Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 61.2

Jiang Kangchen and Wu Jian had been divorced for six years now and until now Jiang Kangchen still faced the difficulties caused by Wu Liu from time to time. Either his storefront was smashed or the crops in his fields destroyed, and sometimes people would even come directly to his door to cause trouble. Wu Liu didn’t kill anyone and just made little problems here and there, so how could old Master Weng come forward for these little things? 


Sometimes Master Weng, knowing about it, would take Jiang Kangchen and his son to his house for a few days and Wu Liu would live peacefully for a while, but as soon as Jiang Kangchen came home she would send other people to make trouble. The reason why Jiang Kangning was not married till now was because he couldn’t let go of his brother and nephew. Since his own brother could not live in peace, how could he marry? 


When he met Shao Yunan at the county school, the other party was also bullied by his husband’s family. But he did not endure and directly ran to the county school to seek justice for his husband. The encounter between Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing made Jiang Kangning feel better as he admired Shao Yunan’s determination. He regretted that Shao Yunan could defy his in-laws in this way, but his brother could only, step by step, give in and endure in the face of the power of the Duke household. Only if he was at the top of the imperial court his brother could be shielded from these trials and hardships.


Jiang Kangning’s greatest wish in his life was to return his older brother’s life to peace, so that he could have a happy home. So facing Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, who had a similar experience with his brother, he was willing to help. Old Lady Wang also somehow resembled Wu Wang. Both were surnamed Wang, while Wang Guo resembled Wu Liu, so Jiang Kangning sentenced Old Lady Wang to thirty big boards without mercy and sent Wang Guo to jail.  


It cannot be denied that he was relentless and angry. His nephew becoming like that was in great part due to Wu Wang’s oppression of his Elder Brother. Even when his big brother was pregnant, she did not spare him. Jiang Kangning did not even know how many times he wanted Wu Wang to be sentenced with hits of the boards. He also kept all of Wu Liu’s wrongdoings in the back of his mind so he could seek revenge later. 


When Jiang Kangning talked about what happened to his Elder Brother, although he might have sounded patient, his eyes were still full of cold resentment. Although his Elder Brother was only two years older than him, he loved him very much and wanted to protect him in every way. His Elder Brother’s patience with the Duke of An’s household was also for him. 


Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing felt a little sad listening to his story. Wang Shijing squeezed Shao Yunan’s hand hard. If his wife wasn’t strong, even if he was tough in the face of his own mother, would he still be able to separate from his family? At most he could still separate, but he wouldn’t be able to completely cut ties with that family. 


Shao Yunan made a cup of hot tea for Jiang Kangning, put it in his hand and asked, “Is Moxi like Tianbao?” Jiang Kangning took a deep breath and shook his head. “No. He seems to have lost his mind. Give him a piece of wood and he can play with it all day. But he won’t talk to anyone. He can hear voices, but he won’t pay attention when you talk to him. He can also dress and eat by himself, but he hasn’t even called out ‘father’ once. He just sits there all day, looking at the wood or other things in his hands.”


Shao Yunan mused, “Could it be autism?”


“Yunan?” Jiang Kangning’s expression tightened. “You know this disease?” Shao Yunan slowly nodded. “I have not seen Moxi yet, so its hard to say, does he act dumb?” Jiang Kangning said sharply, “Not dumb! The nine linked rings I bought for him, he plays with them very well and can unravel them faster than I can! One of his most favorite toys is the Nine Linked Rings!”


Shao Yunan clapped his hand. “Then I am 80% sure that it’s autism. It’s not really a loss of heart. The so-called autism is living in its own world, not communicating with people, and not communicating with the outside world. Since Moxi likes nine linked rings, It shows that he is very talented at this.”


Jiang Kangning immediately asked excitedly, “Can it be cured?” Shao Yunan said, “I can’t guarantee whether it can be cured or not, but if the symptoms are not severe, there is still a high chance of curing it. If he likes the Nine Linked Rings, it means his intelligence is at least not low. Even if the child could not be cured, he can still recover to some degree with certain treatments. At most, he won’t like to deal with people. This could also be considered the best case in autism.”  


After thinking about it some more he said, “Moxi becoming like this can actually be related to big brother Kangchen’s mood during pregnancy and his depression. Big Brother Kangchen was in a comfortable mood during the pregnancy and after giving birth Moxi’s surrounding environment was also calm and warm, Moxi might not have autism. So in the final analysis, it might have been caused by the Duke of An household.


Jiang Kangning clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “I think so too.” Shao Yunan said, “Wu Liu always looking for trouble is also not good for Moxi’s treatment. If Brother Kangchen is willing, why not send Moxi to me? The air in the village is good and the environment is simple. He would also have two little friends at home, while Wang Qing and Wang Nizi would have another child to play with. I will take good care of him. A change of environment may also have a healing effect on his condition. Since big brother Kangchen is busy with business now, he can send Moxi over here and with you brother, um uncle around, Brother Kangchen doesn’t have to worry.”


The more Jiang Kangning listened, the more he thought Shao Yunan’s proposal was a good idea. Then he said excitedly, “I’ll write to my brother right now. Yunan, Big Brother will owe you another favor.”

“Big brother, you’re too generous. Anyone who heard Big Brother Kangchen and Moxi’s story would feel bad, let alone me and Shijing. If Brother Kangchen is willing, why doesn’t he send Moxi over before the New Year? If he can’t bear it, he can also send him over after the New Year. I will also make some delicious food for Moxi. Maybe Moxi will get better if he eats some of his favorite food.”


Jiang Kangning smiled. “I will write a letter now.” Wang Shijing went to get a pen and ink while Shao Yunan said, “You are just in time. I saved some Guyuan paste to give to Elder Cen, so send it to Big Brother Kangchen first. I will make some more right away.” Jiang Kangning gratefully said, “Yunan, Big Brother won’t be able to find a way to thank you anymore.”


“Don’t bother. You are not ‘Big Brother’ for nothing.” Jiang Kangning smiled. Jiang Kangning told Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing all of his family affairs and did not hide his true relationship with Master Weng. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing naturally returned the favor. They would also definitely help Jiang Kangning if they could. Whether it was spiritual spring water or spiritual milk, without it, Shao Yunan wouldn’t dare to let Jiang Moxi come over. He also didn’t know if spiritual spring water or spiritual milk could cure autism, but at least they would relieve some of it. 


Now that Kangchen had to be busy with business, Shao Yunan didn’t know if the Empress would step forward if Duke An would make trouble again. But if he brought Jiang Moxi over,  Jiang Kangchen would no longer have to worry so much. 


On the same day, Jiang Kangning sent someone to immediately deliver the letter he wrote to his big brother, together with a small jar of Guyuan paste and a small jar of white wine to the capital. Jiang Kangning took a sip of the white wine and fell in love with it. Shao Yunan could only say that he didn’t have a lot, saying he left some to make Guyuan paste, but would give some to Jiang Kangning after he brewed it again. 


White wine used grain just like wine used sour red fruits, so brewing it for business was definitely not possible, since rice was needed to eat. However, Jiang Kangning asked Shao Yunan to brew more. Even if it was not for sale, it could be sent as gifts. At least to Elder Cen, Master Weng and the Emperor. Shao Yunan agreed. These two gods were his big thighs that he needed to hold tightly. Elder Cen was also necessary. 


Since Jiang Kangning was free that day, he simply stayed at Shao Yunan’s house that evening. Shao Yunan made a big dinner in the evening and took out a small pot of his ‘only’ goat’s milk wine left and Jiang Kangning drank until he was slightly tipsy. Maybe it was because he spoke of the sorrow that had been suppressed for too long, or maybe because he felt that his nephew’s illness could be cured… he drank almost the whole pot of wine, while Shao Yunan didn’t drink and Wang Shijing accompanied him… with one cup.


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  1. Tokyo Goul

    Hoping that Jiang Moxi Austim is not bad if he has 80% intelligence, it could be more or less make him not want to be around people or even talk with people. This could also mean he hates being around crowded places that he hates but I will wait and see.

    Hope for you best

  2. Nura Ol’Blast

    Saw it coming and now I am sniffing snot with wet eyes. Not crying since the baby can get better but still, 😢
    Thank you for the update

    1. Kailani

      It will not be easy, being autistic has it’s good sides and bad sides it can only get better as long as that person wishes to be better. This is hard too judge but I hope he gets better.

  3. amethist67

    I feel a bit uncomfortable with the autism being here unless they’re not educated by all the facts and then they just seem to look down upon with people who have autism because there is a lot of people who have varying degrees and it’s not necessarily A bad thing that needs to be cured just compensated and understood

  4. Lilith

    I am sorry, but no. As amethist67 wrote, i am also feeling uncomfortable with the way they approach autism.
    As an author, research should be done before stating anything.
    There is no cure for ASD, there are treatments and a non-verbal child could become verbal but no cure.

    1. revolverlancelot

      there’s also no magical spiritual water in the real world so….

  5. Lilybud

    This is not a novel set in modern day. The portrayal of autism here considering both the time period, cultural differences, and the fact that SY can’t be a master of everything is authentic.

  6. rose dauda

    SY is a modern man who came from the future and his family is rich
    He is knowledgeable so he knows that it can’t be cured but he is depending on his special water in his space to maybe perform a miracle
    The author just didn’t word it well at least that’s my understanding of this chapter
    At first i was upset they call it a disease but since it’s not known then so of course anything they don’t understand is a disease then
    I was gonna get mad be SY mentioned it can be cured as i know it can’t but when he said assuming he didn’t have his special water he wouldn’t attempt anything that’s when i understood his way of thinking

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