problem with her mind. The Wang family should take care of her and not let her roam around and cause trouble.”

“Pfft!” The surrounding people all burst out laughing, but everyone looked at Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing with extraordinarily complicated eyes. Wang Shijing’s family really has a lot of support. Wang Shiping said, “It’s better than anything that you come back safely. Go back and pack up. Hurry up and send someone to report to the magistrate that they are safe.”

Wang Shijing said, “After we go back and clean up, we’ll go to the county town and stay there tonight. Shuping and Yuande, you guys find someone to kill these prey. Anyone from the village who comes looking for us should be given a share. Thank them for all trouble. The brothers from the Yamen who came to search for us, they should also get a share. You can keep some of each for my family. We’ll bring them with us when we go to the county town.”

Wang Shuping replied, “Okay, we’ll make sure everything is prepared for you before you leave.”

Upon hearing that everyone would get a share, they were all very happy, especially since most of them had never tasted such exotic meat before. The Yamen officials who were ordered to find them, initially felt reluctant because it wasn’t official business, but just finding the county magistrate’s younger brother. However, upon hearing that they could get some wild animal meat as a reward, they were also delighted. They didn’t come here in vain.

When Wang Shijing and his family came down from the mountain, they encountered two more groups of people looking for them. Everyone was relieved to see them return safely. They were escorted back to the Wang residence, but before they could enter the house, the whole village already knew that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had returned, along with the three children and tigers. 

Many people were happy, but there were also some who were not. Old Lady Wang family’s plan had fallen through, not to mention how disappointed they were. Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu, who were previously full of joy, now felt a bit guilty. They had heard that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had gone missing on the mountain, and strange things had happened there. They thought the whole family would never come back, so they returned to the village.

If there was someone Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu least wanted to encounter, it was Shao Yunan. Now that Shao Yunan had returned, Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu immediately packed their bags and left without even waiting for lunch. No matter how much Old Lady Wang tried to persuade them, they couldn’t be persuaded. 

Of course, old lady Wang didn’t want her daughter, Wang Chunxiu, to stay, but she was also deeply disappointed that her son, Wang Zhisong, whom she loved and favored the most, was leaving. She had been feeling very aggrieved lately and wanted her son to spend more time with her and hoped that he would avenge her in the future.

Wang Zhisong used the excuse of needing to review his studies. The news of the imperial examination results would be announced soon and he had a lot to prepare for. Old Lady Wang knew she couldn’t stop him once he said that. After Wang Zhisong returned, old lady Wang didn’t miss any chance to complain to him about Wang Tianyan and Wang Guo’s unfilial behavior and how Wang Guo bullied her – mother-in-law. 

Wang Guo didn’t dare to be rude and unreasonable outside, but she became even more unreasonable at home and she resented her for it. Wang Zhisong didn’t dare to provoke her and before he could say a word, Wang Guo accused him and his mother of causing their imprisonment, so Wang Zhisong didn’t dare to say anything. Moreover, Wang Zhisong was also annoyed that his mother always held him back. He even hoped that his father would divorce his mother, so that someone could control her, which would only make him happy.

As for Wang Chunxiu, since that day, she hasn’t said a word to Old Lady Wang. When she returned, Old Lady Wang just scolded her. She scolded her for ruining her reputation and not being able to get married, wasting the family’s money. When Old Lady Wang scolded her, Wang Chunxiu would also scold her back. 

How her reputation got ruined, Shao Yunan was one reason, but her own mother was another reason, and it was her own mother who pushed her into the most unbearable situation. Old Lady Wang, who was beaten and scolded by Wang Guo was also not as spirited as before and she just scolded Wang Chunxiu, who scolded her even more harshly in return. When she hit Wang Chunxiu, Wang Chunxiu either dodged or fought back. In short, there was no peace. If it weren’t for the hope of dividing the Wang residence’s family property, she wouldn’t have returned to this house.

Wang Zhisong was also foolish. Since Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan returned, he left. If he and Wang Chunxiu left like this, how can the villagers not gossip about them? Wang Zhisong turned a deaf ear to the discussions of the villagers and avoided them all, focusing only on the idea that as long as he passes the imperial examination, he can escape from all this in front of him. But he didn’t know that he had already ruined his own future.

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family returned safely and the people in the Wang residence finally breathed a sigh of relief after worrying for several days. Leaving aside the women in the mansion, Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu immediately became teary-eyed when they saw them. 

Aunt Zhou’s tears were flowing uncontrollably as she hugged Nizi and took her to bathe, feeling heartbroken. Miao Yuan and Su Ce wiped the corners of their eyes and served the two young masters in bathing. Guo Ziyu sternly reprimanded them like never before. “Don’t follow those three troublemakers anymore! Do you know how worried and anxious everyone was?”

“Big Brother Guo, we were wrong. We were reckless this time,” Shao Yunan obediently lowered his head and admitted his mistake. Wang Shijing also apologized. “We will never do it again.”

Yan Fusheng also spoke up. “Master, young master, the people at home couldn’t even close their eyes these past few days, afraid that something might happen to you. The county magistrate sent someone to inquire every hour. Please don’t do this again.”

“We won’t, we won’t,” Shao Yunan said.

Qin Niang spoke up. “Master, young master, go wash up. I’ll go to the kitchen with Zimu and Ziyu to prepare some delicious food for you.”

“No need. Big brother got very scared. I heard he was so anxious that he has blisters in his mouth and can’t eat. After we tidy up, we’ll go to the county town and won’t come back tonight. Wang Shuping and the others will send some animal meat over later. We’ll take some and you can cook the rest. Nizi picked some red fruit and long green melons. They’re delicious. You can also take a few, but keep the seeds. There’s not much of this stuff in the woods. I want to see if we can grow it ourselves.”

Upon hearing this, Guo Ziyu said, “You should go. The county magistrate’s hair has turned almost white with worry. Should I collect the tea leaves that I’ve been drying for you?”

Oh, right, the tea leaves!

“Leave them for now. After Shijing and I finish washing up, we’ll collect them in the tea processing room.”

“You two go wash up quickly.”

This time, it really frightened everyone. Brother Tiger and Little and Big Gold went to the backyard to bathe. Although there was a large pool in the house for them to bathe in, it was better to skip it considering all the mud on their bodies. After the five people and three big cats were cleaned up, Wang Shuping and Zhao Yuande also brought over the meat. 

Half of it was left at home, while Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing took the tea leaves that Guo Ziyu had dried and brought them to the tea processing room, immediately storing them in the space. These tea leaves had been dried for a long time, so Shao Yunan needed to process them before roasting.

After handling things at home, Wang Shijing personally drove the carriage and the family went to the county town, while Brother Tiger and Little and Big Gold returned to the mountain. In fact, when no one was paying attention, Shao Yunan sent them into the space.


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