Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 126.1

Eunuch Guo left and soon he and Dai Jiang entered Donglin Hall together. A group of guards, led by Wei Hongzheng as well as the soldiers of the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion involved in the kidnapping of Shao Yunan, were being restrained by the palace guards. Wei Hongzheng’s limbs were broken by Wang Shijing, but before that, Jiang Kangning had someone blindfold Wei Hongzheng, so he had no idea who had beaten him so badly, but it was definitely related to Jiang Kangning. 

As soon as Wei Hongzheng was brought into the palace, the news reached the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion. At this moment, no one cared about what Wei Chunlin of the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion was doing. As soon as Wei Hongzheng saw Emperor Yongming sitting on the throne, he was so scared that he almost lost control and immediately prostrated on the ground, shouting, “Your Majesty! I’m innocent, I’m innocent!”

Emperor Yongming glanced at Dai Jiang and Dai Jiang stepped forward and covered Wei Hongzheng’s mouth, preventing him from speaking further. Emperor Yongming’s face was dark as he said, “I heard that you uttered words of great treason, so I won’t question you. Dai Jiang, interrogate him.”

Dai Jiang looked hesitant and Emperor Yongming grew angrier, saying, “What? Do you want me to personally conduct the interrogation?!”

Dai Jiang hurriedly knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, please calm down. It was Shao Yunan who requested Your Majesty to conduct the interrogation. What Wei Hongzheng said was not suitable for others to hear. Please forgive me, Your Majesty!”

Imperial Tutor Weng’s expression changed and Wei Hongzheng’s already pale face turned even grayer with fear and he even started to sob, trying to defend himself. Seeing his appearance, Emperor Yongming narrowed his eyes. “You all leave, except Eunuch Guo and Imperial Tutor Weng.”


“Your Majesty, spare us! Spare us!” The others who were not restrained pleaded desperately, shaking with fear. It was evident that what Shao Yunan said was something extremely unbearable.

Afterwards Dai Jiang and his men left. Dai Jiang was grateful for Shao Yunan’s and Jiang Kangning’s guidance. If he had conducted the interrogation personally, he might not see the sun rise the next day. The doors of Donglin Hall closed, and Emperor Yongming spoke, “Eunuch Guo.”

“Yes.” Eunuch Guo retreated to a side compartment. After a while, he emerged holding a short sword. In the presence of those restrained individuals, all crying for injustice, Eunuch Guo approached one person and raised his face.

Dai Jiang and his subordinates guarded the entrance of Donglin Hall. They occasionally heard screams from inside. Dai Jiang stood straight with a firm posture, not at all curious about who was executing the orders. After about a quarter of an hour, Dai Jiang suddenly shook his body and turned around because a loud noise came from inside the hall. Dai Jiang immediately called out, “Your Majesty!”

“Someone, come!”

“I’m here!” Dai Jiang rushed into Donglin Hall with his men. Ignoring the blood on the floor, when he saw Emperor Yongming’s appearance he was frightened. “Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, spare us, Your Majesty, spare us, Your Majesty, spare us…” The three individuals who were not tortured were desperately kowtowing, their heads bleeding from the impact. Emperor Yongming’s face was pale with anger and his lips trembled, making it hard for him to speak. Eunuch Guo’s hands were covered in blood, and he screamed, “Get the imperial physician quickly! Get the imperial physician quickly!”

Dai Jiang turned his head and shouted, “Summon the imperial physician! Quickly summon the imperial physician!” His neck veins bulged.

“Come, come here.” Supporting himself with the desk, Emperor Yongming gritted his teeth.

“Your Majesty!” Dai Jiang hurriedly approached and supported Emperor Yongming, who was close to spitting blood with anger. Emperor Yongming pointed at the individuals below, including Wei Hongzheng, whose mouth was not covered, but had a lifeless expression. He gasped for breath and said, “Take these people away, torture them by pulling out their tongues! Execute them slowly, very slowly!”


Dai Jiang supported Emperor Yongming, shouting, “Take them all away, torture them by pulling out their tongues!”

“Your Majesty, spare us! Your Majesty, spare us! It was Wei Hongzheng who said that! It was all Wei Hongzheng’s words!” Emperor Yongming said, “Pull out their tongues! Don’t let them spread rumors!”

Dai Jiang had a small eunuch come in and support the Emperor, and he personally moved forward to do it. As the Vice Commander of the Imperial Guards, he was allowed to carry a sword in the presence of the Emperor.

Dai Jiang personally cut off the tongues of those individuals, including Wei Hongzheng. When they were dragged away for execution, Emperor Yongming issued an order, “Where is the Commander of the Imperial Guards, Xiao Baichuan!”

“I am here!” Xiao Baichuan, the Commander of the Imperial Guards, who had been waiting outside, wore lightweight armor and walked in. Holding a heavy sword at his waist, he knelt on one knee, saying, “I’m ready to obey Your Majesty’s command!”

“Go lead five hundred Imperial Guards to surround the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion. Don’t let a single bird fly out without my order! Await my further orders.”

“I obey Your Majesty’s orders!”

Both Dai Jiang and Xiao Baichuan were Emperor Yongming’s confidants and would unquestionably follow his decisions. This time, Imperial Tutor Weng did not persuade Emperor Yongming to exercise restraint, nor did he remind him that it was not the time to take on the powerful families. After Emperor Yongming issued a series of orders, Imperial Tutor Weng simply said, “Your Majesty, prioritize your well-being. I’ll accompany you to the Imperial Garden. The magnolia flowers there must be in bloom by now.”

Emperor Yongming’s face was still stern and his fists were clenched tightly, but he nodded. He let Eunuch Guo go down to wash up and change clothes and instructed the imperial physician to wait in Donglin Hall. After Emperor Yongming descended from the hall, Imperial Tutor Weng stood behind him and left Donglin Hall together. Dai Jiang followed closely behind.

In Jingyou Palace, the Empress, who had taken a brief rest, woke up in unbearable pain. Nowadays, he could only sleep with the help of sleep-inducing incense or herbal medicine. There was no trace of color on his face. At the slightest movement, Eunuch Zhuo Jin, who had been waiting by the side, immediately lifted the curtain, commanding a small eunuch to come in and attend to the Empress.

Zhuo Jin supported the Empress, his face full of concern as he asked, “Does Your Highness want to eat something? Shao Yunan sent some honey pomelo tea to the palace and he made eight bottles specifically for Your Highness, saying it was made with the gentlest honey, do you want to drink some?” The Empress was astonished. “When did this happen?”

“Just a short while ago… less than an hour. The items were sent to the Imperial Tutor’s residence and the Imperial Tutor personally delivered them. His Majesty ordered the Commander of the Guards to send them. They said it can be eaten with snacks or dried food, but can also be brewed as tea, which is good for the body.”

In truth, the Empress had no appetite. Ever since the abdominal pain became increasingly unbearable, he could barely eat a couple of mouthfuls of tonic paste each day; he couldn’t eat anything else. However, he didn’t want to worry Emperor Yongming. Since the tea was specially prepared for him, he said, “Then, please brew some tea for me.”


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