Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 79

Qi Cong woke up only an hour after receiving the injection. In addition to feeling a little weak, all his behavior was normal. He no longer showed any signs of the madness from before.

Gu Xun, after receiving the news, hurriedly dealt with the media side of things and rushed back to the ward. Before he entered the door, he heard Qi Cong’s voice as he soothed Shen Jia.

“Jia Jia, I’m really fine. I just had a nightmare and couldn’t control my emotions for a while.”

Gu Xun abruptly stopped as he looked at the half-open ward door in front of him and frowned.

This tone of voice….

“What the hell happened this time? Lian Pengxing’s assistant Xiao Liu is still not awake and the crew is checking the camera at the scene and the surveillance around the studio, asking all the people who were there at the time but there wasn’t a single camera or person who captured or saw what happened between you and Xiao Liu. Yuan Yuan saw you fall into the lake with Xiao Liu, but she didn’t see how you fell in. “

Zhao Zhenxun’s voice rang out, bringing Gu Xun back to his senses. Gritting his teeth, he withdrew his hand from the door and clenched his fist.

“The wheelchair broke.”

The familiar to the bone voice was heard, the tone calm and gentle as usual but….

Gu Xun suppressed his emotions and took a step to the side. Looking through the crack in the door, in the direction of the hospital bed, his line of sight fell on the figure lying on the bed. The person was obscured by Shen Jia, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He could only see a small section of his eyebrow and eyes. He looked at them inch by inch not missing any details.

Qi Cong’s voice continued to say, ”I was sitting in a wheelchair parked at the lake. I tried to move the wheelchair and adjust my position, but it didn’t move. I thought it was stuck and wanted to see what was going on, but just as I raised my arms and half-supported myself, it suddenly moved again on its own. It all happened fast and the wheelchair hit the rocks at the edge of the lake, and crushed into the handrails. I lost my balance and landed in the lake. Xiao Liu was passing by and tried to save me, but my costume was too heavy and cumbersome. I only sank deeper. Brother Zhao, how’s Xiao Liu doing? Is she all right? “

Sentence after sentence, one look after another, with the details of his demeanor…Gu Xun’s hand clenched tighter and tighter, the strings of reason becoming taut. Since Qi Cong recovered his memories, he gradually warmed his heart, but now it had become colder once again.

Qi Cong’s tone…wasn’t right.

He was familiar with Qi Cong. Although his tone was calm and quiet, in front of trustworthy people he would unconsciously speak lighter and softer.

The current Qi Cong didn’t do that.

The Qi Cong that Gu Xun knew would never be impolite when talking to people or frequently avoid eye contact.

Yet this Qi Cong has been subconsciously avoiding Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun’s eyes, he avoided looking at them for a long time.

If the Qi Cong he was familiar with was saved, he would certainly pay attention to the situation of his savior first.

However, Qi Cong’s concern seemed very superficial.

This wasn’t the Qi Cong he knew. This was clearly the Qi Cong he had focused on countless times over the past three years, the one who lost himself and only circled around Jiang Zhaoyan.

Zhao Zhenxun in the ward replied, “She’s fine, I’m just not sure why she hasn’t woken up yet. Qi Cong are you sure that you’re okay?”

“I’m really okay. I’m sorry for worrying you, Brother Zhao. By the way, today’s scene-”


There was a sudden hard knock on the door of the ward, making everyone in the room look toward the door at the same time.

Gu Xun was still wearing his cap and stepped into the room. His face was expressionless, his eyes depressed and vaguely crazy. He ignored Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia as he walked to the bedside, bent down and reached out to cup Qi Cong’s face as he leaned closer.

Qi Cong froze for a moment, then he hurriedly leaned back. He glanced at Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia as he raised his hand to pull Gu Xun’s hand away. “What are you doing? Let go, everyone’s here.”

It was the same concern for being seen by bystanders, the same intentions to avoid his intimate actions, but before, he would push him away because of embarrassment but now…. Gu Xun swept a glance at Qi Cong’s taut and stiff body posture. He felt the slight force of Qi Cong’s push. He looked at Qi Cong’s eyes, but he couldn’t find even the slightest bit of emotion. Suddenly, he let out a low laugh.

“Qi Cong, how come you always treat me like this when I think I’ve seen the light of day?”

His words were so strange; his demeanor and expression were so out of place that Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia immediately noticed it and looked at him in unison, one frowning, the other with a puzzled expression. Zhao Zhenxun asked with concern, “Gu Xun, what’s wrong with you?”

Qi Cong stopped pushing Gu Xun away and raised his eyes to look at Gu Xun with slightly cautious eyes.

Gu Xun collected all his emotions and expressions, let go of Qi Cong’s hand and stood up straight. Turning his back toward Qi Cong, he told Zhao Zhenxun, “I have taken care of the hospital and the media, so the news of Qi Cong’s accident on the set won’t be reported to the public for the time being. The hospital will also not dare to gossip. The doctor suggested that we send Qi Cong for a comprehensive examination and I agreed. Don’t give Qi Cong anything to eat, the examination will begin soon. “

He used a tone of notification. All of his words were directed at Zhao Zhenxun, without asking Qi Cong’s opinion at all, as if he suddenly no longer cared about Qi Cong’s physical condition.

Zhao Zhenxun sensitively noticed the difference in Gu Xun and looked at his expression. He had doubts in his heart, but pressed them back temporarily, asking, “How long will the examination take?”

“It will take about two hours for all the procedures to be done. Shall we go out to the hall and talk?”

Zhao Zhenxun glanced at Qi Cong, who had been watching their discussion from his hospital bed and nodded. He instructed Shen Jia to accompany Qi Cong as he walked together with Gu Xun outside the hospital room.

The two left the ward one after the other, but Gu Xun step didn’t stop as he led Zhao Zhenxun to the end of the corridor a few dozen meters away from the room before stopping. Then he said directly, “Qi Cong remembers Jiang Zhaoyan.”

“What did you say?” Zhao Zhenxun’s expression changed fiercely. It was only when he realized that his voice was a little loud that he hurriedly looked around, frowned and took Gu Xun to the corner to ask solemnly, “Are you sure?”

“Very sure. Those kinds of eyes, only the Qi Cong with Jiang Zhaoyan had. I saw them for three years.” Gu Xun lowered his eyes, expressionless. “I don’t know how much he remembers, but he must have recalled things. When I only touched him, he was very stiff and resistant.”


Zhao Zhenxun took two slightly annoyed steps in place, took out his phone and started to make a phone call.

Gu Xun raised his eyes and held Zhao Zhenxun’s arm. He asked, “What are you going to do?”

Zhao Zhenxun lowered his voice with a sullen face, “I am going to inform the company to cancel all resources and itineraries for Qi Cong. If Qi Cong really remembers Jiang Zhaoyan, then I will never let him continue to stick to Jia Jia and enter the entertainment industry like this.”

Gu Xun let go of Zhao Zhenxun arm. “Then transfer Qi Cong’s contract to me. I can pay for all the resources that Manju planned to arrange for him.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Gu Xun in disbelief. “What do you want to do? If Qi Cong really remembers Jiang Zhaoyan, then he-“

“Then he’s just sick again, and I will cure him.” Gu Xun interrupted Zhao Zhenxun, looking straight into his eyes. “This time I will help him get rid of Jiang Zhaoyan completely, and then accompany him to walk firmly according to the future he has drawn up for himself. If he wants to make his debut, I will arrange for him to debut. If he wants to act, I will personally pick and build a team for him to act. If he wants to rebuild Sanmu then by the time he becomes healthy, Sanmu will be rebuilt to it’s former glory. He will get better, and then step by step, he will come to my side. I won’t allow his life to be ruined by Jiang Zhaoyan again. Even if you all have to give up on him because of Jiang Zhaoyan, I won’t. I want to get back the familiar, healthy Qi Cong that I know.”

Zhao Zhenxun was stopped by Gu Xun’s gaze and words. Frowning, he said, “You… you are crazy.”

But he finally calmed down from the initial shock, thought about it, put away the phone and said, “Right now, everything you said is just your speculation. I didn’t notice anything different about Qi Cong -”

He suddenly realized what he said here, and looked fiercely at Gu Xun. “I didn’t find anything wrong? Wait a minute, just now Qi Cong explained his fall into the lake and remembered the filming, so he is-“

Gu Xun’s teeth clenched for a moment and he picked the topic up, “He’s not back to just remembering Jiang Zhaoyan, but most likely remembers Jiang Zhaoyan as well as retaining his past memories.”

Then this drowning accident allowed Qi Cong’s “positive” and “negative” personalities to meet?

Qi Cong, who doesn’t remember Jiang Zhaoyan, only liked Gu Xun. However, the Qi Cong who had forgotten everything only liked Jiang Zhaoyan. So if Qi Cong remembered both, who would he like? Zhao Zhenxun looked at Gu Xun, remembering Qi Cong’s resistance to Gu Xun’s intimate action in the ward. He recalled Qi Cong’s words and Gu Xun’s depressed appearance at this time. He lost all words for a moment.

During this period of time, he saw all of Gu Xun’s efforts toward Qi Cong but as result…. It was obvious that Gu Xun came first, and it was also clear that Gu Xun gave more.

“Don’t look at me with such eyes.” As if knowing what Zhao Zhenxun was thinking, Gu Xun raised his hand and pressed his cap, then he lowered his eyes to block the emotions in his eyes. He leaned against the corridor wall with his hands in his pockets. “He is just sick and will definitely be cured. He remembers the past so it shouldn’t be like the past three years with Jiang Zhaoyan when he ignored his own future, so there is no need to remove all his work now. Let’s first wait for his test results to come out, maybe the situation isn’t as good as we thought. Also, he doesn’t seem to want us to find out that he has remembered Jiang Zhaoyan so let’s cooperate and pretend together. Don’t tell Shen Jia for now, I want to know what he is planning to do. I want to see how much he has remembered and if he is afraid of me.”

Zhao Zhenxun, hearing the last sentence, froze and frowned. “Afraid of you? Why would he be afraid of you?”

Gu Xun lowered his head a little, then he looked up for a while before looking at Zhao Zhenxun and replied, “Because in the three years he forgot, I showed him who I really am.”





After another burst of soul-shaking dizziness and pain, the light that was just coming through the seams suddenly became a pillar, and the darkness around it became a little lighter.

Qi Cong , whose consciousness was already chaotic, didn’t immediately notice these changes as he just instinctively rushed towards the place he had just crashed against with all his might again after passively accepting some broken scenes.


It seems that there were black fragments stained with white light flying in front of his eyes, then the consciousness relaxed abruptly after intense turmoil, as if it had broken free from some restraint.

“Brother Cong, do your examination in peace. I’ll wait for you outside. By the way, do you have something you want to eat? I’ll ask Xiao Han to buy it for you in advance so that you can eat it immediately after your examination.”

It was Jia Jia voice!

The consciousness that was almost dazed suddenly cleared, as Qi Cong opened his eyes and then found that he really opened his own eyes! He saw the hospital corridor, and Shen Jia’s face that was just a short distance from him.

Surprised, he opened his mouth to speak, but found that he couldn’t move his body. But he found himself speaking, using his own voice to say back to Shen Jia, “Thank you Jia Jia. I’m a little thirsty now, can you go get me a glass of water?”

“Then, Brother Cong, wait a moment. I will go.”

Shen Jia turned and ran away. Qi Cong wanted to call him back, but no matter how hard or desperately he tried, he wasn’t able to use his body.

“Don’t bother.” He heard his own voice again, with some coldness and mockery. “I can’t believe you escaped again, you can really toss and turn.”


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