Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 69.2

Most of the things in the space have not been sorted out.  After glancing at the tea seedlings, grains, vegetables, and fruits growing in the field, Shao Yunan searched through the pile of things that had not yet been sorted out. After searching for a good twenty minutes, he found the box containing the Rubik’s Cubes which were made from crystal and picking it up, he went out of the space.

“What is it?” As soon as Shao Yunan came out of the space, Wang Shijing asked. He had never seen these Rubik’s cubes either. Shao Yunan opened the box and Wang Shijing froze. “This is a magic cube?” After looking at Shao Yunan, he asked uncertainly, “Is it glass?”

“No, this is pure crystal, beautiful, right?”


Wang Shijing picked up a Rubik’s Cube, which had three different colors, all square-shaped. Against the light it shone even more brightly. The box contained small and large Rubik’s cubes. A total of ten, from small to large. There were squares, diamonds, triangular, and other very strange shapes. The number of grid blocks was also different for the different shapes and sizes of the cubes, but each of them had only three colors.

Shao Yunan picked up the simplest second-order Rubik’s cube and turned it, saying, “Turn the blocks of the same color to the same side and complete all three colors. This is the simplest second-order Rubik’s cube I have.The Rubik’s Cube has the highest-end eleventh-order Rubik’s Cube in the world where I live, but only geniuses and freaks can complete it.”

Wang Shijing swallowed, watching his wife turn the so-called Rubik’s cube. Shao Yunan was not a genius, but still completed the second-order Rubik’s cube in ten minutes. Wang Shijing looked at it seriously. Seeing that, Shao Yunan disturbed the color of the Rubik’s Cube in his hand and handed it over. “Now you try it.”

Wang Shijing put down the crystal box and took the Rubik’s Cube. It took nearly twenty minutes for Wang Shijing to complete it. With bright eyes, he said, “It’s very difficult. But it’s very interesting.”

“It seems that there are still some in the space, but they are made from modern materials so they cannot be taken out. You can play with them in the space if you want.”

Wang Shijing asked, “You are going to give all these to Moxi?”

“Give them to all three children to play, but I guess only Moxi can complete all of them. This thing is very demanding on intelligence and fingers. Even if Qing and Nizi don’t play well, it can still be taken as exercise. In the future, the toys in the house will not be divided into who owns them. Just let all three children play together.”

“I will listen to you.” Although this set of Rubik’s cubes was very rare and extravagant, since his wife wanted to give it, he didn’t say anything about it. 

The people in the side hall waited for the two to come back for a long time and the more they waited, the more they wanted to know what Shao Yunan went back to get. Meanwhile Jiang Kangchen’s tears had stopped, but he still clung to Jiang Moxi. Jiang Kangning was also excited. Does it mean that Moxi’s illness could be cured?

Finally, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing came back, and Jiang Kangning immediately spoke out. “What took you so long? What is it?” Edler Cen was also curiously staring at the crystal box in Wang Shijing’s hand, and could clearly see that several blocks were arranged inside that box.

Wang Shijing took a few steps to the mahjong table, as everyone gathered around and Jiang Kangning picked up Jiang Moxi. Wang Shijing opened the box and everyone exclaimed, “What is this?” Jiang Moxi indifferently played with the bird in his hand, not curious.

Elder Cen reached out and picked up a magic cube, looked at Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, then looked left and right. “What is this thing?”

Jiang Kangning with one hand holding Jiang Moxi, picked up another cube with his free hand. Then compared it to the one in Master Cen’s hand. The other one was more square, thinking, “This thing is very delicate. Each has three colors, but the size is very different. Why is this?”

The others were ready to take their time to research it, while Wang Qing spoke in surprise. “This can be turned?!” Wang Nizi was also surprised. “Little Father, this can be turned!” With that, she spun it. Jiang Kangning put down Jiang Moxi, picked up the smallest second-order Rubik’s Cube and put it into Jiang Moxi’s hand, saying, “Brother Moxi, take a look at this.”

Jiang Moxi’s eyes slowly shifted from the mechanical bird to the cube and his hand slowly tightened. Shao Yunan pretended to pick up the highest end eleventh-order Rubik’s cube and said, “I’ve been studying this thing for a long time with Brother Jiang and I don’t know what it’s for. We might as well all study it together today.”

Wang Shijing was also curious about this thing, just now he didn’t play too much, so he took the Rubik’s cube from Shao Yunan’s hand intending to directly challenge the highest difficulty.

There are exactly 11 people on the scene, minus Shao Yunan, and each of them took a Rubik’s cube and stood by the mahjong table to study it. Master Cen frowned as he thought aloud, “Each of these have three colors. There must be a special reason.” Jiang Kangning nodded. “But why only three colors? When you can still turn them?” Elder Cen shook his head, he hadn’t thought it through yet.

Shao Yunan thought that he should not say anything and see if someone could understand the secret of Rubik’s cube. He also paid special attention to Jiang Moxi, and before long, surprise appeared in his eyes.


Everyone quickly looked at Jiang Moxi, only to see the second-order Rubik’s Cube in Jiang Moxi’s hand. All three colors were neatly arranged in place. Shao Yunan pretended to have discovered some secret and shouted, “This thing can’t be played like this!” He was shocked. Jiang Moxi couldn’t really be an autistic child with a rare high IQ, right? Or was it that he wasn’t autistic at all, but his IQ was too high and the people around him were mortals, so he was too lazy to care?

Elder Cen reached out. “Brother Moxi, give Grandpa Cen a look.” Jiang Kangchen was very anxious to get the magic cube in Jiang Moxi’s hand. “Moxi, give father a look.”

Jiang Moxi let go and gave his own cube to his father, but turned his hand to take the fifth-order cube from his father’s hand and then turned it with both hands.

Elder Cen took the second-order Rubik’s Cube from Jiang Kangchen’s hand and looked at it carefully, then said to the people who had come closer, “Perhaps, this is how this thing is meant to be used. Three different colors that can be rotated and eventually each color will be on a different side.”

“Let’s try!” Shao Yunan stepped up.

“Try.” Elder Cen put down the second-order Rubik’s cube and took over the eleventh-order magic cube that had been abandoned by Wang Shijing. Now everyone was no longer interested in playing mahjong or dice anymore. 

A sixth order Rubik’s cube was in Wang Qing’s hand, while a first order Rubik’s cube was in Nizi’s hand. Shao Yunan picked up the already played second-order Rubik’s Cube, pretended to study it, but in fact messed it up again before handing it over to Wang Qing. “Brother Qing, Little Father thinks this is easier than what you have, so you should play with this first.”

Wang Qing, who was already sweating, immediately gave the cube in his hand to his father and took the second-order cube and Shao Yunan took the sixth-order Rubik’s cube from his hand.

In the middle of noon, no one said that they wanted to eat as they all competed against Rubik’s Cube. Even Guo Zimu forgot about cooking, and he just thought the things in his hand (fourth-order) were very strange. It was easy to see what should be done but how come he couldn’t do it? Elder Cen challenged the eleventh order and Jiang Kangning challenged the tenth order. Isn’t it just turning the same color to the same side? It should be very simple. Jiang Kangning was after all a person who won first place in the imperial examination at the age of 18.

Ha ~ ha ~

Shao Yunan laughed while holding his belly, but as time passed he became hungry. Glancing at Wang Shijing, who was also immersed in the Rubik’s Cube, Shao Yunan didn’t bother him and went to the kitchen alone to make lunch. Since everyone was busy playing, lunch didn’t need to be too complicated.


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