Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 53.1

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were a little excited to sleep with their father and little father for the first time. The two children have a quilt and Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing also have their own quilt. Seeing the two children tossing and turning, unable to sleep, Shao Yunan simply told them a story. He didn’t talk about Cinderella, Prince Charming, or anything like that, instead he talked about Nezha’s troubles at sea. The two children listened exceptionally attentively and when Shao Yunan finished, the two children finally went to sleep with the expectation of tomorrow night’s story.

As soon as they fell asleep, Wang Shijing’s hand got into Shao Yunan lingerie and touched around. Shao Yunan pressed Wang Shijing’s troublesome hand and whispered, “The children are here.”

“Let me touch it.” Wang Shijing put his other hand under Shao Yunan neck and held him tightly. His hot breath sprayed behind Shao Yunan’s ear, stirring up layers of goose bumps on his body.

Wang Shijing said he would only touch, but his hand was getting lower and lower. Shao Yunan grabbed it again. “Do you want to wake Nizi and Qing?”

Wang Shijing’s breathing was already a little heavy. Shao Yunan also felt a little hot after being touched all over, but with the children around, he absolutely wouldn’t do it. Wang Shijing said gruffly, “Let’s go to the space.”

“No. There are outsiders next door.” Little Shijing, which had already transformed into five taels of silver, topped Shao Yunan and asked, “What do you think of those two?”

Just saying that the old man was suddenly in love, Shao Yunan said in a low voice, “Very handsome. The younger brother is too pretty, so the older brother is more to my liking, um!” Gritting his teeth, Shao Yunan pinched Wang Shijing’s arm! Wang Shijing’s big rough hand also pinched and rubbed on Shao Yunan’s little Yunan, making Shao Yunan very angry. “Damn it, don’t think I can’t cure you!”

Grabbing Wang Shijing’s hand hard, Shao Yunan’s body arched downward, making his whole body fall on the bed. Wang Shijing wanted to catch him, but Shao Yunan slapped away his hand and opened his mouth through the boxer shorts and took the little Shijing. Wang Shijing’s body tensed up, his mouth opened wide as he panted sharply and quietly.

Taking advantage of Wang Shijing’s inability to resist, Shao Yunan took off Wang Shijing’s boxer briefs. How could an ancient man compare with him, a modern man who who has watched an unknown number of G-movies? Shao Yunan has no worries about using his mouth. But Wang Shijing regretted it, he was going to be driven crazy by his wife. He tasted the meaning of self-inflicted iniquity, making his heart feel very conflicted. “Wife, Wife, don’t. I was wrong, don’t.”

There was a faint sound of drooling in the quilt and Shao Yunan tried his best to hold little Shijing well. Moving it up and down, he licked it all the way down.Wang Shijing wanted to grab Shao Yunan, but since Shao Yunan sucked so hard, it made him lose all his strength. He also didn’t dare to make too much noise, since the children were next to them.

Shao Yunan sucked Wang Shijing’s soul out. Wang Shijing suddenly lifted the quilt, grabbed Shao Yunan’s arm and lifted the person up, then turned over and pressed the person under his body, resisting the desire to explode in Shao Yunan lower body.

“Oh!” Shao Yunan hurriedly put his hands over his mouth, there were children next to them! The quilt was overturned by Wang Shijing, if the children suddenly woke up, he would definitely lose face. “Oh!” Shao Yunan broke out in a cold sweat and while lying on his back, he pinched Wang Shijing. That bastard was coming directly at him!

Wang Shijing, who had really barged in, didn’t even stop as he directly buckled Shao Yunan’s waist and began to move, making Shao Yunan almost cry out. No longer caring if there were outsiders next door, Shao Yunan held Wang Shijing’s arms, no longer caring if someone else would see them enter the space.

Once in the space, Wang Shijing completely stopped enduring and pointed all his horsepower to Shao Yunan’s body. Shao Yunan who also no longer had to endure, screamed as little Wang Shijing went all the way.

This lovemaking was absolutely amazing. Wang Shijing took all the moves he learned in the military camp and used them on Shao Yunan, who was also not willing to show any weakness, biting and sucking on Wang Shijing, while also taking the initiative to twist and wiggle, as if the two tried to see who would try to give up first. But Wang Shijing, regardless of his size or position, took the vanguard, making Shao Yunan eventually lose all his armor and only scream.

After a hearty do-over, Wang Shijing carried the weak-legged Shao Yunan to the pool to wash, looking at him from top to bottom with a strong sense of satisfaction.

“Wife, don’t seduce me in the future, I can’t stand it.”

“nah…. don’t act as a good boy when your actions are so cheap…”

Shao Yunan left two more rows of teeth marks on Wang Shijing’s swollen chest.

“Don’t look at the Guo brothers too much.” Wang Shijing let Shao Yunan bite him, but did not forget his own worries. The Guo family brothers were much more handsome than him, especially Guo Zimu… Wang Shijing felt a sense of crisis. Shao Yunan grunted listlessly. “That little Guo and I are zeros, I am more worried about you.”

“I like my wife the best.” Wang Shijing first expressed his loyalty and then asked without any shame, “What does zero mean?” Shao Yunan pulled Wang Shijing’s hand to the place where he had just been hit hard. “To be like this is number zero.”

Wang Shijing’s one eye lit up as he inserted a finger. Shao Yunan groaned and let the other man clean him. The chest he used as a pillow vibrated. “Then, what about Guo Ziyu?” Shao Yunan grabbed Wang Shijing’s softening thing. “If he were to have five taels like you, I would consider, um!”

Wang Shijing’s fingers twitched as he bit Shao Yunan’s lips. “He definitely does not. There is no such thing as another young general like mine…” Not to mention so prideful. “Could you be even more shameless?” Shao Yunan smiled and slapped Wang Shijing on the arm. “Let’s hurry back.”

Wang Shijing did not act crazy anymore and after cleaning up Shao Yunan, the two of them returned to the ‘outside.’ The two children were sleeping heavily, making Shao Yunan relieved. Wang Shijing picked up the quilt, rewrapped him and Shao Yunan in it and then kissed his wife’s face and patted Shao Yunan’s back.

With Wang Shijing’s patting and coaxing, Shao Yunan’s consciousness quickly blurred. This man was really becoming more and more smothering and going straight towards black belly development. “You really won’t be moved?” Someone mumbled before he had fallen asleep. The one eye in the darkness was full of tenderness, “No one is as good-looking as my little wife.”


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