Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 36.1


Master Sun did not hide from Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan “Yongning Hall” or how much money he was offered and let them just think about it. However, the attitude of the two people was still the same and they did not intend to do it themselves. Grandpa Sun and patriarch Sun tried to persuade them, otherwise, they might be suspected of bullying people. Shao Yunan also did not try to evade and directly explained the method of making this chrysanthemum tea: “It’s not that me and Shijing and relucant to work hard but as you heard before the process of making this tea is really troublesome. In the spring of next year, we plan to send Wang Qing to private school, also we want to find a female teacher to teach Nizi how to play zither. But at home it just me and Shijing, we need to take care of our land and tea we collected while the wild chrysanthemum grows several times a year. Shijing and me are just too busy.

“Grandpa Sun, Patriarch Sun and uncle Sun are all good people and you were always been very supportive of me and Shijing so I feel confident to leave this method to you. Besides, there are a lot of wild chrysanthemums in the mountains, so for small family like us it would really be too much to handle.  Besides, sooner or later, the price charged by ‘Yongning Hall” would be spread to the village so only grandpa and Patriarch Sun can back it down. But I have a small suggestion. After earning money, Patriarch Sun can buy more public land for the clan, and the money from this public land can help the children of the clan to study. If anyone can be admitted to county school or take examination they can be given a reward, the better place in the examination the better the reward. In this way people from the clan will not say anything. Wasn’t working hard and earning money for the sake of the future generations?”

Patriarch Sun smiled: “They say you have a lot of ideas, but this is really a great idea.  Well, since you and Shijing already talked about it and already stated the method directly if we don’t take it, we will be ungrateful. Brother Yunan, Zhao Lizheng family used three hundred taels of silver to buy your jam recipe, and 10% of the profit. But this chrysanthemum tea is even more expensive than jam so we offer our hundred taels. First we will give you 50 teas of silver and then chrysanthemum tea is sold we will give you the rest of silver. As for the profit, 40% while be share the rest among ourselves.”

Shao Yunan laughed: “It didn’t take so much, it was just for the outsiders to hear. I just collected 100 teals of silver from uncle Zhao and profit of 10% was also just for two years. It just that 10% of red sour fruits uncle Zhao collect is given to me. So I will sell tea repcipe also for 100 teals of silver and take 10& of profit only for two years.  Grandpa Sun is good person and if Patriarch Sun also help even if it wasn’t me or Shijing it good for Qing and Nizi to accumulate some blessing.”

The people of the Sun family were moved by what they heard. Wang Shijing suffered so much before but in the end he was most concerned about the village. The patriarch was also decisive as he spoke: “I accept your hearts on behalf of the Sun clan and my Sun family. We will take this house for 200 taels, so don’t push it. When I earn money, I will buy more public land, and will also give 10% of the profit so that the children can learn.”

Wang Shijing spoke up: “Uncle Sun, Yunan and I want to buy the mountain to the west.”

Matriarch Sun immediately said, “Okay, we won’t go there.  But you have to buy it as soon as possible, before it’s too late.”

“Well, we’ll definitely buy it before the end of year.”

Shao Yunan said: “Then let’s make deeds. This recipe I can also be sold to others under the premise of ensuring that it would not affect your interests. While I don’t care who you want to disclose it to.”


Patriarch Sun wrote the deed so both sides wouldn’t have a problem then they signed and sealed it. But this time Shao Yunan did not sign his name, he let Wang Shijing sign his name and press his handprint. The patriarch of Sun clan also said that when they begin to earn money he will call clan meeting about future founding of clan children study. In short, it was to prevent members of Sun clan from causing trouble for Shao Yunan. As for whether the clan would have its own ideas patriarch Sun was confident that he was not Wang Wenhe who couldn’t even punish his own clan members.

Grandpa Sun has three brothers, and all three brothers had many children. Clan patriarch was also from their own family so not only it was big family in Sun clan but also in Xiushui Village. The profit of this chrysanthemum tea would be so high that Uncle Sun and Aunt Sun knew they couldn’t take care of it alone. But with having their father-in-law and cousin step in, they could earn money without worrying about the bad things that may happen.

Grandpa Sun and Patriarch Sun both knew that the Sun family took advantage of Sun Erjiang and Sun Xiaojiang this time but Aunt and uncle Sun were still happy. Sun Erjiang especially rushed with Shijing to the county town to help his wife and was willing to help their family. Anyway, no matter what happen to Shijing family in the future, he and Xiaojiang would definitely go through fire and water to help them.

After leaving Wang Shijing and walking for a while Patriarch Sun shook his head: “Wang Dali and his wife are both blind. Without this son, its not strange that they think they can count only on Wang Zhisong.”

“That family is not able to conduct itself, so don’t mention them.” Grandpa Sun hurriedly said: “Go back and do a good job of planning.:


After bidding goodbye members of Sun family Shao Yunan suddenly asked, “Have you eaten enough?”


Wang Shijing took Shao Yunan hand and pulled him inside the house to continue eating. Shao Yunan grinned, pulled out his hand and jumped on Wang Shijing’s back. Wang Shijing staggered for a step but then firmly supported Shao Yunan by his buttocks.

“Wife, why did you ask me to sign it?”

 “You are the head of the family.”


Wang Shijing carried his wife only to feel that his wife was too light and needed to be fattened up.

The two did not mention the matter of chrysanthemum tea again as they eat their previously unfinished meal. Then Wang Shijing boiled a large pot of hot water while Shao Yunan cleaned after the meal and letting the two children wash up. Then they went together inside their room and closed the door.



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