TOFUH – Chapter 143.1 – Someone From The Wen Family Is Coming

People on this side of Hexi Village attach great importance to the child first birthday.

Of course, how much importance depended on the family background.

Rich families would hold birthday parties and give their children some silver bracelets and jeawllery. If you didn’t have money, you could only have a meal with your own family.

The Zhao family has now become the richest family in the Hexi village so the birthday party they hosted for Zhao Mingzhu was naturally very lively. Even more lively than Zhao Liu’s original birthday banquet.

Zhao Mingzhu wore red clothes and a red headdress with gold bracelets ordered by Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui on both of her wrist and two silver bracelets with bells on her ankles. With a gold lock piece hanging from her neck, dressing in very nouveau riche manner.

Wen Yingniang thought that this dress was very rustic, but Zhao Mingzhu liked it very much as she sat on a small stool , happily fiddling with her chest gold lock piece shaking her feets from time to time to listen to the bell ringing.

After a while, she stood up with the stool that Zhao Jinge  had placed beside her and stamped her feet to make the bell ring.

Jiang Zhen was chatting with He Chunsheng about the Jinzhen escort agency while paying attention to his daughter, then he saw Zhao Mingzhu stomping hard, so she unconsciously let go with both hand of the stool.

Not only that, stomping her feets slowly she walked forward, and unexpectedly walked all the way like this.

Having been able to stand firm for a month, she finally was willing to let go.

Jiang Zhen immediately had no time to listen to He  Chunsheng’s report as he focused all his attention on his daughter but didn’t dare to disturb.

Zhao Mingzhu walked to the wall her and at this time finally discovered her situation. Probably because she was frightened she sat down on the ground and began to cry.

Zhao Jinge came in from the outside and was so distressed to see this situation that he hurriedly picked up his daughter and looked at Jiang Zhen: “What’s going on?” With the importance Jiang Zhen attaches to Zhao Mingzhu, he would not let Zhao Mingzhu sit and cry alone….

“She walked there by herself.” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge opened his eyes wide with surprise: “My Mingzhu is very great, not only she started speaking early but she walks early too!”

That’s right, don’t even look at whose daughter it is.” Jiang Zhen was also very proud, most of the children on this side of Hexi village did not eat very well so many of even one year old children still not know how to walk so Zhao Mingzhu was definitely considered to start walking early.

Of course, this was mainly because she ate very well.

Zhao Mingzhu cried for a while, then kicked her feet to go to the ground, and after going down to the ground, she started to walk cautiously.

Seeing this, Zhao Jinge was so proud that he bent down and took Zhao Mingzhu out, after taking her outside he let go of her hand.

Step by step, Zhao Mingzhu walked steadily forward, then went under the eight immortal tables, sat down on her butt and did not move.

“What a good-looking girl!”

“She looks strong.”

“She already know how to walk, that’s amazing.”



The guests began to praise.

Zhao Jinge was also very proud.

Wen Yingniang looked and was also a little envious.

She was not very found of children, but not having a child makes her fell a little frustrated.

Even if she could adopt a baby it would not be quite the same as having a biological one.

Zhao Mingzhu’s birthday banquet was held in accordance with the customs of the countryside so the dishes on the table ware not about refinement but about affordability.

After all, for the people of Hexi village, chicken stew was definitely more affordable than pigeon stew …… a pigeon, didn’t it only have a few mouthfuls of meat in total?

Wen Yingniang didn’t like served dishes, but lively surrounding lifted her mood so she ate a lot in the end.

“Boss, there is someone outside who want to give a gift.” Jiang Ming suddenly ran in from the outside.

“Who?” Jiang Zhen asked, Zheng Yi and the others had already send they gift in advance so who else come to send their gifts now?

“It says it’s from the Wen family in Minnan.”

“The Wen family?” Jiang Zhen was a little surprised, Wen Yingniang divorced only a few days ago, how could Wen family already come?

The people from the Wen family were quickly invited in.

Tthe person who come in was a young men in his thirties …… Of course, Jiang Zhen used to call people of this age young, but for people of this time they were no longer young. Many women in their early thirties were already grandmothers.

“Good day, Master Jiang.” The man smiled towards Jiang Zhen and made a bow, “My name is Wen Ming and I am from Wen family in Minnan. Since today is Miss Zhao’s birthday, I have prepared a gift for Miss Zhao, just a small token of respect.”

As he spoke, someone behind him come with a gift.

The gift was wrapped, so you couldn’t see what was inside, but just from the exquisite wooden box you could see from outside you could tell that the gift inside was definitely worth a lot of money.

“Please come in, Mr. Wen.” Jiang Zhen invited Wen Ming inside, he was not sure of the specific identity of the person in front of him, so he would just take this person to Wen Yingniang first.

There was no need for Jiang Zhen to bring people in since Wen Yingniang already came out and when she was the person outside, she become little surprised: “Wen Ming, why are you here?”

“When we heard that the young lady had been wronged, his lordship and his ladyship asked me to have a look.” Wen Ming turned to Wen Yingniang and said.

“How did father and mother learned about this?” Wen Yingniang become even more surprised, she was still thinking about what to tell her parents ……

Master and Madam received a letter passed by the flying pigeon.” Wen Ming said.


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