TOFUH – Chapter 137.1 – Going Out to Deliver Pigs

At the filled table, only Jiang Zhen was feasting.

Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui were already confused; they looked outside from time to time, distracted by the figure of hundreds of thousands of silver. How could they eat in such a situation?

As for Zhao Jinge . . .

Zhao Mingzhu was almost a year old and had begun to eat solid food, so he was feeding her. But he was also very shocked.

Jiang Zhen had told him before that he had gotten a lot of money, but he really didn’t expect that it would be so much.

Zhao Jinge felt it was unreal as he clipped a piece of meat from a fish belly and put it in Zhao Mingzhu’s mouth.

Zhao Mingzhu opened her mouth wide to hold the piece of meat that was not far from her, but because her body was being held by Zhao Jinge and her neck was too short to take it she was aggrieved. “Wuw!”

Zhao Mingzhu’s cry woke up Zhao Jinge and the Zhao couple, then Zhao Jinge hurriedly fed her the fish and found that the roast pork and chicken on the table was nearly finished by Jiang Zhen by half.

“Don’t eat too much. What if you get diarrhea?” Zhao Jinge said worriedly.

“Even if I get diarrhea, I’m willing to do it,” Jiang Zhen said, smiling, but no longer eating meat.

In ancient times, when you got diarrhea, there was no medicine for it, so he better pay attention to what he ate.

After Jiang Zhen finished eating, Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui, who didn’t eat much, put down their chopsticks.

They almost couldn’t wait to go outside, then they saw Jiang Zhen’s men using one of the boxes as a table for eating and some of the boxes were even greasy from the vegetable soup.

This . . . box was filled with silver, ah! That’s not good, isn’t it?

Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui rubbed their hands uneasily, always feeling that something was wrong.

Jiang Zhen ate quickly but his men ate even faster.

Jiang Zhen asked the restaurant to bring enough food for more than a hundred people, but in the end, it was all eaten up by fifty people.

There were many boxes stacked in the Zhao family’s garden with cups and plates on the boxes and many people rubbing their round stomachs while directly sitting on the boxes.

When the people from the Hu family notes’ house came over, they saw such a messy scene.

“Which one is Master Jiang? Where is the silver?” the boss of Hu notes’ house asked in a loud voice.

His employer asked him to bring dozens of people here to move silver . . . Was there really silver in this tiny mansion that required him to come personally and bring so many people with him to move it?

“Close the door,” Jiang Zhen said. After his own men closed the door, he pointed to the chest in the courtyard and said, “The silver is inside. Let’s weigh it together.”

The so-called notes house was a money bank, equivalent to a bank in the future, of course, the business of the notes house was far less than a bank due to its local nature. The notes they gave could only be circulated in a certain range.

This time, even Jiang Zhen himself was not clear how much silver he brought back; after all, in Hongjiang Salt Farm, he did not have weights or scales. That’s why he didn’t take the silver directly to the notes house. He always needed to be sure first how much silver he had, right?

Jiang Ming and He Xiasheng quickly packed away the dishes on a box, then lifted the box and said to the head of Hu notes house, “Come. Let’s weigh it together!”

After the box was opened, it revealed neatly stacked silver, which was of good color and shone in the sunlight.

The shopkeeper looked at the pile of silver next to him and then looked at the box. Suddenly, he didn’t know what to say. Wait a minute . . . the boss suddenly found that there were many of such boxes in this courtyard. It couldn’t be a case that all these boxes were filled with silver, right?

The boss suddenly felt a little dizzy. He should have brought more people with him!

In Daqi, the value of silver, in addition to its weight, could also be appraised through its color.

The better the color of the silver, the more valuable it was. Silver with worse color would be less valuable, and even some merchants did not accept silver of bad color.

The shopkeeper, who looked at the color first, couldn’t help but exclaim after seeing it, “These silver pieces are of excellent color.”

“Mm.” Jiang Zhen nodded. After all, he got this silver from Hongjiang Salt Farm, so certainly, its color couldn’t be too bad.

Jiang Zhen was very calm, so when that boss looked at Jiang Zhen, he felt even more that this person was not simple. Of course, the first thing he had to do at the moment was to weigh the silver.

For the silver, Jiang Zhen asked his men to weigh it first, write down the weight, and then let the man brought by the shopkeeper weigh it again. After confirming that the weight was correct, the amount would be written in the book.

Their hands and feet were quite fast, but there was too much silver, so it would take some effort . . . Jiang Zhen observed it for a while before stopping and turning to accompany Zhao Mingzhu.

Seeing this, Zhao Liu patted her chest, which was beating particularly fast and also stopped observing. She was afraid that she was too excited and would not be able to stand any longer . . .

The courtyard was filled with silver, and she took a deep breath, feeling that she could not stay here any longer. She opened the corner door of the courtyard and walked outside.

As soon as Zhao Liu went out, she was surrounded by many people.

“Zhao Liu, the one who just came back, is your son-in-law?”

“Your son-in-law is really a big businessman, huh?”

“I didn’t expect you to be telling the truth . . .”


. . .


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