Travelling Frog – Chapter 7.2 – Pilot Section

The Gin thoughts turned to the scenes he saw when he first entered the amusement park.

The blood-red crescent moon, the eternal darkness, the endless wasteland, and those three strange entertainment facilities…or rather, chaotic creatures.

In such hardcore purgatory, even the Bodhisattva would exclaim in compassion.

Gin withdrew his thoughts but saw that the demon was no longer continuing the story, but staring at him fixedly.

After a moment of doubt, he suddenly realized that the first two questions had been answered, so he opened his mouth again: “What is the connection between the Chaos Amusement Park and the former Sullivia?”

Demon nodded: “It’s related. This place can actually be considered Sullivia last ‘legacy’.”

“I’ll answer this question. Sitting quietly is so boring,” said the skeleton as he lifted his right arm and gestured, adorned with a golden bracelet and two ruby rings that reflected a faint light from the candle.

“After the ancient god stopped observing Sullivia, the abnormality of this universe did not stop, but instead persisted for an extremely long time, until it ceased to change after its disappearance. On the eve of the abnormality, Sullivia cosmologists left a legacy for the highest artificial intelligence at the time that could attempt to resist – the Intelligence Brain. Unfortunately, its resistance failed, and it distorted along with the entire world, but before it fell into complete corruption, it used a weapon with a principle and power that are difficult to describe to solve itself.”

“Of course, before that, it placed what the cosmologists had left deep underground to escape the disaster. Only after the ancient god was annihilated did this ‘legacy’ surface, and the chaotic amusement park of today developed according to the information in the chip.”

The skeleton fiddled with his bracelet, and the bells on the golden thread with floral designs jingled. “Do you know why this place is an amusement park instead of somewhere else?”


Gin didn’t answer and instead took a sip of his drink.

Seeing this, the skeleton chuckled lightly, moved its finger bones, and lightly tapped the table three times. The ruby ring struck the wooden surface, and the candlelight flickered as the entire table split in half, revealing a six-sided object wrapped in black silk thread slowly rising from the ground.

The sound of creaking gears echoed in the air, as the object struggled to rise, but still appeared in front of Gin.

Gin instinctively leaned back a few inches but quickly regained his composure and carefully examined the item in front of him.

From the outside, it was unclear what it was. All that could be seen was that it was wrapped in tree roots that were covered in wet mud. The “tree roots” were also wriggling slightly, like a living thing. Looking up at it made one dizzy, making spiritual pollution even more real.

Fortunately, Gin system’s resistance to chaos was still active and protected him from this invisible attack. However, it also made him understand how dangerous it was for carbon-based life forms to face items related to ancient gods.

The whispering in his ear faded away, and the dizziness and confusion disappeared. Gin closed his eyes and casually asked: “What is this?”

“The Star Network Core, Sullivia final ‘legacy’ and also the core of the Chaotic Amusement Park” the skeleton said, looking at the six-sided object with a nostalgic gaze.

Gin raised an eyebrow: “So, you mean…”

The skeleton calmly continued: “If you obtain it, you will be the actual controller of the Chaotic Amusement Park.”


Gin scrutinized the six diamond-shaped objects and after a while, his head began to throb. Despite having resistance to chaos, the object still had an effect on him if he looked at it for too long. This was a testament to the power and eerie nature of the ancient gods.

“What should I do?” Gin cut to the chase, his cards were already on the table, and he didn’t need to think about what questions to ask.

“It’s simple. Clean up everything outside the Star Network core, and it’s yours,” the demon smirked, forcing a harmless smile with his ferocious face. “But there’s one thing you need to know. Those things come from the remains of the ancient gods. Before the ancient gods were completely destroyed, they couldn’t be removed.”


“So, dear warrior, you need to pick up your sword, take your shield, bring courage and faith, and go to the remains of the ancient gods below the depths of the abyss and erase their last traces in this world, and help them find release.”

The skeleton seemed to be singing an aria, exaggeratedly standing up and doing a dance move, elegantly drawing a circle above its head, like a ballet ending pose. From the expressions of the demon and fallen angel, Gin guessed the meaning of this move. It had nothing to do with dance because they were full of murderous intent, and the skeleton’s final note was fierce.

This was probably a desperate move, but it was meant for the person who was at the end of their rope, and Gin was the assassin holding the knife.

“Before that” the fallen angel suddenly spoke, his voice clear like a broken ice water, and for a moment, he suppressed the influence of the ancient god remains on the Star Network core.

“Take a look at this first.” He threw an old notebook to Gin.

Gin caught the notebook and opened it, but the handwriting was blurry, like a handful of sand and dust, and resembled the natural weathering of paper debris.

What did they want him to see?

Gin furrowed his brows in confusion and touched the page with his fingertips. The blurry font gradually became clear wherever he touched it, like the wind blowing away the sand covering a stone tablet, revealing the relics of thousands of years ago below.

System prompt: Congratulations, host, for completing the Prelude of Eternal Night.

System prompt: Eternal Night Blessing has been triggered. Please repair it completely and read the contents of the notebook.

This game, tentatively named “Chronicle Restorer” exploded in the gaming community with its announcement page now open for pre-order. It was available on both PC and mobile platforms, and the concept poster and first test time had already been set.

“Chronicle Restorer…just by the name, it doesn’t seem like an MMO or a competitive game. What kind of game is this?”

Akai Hideyoshi was lying on his bed, scrolling through the second official post on his phone, looking at the concept posters a few times, and then saving the two with the “protagonist” on them.

The last poster was the game introduction and testing time.

– Chronicle Restorer, travels through different universes, searching for lost civilizations, restoring and documenting their last legacies.

– This is not a simple goal. Along the way, you will encounter countless dangerous creatures. Only by defeating them can you obtain the legacies and rewards.

– High-definition 3D modeling, fully free combat operation, vast maps for unlimited exploration, and many side quests waiting for you to trigger! The first closed beta test will be held on September 15th. Looking forward to your participation!

Under the closed beta poster was a dynamic emoticon of the “protagonist” Q-version modeling. The “restorer” had a chubby face and held up chubby hands, spinning and throwing confetti expressionlessly, it was very cute.

Akai Hideyoshi curved the corners of his mouth, poking the chibi on the screen a few times.

If only the one who looked almost identical to him could lie flat like this and let be touched…

Akai Hideyoshi sighed: “People should have dreams.”


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