Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 59.1

Jiang Kangning’s appearance caused a sudden change in the atmosphere inside the new residence. The front courtyard, which was still noisy before, now became much quieter and the villagers who were discontented because they could not visit the inside of the residence, no longer dared to show their discontent. 


Shao Yunan did not expect Jiang Kangning to arrive today. The people in the main hall were also surprised to see Jiang Kangning. Elder Cen’s gaze lingered on Lord An for a moment. After the two teachers greeted them, they expressed that they wanted to go out and have a look. Shao Yunan left Wang Shijing with them, while he took the two teachers and other people out. 


Madam Cen also found an excuse to leave, by going to check on Nizi. Shao Yunan took everyone to another side room first, gave them tea, and then asked Guo Ziyu to come over to help him. Guo Ziyu was a scholar, so he was the most suitable person to help on such occasions. Shao Yunan then brought Madam Cen to Nizi’s boudoir and asked Nizi to keep Madam Cen company. Madam Cen brought her personal maid and Shao Yunan called for Tang Genshu to wait on her, so Madam Cen could tell Tang Genshu if she had any requests.


After settling these distinguished guests and elders, Shao Yunan hurried to the front yard to find Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande, and asked them to help Guo Ziyu. In the present situation he and Wang Shijing had to entertain Jiang Kangning, but they should also not neglect teachers Guan and Chen, the few shopkeepers, Zhao Lizheng, the clan Patriarch and the others. But with Wang Shiping, Zhao Yuande, plus Guo Ziyu there should be no problem. 


In the front yard, Fourth Aunt Wang and Zhao He were enough to take care of the situation for them. Shao Yunan rolled up his sleeves, tied on his apron, and asked Aunt Zhao and Aunt Zhou, who were helping in the kitchen, to light another stove. 


Shao Yunan was not worried about Wang Shijing staying in the main hall alone for now. Wang Shijing had been away for a few years and had fought under a general, and was even made a centurion. Wang Shijing’s quietness did not mean that he was dull. Besides, there was still his Elder Brother Jiang Kangning and Elder Cen, so entertaining Lord An was absolutely no problem. As for Jiang Kangchen, although it was the first time they met he was also one of their own, so Shao Yunan was not worried. 


As expected, the room did not get chilly after he left. There were no outsiders present, so Jiang Kangning directly asked Wang Shijing to bring out the ‘good tea’ and ‘good wine’. Wang Shijing went to the wine cellar and brought out a small barrel of goat’s milk wine and also took out some of the special tea and showed his tea making skills in front of several people. The water he used was the mountain spring water mixed with the spiritual spring water, which was exceptionally sweet. 


The first cup of tea was naturally delivered to Lord An, who took the tea cup and smelled it intoxicatingly before tasting it he said, “We owe it to Kangning this time. We have only had a cup of Longjing tea, which was rewarded by the Empress in the palace.” As lord An opened his mouth, Wang Shijing realized the identity of the other party. While Elder Cen’s eyes also slid over with a sense of wonder. Wang Shijing opened his mouth, “It’s the blessing of this husband and wife to have our tea liked by the Emperor and the Empress. I hope that Lord An will like it too.”


Since he could be rewarded with a cup of Longjing tea by the Empress, this Lord An served either on the Emperor’s side or the Empress’s side. Wang Shijing immediately began to calculate in his heart that Shao Yunan and Jiang Kangning’s plan seemed to work. 


Elder Cen looked over. “Brother Yunan and Shijing’s tea making skills are excellent. The two of them also have unique brewing skills that are out of this world. Lord An should take advantage of this opportunity to drink a few more cups today. I came here today because of the two of them, otherwise I would not have their wine until next June.”


Lord An immediately said, “We can’t afford to be called lord by Master Cen. Although Master Cen is no longer in the court, the Emperor and the Emperor’s teacher often mention Elder Cen.”  Elder Cen bowed toward the seat of the Son of Heaven. “I am grateful to His Majesty and the Empress for thinking of me. I have already left the service, so Eunuch An only deserves to be addressed as ‘lord’ by me.”


Elder Cen deliberately called Shao Yunan ‘Brother Yunan’ in order to raise Shao Yunan’s status in front of Lord An. On this occasion, Elder Cen’s emphasis on Shao Yunan had undoubtedly added a little bit to Shao Yunan’s future chips, which could be considered a great favor.


After exchanging pleasantries Jiang Kangning and Elder Cen accompanied Lord An, while Wang Shijing didn’t need to talk much unless he was asked something. Jiang Kangchen also did not talk much as he quietly drank his tea. After drinking and chatting for more than half an hour, Shao Yunan came in and said they could sit at the table. The four people followed Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan to the dining room, where only a round table was set up with five small dishes already on the table. 


Wang Shijing poured wine for them first. Everyone who came to the new residence today had wine to drink, but only the guests at this table could drink goat’s milk wine. Soon, Aunt Zhao and Aunt Zhou brought out the dishes. The serving tableware had been carefully selected by Shao Yunan at a porcelain store. They might not be comparable to the ones in the palace, but they were still considered extremely delicate, at least not losing to the courtesy of today’s occasion. 


After Aunt Zhao said nervously that all the dishes were served she left and Wang Shijing spoke up. “Lord An, Brother Kangchen, these dishes are all made by Yunan. I hope they will be to your liking.” Jiang Kangning smiled and said, “Yunan’s cooking is not worse than the cook from Yizhang Xuan restaurant. Lord An, please try it.” Eunuch An picked up his chopsticks, looked around at the dishes, and finally said, “I have never seen such dishes in the palace, so I won’t be polite.”


After Eunuch An took up his chopsticks, Jiang Kangning signaled Elder Cen to pick up his chopsticks. Only after Elder Cen moved his chopsticks, did Jiang Kangning and Jiang Kangchen pick up theirs. But Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan still didn’t touch their chopsticks, as Shao Yunan introduced each dish one by one and told Elder Cen that the meal had already been sent over to Madam’s side. 


Shao Yunan  had put a lot of thought into this table. Boiled pork slices, Mapo tofu, boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili, dry pot lamb, red oil chicken, stir-fried sliced pork with spicy cabbage, marinated platter, fried eggplant, stewed pork chop soup, braised mushrooms, sweet and sour pork balls, cold vermicelli, cold shredded potatoes, cold chives, and pumpkin pancakes with goat’s milk seed jam. Shao Yunan used all his limited ingredients to make eleven hot dishes and five cold dishes, putting in a great amount of effort. 


Lord An ate with praise… Jiang Kangchen ate with praise… and Elder Cen also said he would come over more often to eat Shao Yunan’s cooking.  Good tea, good wine, good food… this meal was absolutely satisfying to all of them. Six people and sixteen dishes, but there was nothing left in the end. Shao Yunan finally brought up a dessert for each person – a pudding with cinnamon and goat’s milk fruit and hawthorn jam. It was cold outside, so the pudding cooled down after a while outside the house, but it still wasn’t very cold. 


Eunuch An finished the last bite of the pudding, wiped his mouth respectfully, and said, “Little Brother Shao, your skills are more than enough to open a restaurant in the capital. To be honest, I have never eaten these dishes in my 40 years in the palace. Especially this last so-called dessert. It gives a real sense of completeness for the meal.”


“Indeed.” Elder Cen nodded. “After eating this meal, I suddenly feel that I have not eaten any good dishes in this life.” Jiang Kangchen wiped his mouth and said, “Yunan’s tea making and wine making skills are excellent, and so are his cooking skills. If he opens a restaurant in the capital, I don’t think it will earn less than his tea and wine.”


Shao Yunan just laughed, not knowing what to say since he was most skilled in making Western food. But even if the ingredients were sufficient, he didn’t know if these ancient people could accept Western food. But he didn’t want to go to the capital. The water in the capital ran very deep, so going there would only be asking for trouble. Jiang Kangning said with envy, “Shijing is really a lucky one. With Yunan’s ability, I don’t know how many people will want to steal him. You have to keep an eye on him.”


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