Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 48.2

“Mm.” Patting Wang Shijing’s shoulder, Wang Shuping said, “Go back and have a good time with Yunan.”

“I will.” Wang Shuping took a few quick steps to catch up with his wife and children as Wang Shijing turned around and went home.

Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan came over every afternoon to copy the books and tutor Wang Qing, the two of them treating it as lesson repetition. Regardless of the books given by Dean Cen, even the notes in the several enlightenment books given by teachers Guan and Chen gave them some new insight. The best teachers in Yongxiu County were either in the county school or in White Moon Academy. Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan who studied in ordinary schools in the county town naturally would have different gains.

Shao Yunan still taught Wang Qing and Wang Nizi every morning, the same way he did before. The idioms and classical stories he told the two children attracted great interest from Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan. The arithmetic and multiplication were also a novelty to them, so the two children would ask Wang Qing what uncle Yunan taught him that day, every afternoon when they arrived. Wang Qing would repeat it, Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan would write it down and ask Wang Qing to repeat them again. Wang Qing could not write a lot of words yet and Shao Yunan wouldn’t write it down either. But in this way, as Wang Qing and Wang Nizi reviewed, Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan also learned something.

Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan felt that although Uncle Yunan did not know how to write many words, he seemed to be more powerful than their own teacher. Both Zhao Yuande and Wang Shuping did not expect their children to have such gains, so the two families became even more grateful to Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan.

Zhao He made red dates and ginger and hawthorn jam, and after Shao Yunan tasted it, he also gave some advice. Zhao He improved it according to his advice and found that the taste was indeed much better than what he had made before. The Zhao family began to prepare for the sale of this large batch of jam before the end of year, while Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan went to Wang Shijing’s house every day to study and sometimes had dinner there. They would usually also eat snacks there in the afternoon, since the children were not at their own homes most times. The adults in the two families were relieved and put more energy into the busy time, before the end of the year.

On November 18, the sound of firecrackers added a lot of excitement to the peaceful Xiushui Village. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s new house was finally ready. The moving-in ceremony was a big event and it was necessary to choose an auspicious day. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were very happy about their new house and ran around it. Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan, who were already familiar with the two, looked after the two of them, lest they be bullied again. There was no gunpowder at this time, but just with lit bamboo it was very lively.

On the last day, Wang Shijing set up five large pots at the entrance of the new house, each with a large pot of meat and vegetable stew, such as rabbit, pheasant meat, pork, dried mushrooms and fungus. Wang Shijing did not specifically set up a table, so the villagers who wanted to come over and eat needed to bring their own bowls and chopsticks. There were also enough steamed buns. The whole village was boiling, as everyone rushed to Wang Shijing’s new house with tableware and chopsticks.

Wang Wenhe also came, but not to eat, but to see Wang Shijing’s new house with a smile on his face. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s acceptance and kindness toward his grandson made him feel much better. His grandson also learned a lot of things there, especially those novelties, which gave him a different perception of Shao Yunan. After being disappointed with Wang Zhisong, Wang Wenhe seemed to see some hope again. This hope was his own grandson. Coupled with Wang Shuping’s non-stop guidance, Wang Wenhe thoughts became much more open minded. He also moved from his post of patriarch and named his own son Wang Shuping as the next candidate.

Wang Wenhe did not take the bowl. On seeing this, Shao Yunan stuffed a pair of bowls and chopsticks into his hand, then asked Wang Qing to scoop a large bowl of meat for him. Wang Wenhe did not refuse it and sat together with Zhao Lizheng to eat. Only Wang Dali and Wang Dafu’s families did not show up, but no one went to call them. One was probably afraid of losing face, so had no courage to come to eat, while the other was probably stopped by Wang Zhisong. From what they heard, old lady Wang was already able to walk and with her habit of taking advantage of people, if she didn’t show up today, it was obviously because someone stopped her.

Not only did old lady Wang want to come, but Wang Chunxiu also wanted to come, but they were both blocked by Wang Zhisong at home. Wang Zhisong was really scared now. His status as a child student was preserved and the county school told him to come back to study beginning in February. Wang Zhisong also remembered when Shao Yunan said that the two families should no longer deal with each other. He was afraid that his mother and sister showing up would anger Shao Yunan, which would put him in danger again, so he stopped both his mother and sister at home.

The old lady scolded Wang Shijing at home for being unfilial and cursed Shao Yunan as the star of misfortune which was dedicated to bringing down their family. She also scolded Wang Dali, cursing him for his incompetence. So many things happened at home. She and her son were both beaten, but he as the head of their family did not even dare to make a sound.

Wang Chunxiu also persuaded, but she had her own idea in mind. She clearly saw that her elder brother and his husband became friendly with the county magistrate and had heard that the county magistrate had not yet married. If she could recover the relationship with her elder brother’s family, then her marriage…

The more Wang Chunxiu thought about it, the more she thought it was feasible. If she visited her elder brother’s house and persuaded her father, while stopping her mother from going there and apologized to big brother a few more times, how could they not become close again? They shared the same blood after all. If big brother forgives her, she no longer would have to fear Shao Yunan. In the future, with Wang Zhisong’s merit, how could her marriage not be settled? Wang Chunxiu also hinted to Wang Zhisong that the county magistrate Jiang was still not married. Even if she could not become the official wife, being a concubine was also not losing face. Wang Chunxiu was also not ugly and if you looked closely she and Wang Shijing still have some similarities.

Wang Zhisong was a little moved by what she said, but he was still afraid. This time, he was really afraid of being beaten. After everything that happened, Wang Zhisong knew that no one in his family could be trusted. But on the other hand, his eldest brother was not only rich, but also a friend of the county magistrate. He also heard that dean Cen from the county school gave Wang Qing some books. If his eldest brother could forgive him, he would no longer have to be afraid of his future career. Wang Zhisong was now anxious to find a strong backer for himself and the best backer he could think of was his own big brother.

Wang Chunxiu encouraged him, saying that they will only go there to see and with so many people there, they would not be alone. If they go and just say a few good words of blessing, big brother and sister-in-law would not be able to kick them out. Wang Zhisong considered it for a long time before he finally nodded in agreement. The two of them teamed up to convince old lady Wang and promised to bring her back a big bowl of meat, which finally convinced old lady Wang not to follow them.

Shao Yunan was talking to Zhao He when Tang Genshu ran over and shouted, “Uncle Yunan, I saw Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu coming this way.”

Shao Yunan’s expression immediately turned cold. “How thick-skinned are they, to still come to my house after everything I said?” This family was like a fly flying over the dish to him, disgusting to the point of no return. But someone being able to disgust him to this point was also to some extent considered a talent.

Zhao He hurriedly reassured him, “If they have any face left, they wouldn’t do such a thing. You and Shijing now have money and are friends with the county magistrate. It’s no wonder that they want to come over and please you.” Zhao He whispered something to Tang Genshu who just nodded and ran away.

Shao Yunan’s eyes were doubtful, but Zhao He just said, “They are Shijing’s siblings. No matter how much Shijing hates them, he can’t push people out with so many people around today. It will only make them come over more often. Everyone in the village knows who is the master in your family. Even if you don’t show up, Shijing can handle it. Just wait.” Shao Yunan was extremely disgusted, “Now I kind of know what it’s like to fight against the ‘undead little strong’.”

“… what does it mean?”

“Little strong also known as cockroaches.”

“… puff.”

Zhao He smirked, thinking that Shao Yunan compared the Wang family, who had always looked at everyone from above to the filthy worm and he suddenly felt a little sympathetic to that family. Zhao He shook his head in his heart, that student child student status… 


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