Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 8.2

In the two thick paper bags, one had a set of seven books, while the other had three sets of inkstones and several writing brushes. Wang Shijing took out another large bag of paper from the bamboo basket and opened it just to see some good rice paper.

“Father…” Wang Qing couldn’t help but utter. It was books, paper, and brushes! Countless times he envied his cousin Wang Zaizheng for being able to read and learn words, while he could only watch secretly from the sidelines.

Wang Shijing moved these things aside. “When next spring begins, Dad will find someone to take you to classes.”

“Dad?! Really?! ” Wang Qing couldn’t believe his ears.

Wang Shijing raised his hand and touched the red-eyed Wang Qing as he said, “Dad will not let you and Nizi suffer in the future.”

“Dad…” Wang Qing burst into tears and clenched his mouth to prevent himself from crying aloud. His heart was too bitter. But Wang Nizi cried aloud. It was too hard for them without parents around. Wang Shijing took the two children who had suffered too much into his arms and swore. “Father is sorry that he made you suffer.”

“Dad…” Wang Qing and Wang Nizi grabbed their father’s clothes and wept. Wang Shijing hugged the two children tightly. His body was also tense, but he felt even more sorry for his two children.

“Don’t hate your mother, it was not easy for her either.”


The two children cried so hard that they couldn’t catch their breath. Wang Shijing patted them. “Don’t cry, you might wake up your little father. Look at what other good things your little father has bought.”

Wang Qing first withdrew from his father’s arms and then vigorously wiped his face. Wang Nizi also looked up. “Father, will the little father be good to me and my brother?”

“Yes.” Wang Shijing wiped his daughter’s tears. “Your little father wants to make new clothes for you and even bought you new shoes. Never mind what other people gossiped about. Your little father will be nice to you.”

When Wang Nizi withdrew from her father’s arms, she was still a little scared. “The second aunt, sister -in-law, and cousins all said that my father would no longer want me if he married little father and that he would beat us, scold us, and refuse to feed us when he had his own children.”

Wang Shijing’s one-eye depth was icy-cold as he coaxed in a not-so-gentle voice. “In the future, don’t pay attention to the people from that side of the family. Father will want you even if little father has children in the future. You will still be father’s children. Your little father is not like that either. From now on, our family will live our own lives. Remember it.”

“Father, I will remember it.” Wang Qing put his arm around his sister. Looking at her brother, Wang Nizi nodded obediently and whispered, “Father, I will remember.”

Rubbing the heads of the two children, Wang Shijing continued what he was just doing. There was also an oil paper bag on top of a bag filled with paper, so Wang Shijing picked it up and knew what it was without opening it. Directly putting the paper bag into Wang Nizi’s arms he said,,“Your little father even brought you snacks. Open it and have a look.”

Snacks! Wang Qing immediately helped his sister open the paper bag and the fragrant and beautiful snacks became imprinted in his eyes. Drawing loud exclamations from the two children, Wang Shijing said, “Each of you will eat one piece and the rest will be eaten at night. You should have eaten enough at lunch.”

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi eagerly picked up a piece of the snack and stuffed it into their mouths. While the two children were eating, Wang Shijing continued to unpack.

A large pile of meat, a pile of seasonings, there were even herbs? Wang Shijing also bought some meat, but definitely not this much. Hmm? There were even apples and pears!

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi, who had just finished eating one snack each, looked at the pile of meat, bones, and fruits, and felt that their mouth watered again.

Where did little father get the money? Was it their little father’s dowry silver? The two children swallowed saliva. Wang Shijing poured out all the things as he looked at the two children,.“What the family bought and ate, don’t say it outside. When people ask, just say it was ordinary family food.

The two children nodded heavily.

Wang Shijing first took the books, brushes, and inkstone into the room. These thing were bought by Shao Yunan. Whether to give the two children to use would be arranged after Shao Yunan woke up. Then, he took all the meat and other things into the kitchen, which was already almost full. The two children also went back to their room to rest. Wang Shijing then divided the meat he bought into two parts and took it out.

He was able to successfully separate from his family because of Zhao Lizheng and the patriarch’s contribution. His family will have no choice but to trouble Zhao Lizheng and the patriarch in the future, so Wang Shijing decided to send some meat to Zhao Lizheng and the patriarch before calling forth Uncle Wang and a few other families to come over for dinner tonight. 

Zhao Lizheng and the patriarch were embarrassed to accept Wang Shijing’s meat, which was not a cheap thing. Now that Wang Shijing separated from his family, his life was not easy. However, Wang Shijing insisted that the two families should accept the meat, but the families immediately returned his gift. 

The Zhao Lizheng family gave some vegetables and eggs. Since Wang Shijing had no land now, he could only buy these things from other families. Patriarch Wang Wenhe also gave vegetables and eggs. These days every household’s eggs were saved to sell for money and each chicken farmer would raise no more than  seven or eight chickens. At present prices, one egg could be sold for two copper coins.

After sending the stuff, Wang Shijing ran to Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou’s house in the west of the village to talk to Aunt Zhou about making clothes and quilts. The Zhou family was the foreign family in the village, so there were only two or three family members surnamed Zhou in the whole Xiushui Village. 

Uncle Zhou’s name was Zhou Cai and the surname of aunt Zhou was Li, they had a son named Zhou Tianbao who burned out his brain as a child and become a little demented. So even at the age of 20, he could not marry. Zhou Tianbao was born thick and strong, and was able to do farm work. But he still needed to be taken care of in his everyday life.

Shao Yunan said that he wanted to make clothes, so Wang Shijing’s first thought was to seek Aunt Zhou’s help. Sure enough, Wang Shijing said he wanted Aunt Zhou’s help to make clothes for the family of four, as well as two quilts and mattresses, giving a total of 300 copper coins. Aunt Zhou was overjoyed. Her son was a little silly and the Zhou family’s land was not much. Plus these years the tax was high, so everything outside was also sold more expensively. These 300 copper coins were equivalent to 20 days of short work outside. Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou felt that it was too high, but Wang Shijing disagreed with them.

Clothes for four people… 16 pieces in total, plus quilts, and mattresses would need a lot of work and effort. if Shao Yunan wanted to make more, he would add more money. Their family did not know how to make clothes, so from now on they had to come to aunt Zhou. The clothes they make must be suitable and comfortable, and they will also add some income to the couple. This was also a step to deepen the relationship between Wang Shijing, who had been away from home for three years and was now separated from the family and people in the village.

Wang Shijing was so generous that Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou were embarrassed. They didn’t help much on the day Wang Shijing moved, so now Aunt Zhou immediately took some vegetables for Wang Shijing. They were all grown at home, so they didn’t cost any money. When Wang Shijing came home again with his hands full of vegetables, they didn’t have to buy food for three days.



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