Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 66.1

The two of them went back to their room to make out with each other, but Jiang Kangning didn’t leave, helping his big brother put Jiang Moxi to bed. Jiang Kangning asked his brother how he was doing when he was not around. Jiang Kangchen answered with a calm expression. “I returned the store and land deeds of the Wu family.”

Jiang Kangning’s eyes sank. “Those two women came looking for you again, didn’t they?”

Jiang Kangning smiled lightly as he spoke. “They’ll have to think more about it if they want to mess with me in the future.” He calmly said to his brother. “In the past I kept the shops and land for Moxi since I couldn’t let him bear hardships with me, but also to reassure you. But now I work for the Empress and make money, the store and land can be returned. This can also be used to avoid them. They can’t use it as an excuse to bother me and Moxi again.”

Now the shops needed for his business belonged to either the Emperor or the Empress. The first time they looked for trouble, those who made trouble were beaten without even entering the door, while the Empress went directly to the Duke and told him to discipline his family. The Empress said they would no longer dare to trouble me directly. The Emperor is also keeping an eye on them, so you no longer have to worry. Kangning, although Shijing and Yunan are ordinary people, they are the great benefactors of our Jiang family. If you recognize them as sworn brothers, be sure to be a good big brother.”

“Don’t worry, big brother. Although Yunan said that he wanted me to be their backer, I know that I have also been blessed by them. I have not yet understood the matter of the fund, but listening to Yunan talk, if it can be done… Big brother you will become the Empress’s favorite. Even if you can’t go to court to be an official, you won’t have to be afraid of the Duke family anymore. I didn’t think that I would be able to get two brothers with such profound blessings, because I momentarily listened to my feelings.”

Jiang Kangchen held his brother’s hand and smiled lightly. “Your brother has been blessed by you, Kangning. You should stop worrying about me. I am now doing well in the city. The Empress also said I will get half of the profits of the business I will be responsible for in the future. This time, the Empress originally wanted to give me 7,000 taels of silver, but I didn’t want it, I only wanted half.” 

“In the future, our family’s livelihood will only get better and better. I am also relieved that Moxi will stay here in the future, while I try my best in working for the Empress and Emperor. What Yunan said is also right. In your career if you don’t flatter the people above you, you will need a lot of money. Just stay a clean and good official and this big brother will earn money for you and Moxi. If both of you are good, I am also fine.”

Jiang Kangning gently put his arms around his brother. “You are good, Moxi and I are also good.” After a long silence, he whispered, “Brother, if you meet the right one, just find another one.”

Jiang Kangchen’s eyes were watery as he smiled and said, “If I really meet the right one, I will let you know. But when will you find a younger sibling for me?” Jiang Kangning let go of his brother, losing the smile on his face at the same time. “I will marry, but right now I have a lot of things to do, so I will find one when I’m ready.”

After all was done, it was late at night and knowing that the Wu family could no longer find trouble with his brother, and that things were going well in the capital, Jiang Kangning took his leave and went back to his room. Jiang Kangchen didn’t go to sleep immediately after his younger brother left. He sat beside the bed and looked at his sleeping son. He heard what his younger brother said just now. 

After leaving the Wu family, it was not that no one showed him favor, not that no one said he would take in Moxi as well. But his heart was no longer with his body. He and Wu Jian might have no fate in this life, so he could only wait until their next life to continue their relationship.

Tea and wine sales were so popular, that as the direct public person in charge, Jiang Kangchen brought his son to Xiushui Village for the New Year for several reasons. One of them was that he wanted to temporarily leave the capital. Those who were interested in the tea and wine business could not go to the Empress, so they naturally all went to him. 

His leaving the capital was also according to the wishes of the Empress. The new tea and wine business was so profitable, the emperor would never let others intervene, so it was estimated that when Jiang Kangchen returned to the capital after the New Year celebration, those who would still dare to interfere would be beaten to death by the Empress.

Although Empress had no heir and was not very healthy, he has always been a powerful person who could not be underestimated. He had won the Emperor’s favor and trust, so who would dare to snatch such a profitable business from the hands of the Empress?

“The Empress came from a side branch of the Dai family. The Empress’s parents died early, so he grew up in the Dai family home and was favored by the old general. He was also raised as one of the young masters of the Dai family. When the emperor was still a prince, the Empress was his study companion and later followed the emperor to the battlefield.” 

“Shijing also said that the deputy general Dai he followed would even call the Empress his Little Uncle. The general’s mansion is very strict, so the children of the family were never in a position to bully others. Even if they are now considered to be relatives of the emperor, they still keep a low profile. Dai Zhanxiao went to the border to fight at the age of twelve, while the old general’s family was loyal and righteous.” 

“The Empress also risked his life many times for the Emperor, so his sole favor could not be blamed. The only regretful thing is that the Empress doesn’t have a child. Yunan, if the paste you make really helps the Empress’ health, it would be a big merit. No amount of money you could make for the Emperor could compare.”

After breakfast, Shao Yunan heard some inside information from Jiang Kangchen, and suddenly felt a lot of pressure. “Uh, brother Jiang, I can’t guarantee this.”

Jiang Kangchen said, “Kangning and I both hope that The Empress will be in good health.” Shao Yunan placed the snack in his hands on the table and said without hiding anything, “If the Empress’ health is good, it means that our business can be more solid. Since he is a man, he will also not be as calculating and shrewd as a woman. He also won’t be too harsh on us, but if the Empress changes to a woman, I am afraid it might be troublesome for us.”

Jiang Kangchen, who never dared to speak as bluntly as Shao Yunan, nodded silently and just reminded him, “Don’t say this in front of outsiders.”

“I know, since it’s you brother Jiang, I dared to say it.” Shao Yunan was making snacks and when they were done, they were taken to the oven to bake. Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu were working in the kitchen on those big dishes that needed to be stewed, while Wang Shijing was slaughtering sheep, chickens, and ducks in the backyard. Jiang Kangning also went to join the fun on a whim, as Wang Qing and Wang Nizi took Jiang Moxi to the animal barn to look at the cattle, horses, and poultry raised by their family.

Jiang Moxi was an autistic child and his reaction to anyone approaching him was indifferent, so Shao Yunan encouraged Wang Qing and Nizi to take more initiative to reach out to Jiang Moxi. This made Jiang Kangchen stop worrying as he saw the two children take Jiang Moxi to play with them.

Jiang Kangchen was also eating the Guyuan paste, but the time he had eaten it was still short, so Shao Yunan didn’t ask him how he felt after eating it. In order not to attract attention, the spiritual spring milk he added was diluted, so the reaction would not be too fast. The conditioning process was slow and gentle, to not attract any unnecessary trouble that couldn’t be explained later. But with two or three months of continuous use, the effect could still be seen. The light that Wang Shijing could see in his left eye was already obvious, but he couldn’t see yet. After all, his eyeball was almost lost.


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  1. Drielly Cristhine Freitas de Sena

    A little sad that the author needs to demean women to say men are more trustworthy. It would be better to say that since the male empress comes from a clean and uncorrupted family, he is a better business partner. Homosexual men are not superior or inferior to women, we are all minorities who fight for the same rights.

    1. Stela

      You are right but i think yunan is speaking according to the era they are in. Women doesn’t get to study so they really can’t judge the overall picture as compare to men like they can see trees but not forest nd there whole world is only backyard so if empress is a woman her sole focus would be on the emperor’s harem. In this sense yunan is right. (somewhat i guess)

      1. Drielly Cristhine

        I get that, but it’s the whole context that sounds kind of wrong. A man who gives birth suffers prejudice as such, the author only shows that and uses women in general to demean men in this case and also uses women in comparison to be demoted and to demean men in Yunan’s situation. Note that no man like Yunan was used as a comparison, in this case, men who gave birth. Most BL novels use women in this kind of context, creating unnecessary rivalry and fomenting hatred that often doesn’t exist. Women, being minorities, support many often homosexuals. For example, in the case of the older brother Kangsheng, it could be another man from a distinguished family who liked his husband and forced him to surrender. But it is not. The person is an evil woman who came to destroy the homosexual couple. In other words, the message that remains is: Women are enemies of homosexuals and they are bitches.
        It got long and it’s not just a criticism of this novel, it’s just that all the enemies are women. I say the women in this novel were equated even with enemies who sexually abuse the secondary characters. Even the men of ML’s family have a secondary villain role compared to ML’s sister and mother.

  2. Nia

    I agree. It’s something that irks me that the only positive female character is Nizi, and she is just a little girl. If even men can give birth what’s the point of discrimination in the first place? Where’s the justified difference to explain the patriarchal bigotry in this story?
    I love this story and the world building but I think this was a missed golden opportunity to write about men and women in equal standing for once.
    With sooo many books in this genre and I have yet to see an historical BL that has equity in women’s and men’s rights.
    Wouldn’t that be novel? Just a thought

    1. amethist67

      I agree it’s sad gender equality is usually not displayed in bl when most of the supporters and consumers are woman.

    2. Lusclex16

      Well living in a country where women still has to hear that women are fool and they should just stay at home and work, I will say it’s sad situation. I am really one of the few lucky girls who can study freely without hearing any discrimination. But when I go out I have to listen to those sexist remarks. Although situation is improving gradually in my country which is a good sign. That’s why when I read historical stories I kinda understand. And MC despite being a modern man can’t and won’t do anything about this. As like he said, if there a women empress comes she won’t have the chance to do business as the society won’t let her and she wasn’t taught. Her only concern would be making her son be the next emperor and scheming for it. Sad reality due to cruel society

  3. rose dauda

    E be like if una no put women down the BL story no go sweet
    Just what is this obsession with the need for men to be better than women in everything
    Saying it’s only women that can be shrewd is hypocritical but whatever 😹😹
    The author of this book tho
    You wrote a nice book but you just have to offend people in the process
    I really hope that’s not how you think in reality sha not like e concern me cos I’m not part of your life

  4. TTN

    Let me explain. Yes I won’t deny that there is gender inequality; however, we got to take the era and country into perspective. Women at that time were taught the four books of virtues if they were given ANY opportunities to get education. Literally tools to look attractive to educated men. This also include how to be a good stay at home wife, manage the inner court (harem) and any financial needs pertaining to inside the house only. There are women who definitely does not fit that mold but it’s rare since the knowledge for business isn’t taught to most women to begin with. Also with the empress being male make it easier for them to get business done with reserve between man and woman pass the age of 7.

    1. TTN

      Also he did give opportunities to females in the story. The aunties that came over. Remember SY is gay even in modern time so his interactions with many females and their story is not guaranteed to be much. And modern time China still mainly remained patriarchal.

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