Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 88.1

The wine provided by Shao Yunan was relatively ordinary 38% ordinary liquor. But in this era there was no liquor, while rice wine and other wine had very low percentages. Even Shao Yunan’s low percentage was considered high percentage wine in this era. 

38% alcohol was definitely considered strong alcohol for people of this era, so he didn’t dare to take out good wines like Moutai and Wuliangye, and only took out very ordinary ones. Even if he had to brew it in the future, at least he wouldn’t mess it up. He could still handle ordinary liquor brewing, but it was just a hobby for him. If it was traditional wine, he would have all kinds of wine-making tools and equipment in the space, but he only had one set for liquor.

There were also only two small jars of liquor. Eunuch An held out a jar, put it on the table, and carefully opened the seal. As soon as the seal was opened, Eunuch An and Eunuch Zhuo who helped him, both involuntarily sniffed. Eunuch Zhuo turned his head and said, “Your Majesty, this wine is really fragrant!”

Both the Emperor and Empress got up and walked over at the same time. Jiang Kangchen was also curious, so he boldly leaned over. Before he got to the table, Emperor Yongming’s nose could already smell it. He quickened his pace to the table, took a sniff, and immediately shouted, “Quickly pour a cup for me!”

Eunuch An used a spoon to scoop out some and poured it into two wine cups. Emperor Yongming took one, smelled it again, looked shocked, took a small sip, then he stared at the wine with round eyes. Seeing this, the Empress also immediately took a sip. His eyes widened. “This wine!”

Everyone else was curious, what was wrong with the wine? It smelled delicious! The Empress took another sip and said, “You all have a taste too.” Eunuch An immediately poured another three cups. As he, eunuch Zhuo, and Jiang Kangchen tasted it, they all were shocked as the wine was really fragrant!

“This wine tastes slightly spicy in the mouth and it has a strong fragrance, which is different from that of goat’s milk wine. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s good. It’s good!” Eunuch An couldn’t wait to take another sip, his amazement was overwhelming.

Jiang Kangchen smacked his lips and said, “This ‘white wine’ will definitely stop the merchants from the Mountain People Tribe and Xianlu Country from leaving.” When Emperor Yongming heard this, his expression changed. “What? This wine is not for me?!” He had completely forgotten what was written in Shao Yunan’s letter, as wine would be used to retain the wealthy businessmen from the two countries.

Eunuch An paused, Jiang Kangchen paused, and Eunuch Zhuo also paused. The Empress coughed twice, held Emperor Yongming’s hand, and said kindly, “Your Majesty, have you forgotten? Several merchants from the Mountain People Tribe and Xianlu Country came to buy the new tea and goat’s milk wine at high prices. But we didn’t have any left in our hands, while the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion has an eye on these merchants. In order to secure these merchants, Eunuch An wrote a letter to Shao Yunan asking him to find a way. This white liquor is one of the ways.”

“No!” Of course Emperor Yongming remembered, but he didn’t want to remember now! “I haven’t even drunk this wine yet, so how can I give it to people from other countries? No way! I need Shao Yunan to think of another way! I want this wine.” The wayward Emperor Yongming looked at the dumbfounded Eunuch An. “How much of this white liquor does Shao Yunan have?”

Eunuch An blinked and then looked at the Empress anxiously for help. Please, my Emperor, can you stop making trouble? But the Empress also asked, “Eunuch An, does Shao Yunan still have this wine?”

Eunuch An hurriedly shook his head. “No, ha has no more. He said in his letter that he only had these two jars. This wine has to be brewed with jik rice (sorghum) and our dynasty strictly prohibits the brewing of wine with grain, so he does not dare to brew more. These two jars were also originally just his spontaneous act, as he did not expect to be able to brew this drinkable white wine.”

Emperor Yongming was angry. He was the Emperor, so of course he could not openly violate the law. But compared to goat’s milk wine, he fell in love with the taste of this white wine more.

The Empress who knew Emperor Yongming best, said, “It is true that using rice to make wine is not allowed by the law, but it is still good to have a few jars to drink by yourself. By the way, Your Majesty, do you still remember that I mentioned to you that Eunuch An wanted to set up an auction house to sell some rare things? This white wine is brewed by Shao Yunan himself. The quantity will not be too large, so it is most suitable to be auctioned. Because the quantity is not large and they use their own surplus food, what they brew is not considered a violation of the law, what does your majesty think?”

Emperor Yongming really wanted to kiss his Empress at this moment, so he just nodded. “What the Empress said is very true.”

The Empress then spoke again. “It’s indeed a bit wasteful to use these two jars of white liquor to keep people. Your Majesty, do you think this is good? The merchants of the Mountain People Tribe and the Xianlu Country must not be snatched away by others. Your Majesty, why don’t you host a banquet in the palace, find common ground, and remind them who they should do business with. Second, reward them with a glass of white wine, so that they know that the real good goods are in the hands of your Majesty.” 

“Even if others have it, they can only use some unorthodox means to get them. The merchants are shrewd and will definitely understand what you mean, Your Majesty, and they will definitely not want to be your enemy. In this way, Your Majesty does not have to waste the two jars of white wine, but can also keep those merchants, killing two birds with one stone.”

“Good, good!” Emperor Yongming did not shy away from wrapping his arms around the Empress since he was in a good mood. Eunuch An smiled. He was also extremely happy to be able to leave these two jars of good wine for the Emperor. Sure enough, the Empress was really the best!

“Your Majesty, there’s also this kimchi, do you want to try it too?”

“Alright.” Emperor Yongming was really in a good mood. Shao Yunan was really his lucky star. He would like to see how that old man Wei Chunlin would steal business from him now!

When the late Emperor Kang Sheng ruled, the Great State of Yan’s national power had declined a lot, but it was still a big country compared to the surrounding countries. As a result, Emperor Kangsheng became more and more muddleheaded as he grew older. 

Not only was he headstrong, but he also indulged in wine and concubines. Listening to villains and distancing himself from wise ministers, making a not-so-bad country into a pandemonium. Making many people unhappy. The Huhar Kingdom, which had always been eyeing the Great State of Yan, took this opportunity to attack the Yan Kingdom.

The old and foolish Emperor Kangsheng, listened to his favorite concubine’s whispers and sent the crown prince, Emperor Yongming, to the border to defend the enemy, without any fear that something might happen to him. When Emperor Yongming left the capital, his brothers also sent people to assassinate him while he was away from the capital, so that he could never return to the capital.

 With the invasion of foreign enemies, the battle for the throne, and the foolish  Emperor, many people thought that the power of the Great State of Yan was coming to an end. Not to mention that the whole country was in a mess and the Huhar Kingdom’s attack was also menacing. Also from that time on, merchants from the Mountain People Tribe and Xianlu Country rarely came to the Great State of Yan to do business.


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