Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 43.1

Watching Jiang Kangning’s carriage go far away, Shao Yunan pulled Wang Shijing to close the door and prepared to go back to the house. No sooner had the door closed, than he was hugged with a great force that almost broke his ribs. Shao Yunan hissed and after being slightly released from the iron grip, he stroked the other party’s taut waist and back.

At this moment, Shao Yunan didn’t speak any comforting words. All he had to do was quietly let Wang Shijing hold him. Telling the other person that he was here. Shao Yunan could not see Wang Shijing’s expression, but he knew that this man must be dealing with great hatred at this moment.

After a long time, the cold breeze of early winter made Shao Yunan’s hands cold, as Wang Shijing’s muffled voice rang in his ears. “Without you, Wang Qing would have been lost.” With this sentence, the force in the arm hugging him became stronger.

“This hypothesis is not valid. I was right, our Qing is lucky. If they had told me about it even a moment later, I might not have been able to help him. After today, Wang Qing and Nizi’s suffering should end. There must be blessings after surviving such a disaster, so Wang Qing’s future life will be smooth and safe.”

The cold lips landed on Shao Yunan’s forehead, then little by little, like a water they fell on eyebrows, bridge of his nose and finally covered his mouth. Soon, their cold lips became hot.

Neither had the intention to enter the house, so in the cold courtyard, the two bodies got closer to each other, as they kissed with a strong attachment to each other. Shao Yunan was not incorrect. After Wang Qing’s accident, not only Wang Qing, but also this man’s suffering should come to an end. Jiang Kangning’s actions have completely solved Wang Shijing’s worries, allowing his man to break free from his shackles.

Wang Qing and Nizi were still sleeping so Shao Yunan didn’t wake them up to ask them to eat. After boiling chicken soup and slowly simmering it over a small fire, Shao Yunan brought Wang Shijing, who was still fearful, back to the house. Despite the fact that Shao Yunan had a chat with Jiang Kangning just now, he was afraid that things might not be so easily solved as they were this morning, so he asked Wang Zhuang to guard Wang Qing and Wang Nizi’s room. 

Shao Yunan only then had the time to tell Wang Shijing about what happened before and also how Jiang Kangning ordered punishment. Hearing that Wang Zaizheng was the one who tried to kill Wang Qing and Wang Nizi, Wang Shijing’s one eye was filled with killing intent. But after hearing that old lady Wang was beaten with thirty boards and Wang Zhisong was slapped thirty times, while also being stripped of his status as a child student, he became indifferent, even though they were his own mother and brother.

After Shao Yunan continued to rub his chest for many hours, Wang Shijing exhaled a final sigh and planted a final kiss on Shao Yunan’s mouth. He asked, “Why did County Magistrate Jiang let us call him big brother? Is it reliable to do business with him?”

Shao Yunan pondered, “I’m also curious why he was more protective of us from the beginning. In theory when I first went to the county town school, I had nothing for him to value. Even if he wanted the stone, he still gave it back to me later. That is why I thought he was really just and not a hypocrite. This is what I don’t understand. His attitude towards us, it’s not hypocritical.”

“This time when he came to buy the jam recipe, I also thought it was very difficult for him to ask. I can also understand some of his meaning. His older brother is doing business in the capital and he has a teacher who looks after him, but he still seems to face some difficulties. But if he doesn’t want to say, it would not be good to ask more about it.”

“That’s also why I suggested that he pull his teacher and the emperor into the partnership. Our family’s tea and wine will definitely attract the attention of many parties. If my guess is right, then his brother and his power alone will definitely not be able to keep the tea and wine business. But if his teacher and the emperor can join the partnership, then it’s different.”

“The emperor.” Wang Shijing felt that there was not much hope.

Shao Yunan smiled, “The emperor is also short of money. From what I’ve heard about the current emperor’s actions he should be a wise ruler who wants to encourage good governance, but his father was too ineffective. Making the kingdom spoiled.”

“Even if you want to encourage the rule, you have to have money first. I think the emperor is not only very poor, but also afraid of the powerful officials that have their hand everywhere. He has only been on the throne for four years, so it’s not easy for him to fix the mess left by his father overnight.”

“Looking at the present situation, prices are still rising, but the people’s lives are only getting worse and the country has not developed significantly. You just need to look at the increasing number of refugees in Yongxiu County town to know the current situation. Yongxiu County would not be much better if it were not for its good geographical location.”

“It can also be said that the mess left by the emperor’s father is not ordinary. If the present situation is not quickly improved, not to mention the invasion of foreign enemies, the country itself will collapse first. When the common people are no longer able to live, it’s the beginning of civil strife. “


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