TOFUH – Chapter 27.1 – Climbing the wall in the middle of the night

After he left the Jiang family house with his household registration document and went to the newly built house, the emotion left by Eldest Jiang that had been lingering in Jiang Zhen’s chest disappeared.

Before, even if this emotion did not affect Jiang Zhen, it still weighed heavily on his heart, but now, Jiang Zhen no longer felt its existence.

I’m afraid Eldest Jiang has disappeared completely. Thinking of this, Jiang Zhen was somewhat disappointed. He had gotten Eldest Jiang’s body and memory and was able to live in the ancient times, but Eldest Jiang . . . The man who never had a good life was dead. 

Jiang Zhen sympathized with Eldest Jiang, but he only did so for a short time. He still had a lot of work to do. 

Building houses in the countryside didn’t need bricks or tiles. They all had earthen walls with beams within them, and then bamboo and thatch were used to make the roof. It could be built very quickly. Jiang Zhen’s house was built even faster with the help of the whole village. Although it was built, it was still not suitable for living.

There were no blue bricks or slate on the ground. An all mud house was already very wet and the newly built mud wall had increased the moisture and humidity by a level. The house was still missing a lot of things. 

Jiang Zhen first prepared a room to store food. Then he shut the chicken he got from the Jiang family in a broken-down thatched hut that had not been torn down, threw a handful of corn at it, and began to unpack his own house.

Probably in order to build the house for him as soon as possible, the villagers did not add a chimney in the house since it needed a certain amount of skill to build, and the mud stove built for him to cook was very crude. It looked like a circle that can set up a pot, but at least it worked because it’s short and he didn’t have to worry about burning the hut with it. 

From the thatched cottage, he brought back some straw and mulberry sticks and put them into the mud stove to light it, dispelling the moisture in the house and drying the mud stove at the same time. Jiang Zhen thought about it and lit fires all over the house. 

All the doors and windows were open. After the small fires were ignited, the moisture on the surface of the house almost dissipated, and as for the moisture in the mud wall, it did not matter at the moment. 

In fact, the furniture moved from Jiang Chengxiang’s house was not much. Jiang Zhen sorted it out before putting it in the house. Then he found out that he still lacked a lot of things.

There are tables and chairs in every household. He doesn’t have any right now and still lacks a lot of daily necessities. . . Looks like he will need to go to the county town tomorrow. 

After cleaning up the house, Jiang Zhen went to rebuild the hut behind the house.

The old hut had a special room, but the toilet in the new house . . . The villagers had just casually dug a hole!

Jiang Zhen was a little intolerant of such a simple solution, so he planned to change it, or at least he had to dig a passage on the floor leading to the outside and a cesspool, so that his own toilet in the house would not smell.

Jiang Zhen, who took a nap every day in the past few days, skipped it for the first time. He was in a good mood while digging a pit and humming a song. However, while he was in a good mood, the Jiang family were in a bad mood.

With so much silver and grain taken away at once, even if the Jiang family was still rich, it would probably take at least two years to recover.

“Why doesn’t that bastard just die by a thousand knife cuts?” old lady Jiang scolded Jiang Zhen as she rubbed the pig’s large intestines with salt. 

After Jiang Zhen killed the pig, he didn’t leave them even a piece of meat. All he left was a mess, a pile of pig intestines and half a bucket of pig blood. These were good things. Naturally, old lady Jiang was reluctant to throw them away, so she cursed others as she dealt with them. 

Jiang Xiaomei listened silently to old Madam Jiang scolding Jiang Zhen.

Before, she was very afraid of Jiang Zhen, but now that Jiang Zhen left, looking back, she only found out that Jiang Zhen hadn’t done anything to her except snatching her eggs. Her fear dissipated a lot. At that moment, when she heard old lady Jiang swearing, she could not help but sympathize with her eldest brother.

Her second brother and third brother were married, and each of them spent dozens of silver as betrothal gifts and to make furniture for the wedding ceremonies. For their own wedding banquets, they used several sacks of grain to make wedding cakes. In fact, her eldest brother did not take much.

However, it didn’t make any sense to think about it now. She might as well think about how to find a good, rich husband . . . A few days ago, she was told by her mother that she wanted to find her a mother-in-law, who was willing to pay a higher bride price, so she could use the bride price to pay off her debts.

Little sister Jiang didn’t have any ideas about using her own bride price to repay the debts of her family. The girls in the village got married, and their bride price was basically for their parents. Parents already loved their daughter if they would give a couple of silver to prepare some quilts and furniture at the bottom of the box. She now wanted to choose a good one among those who were willing to pay the higher bride price so that she would not have to live a hard life in the future. 

When Jiang Xiaomei was worrying about her marriage, Jiang Chengxiang sent Yang Jing, who had been invited to his home a few days ago, to the county town.

Along the way, Jiang Chengxiang kept apologizing to Yang Jiang, but Yang Jiang kept ignoring him. After arriving it the county town, Yang Jiang even drew out the knife on his waist pointing it to Jiang Chengxiang. “You get out of here!” 

Jiang Chengxiang was just a thin scholar; when threatened with a knife like this, he suddenly stumbled, not daring to follow Yang Jing.

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