Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 92.1

After Wang Shijing was separated from the Wang family clan as he wished, Shao Yunan was busy making kimchi and barbecue sauce. On the auspicious day of the third day of February, Elder Cen hosted a banquet at the Cen Mansion, officially accepting Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan as his adopted sons. 

As soon as this news came out, not to mention the shock it caused in Xiushui Village, the entire Yongxiu County was shocked by this news. A well known scholar adopted two farmer sons… no matter how you said it, it just made people dizzy.

But no matter how dizzy others were, Elder Cen’s attitude showed how much he valued this matter. He even invited the magistrate of Chinan Prefecture. On the third day of February, carts and horses kept coming and going in front of the Cen residence. People of status and position appeared in front of the Cen Mansion with gifts. 

The teachers of White Moon Academy and the teachers of the county school were also among the invited guests. The three child students, Su Hongshan, Chen Dong, and Cao Xuelong, also came with their families. Only then did Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing realize that the three of them had extraordinary families.

Chen Dong’s family was the richest in Yongxiu County and produced three scholars, while the magistrate of Guangnan Prefecture was also Chen Dong’s uncle. Su Hongshan’s family was a side branch of the capital’s Duke Lu Mansion. 

The male wife of Dai Mingrong, the eldest son of the Dai family, and the only male daughter-in-law of Old general Dai, was the second son of the eldest son of Duke Lu. Wang Shijing’s previous superior, Dai Zhanping, was the only son of Dai Mingrong. 

Cao Xuerong’s ancestors once came from Hanlin, so the Cao family were also one of the gate masters of Yongxiu County, so many officials come from the Cao family. Since ancient times, it was difficult for a poor family to produce officials. Shao Yunan also saw that in modern society, it was impossible for everyone to have the same starting line, let alone in ancient times when resources were more limited.

Yang Yan, the magistrate of Chinan Prefecture was Jiang Kangning’s senior brother and one of Elder Weng’s favorite students. So he could easily call Elder Cen ‘Senior Uncle,’ he just came into office this year. From Shao Yunan’s point of view, he definitely had a bright future ahead of him. 

Yang Yan also did not express any doubts about Elder Cena and this junior’s decision, and showed great respect. He also said a few words to Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, which made Shao Yunan very puzzled. 

It was Jiang Kangning who told him in private that Yang Yan knew that the new tea and wine were made by Shao Yunan, and Jiang Kangning planned to join hands with him to integrate the tea and goat milk fruit from the Chinan Mansion into their plan. This way, everyone could ‘promote and make a fortune’ together, and caused Yang Yan to behave so ‘unusual.’ Shao Yunan didn’t know whether he should give Jiang Kangning a blank stare… is it really okay to just sell him like this?

Almost all of the well-known people in Yongxiu County came and many people with prestige and status from Chinan Prefecture also came, which was enough to show how big Elder Cen’s face was. The whole reception was extremely grand, but not extravagant. 

Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing presented a copy of ‘Lanting Preface’ by Wang Xizhi, a great calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, which Shao Yunan had personally framed. When Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing slowly unfolded the copy of the ‘Lanting Preface’ in front of Elder Cen, the audience gasped in amazement and many people immediately rushed forward to look at the great calligrapher’s masterpiece, despite the host’s wishes.

The ‘Lanting Preface’ was Wang Xizhi’s masterpiece at the age of fifty. It was evaluated by later generations as ‘a change in the ancient method of the right-handed calligrapher.’ Its majestic and elegant spirit came from nature, so it is regarded as a model in ancient and modern times. Therefore, calligraphers of all dynasties praised the ‘Lanting Preface’ as the ‘world’s first masterpiece.’

At this time, in the Great State of Yan there was no ‘cursive script’ and there were many characters in it that were not found here. The copy that Shao Yunan copied was originally a treasure of cursive script, so how could it not cause shock?

Elder Cen’s eyes straightened at that time, as Wang Shijing, as the head of the family, spoke. “Father, this is my and Yunan showing our heart to you. Both Yunan and I are orphans without a father and mother. Today, Yunan and I will become family with you. We will now have a father and mother, so I hope you are willing to accept our gift with a smile.”

“Hehe, hehehe…” How could Elder Cen not accept such a gift with a ‘smile’? The corners of his mouth almost reached his ears. Amidst the envy and jealousy, Elder Cen accepted the gift in a darling manner and said “yes” five times in a row.

Immediately, someone asked, “I wonder where you got such a precious masterpiece? I think I have studied a lot of books, but I have never seen this kind of style, so I would like to ask for your guidance.”

Shao Yunan just kept smiling, as Wang Shijing coolly returned, “It is a gift of thanks from a person I had saved. He said it was written by himself. Since I am just an uneducated person, I thought it looked good so I kept it. The framing was done by my wife Yunan.”


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