Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 10.1

There were no tables and chairs in the room, so Shao Yunan asked the two children to sit on the kang and said, “Let’s not eat before we go to sleep, you ate a lot tonight.” The two children lowered their heads in embarrassment, but Wang Qing boldly raised his head again and said, “Little father’s cooking is delicious.” Wang Nizi also nodded vigorously at the side.

Shao Yunan rubbed Wang Qing’s head, quite happy and asked, “What do you two usually do during the day?” Wang Qing reined in his relaxed expression as he replied, “Cut wood, feed chickens, feed pigs, cook, pick vegetables, go to the fields, and wash clothes.” Wang Nizi grabbed her brother’s hand. “I wash clothes, feed pigs, feed chickens, light the fire, and water the garden.”

Shao Yunan, who had already heard a lot from Aunt Wang, still failed to control his anger and asked, “Did your cousin also do this?” The two children shook their heads together and Wang Qing said with a straight face, “My cousin wanted to study.”

“Wang Zhisong didn’t care?” Wang Qing and Wang Nizi again shook their heads in unison and Wang Nizi even said timidly, “Little Uncle wanted to study.” F*ck studying! That family is nothing more than a bunch of bastards! The children in the countryside always started to work early, but they were still their grandchildren and Wang Qing and Wang Nizi had to work all day long, while the boy who was older than Wang Nizi didn’t do anything! Also, Wang Nizi was only four years old! 

The hands of the two children were so rough that they didn’t look like something that belonged to children. Just now Dr. Sun took the pulse of the two children and said that the two children were weak and he had to take good care of them, otherwise something might go wrong in their future. If Wang Nizi went on like that, it might even affect her fertility in the future.

He had never met Wang Shijing’s nephew, but just thinking of his sister-in-law, he could guess that the boy must be like a pig and that strange old couple abused both big and younger ones. If Wang Shijing did not resolutely separate from that family, he would definitely write him a letter of divorce! Shao Yunan, who was spoiled by his grandparents and parents, and was their sweetheart, once again despised old lady and old man Wang in his heart.

Shao Yunan continued, “In the future, I will still let you do what you can for the family, but I won’t let you do so much as before.” As he spoke, he brought over two pairs of calligraphy cards. “From tomorrow on you will practice calligraphy according to this, but little father will teach you first how to hold the brush. Recently there were a lot of things to do at home, so when the work is over, little father will teach you how to read and write. Brother Qing should learn and so should Nizi.”

Wang Qing’s eyes brightened, but Wang Nizi was surprised. “Can I learn too?” “Of course. Little father also has a lot of words he doesn’t know, so he will learn them with you.” Then another person spoke out, “I’ll learn too.” It was Wang Shijing who came in at some point. Shao Yunan raised his eyebrows. “Of course you also have to learn. You are the head of the family.”

Wang Shijing came over, picked up Wang Nizi and sat down. He let Wang Nizi sit on his lap before saying to Shao Yunan, “Soon we’ll be busy with farming and after the farming period we will have to prepare for winter, then it’s the New Year when no one is free. When spring starts, we will find someone to send Qing to school.”

It was only September now and the farming season was about to begin. Thinking about it, Shao Yunan said, “Then I’ll teach them how to recognize words when I’m not too busy. There is also no need to send Qing to school. He will be seven years old at the beginning of next spring, so the best way is to send him to a private school directly. This will cost a little more money, but if we want to teach Nizi we need to find a female teacher to teach her.” Suddenly thinking of something, Shao Yunan asked, “Is there a place to teach girls to play the zither? Learning how to play the zither as a hobby a little earlier or later would also be fine.”

Wang Nizi’s eyes lit up at the word zither. Wang Shijing looked at his daughter and said to Shao Yunan, “I don’t know. I can go ask around. Nizi is still young, so you can teach her how to read and write first. Then we can take our time in finding her a female teacher who also knows how to play the zither. You can also send her to learn embroidery first. She will also need to know how to do it when she grows up. I know that girls from big families also learn it.”

Shao Yunan shook his head. “If Nizi likes that, we can find someone to teach her later. She’s young now. Embroidering is not good for her eyes.” “All right.” Shao Yunan then went back to the main subject. “Qing, Nizi, each of you should take a set of our treasures of the study and a calligraphy book to your room. From tomorrow on, you are not allowed to be lazy or complain. I will hit the palm of the hand of anyone who is lazy or complains.”

“Daddy, I won’t be lazy. I want to learn!” Wang Qing almost shouted. “I want to learn, too. After I can read, grandma and auntie won’t beat me or scold me anymore. Cousin Zheng will also not bully me anymore.” Wang Nizi’s childish words made Shao Yunan a little sad and Wang Shijing’s expression a little more gloomy. He really had ‘good’ relatives.

Giving Wang Shijing such a look, Shao Yunan said, “Okay, I believe that you can hold on. Now take your things to your room and wash up.” Wang Nizi jumped down from her father’s lap and with the help of her little father and her father she happily took the four treasures of the study and the calligraphy book to her room with her brother.

After the two children washed carefully according to their father’s request, they went to bed holding the calligraphy book, touching and looking at it. Shao Yunan took a bath, then went back to the house because he still had things to do. Wang Shijing, who boiled another pot of water, didn’t see anyone for a long time. 

Sitting cross-legged on the Kang and writing on the low table, Shao Yunan thought that he should go to the city or at least buy a desk, so his writing would not become so distorted. When the door of the room opened, Shao Yunan subconsciously looked up and almost lost his breath. 

Wang Shijing had obviously just showered. He didn’t wash his hair, but his hair bun had become loose and his upper body was naked. He had a cloth towel on his shoulders and only a pair of  coarse cloth trousers on his lower body. He hadn’t completely dried off, so the water beads slid down his chest and along his eight pack to his pants. Shao Yunan’s mouth suddenly became dry. One, two, three, four… It was really eight! For a pure zero, this tall and strong body with several scars, which was clearly a very manly body, was simply naked temptation!

Wang Shijing’s height was considered tall in Xiushui Village. Regardless of his body or face, he looked more like a pure northern man. In contrast, Wang Tianyan was short and fat, and even looked a little like old lady Wang. He never saw Wang Zhisong, so he wasn’t sure. In fact, if you took a closer look at Wang Shijing, he looked a bit like old man Wang, except that he was like a much more mutated species.

As soon as he came in, Wang Shijing closed the door and went up to the bed to look through the clothes box on the bed. Wang Shijing also had several scars on his back and just a glance at these scars told you how narrowly he escaped death on the battlefield. Wang Shijing put on his coat and loincloth and when he turned around, he saw Shao Yunan staring straight at him. Wang Shijing lowered his eyes and took a cloth towel to wipe his wet hair. Getting off the bed to go out again, Shao Yunan’s eyes subconsciously followed after him.

Damn, he was definitely deliberately trying to seduce him! He took a deep breath and pressed his heart. Shao Yunan patted his face trying to calm down. He has been a virgin for 26 years and now he’s only 16 years old, so he should be able to stand it.

It’s just that this body was too good. Looking down at what he had just written, Shao Yunan diverted his attention. At this time, Wang Shijing came back in, holding an old wooden box that looked quite heavy. “Yunan.” Shao Yunan looked up reluctantly, still a little uneasy inside. Wang Shijing sat on the bed and put the wooden box on the bed table. “Keep it.”

“What is it?” Shao Yunan moved the paper and inkstone away. “Things I brought back from the war.” Wang Shijing slipped a copper key into Shao Yunan’s hand. Shao Yunan only felt a burst of burning where Wang Shijing touched his skin. The other person’s hands were really hot!

Things he brought back from the war? Shao Yunan looked at the key in his hand and blinked. He used the key on the copper lock on the box and opened it. Then he gave a low cry and stared at the other person. “Is these yours?”

Wang Shijing nodded and said calmly, “The court has no money and military pay is not much. The general tacitly allowed us to take some seized money privately. This is the money I kept and saved while in the army.” After a pause, Wang Shijing avoided Shao Yunan’s gaze. “During these two years of forced labor, I also earned some silver. Except for what was given to my mother, I was going to give the rest to Qing and Nizi’s mother.”

Shao Yunan suddenly didn’t know what to say, as a warm current swept through his heart. There was a lot of gold, silver, and jade jewelry in the wooden box. There were also more than a dozen silver ingots large and small, as well as some loose silver and copper coins. There were even ten gold ingots of varying sizes, not to mention jewelry. Shao Yunan estimated that there were thousands of taels of gold and silver alone. Sure enough, no matter what world you were in, rich people still existed!


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