Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 134.2

“But General, isn’t this…” Shi Zhuang became even more worried, while his brother, Shi Qiang, was elated. “Go ahead. I’ll explain when we’re eating. Oh, and…” Dai Zhanxiao turned around. “Leave twenty sheep for roasting and go to my father’s tent to get the sauce for barbecuing. Also, ask for some pickles and sheep’s milk wine.”



“If you can’t get it, don’t come to see me.”

Leaving his subordinate with a difficult task, Dai Zhanxiao left. Shi Qiang whispered to his older brother, “Bro, go get the sauce from the General’s tent. What are those pickles and sheep’s milk wine?”

“You only know how to eat! Go by yourself!” Angrily scolded by his older brother, Shi Zhuang muttered to himself, “I’ll go, but I won’t eat! Hmph!”

In the tent of the General of the Armored Cavalry, Dai Mingrong, a single brazier had been lit, which, in the context of the large tent, provided minimal warmth. Dai Mingrong, who had just finished dealing with some military affairs, was currently writing a letter. His fingers were thick and the back of his hand was somewhat dry and peeling.


“Come in.”

The tent flap was lifted by a guard and Dai Mao walked in. His face was covered in stubble and he entered with a shout. “General, General Zhanxiao sent people to buy dozens of sheep and he also purchased a lot of white flour. I heard that it was funded by Qian Suihou (a title meaning “thousand years of wisdom”), what’s going on? When can our Winged Tigers eat separately? Did Qian Suihou only give money to Zhanxiao? The rest of us have to watch from the sidelines?”

Dai Mingrong raised his head without haste and said, “The person who came from the capital is Jiang Kangchen, an attendant of the Empress. He’s a Fourth-Rank official and is also the biological brother of elder Weng’s adopted son, Jiang Kangning.”

Dai Mao’s eyes widened. “Did Qian Suihou really give money to General Zhanxiao? What about the rest of us?”

Dai Mingrong said, “Of course not. The provisions and supplies that Jiang Kangchen brought with him are intended for our Winged Tiger Army and half of them are for the Flying Eagle Army. He pointed to the boxes and jars in the tent. Those are for our generals and I will have someone distribute them shortly. These provisions and supplies were not provided by the Household Department. Qian Suihou allocated the silver from the ‘Relief Fund’ to replenish the provisions and supplies for the soldiers of the Winged Tiger and Flying Eagle Armies. It’s an expression of his concern for our soldiers. What is there to be dissatisfied about?”

Dai Mao hesitated, “But General Zhanxiao bought dozens of sheep and only his vanguard army gets to have them. Other soldiers are complaining.” Dai Mingrong nonchalantly said, “The money Zhanxiao used to buy the sheep was earned by his former soldier and they donated it to the vanguard army. If others want to share, they can have their soldiers donate silver too.”

“What? Donate silver?” Dai Mingrong was just about to explain when a voice from outside the tent called. “Report!”

“Come in.” Shi Qiang entered, lifting the tent flap. However, seeing General Dai Mao inside, he suddenly felt a little uneasy. He saluted, “Vanguard Army Vice-General Shi Qiang pays his respects to the General and General Dai!”

“What’s the matter?” Shi Qiang dared not look at the General and stammered, “Uh, well, um, the Young General ordered me to find you, General, to request… um, to request…”

Dai Mao couldn’t stand the hesitating and mumbling and kicked him, saying, “Why are you mumbling? Spit it out! Are you getting married or something, acting all coy like that?”

Shi Qiang immediately straightened up. “General! The Young General instructed me to come and ask you, General, for the sauce, pickles, and sheep’s milk wine for the barbecue!”

Dai Mingrong hadn’t reacted yet, but Dai Mao was taken aback. “What sauce, pickles, and sheep’s milk wine?” Shi Qiang hesitated, “But the Young General said I should only take one and not come back if I can’t get it. Also, the sheep’s milk wine.”

Dai Mingrong’s forehead creased. “The Young General finished half a jar of the sheep’s milk wine last night. We only have six small jars and he needs to share three jars with the Grand General. Tell him to come and find me if he wants some!” Shi Qiang shrank back for a moment, then went off to find the sauce and pickles with a smug smile on his face. 

Dai Mao became anxious. “General, what’s this about sheep’s milk wine? Why is there so little of it? How can it be enough for everyone?” Dai Mingrong’s temple veins were throbbing and he retorted, “Do you even know how much this small jar of sheep’s milk wine would cost in the capital?”

Dai Mao was clearly clueless, but Shi Qiang, who was searching for sauce and pickles, perked up his ears. Dai Mingrong picked up his tea cup. “Just one cup of this wine is worth five taels of silver. Calculate how much that small jar is worth.”

“It’s worth five taels of silver?!” As a member of one of the poorest segments of Great Yan, Dai Mao’s immediate reaction was, “Could it be made from actual sheep’s milk!” Dai Mingrong’s temple veins bulged and he exclaimed, “Sheep’s milk is another name for red sour fruit!!!”

Dai Mao wiped his sweat and said, “Scared me to death!” Then he continued, “It’s just red sour fruit; they call it ‘sheep’s milk wine.’ Red sour fruit is everywhere! Since when did people in the capital become so wealthy? A wine made from wild fruit is worth that much silver?!”

Dai Mingrong told himself to stay calm. “You don’t have to drink it.” Dai Mao first hesitated, then put on an extremely obsequious smile. “General, would you mind letting me taste what this wine, which costs five taels of silver for a teacup, is like?”

Dai Mingrong replied, “It has no taste!”

“Dai Mingrong~” Dai Mingrong shivered, feeling goosebumps all over. “Get out, get out, get out! When the general buys the lamb, call the other generals, and let’s get some of their wine with meat“

“Got it!” Dai Mao licked his lips, thinking about the meat, which made him drool. Shi Qiang, who had already found the sauce and pickles jars, spoke up. “General, I’ve found them.”

“What do we have?”

“These jars are for sauces and these barrels are for pickles.” Shi Qiang also wore an obsequious smile. “General, what are these fruit jams and solid paste? Also is this Longjing tea, is it tea?”

“Let me see!” Dai Mao stepped closer. Dai Mingrong said, “These items are for your Young General to take personally. How he chooses to distribute them is up to him.”

“But General, these were gifts from His Majesty, right?”

Dai Mingrong’s eyes darkened. “They weren’t given by His Majesty, they were donations from others.” He looked at Shi Qiang. “Take six barrels of sauce and three jars of pickles.”

“Understood!” Shi Qiang left and soon returned with more people, taking away the sauce and pickles. After he left, Dai Mao continued to ask, “General, how did General Dai obtain the money?”

Dai Mingrong explained, “It was earned by the retired soldiers under General who made a fortune at home. They were concerned about their comrades in the Vanguard Army and donated a large sum of money to the soldiers. General Dai will explain the details later. Let him handle it. I shouldn’t say much.”

Dai Mao suggested, “We should talk to them ourselves to prevent any misunderstandings. It’s also better for General Dai.”

“No need. Leave it to General Dai to handle.”


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