Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 66.2

Jiang Kangchen was worried about his son, but the boy who always followed him had not yet come to him, indicating that there was nothing going on over there, making him gradually relieved. Jiang Kangchen couldn’t remember the last time he was in such a calm mood on New Year’s Eve. Sitting with Shao Yunan and following him to learn how to make a few simple snacks, Jiang Kangchen was even in a bit of a trance, feeling that everything was very surreal.

Taking a breath, Jiang Kangchen said, “Yunan, I will trouble you and Shijing to not only take care of Moxi, but also Kangning. For so many years, because of me, there has been no one around him. He is already 26, many people at his age are already fathers. Moxi and I are already settled, so he no longer has to worry about us. He should worry about his own life now.”

Shao Yunan didn’t ask much about Jiang Kangchen, but looked at Jiang Kangchen’s appearance. It really should be more stable, just as he said. At least now Jiang Kangchen has the Empress behind him, how could the power of the Duke house compare to the current Empress? He nodded, “I will advise big brother.”

In the backyard, Jiang Kangning was holding a knife, sharpening it as Wang Shijing frowned and said once again, “Big brother, your hand should hold a brush, let me do the skinning and boning.”

Jiang Kangning waved his hand with the knife. “If I don’t do it now, you never let me, I’m not a guest here, it’s just slaughtering sheep, I can do it.” Wang Shijing was not as confident as him.

His big brother was no longer related to the Wu family and the Empress was supporting his big brother. It could be said that a huge burden in Jiang Kangning’s heart had been removed, which made his mood a lot better. Even though he has never killed even a chicken, he was now excited to slaughter a sheep, and although the sheep died, he still planned to skin and gut it.

Cooking smoke was coming from almost every house in the village. Today was New Year’s Eve, so every family was in various stages of preparation for the New Year dinner. Especially since many families in the village earned money this year, they bought a lot of New Year goods, so there was no shortage of wine and meat. Of course, it took time to earn money, making many other families sigh, but what could they do?

Wang Shuping’s family also bought good wine and meat this year. His son would go to the White Moon Academy at the beginning of the New Year and he had already been going to Master Cen for private lessons, making him significantly improved, not to mention that Master Cen was also satisfied. Wang Shuping could already foresee his own son going to the Imperial Academy in the future, so how could he not be happy and spend money? Wang Wenhe was also smiling daily, having high hopes for his grandson.

Wang Yan also did not lose his grandfather and father’s face and studied even harder than before. He was able to go to White Moon Academy to study entirely thanks to Uncle Yunan. If he didn’t study hard and was expelled by Master Cen, wouldn’t he be as embarrassing as Wang Zhisong? Wang Yan studied hard and Zhao Congbo also worked very hard. Now both Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan were subjects of envy in the village, while Wang Zhisong in the eyes of the villagers became the complete opposite.

Zhao Lizheng’s family became very prosperous this year. After the New Year, the two sons would separate. Since their family has undergone earth-shaking changes this year, the meaning of this year’s New Year celebration has also become extraordinarily different. Zhao He’s maiden family was from the same village and he was their only son. Zhao He’s two fathers have been helping to make the jam, so Zhao Lizheng let Zhao He call his father and young father over for the New Year. It doesn’t even need to be mentioned how happy this made Zhao He.

Compared to these happy people, Old Lady Wang’s family could only be described as gloomy. Wang Chunxiu lost face and didn’t go out since that day, while Old Lady Wang laid in bed sick. Wang Zhisong moved to the country town after renting a house there, saying he would not come back until the examination was over. He was also laughed at in the village, so it was better for him to study in peace in the country town. Although Old Lady Wang did not want to be away from her son for the New Year, thinking of her son’s future, she still gave him the money she had saved.

Old Lady Wang was upset and this anger was naturally spilled onto Wang Chunxiu and Wang Zaizheng. Wang Chunxiu’s hands that never touched cold water before, were now used to not only do laundry and cook every day, but also feed chickens and pigs. Wang Zaizheng also became so thin that only skin and bones were left, not having enough to eat, but needing to work a lot. 

All of this was done while Old Lady Wang laid in bed, scolding them for this or that. But she rarely scolded Wang Dali, who seemed even more dull than before. He also did not kill pigs and goats, only killing one chicken in the spirit of the New Year celebration. In previous years, Wang Chunxiu would be able to wear a new set of clothes on New Year’s Eve, but this year, not to mention new clothes… even if she could marry was difficult to say.

That is to say, the biggest New Year’s Eve dinner in the village would definitely be Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s. Since the morning, various scents wafted from the kitchen from time to time. At noon, each person got a bowl of chicken noodle soup, while they waited until evening to eat the big meal. Shao Yunan’s cooking was good and his disciple Guo Zimu’s cooking was also very good. Jiang Moxi ate a large bowl of chicken noodle soup plus a tea egg, making Jiang Kangning and Jiang Kangchen very delighted. This made Jiang Kangning forget about the pain in his left thumb, when he accidentally cut his hand while gutting the sheep.

After giving each of the three children a small handful of tea candy, Shao Yunan continued to work. Guo Ziyu came in from the outside and said with a smile, “Yunan, Shijing, Master Cen and his wife are here.”  Seeing the people following Guo Ziyu, it couldn’t even be descripted how surprised Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were. Elder Cen said smilingly, “Yunan, my wife and I are here to disturb you. It’s really cold with just us two old people for the New Year.”

Shao Yunan hurriedly greeted him. “I’d love to have you here! Shijing and I were thinking of inviting you both over, but we were afraid you would have your own arrangements.” Madam Cen said embarrassingly, “I said I wasn’t coming, but he wanted to come, saying he wanted to eat your cooking.”

“Ha, it’s not easy for Master Cen to find something good to eat… there’s no harm in staying here for a long time.” When the old couple came, the house became even more lively. Wang Qing and Nizi paid their respects to them and Wang Qing also pulled Jiang Moxi to introduce him to the old couple. The old couple who was already aware of Jiang Moxi’s situation, didn’t mind Jiang Moxi’s silence.

Master Cen’s sons and daughter were all in the capital. Master Cen also didn’t want to go to the capital for the New Year celebration and felt it would be harmful for his children to run back and forth. The court officials were about to open the court on the tenth day of the new year and it was freezing cold outside. So when Master Cen proposed to his parents that he would come to accompany them for New Year Eve, Master Cen simply told his son that they would come to Shao Yunan’s for the New Year.

Madam Cen and Jiang Kangchen followed Guo Zimu to learn how to make snacks, while Guo Ziyu helped Shao Yunan in the kitchen. Wang Shijing was then asked by Master Cen and Jiang Kangning to follow them to learn chess.

Not long after master Cen and his wife came over, it began to rain and snow outside.  In Yongxiu Province there would be no heavy snow in the winter. At most it would rain and snow a little, but it was still much colder than in the north. However, Shao Yun had installed floor and wall heating, which caused the house to not be cold, but even a little hot. It was so warm that even Master Cen took off his cotton shirt.

The three of them played chess in the small hall, where Master Cen won two games thanks to his high level of chess. While accepting his win, Master Cen said, “Shijing, your younger brother seems to have gone to live in the county town. Some of the students have seen him a few times, did you know?”

Jiang Kangning took a cup of tea and took a sip, looking at Wang Shijing. But Wang Shijing just said indifferently, “I didn’t know. I don’t ask about what happens in that family.”  Master Cen continued, “Kangning should have already mentioned to you the new rules of the Emperor’s new examination, right? They will be announced in April at the latest.”

“He did.” Master Cen pondered for a moment and said, “With his current reputation, I’m afraid it’s impossible for him to continue taking the exam. But if you want to help him, I can write him a ‘letter of recommendation’.”

Wang Shijing said thoughtlessly, “You have a heart, but the matters of that family is something I will not touch. They came to make trouble again just a few days ago, so even if he can change it in the future, he will never be able to change his family’s greed. If you help me this time, I am afraid it will only cause more trouble in the future. He can’t blame me for coming to this point.”

Jiang Kangning and Master Cen asked at the same time, “What are they up to again?” Wang Shijing said coldly, “My mother wants to live in this house and wants to take a hold of me to get my family’s money. She also brought Wang Chunxiu over to make trouble, but Shao Yunan did not let them come inside. After seeing Wang Chunxiu dressed that way, I am afraid my elder brother guessed correctly.”

“Guessed what?” Master Cen asked. Jiang Kangning did not want to say, so he sympathetically replied, “Wang Chunxiu is fond of big brother. I’m afraid she repeatedly ran to my house because she wanted me and Yunan to help her with matchmaking with big brother.”

Master Cen coughed twice, then shook his head speechlessly. How could the other side be Wang Shijing’s family? But it was not good for him to say anything. Jiang Kangning only said one sentence, “That family has a big heart.”


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