Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 28.2 – “I wait for your reply.”

Gu Xun replied to the distant voice, then his voice became clear again, “It’s time for me to go back to work. You can let Lawyer Jin and Zhao Zhenxun deal with Wu Heng’s affairs. Don’t look at the bad content on the Internet. Everything will be all right.”

Qi Cong should be well again.

Gu Xun said another few words and was about ready to hang up the phone.

Qi Cong clenched his fingers and quickly called out, “Gu Xun.”


“Thank you.” With that, he hung up first.

The weather was so hot that Qi Cong didn’t realize until that moment that the back of his clothes was wet with sweat. He moved his neck uncomfortably, calmed down, then opened the map app to search for the nearest stationery store and walked out of the sage to run toward the subway station.


. . .


While Qi Cong carefully selected paper and pen, Weibo was making a lot of noise.

In fact, since last night when Lin Xiaozhi made noise, Weibo had been very lively, but the hustle and bustle reached its peak that morning.

Public opinion was like a roller-coaster ride these days.

Yesterday, before Lin Xiaozhi made her move, there was a lot of people online scolding Wu Heng as a plagiarizing dog. Wu Heng’s fans were like rats crossing the street, and they didn’t dare to show their heads at all.

After Lin Xiaozhi’s move, Wu Heng’s fans finally found a point to fight back. Under the leadership of the water army, they grew brave and followed the water army’s lead in scolding Murmuring Water for cheating money and accusing him for being a white-eyed wolf. They even justifiably said that they would boycott Murmuring Water’s Chivalrous Bones.

Many netizens were influenced by the analysis of the water army and the so-called industry professionals and also had a negative impression of Murmuring Water, thinking that he did not appear this time to defend his right but for the money and that he was a person with a despicable character.

Then at midnight, Murmuring Water released the first three chapters of Chivalrous Bones without charging fees and directly confronted Lin Xiaozhi’s statement he was rewriting the book series for money. Then he also asked three questions to Wu Heng, which made most people notice some contradictions and the spotty logic behind Lin Xiaozhi’s words, so the public opinion changed again, and Weibo started a topic #Is Wu Heng plagiarizing or not# and #Should Murmuring Water’s Chivalrous Bones be boycotted or not#

The netizen who stood on Murmuring Water’s side thought that regardless of whether Murmuring Water was swindling money, showing off his wealth, and being a white-eyed wolf, or was doing marketing, he was plagiarized! Things couldn’t be changed, and he was a victim. Also, many of Lin Xiaozhi’s claims were doubtful, and there was a suspicious rhythm to it, so it was not credible. Chivalrous Bones was the brainchild of Murmuring Water, and if he wanted to write it, of course, he could!

Then Wu Heng’s fans and some netizens disbelieved in Wu Heng’s “malicious” plagiarism. He did not copy but just used some of Chivalrous Bones’s plot frame, and indeed, it was typed out by him word for word, and it was true that all its popularity was thanks to him. Murmuring Water first wanted to cheat money; second, he was a white-eyed wolf; and his character was worrying. Wu Heng wrote Chivalrous Bones and Murmuring Water can defend his right, but he should not step on Wu Heng to make money! Murmuring Water’s statement that his Chivalrous Bones will not charge money gave the impression of acting after the fact, giving people a very poor impression.

Both sides quarreled in the dark, becoming more and more excited. Wu Heng’s fans also ran together to write negative comments under Murmuring Water’s Chivalrous Bones, which made the comment area impossible to read.

The netizens who supported Murmuring Water were infuriated at the brain-dead logic of Wu Heng’s fans, but because of the water army was stirring it up, they couldn’t scold them. In the end, the netizens who supported Murmuring Water decisively retreated, deciding to wait until Wu Heng answered the three questions of Murmuring Water.

Then, this morning, the answers to the three questions were given during the time when most of the netizens had woken up to start a new day of gossip by someone who was not Wu Heng. The replies came with the following hashtag #Wu Heng real face# and screenshots of chat records with shocking content.

The netizens were first shocked and then exploded in anger after reading this scoop!

The sky and the water are the same: What did I see? Ha, smiling angrily. Lin Xiaozhi insisted that Murmuring Water bought marketing accounts, but in fact, it was her who bought marketing? They promised that they could force Murmuring Water to seal his pen, so that Murmuring Water will not dare to mention Chivalrous Bones again? Lin Xiaozhi, how can you be so rubbish! You’re so f*cking unworthy of being a human!

Oranges are delicious: “He is dead! Just think he died!” “Besides, you are not copying it word for word. Even if he comes out to sue you, he will not win.” You can see the greatest ill-will a plagiarist can have toward an original. Lin Xiaozhi, you’re a dog that just looks like a human.

Wang Zi Milk Jelly: “Let him pay you a visit and bring the signed red envelope” Where is the face of Wu Heng and Lin Xiaozhi? Face! You really make me sick, and the one who gave Wu Heng a whitewash yesterday, Meizu, you did a good job hiring a person who collected the money to what white? Good Job!

Qianqiu Suxi: One second. I was still cursing because of the “fake” skincare products, and the next when you heard that you can take advantage, you shut up and ask Wu Heng to find Murmuring Water to book you a hotel. This kind of face really dumbfounded me. Murmuring Water, what did you do in your previous life that in this life you met this couple of jackals!

Preserved egg Xiaozhou: The reasoning of the things that Lin Xiaozhi posted yesterday, except for the “fake goods” point and deleting friends for no reason were a bit bad, and I really didn’t have a problem with Murmuring Water except these. Now that I’ve seen these. If I were Murmuring Water, I would not only delete you but also go to your hometown and kill you! What a total shit! And Murmuring Water sounds like no liar, thank you! Please, blind Wu Heng fans, check the update time of the new three chapters of Chivalrous Bones, it clearly shows that Murmuring Water saved manuscript before Lin Xiaozhi’s started to randomly bite people! It’s well written!! He decided from the beginning that Chivalrous Bones would not charge money! Don’t insult people with your dirty thoughts!

Feng Gui: It was said that it was too difficult for the original creators to defend their rights. I used to think it shouldn’t be that dramatic, now I just think I used to be too young. All I have to do is think that without these records, Murmuring Water might actually be forced to lay down his pen and disappear after giving his work to others. I wish I could kill Water without a Trace! Crawl, you plagiarizing dog!!!!


. . .. . .


Just as the crowd was getting excited, Well-intentioned whistleblower posted again.

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Lin Xiaozhi, don’t go crazy in your circle of friends and guess who I am. I’ll tell you directly. I was the “closest” person to you before Wu Heng sold the copyright. But will you dare to come at me? Aren’t you afraid that I will reveal that you hated poor people and loved the rich, and the things you did behind Wu Heng’s back? You think that’s all the screenshots I have? You’re looking for Murmuring Water to kill like a fish, and I am looking to kill you like a fish, so don’t even dare to try. Lin Xiaozhi, it was my kindness that I didn’t cut off the chat records of you and Wu Heng dissing other writers of together. I am already being generous. The rabbit bites when it’s in a hurry. Besides, I’m not even a rabbit.

Well-intentioned whistleblower: By the way, I know you’re all wondering why Murmuring Water would suddenly delete Wu Heng. Just now I went over to check Lin Xiaozhi’s posting history on the old website of Guess what I saw? The 2017 post entitled, “Complaining about my boyfriend’s weird apprentice,” in the anonymous mocking section of the guide forum. I was very pleasantly surprised. Now I think that if Murmuring Water saw that post at that time, his behavior of deleting Wu Heng was not only not rude, but also of good quality. For those who are still questioning the authenticity of the skincare products, I suggest you take a look at the personal Weibo posted by supermodel ZZ in February 2017. She posted a picture in this post, and there is a set of skincare products that have exactly the same packaging as these stamped as fake by Lin Xiaozhi. So does the famous model ZZ also use fake products?

Many netizens smelled the smell of melon and hurriedly went to find the posts in the anonymous complaining area of the forum and ZZ’s personal blog according to the guidelines.

Their search soon came to fruition.

The picture in the blog was found and the details were exactly what the whistleblower said, and the post . . . Everyone searched out the corresponding posts and looked at them at a glance, then everyone not only got angry but also exploded directly.

In the post, the ID complained about the new apprentice of her “very powerful and kind” author boyfriend in the forum. In her words, the apprentice liked to brag and show off. If he couldn’t write, he would reach his master’s writing experience and even ask his master to help him rewrite the beginning directly.

The most important thing was that this apprentice is also a money swindler. In the name of helping to buy a set of brand name products for his teacher’s wife, the apprentice bought a set of fake skincare products for her.

Finally, the post owner asked for help and asked how she could get his “too soft-hearted” boyfriend to sever ties with this apprentice, and if it would be better to first get the money back from this purchase before breaking off the relationship.

The post owner described it so infuriatingly that many people gave her ideas, but the post owner didn’t adopt any of them, and finally came out and said, “Well, my boyfriend thinks he can re-teach this apprentice again. I was so angry that I got this apprentice’s phone number from the express box and found a bombing platform to blow up the apprentice’s number for a few days. I will give him a little punishment. That’s it.”

The post owner never showed up after that.

All the details of the post could match Lin Xiaozhi’s criticism of Murmuring Water yesterday, and the time was also right. You could see at first glance that it was Lin Xiaozhi who sent it.

Netizens were so angry that they hit the keyboard angrily.

Visitor bvc45: Lin Xiaozhi, you ****! The whistleblower is right! It was already good that Murmuring Water just deleted you!! If I were him, I would certainly serve you a national-level scolding! First, wrongly accusing others of buying fake goods and then blowing his account. I’ve never seen such a hateful person like you!

Visitor kk876: Motherf*cker I’m so angry. I’m so angry! I really have never seen such a dog! If only Murmuring Water never met you! You’re disgusting!


. . .


So many netizens left angry messages that the old forum could not bear it and collapsed after a while. Netizens did not vent enough anger and were about to turn to Weibo to continue scolding Wu Heng and Lin Xiaozhi when they saw line after line of system prompts floating by at the top of’s old website.

[Hui Nantian sent 100 black gold tickets to Murmuring water: There’s nothing to say. I’ll give murmuring water some lawyer fees. ]

[Jiuqu Huilang sent 100 black gold tickets to Murmuring water: Lawyer fees.]

[Xuanyuan Jian sent 100 black gold tickets to Murmuring water: Giving the newcomer some lawyer fees.]

[Iron pestle sharpened into a big iron rod sent 100 black gold tickets to Murmuring water: Don’t be timid when you encounter the water army. Beat them to death with money and send marketing fees.]

[Mercilessly sent 100 black gold tickets to Murmuring water: I’m going to do the math, and I think the copycat dog is going to be unlucky and the little newcomer is going to take off. Let’s give some gifts first to rub it in.]

[The cold wind sent 100 black gold tickets to the murmuring water: . . . ], like all other websites, have a reward mechanism. Jiangwang rewards were called “ticket” and there are bronze, silver, gold, purple gold, and black gold, depending on the amount of each. The corresponding prices were one, five, ten, fifty, and one hundred yuan.

One hundred black gold tickets are worth $10,000.

But it wasn’t the money that made all the users stop and notice this line of system prompts, it was the people who gave money to the Murmuring Water—they were all the famous great god authors of

The netizens unconsciously follow the gift tips of the gods and entered the page of Chivalrous Bones, then in their eyes entered the large number of negative comments left by the fans of Wu Heng:

“White-eyed wolf, get out of jiangtwang!”

“Put down your pen and get out!”

“Do you live up to the guidance of Water without a Trace? Liar SM!”

“Resist Murmuring Water! Please don’t defile the best Liu Fengyue in everyone’s heart!!!”

As if a little spark fell into the hot frying pan, after a few seconds of stagnation, Murmuring Water’s Chivalrous Bones under the comments section began to wildly refresh, pouring with one-smash hits after another and flooding the comments section, keeping those negative scores down! All of them were surprisingly unanimous in their votes and messages. All of them were sending the newcomer some lawyer fees to make sure to sue that idiot No trace of stagnant water!!!

After Qi Cong spent the whole day writing these two love poems, he finally had time to go to Weibo and the old site of to have a look. Then he found that there was a popular topic on Weibo: “Sending lawyer fees to Murmuring Water” and his background page of old website received . . .

Qi Cong repeatedly counted the numbers in the background income column of the coin, converting them to RMB, and he became very confused.

More than four hundred thousand.

What’s going on? Why are people suddenly going crazy and smashing tickets at him? What’s going on?


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