Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 99.1

Shao Yunan still had work to do in space, so he excused himself to go up the mountain and went out alone. After going up the mountain to a place where no one could see him, he entered the space. In the Wang residence, Uncle Zhou led the servants to plant flowers in the yard. Much of the front yard was still empty and since it was spring, it was time to plant the flowers and other plants that Shao Yunan wanted. 

Wang Shijing had no time to spare, so the other servants under Uncle Zhou’s supervision went to the mountains and dug up a few osmanthus trees, peach trees, plum blossom trees, and some nice wildflowers. At this time, Aunt Zhou also took the free women to make bags. 

Guo Ziyu followed Wang Shijing to take care of the tea business, while Guo Zimu researched new types of snacks. Since Uncle Zhou wanted to plant flowers, the fields were watched by Zhou Tianbao. Wang Shijing had hired the people working in the fields the previous year.

Shao Yunan told Guo Zimu that he also wanted to open a snack store, with Guo Zimu as the chef. Guo Zimu was reluctant at first since he didn’t want to go out, but Shao Yunan told him that he could make it in the house and then sell it in the shop. The daily quantity would not be too much. 

It was mainly to distract Wang Qing’s classmates, otherwise, Wang Qing would not dare to bring snacks to the academy every day, so Guo Zimu reluctantly agreed. To open the store, he would need to prepare a few kinds of snacks, but the few snacks he knew were not enough. Shao Yunan wrote several snacks recipes for him, which he was studying.

Jiang Moxi and Nizi were taking a nap, while Miao Yuan, Xia Chun, and Xia Qiu were looking for work by themselves. In the Wang residence, they all ate well, dressed warmly, and the master was kind. But the three hard-working children did not dare to act lazy and would take the initiative to work without the master’s orders. They were also afraid that if they were lazy and did not do a good job, the master would dislike them and sell them. 

If there were only two masters Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing in the family, these three children might really develop the habit of being lazy and deceitful, but because  people with official backgrounds like Elder Cen, Madam Cen, Kang Rui often lived in the mansion and even Jiang Kangning, the county magistrate would come often, none of the  eleven people bought by the family dared to be deceitful. Because even if they can hide their thoughts from Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, they would absolutely… not be able to conceal them from other people.

Aunt Zhou and the others made bags in the servant’s room in the front yard, so that they could hear the knock on the door if someone came. Today they were making school bags so that Su Ce could bring it to the students who ordered it the next day.

Bang bang bang. At this time, there was a knock on the door outside, followed by Zhao He’s voice. “Is anyone there? Open the door, it’s me, Zhao He.” Aunt Zhou looked out the window, and said to Zheng Wei puzzledly, “It’s just He.”

“I will open the door.” Zheng Wei put down her needle and thread and got up to go out. “Is anyone there? I’m Zhao He, I’m looking for Yunan.”

“Coming, coming.” Zheng Wei ran to the door and opened it. At the door was Zhao He with three strangers, two men and a woman, and in the woman’s arms was a baby. Zheng Wei looked at the three scruffily dressed people and said politely to Zhao He, “Brother He, please come in. The young master is not at home right now.”

Zhao He’s expression was a bit unpleasant as he glanced at the three people and said, “If Yunan is not here I will not go in. Tell him when he comes back to go to my house. Someone from the Song family is looking for Shijing.”

“The Song family?” Zheng Wei did not understand. Zhao He said sarcastically, “It’s brother Shijing’s ex wife Song, who abandoned her husband and children.”

“Ah?!” Zheng Wei was stunned for a moment, not knowing how to respond. The faces of the three people were very embarrassed, among them the man with the old face and white hair said in a mumbling voice, “Some words shouldn’t be spoken like this…”

The woman who was a little younger than she looked, holding the baby, but with age showing on her face interrupted him, deliberately straightening her back as if to add some momentum to herself said, “Zhao Lizheng’s daughter-in-law, this is not right. Who doesn’t know that our Yuhua was destroyed by her in-laws before she left? How can you say she abandoned her husband and children? Besides, our family’s Yuhua and Shijing were not divorced, but abandoned by Shijing.”

Zheng Wei was shocked when she finally understood. My goodness, it was the maternal family of her master’s ex-wife. Thinking of the powerful young master at home, Zheng Wei winced and hurriedly said, “Aiya, Aiya, I am just a servant and I am not sure about the matters of the master’s family. Both the master and the young master are not at home, so I will tell them when the master and the young master comes back.”

After saying that, without waiting for the others to react, Zheng Wei turned around and ran into the gate, closing the door quickly. Seeing this, the woman said angrily, “Why are the servants in this family so unruly? We are members of Shijing’s family, so how could she keep us outside like this?”

The teenager, who looked 16 or 17 years old, tugged at his mother a little uneasily and then looked at the Wang residence with envy and longing in his eyes. Zhao He said coldly, “Aunt Song, your words are biased. Brother Shijing has broken off his relationship with the Wang family, so what is your relationship with him? Even if there is a relationship, it is between Song and you. Even if she and Shijing didn’t separate, you and Shijing still have no relation to each other.”

The woman was furious, but Song Bazi and the boy hurriedly pulled her back, making the woman shut her mouth unwillingly. Now, the Zhao family’s jam business could be said to be Zhao He’s responsibility. Zhao He now has a lot of strength. In addition to being with Shao Yunan for some time, he was also influenced by him and became a bit more aggressive.

Zhao He didn’t look at the woman and said directly to the man, “Uncle Song, the head of Shijing’s family is now Yunan, and Shijing’s family property was also all earned by Yunan. Shao Yunan also doesn’t have your daughter’s soft temper that can be kneaded by others. Since Yunan is not at home now, you should go back with your wife and children. If Yunan comes back and sees you, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Not to mention, whether you can get some benefits from Shijing or whether you can even see him is still unknown. Why don’t you ask around and find out how Uncle Dali’s family is doing now?”

The man hesitated, but the woman glared at the man, took a deep breath, and said, “We are here today to look for Shijing, but we also want to see Wang Qing and Nizi. Whether Shijing remarried or not, we are still Wang Qing and Nizi’s grandparents.”

Zhao He snorted and said, “All right. Shijing and Yunan are not at home, so you can go to my house and wait first.” The man moved and was about to leave, but was stopped by the woman. The woman raised her head and said, “We will just wait here.”


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