Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 85.2

The Empress firmly held the Emperor’s hand. After thinking for a while, he said. “How about after the treasury fills up a bit, the Emperor gives a decree to build a merit monument for them both.” Master Weng spoke out. “I second the motion. Your Majesty, I also have some poems and lyrics to submit, which were written by Shao Yunan, please look at them.”

“Oh? Let me see.” Emperor Yongming curiously took them from eunuch Zhuo Jin’s hand. The Empress also leaned over. Those poems and lyrics brought revolutionary shock to Master Weng, just like the idea of the relief fund to Old General Dai, who was always worried about the soldiers. For Emperor Yongming and Dai Qiyou who were responsible for the country, whether it were these poems, lyrics, the relief fund, or the economic development plan, they were all shocking and extremely needed things.

Old General Dai never understood business or studied poetry, so what he was most concerned about was when the relief fund would be opened and operated. Old master Wang greatly appreciated the business development plan, but he was also not a businessman, so he didn’t know how to revive or even grow the Great State of Yan’s economic strength. What he cared about the most was how these poems and lyrics would bring changes to the education circle.

However, the basis for all these to be perfected was the wealth of the Great State of Yan. A country’s level of economic development included many aspects and it could not be simply explained in a few words, nor could it be developed in one book. So Shao Yunan just told the people of this era in which direction to go.

Nowadays, in the Great State of Yan agriculture was relatively developed, with the handicraft industry as second. This made commercial development average, but in Shao Yunan’s eyes, they were all underdeveloped. In this plan, Shao Yunan listed in detail the country’s economic development and what aspects they should focus on.

For agriculture, Shao Yunan proposed to build water reserves, encourage the development of land, as well as paying attention to the improvement of the design of agricultural tools to vigorously develop agricultural technology. They should also develop animal husbandry and give high rewards for those who have contributed to the development of agriculture, giving out a total of 11 recommendations.

In the handicraft industry, Shao Yunan proposed to improve the social status of artisans and encourage them to innovate. There were eight suggestions, such as increasing the variety of the silk industry and creating more advanced skills, as well as developing the ceramic industry.

On the commercial side, Shao Yunan made even more suggestions. Clothing, food, housing, and transportation were the most core elements of business development. New tea, new wine, including restaurants, were just the food aspect. As the saying goes, ‘to get rich, first build roads.’ Shao Yunan started with transportation for the Great State of Yan, introducing the model of modern days resorts, commercial housing, high-end neighborhoods, banks, convenience stores, the courier industry… a total of 27 recommendations.

At the same time, Shao Yunan also proposed that education should not have a fixed outcome. Education should be applied to all walks of life, for scholars to inherit, develop, and pass on. Being an official should not be the only path for scholars.

On that day, Emperor Yongming, the Empress, Elder Weng, and General Dai talked about the two books, as well as the poems and lyrics in Jingyou Palace until late at night. That night, Elder Weng and the Old General stayed in the palace. While all the court officials and dignitaries were paying close attention to the movements in the palace, they speculated in secret if the Emperor was about to make a big move.

It was nightfall, but Emperor Yongming was still in high spirits and in his arms was Empress Qiyou, who had already fallen asleep. It could be said this was the most relaxed day Emperor Yongming had had since he ascended the throne. Although the difficulties he now faced were still in front of him, at least now he could see real hope in reviving the Great State of Yan. 

Emperor Yongming had always been thirsty for wisdom and now he had gotten  great wisdom in the form of a person who did not value fame and power, but just wanted to be a simple farmer. For this reason alone, Emperor Yongming wanted to greatly reward Jiang Kangning who found him.

Emperor Yongming could not wait to summon that person to the palace. That person could not only brew amazing tea and wine, but also made other rare things. He could also advise him. In the end, however, Emperor Yongming, on the advice of Elder Weng and the Empress, suppressed this idea for now. 

By summoning Shao Yunan to the palace as a strategist, Shao Yunan would be pushed to the front stage. He was the Emperor and should have been the supreme being who held the power of life and death over the world, but to make it happen, he still needed to eradicate all the obstacles and really hold the power in his hands.

The Empress’ words also made sense. Since that person was not willing to enter the capital, forcing him to come would be counterproductive. He was also about to become Elder Cen Yuebai’s adopted son and Jiang Kangning’s sworn brother, plus his husband, Wang Shijing once served under Young General Dai, so he could not stay away for long anyway. With what he has done so far, he also has the intention to contribute to the court and to him, the Emperor, so he might as well go along with it and let Shao Yunan be an idle farmer for now.

But the most important hope he placed on Shao Yunan was the ability to cure Dai Qiyou. Every time he thought of the abdominal pain Qiyou endured due to the remaining poison in his body, Emperor Yongming felt like his heart was cut with a knife. 

In this life, he has no guilt to anyone except this person. However, he could only watch his beloved person suffer, without being able to do anything about it. Dropping a soft kiss on Dai Qiyou’s face, Emperor Yongming continued to think deeply. Now he was full of energy, really wanting the Great State of Yan to enter the prosperous age written in the book on economic development.

After staying in Master Weng’s residence for one night, Jiang Kangchen left early the next morning to go back to his own residence. Master Weng would not return for the time bening and the palace had sent word that he would stay in the palace for at least half a month this time. This matter set the upper class of the capital abuzz and Jiang Kangchen, who knew the key point, was full of joy and expectation. He sincerely hoped that the Great State of Yan would get better and that Shao Yunan’s ideas could become a reality.

As soon as he returned to his mansion, his housekeeper Jiang Zhuang came out to greet Jiang Kangchen, saying right after Jiang Kangchen stepped into the house, “Master, there is a letter waiting for you.” As he spoke, he took out the letter and handed it to him with both hands. Jiang Kangchen took the letter and said, “I’m going to the Yunlong Pavilion to meet Lord An in a while, so get the carriage ready.”

“Yes.” Jiang Zhuang went out and closed the door. Jiang Kangchen tore open the envelope and instead of a letter inside, a blooming plum blossom poured out. Seeing the plum blossom, Jiang Kangchen was stunned for a moment, then he clenched his jaw and held the plum blossom tightly.


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