TOFUH – Chapter 8 – Beating people up and killing chickens

Hexi Village is located in the land of fish and rice. It has always been rich and has no natural or manmade disasters. It is also very close to the county town. People who live here are not violent. When villagers fight with each other, it is usually the “if you push me, I will push you” sort.

Jiang Zhen came up and beat his prestigious second uncle up. These people could not help but feel foolish. After Jiang Zhen kicked a sturdy man on his crotch and that man wailed, they all became white-faced.

Jiang Zhen’s body had not fully recovered as of yet. But when he was on a mission before, he was still able to fight with drug lords after being shot. Now he had to deal with a group of farmers. What is so difficult about it?

Even if he couldn’t fight hard, he could exploit other people’s weaknesses . . . like the crotch, couldn’t he?

As he spoke, Jiang Zhen walked toward those people. The knife in his hand was shining with cold light. People almost unconsciously took a step backward.

Their way of life had always been soft; they were fearful of pain and afraid of death. Right then, Jiang Zhen was deadly.

These people were called for by old lady Jiang in order to reprimand the eldest Jiang, but they didn’t want to fight with him. When they saw the knife in Jiang Zhen ‘shand, they all wanted to run away.

“Eldest Jiang, are you crazy?” Jiang Ping was the head of the village, so he still had some courage to speak out.

“I’m not crazy. But if you don’t give me a way to live, I’ll fight like hell with you!” 

Jiang Zhen smiled at these people, but in the next second, he saw a man who had bullied Eldest Jiang before and kicked him in the crotch. The man saw other people suffer, but he was too excited to run away. As a result, Jiang Zhen put down his leg and threw ashes at the back of the former bully’s neck with the pipe.

The second uncle’s pipe was made out of bamboo as thick as a thumb. And its bottom section was specially shaped to a certain hardness. Jiang Zheng smoked then directly stunned the other man with the pipe, which made him fall to the ground.

“You . . . You will get in a lot of trouble . . .” Even Jiang Ping was frightened.

Jiang Zhen did not speak and continued to walk towards them. Naturally, he did not kill the person who fell down. Before, when peeling mulberry strips, he got a good idea as to the level of strength of his body. Right now, a blow to the back of the man’s neck could make a person faint but never die.

All the men retreated.

“Bastard!” Butcher Jiang, holding a door bolt, suddenly rushed towards Jiang Zhen and tried to hit him with it.

Jiang Zhen had been paying close attention to the situation around him. Of course, it is impossible for him not to know the action of Butcher Jiang. He threw his pipe and knife to the ground. He first evaded the bolt, moving to the side, then grabbed it and then pushed and pulled it, snatching the bolt directly out of Butcher Jiang’s hands.

He jabbed Butcher Jiang with the door bolt, making him fall down.

With the door bolt in hand, Jiang Zhen looked coldly at the people around him with a sneer and said, “Do you want to fight again?”

Of course not! People around him shook their heads.

“Eldest Jiang, you can’t commit a crime . . .” Jiang Ping’s voice shook.

“If no one provokes me, of course, I will not do anything. If anyone provokes me, I will come into their house at night. Clean knives will go in, and red knives will come out!” Jiang Zheng looked around, and his eyes finally fell on old Madam Jiang. “Your neck, I guess it’s a little easier to cut off than a pig’s neck.”

When old lady Jiang shouted for people and called for some men, some of the women took their children to Jiang family’s house to watch the hustle and bustle. At that moment, several children were frightened and burst into tears.

The people standing in front of Jiang Zhen also wanted to cry right then.

This Eldest Jiang is absolutely crazy. If they offend him, they might really be killed by him.

If you had a good life, who was willing to offend a madman for the sake of others? A timid man hiding behind Jiang Ping took the lead in running. Then another uncle in Jiang’s family also ran away. Then the village head, Jiang Ping, hurriedly left. He also had a wife and child. He must take good care of his family.

The man who covered his crotch and cried in pain was a neighbor of the Jiang family. He was brought back by his father. Even the second uncle did not dare pick up the pipe that Jiang Zhen had thrown on the ground and just slipped away.

Jiang Zhen picked up the knife on the ground and held it along with the door bolt. And ignoring the men who had fainted on the ground, he strode inside the house.

He crossed the hall and went back to the storeroom to sleep. He did not want to see that the few rags and clothes of Eldest Jiang had been cut and thrown into the courtyard.

Jiang Zheng frowned and went out again. Then he slammed the door bolt in front of old Madam Jiang. “Where’s the key to the third house? Take it out!”

Old Madam Jiang had been frightened again. She was subconsciously going to pick up the key but stop right then. “What do you want to do? You can’t enter the third house!”

Jiang Zhen was a little impatient. He simply slashed the knife into the wall above her head and said, “Give it or not?”

Old Madam Jiang sat down on the ground; her legs went soft. She trembled and cried out, “Little sister, little sister, bring the key from my bedside . . .”

Country people usually leave their houses unlocked. During the day, the doors are open, and at night, when they return to the rooms, they bolt the door. But the Jiang third son had always been fastidious, and his house also had a copper lock.

Jiang Xiaomei brought the key, and Jiang Zhen swaggered and opened the door to Jiang Chengxiang’s house and entered the clean new house.

The knife for cutting pig bones was a bit heavy after all . . . When he entered the room, Jiang Zhen threw the knife to the ground, bolted the door, rubbed his wrist, and began to look at the room.

Zhu Shufen’s dowry was placed in the city, but Jiang Chengxiang’s house was still complete with a chest of drawers, a bed, two boxes, and some small things.

Madam Jiang came in earlier to tidy up the bedclothes, and the bedding on the bed had been put away. Jiang Zhen pulled out a set of clothes from the box and laid it on the bed. He took off his clothes, found a set of Jiang Chengxiang’s clothes, and put them on. Then he went to bed to rest.

Quilted clothes were all used by others, but Jiang Zhen never picked them, but he didn’t care at all. Of course, if he had money in the future, he would surely have to find new clothes to wear.

People in Hexi Village raised silkworms. Jiang Chengxiang’s quilt was light and made of soft silk. It’s very warm. Jiang Zhen fell asleep not long after lying down. At last, he woke up because his stomach was too hungry, and by that time, it was already dark.

Jiang Chengxiang’s house had gate it front, but there was a small door behind it. From that small door, you can get to the courtyard.

Without taking the big knife, Jiang Zhen went out from the small door to the courtyard with the sharp knife for killing pigs. He planned to go to the kitchen to find something to eat. As a result . . . there was not a single grain of rice in the kitchen.

Obviously, old lady Jiang hid everything he could eat.

This scene was not unfamiliar to Eldest Jiang, who sometimes worked outside until late. And when he came home, he was faced with an empty kitchen. In the end, he could only go to the field to find some lettuce and radish and then go back to the storeroom to sleep or just go to bed hungry.

When Jiang Zhen recalled that, his heart burst in sadness.

Not only did the eldest Jiang leave his memory to him, but his soul did not seem to have left yet. When it happened to someone else, the man must have felt nervous. Jiang Zhen did not take it seriously. He just patted his heart and then walked towards the Jiang’s chicken coop.

Jiang family raised chickens. Old Madam Jiang originally raised six chickens. But for Jiang third son’s marriage, she killed four. At this time, there were only two hens that had just begun to lay eggs.

When the villagers raised chickens, they are basically raised in fenced places. The village was full of people Every household who killed chickens and eat meat could not hide it from others, so there was no worry about someone stealing it.

In the evening, everyone would put the chickens back into their own henhouse, not letting it be caught by a weasel or a wild cat at night. Right then, two chickens of the Jiang family were in the henhouse.

After dark, the chickens were particularly quiet and easy to catch. Jiang Zhen opened the chicken nest, reached out, and caught a chicken, and then directly wrung its neck.

In the kitchen, he started a fire and boiled water. Jiang Zhen plucked chicken. He heard old lady Jiang moving behind him.

It was very dark, but there was a fire in the kitchen, and it was also bright. With that light, old lady Jiang saw Jiang Zhen feather-shedding a chicken inside.

With a cry of distress, old Madam Jiang looked at Jiang Zhen in disbelief. “Where did you get the chicken?”

“Caught it in the chicken coop.” Jiang Zhen looked up and smiled at Madam Jiang.

“You killed a chicken! You . . . You . . .” Old Madam Jiang put her hand over her chest and pointed at Jiang Zhen. In Jiang family, don’t mention chicken, even if they want to eat eggs, they have to get her permission. Jiang Zhen had right then killed the chicken she intended to lay eggs!

He’s crazy!

Old Madam Jiang was just about to swear. But suddenly, she remembered what Jiang Zhen had done during the day and she stopped talking.

Her eldest son is really crazy! It was foolish of her to forget the two chickens and just thought about hiding the grain.

“You’d better leave me some food in the kitchen in the future or else . . . Next time I’m hungry and have no chicken to eat, I’ll kill the pigs in the backyard,” said Jiang Zhen.

Old lady Jiang froze. She could put food and chickens in her house and lock them up, but she could not drive two pigs into her own house, could she?

The flash of fire in the oven made Jiang Zhen look very gloomy. Madam Jiang suddenly remembered her legs and ran away.

After a while, she came back, threw down a bag of rice, and said with trepidation, “You can’t eat all of the chicken . . .”

“Well, I’m tired of eating chicken alone.” Jiang Zhen took the bag of rice, scooped a bowl into the still boiling water, then sat down and continued to pluck the chicken.

The sadness lingering in his chest had disappeared. Jiang Zhen looked at the chicken and thought of Zhao Jinge, whom he favored.

Tomorrow, he’ll send the man a chicken leg.

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